An Unusual Marriage

BY : Mansi Jain
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You are getting married tomorrow

"Are you for real?" Draco stares at her father, her beautiful eyes wide with shock and horror.

"Yes." Father nods, his eyes blank.

Draco sighs in relief when mother intervenes on her behalf, "Lucius, don't you think that this is too sudden." Her relief transforms into horror again when father shakes his head, "He is the only boy she has not slept with. Moreover, they have been dancing around each other for years now."

"Don't be crass Lucius. She hasn't slept with anyone and her crush on that boy doesn't give you any right you to force the marriage on her." Mum stares at father, her face appalled and father rolls his eyes. Draco can only stare at the scene unfolding in front of her in shock.

"I don't have a crush on him." She snaps at them, her eyes flicking from mom to dad. 

"She is not. She is as manipulative and promiscuous as they come. She is most certainly not a paradigm of chastity and virtue as she claims to be. He likes her as well and he is more financially sound then her. He is a pureblood and filthy rich. What else do we need?"

"He doesn't like me." She raises her voice but they ignore her.

"But everyone thinks that- everyone loves her." Mother whispers and father looks at Draco, his face blank, "Yes everyone does, mothers and sons alike."

It's Draco's turn to roll her eyes now.

"I am not marrying him. No way. I would rather marry a frog. I mean, he has slept with more then ninety percent of witches in Britain." Draco mutters and leans back on her chair, placing her hands on her knees.

"Pot calling the kettle black." Father looks at him and continues icily, "Anyways, I am not asking you. I am telling you." Father mutters and gets up to leave.

"Come on father. I am not marrying that- that fucking idiot. He is a fucking playboy." Draco yells at her father's back, her eyes gleaming with fury.

"The entire daily prophet was covered with your dare and the subsequent challenge Draco."

"I was-"

Father didn't let her speak though, "You dared him to lure you in his bed and then later you challenged him to win your hand for marriage. Why will you do so if you didn't want him?"

"I didn't know that you will agree so readily. It's as if you were waiting for this to happen and anyways his godfather will never agree. James Potter or Lupin might have but he despises them so there's that." She smirked and then she really looked at father because he was smirking at her too. 

"I have already spoken to Black. You need not worry about his consent. I would have talked to his mother but she was quite busy." Father mutters and Draco stares at him incredulously.

"I have had enough of your self-destructive nature Draco. I have watched you for years and waited for you to realize what you want." His eyes are serious now and Draco stares quietly at him. She doesn't want to understand anything.

What does he know? She doesn't want Potter.

"I was drunk father. Had I been sober, it won't have happened. If you are fed up of my lifestyle, I can move out. That way, I won't embarrass you." She answers him and he sighs, "Don't think that I have forgotten that night Draco." and Draco closes her eyes, reminiscing the only time when she had let herself dream and had spoken to father about it.

"Father what do you think about Harry Potter?" She had asked. She had been fifteen and naive. She had been a fool to imagine that a stupid kiss under the mistletoe meant that they were meant for each other. He had been her first kiss and it was Christmas. She was happy.

"Why will I think anything about him?" His eyes were cautious as he asked this question and she turned bright red before mumbling, "I sort of like him. He is kind of nice." She had played with the strand of thread on her couch before speaking in a very soft voice, "He has beautiful eyes."

"I have heard a lot about him though I haven't really ever met him properly." Father had said and and Draco had changed the topic after that.

Days had turned into months and Potter never spoke to her about that kiss. She realized from the rumor mill that he was quiet popular with girls and that was when she really gave up any hopes about him. 

"Draco." Father whispers softly and Draco opens her eyes before sighing, "Say the word and I will tell Black about your decision. I am doing this because you have always wanted it and Black told me that Potter feels the same about you."

Draco doesn't reply. She doesn't deny. She can't. All these years she had thought that she had given up her hopes on him. She had thought that she gotten over her silly little crush but apparently not.

Father calls her once again, "Draco."

But she doesn't deny. She starts climbing the stairs, frustrated and annoyed and strangely with a heart that feels too heavy. 


"Oh! And why should I listen you?" Harry asks, sprawled on the couch in his sitting room in his boxers, "Don't tell me that you spoiled my night for Draco Malfoy. I was just getting to the better part."

"I am your father Harry and-" Sirius starts and Harry snorts inelegantly, "Third father." and smirks at Sirius.

"Whatever. I was your godfather before I married Lily and I will always be your father."

"I am waiting for Snape's turn, you know." Harry muttered in amusement and Sirius sighed, "We are talking about your marriage, not your mother's confused and complicated mind."

"Well, we must stop because I am not marrying her, not even if she is the last woman on this planet. I completely despise her." Harry mutters in annoyance and stares at the ceiling. Magic can do wonders. The eye surgery corrected his terrible eye-sight and he discarded those hideous glasses.

If anything, it served to improve his already seductive looks. Girls love his green eyes and he only has to stare at them for a couple of minutes too long and they agree to do whatever he wants. There is no girl he can't win, no-one except Draco Malfoy.

Stupid bitch.

Teasing him with her curves, too short skirts and too low shirts.

"Because she won't let you fuck her." Sirius snorts and Harry glares at him before snapping, "I don't wish to fuck her. I am sure she is a terrible lay."

"Grapes are bitter, eh?." Sirius mutters snidely and Harry glares at his godfather, "No point in glaring at me, Harry. You are getting married to her tomorrow. We are leaving at half past ten and you are going to sign papers with her."

"I am not." Harry mutters calmly and Sirius looks at him, his eyes gleaming mischievously as he mutters, "You want her. Don't deny."

"I don't and marriage is not going to change anything. I am going to continue fucking whosoever suits my fancy." Harry mutters carelessly and Sirius looks at him carefully, "You want her Harry. I have seen you watch her."

"I don't-"

"You do. Whenever you are drunk, you seek her out and mock her and tell her that you will have her even if that was the last thing you do and you come to me ranting about how she doesn't even talk politely with you. I have seen this happen for years. I am putting a stop to it now."

This being said, his godfather walks away towards mum's room. Harry wonders where mum is and whether she has found yet another toy for herself.

"Fuck you Draco." Harry hisses at no-one in particular, "Fuck you for spoiling my night." before smiling and summoning his mobile. Well, there is still Pansy. Maybe he wants to bed her but that's all that is. He is not interested in anything more then a one night stand. 

"Hello. Is that Pansy? Would you like to come around for some drinks. I am rather bored." He mutters in a seductive voice and she agrees.

He hangs off and levitates two glasses and a bottle of wine towards his room trying to convince himself that Sirius has gone insane for even thinking that he wants her.


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