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Ch 7: Physical assault

Ch 11: Coroporal punishment and physical abuse
Ch 19: Suicide/suicide attempt


Meet The kids

"Jamie. Narcissus. Get back here." Draco screams and slumps on her suitcases. The portkey is about to leave in three minutes and her naughty twins are still not ready to stand still. She droops her lips and feigns a sad expression. As expected, both her kids come running towards her.

"Mother." Jamie says and Narcissus continues, "Please don't be sad. We won't run. We will stand still." Jamie kisses both of her cheeks and Narcissus hugs her waist tightly, her small face resting on Draco's tummy. Draco's heart swells with love. They love her as she loves them. She has never regretted her decision to give birth to them.

"Please please please mother. Don't be sad." They mutter in unison and she smiles before embracing both of them.

"I am not sad. I was just kidding." She whispers and chuckles. They fix twin weak glares on her before whispering in unison once again, "You are so mean mother."

They are beautiful. They are blond and have green eyes and don't leave her alone at all, except for the time she is brewing.

They are brilliant and well-mannered and all their neighbors love them. Severus, Mother and father meet them every week. They travel through portkey to Draco's manor. It's good to be a mother. They are beautiful and exuberant and she has tried to give them a childhood she didn't have. They are safe, happy and they have freedom to do whatever they want. Narcissus likes telling fairy tales to Draco, tales that come from her own imagination and Draco enjoys each and every one of them.

Jamie loves playing quidditch like his fath-

"Mother. We won't let father take us away from you." Jamie whispers, his small hands on Draco's cheeks. Before she can claim that amongst these two, he is the one who is more matured, Narcissus whispers in a soft voice, "Don't worry mother. We won't leave you."

She looks at them and breathes because she is indeed very worried. She never told anyone except her parents and godfather about them or their conception. She took a promise from them that they would never harm Harry because despite the fact that she had just been a notch in his bedpost, she has always loved him.

He didn't love her and he never will and that isn't his mistake. The war had just finished and they were recovering from it. He had made it clear that he didn't love her and that it was only a one time thing. She had agreed because she wanted him and she was depressed.

The consequence was that Draco had become pregnant and had fled. She doesn't know what happened after she left. She never asked. She never wanted to know. She hadn't been in contact with any of her friends.

Her alarm interrupts her musings and she smiles at her kids.

"I trust both of you. Just remember that-" she starts and they roll their eyes in exasperation before Jamie mumbles, "That you love us."

"We are not leaving you mother." Narcissus mutters.

They are adorable and she kisses their noses before getting up and taking out the portkey that is in the form of a little kettle.

She kneels down and speaks softly, "Come on, touch it on the count of three. Three... two... one."

In just another second, they are standing in front of The Malfoy Manor.

"It's beautiful mother." Jamie whispers, holding her left hand. Narcissus is holding her right one while whispering in awe, "It's so big."

Draco smiles as she looks at her old home. She is returning after five years and the manor she has built in France doesn't stand anywhere in front of it.

"Mother... Peacocks... wow. They are so beautiful." Narcissus squeals and they start dragging her towards the huge door.

As soon as Narcissus touches the handle of the gate, her parents apparate across it. Of course, they were waiting for her arrival.

"Mother. Look. Grandpa and grandma." Jamie squeals and the door opens to let her kids in. They run towards their grandparents. Father takes Narcissus in his arms and mother holds Jamie. They are always spoiling their grandkids. Draco walks in slowly and looks at them play with Jamie and Narcissus. She knows that they are making up for the time they lost with Draco.

Draco's manor is full of their pictures and from what Draco has heard from Dobby who stays with Draco and kids, so is Malfoy Manor. Severus married Black after the war. Draco thinks that it's unfair of Black to not know about Narcissus and Jamie so she has decided to visit them today itself.

Draco walks close to her parents and hugs them with the kids still in their arms. She is really lucky to have them. When she had told them about her pregnancy, they had been shocked because Draco had never been promiscuous. They had asked her about her reasons and she had told them that she loved Harry and that he is the only one she ever had any sexual relations with.

She had told them that she wants to keep the kids and that she wants to shift to France. She had been shocked when they had been sad because they had thought she wanted to take their grandkid away from them. They thought that she was angry with them for following the Dark Lord.

She had shaken her head and told them that she would need all the help they could give. She hadn't wanted to raise any suspicions so they had to stay in Britain and she hadn't wanted Harry to know about the pregnancy so she had to leave. Prophet won't have let her live in peace and she wanted to give a good life to her child. She had also been afraid that he would ask her to abort the kids.

They had told Severus about the pregnancy for her and Severus had been as supportive as they had been. She had committed a mistake yes but she was not reprimanded for it. They told her that she should have been cautious but they knew that she was a bit depressed after the war, what with the despicable looks everyone gave to her and all the names they called her parents.

She had thought that Potter wanted to date her and that is why she had acquiesced. She shouldn't have and she had apologized to her parents and godfather profusely.

Being a single mother had been difficult. She had gone against her godfather's wishes and kept her kids's name after their father's name.

Narcissus Harry Potter and Jamie Harry Potter. All their certificates held these names. They knew everything about their father. She had hidden nothing from them. They knew that Harry didn't know about them and they had never tried to contact their father at all, not even when she allowed them to. They said that they were happy with Draco and they would meet father when she took them to him.

Severus had been so angry at Harry for what he did and Draco had made him promise that he won't leave Black just because Harry happened to be his godson. The war was over and they deserved to live in peace after all the fighting.

"Draco." Mother whispers and Draco pulls back before wiping her eyes surreptitiously.

"I just- thank you so much for everything."

"Don't worry grandpa, it's sentimental day today." Jamie speaks before clapping both his hands and his sister continues while teasing Draco with her sparkling green eyes, "Apparently, mother likes crying."

Draco mock glares at them, "You little devils." and they laugh loudly. Mother beams at Draco and father smiles at her. His eyes are glowing with pride. She wonders what he is really proud of. She is a potions mistress but then father always knew that she will become a potions mistress one day.

Father and mother walk into the manor with the kids and Draco follows them, looking all around the house she had left behind five years ago.

She decides to owl Harry to request him to meet her in The Three Broomsticks that very day. She doesn't want to stay worried any longer and she wanted the kids to meet Black too and she wanted them to visit Hogwarts as well.

Both of them had inherited very powerful magic form Harry and Draco and they had a right to visit the school that they would attend once they turn eleven.


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