The Best Summer Ever

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----- Chapter 01: Finally! -----



These next weeks were going to be absolutely amazing!

I stared at the ceiling of my room as I was lying on my bed, legs spread slightly apart and my arms stretched out on either side of my body, just lying there like fallen buildings.

I slowly lifted one arm and wiped my face with it. I could do this as often as I wanted to, I would still be all sweaty again two minutes afterwards. It was a hot summer, and not just for British standards - it really was genuinely scorching. I felt as if all of my skin was actually on fire and I was slowly being cooked alive, and single strands of my red hot hair had fallen into my face earlier and were now sticking to the wet skin there.

I had already tried every damn spell I could think of that could possibly help me cool down even just a little bit, but to no avail - the heat just kept on coming back.

But, anyways... this damn heat always just took my train of thought and pushed it into a completely different direction... what had I been thinking about just a second ago...? Oh, yes: ...these next weeks were going to be absolutely AMAZING!!!

Why, you ask? Well - first of all, obviously: summer hols! Better than school, obviously. But still, those were often actually not that relaxing for me... a house full of big brothers that were being stupid and doing annoying boy-stuff all summer long - no, thanks. And Harry Potter, best friend of my brother Ron, was coming over basically ever year now, and this year too, and as soon as he got here and those two were finally reunited, all of that stupid boy stuff only multiplied. So, I usually spent MY summer vacations mostly in my bedroom, reading, practicing magic, writing letters... and as often as possible, I would take my broomstick and just walk away from the house for the day, go somewhere remote where I could be alone with myself, my broomstick and my thoughts - and then stay there all day, practicing Quidditch. I’d usually come home long after it had gotten dark already and my mum was usually already worried sick.

But still, most of my summer vacation was usually rather eventless, pretty boring, and I tended to look forward to being in Hogwarts again by the time they were over.

But this year... this year, all of that was going to be different...

I titled my head slightly to the side - and even that little movement was already too much in this boiling heat - to look over to the other side of my room, where, next to the door, there were a large carry-on bag and a massive backpack leaning against the wall, in which I had just yesterday packed everything I needed for 4 weeks of vacation...


I had only been on a vacation once in my entire life, because my familiy usually didn’t have the money to afford that, especially with so many children... but this year, I was finally going to go on one again!! My best friend from school, Hermione Granger, had invited me to go on a vacation with her and her muggle parents this year. I don’t think I had ever been more excited for something than I was for those summer holidays...

At that moment, there was a sudden knock on my door. I had been so consumed in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even heard someone walking up to my room.

„Ginny?“, I heard a voice from the other side of the door.

I was about to ask my visitor to come in when I realized that I was only wearing my underwear - it was, like I mentioned, unbearably hot, so I usually just took of most of my clothes as soon as I went to be alone in my room again and had closed the door behind me. I quickly got up, which made my head dizzy for a second, grabbed the sweat shorts I had carelessly thrown on the ground earlier and began putting them on.

I was seriously uncomfortable with other people seeing me in my underwear, let alone completely naked... and even more so if it was someone from my family.

After I had put on the shorts, I thought about also putting on some t-shirt, but that did seem a little bit ridiculous, even to me. I was already wearing a tanktop, after all. So, despite the fact that the outlines of pretty much everything was still very quite visible through said tanktop, I finally called back: „Come in!“

Someone opened the door, and it was Percy, one of my older brothers. He stuck his head in and, with the usual casual look around my room to see if everything was in order, said: „I just came to make sure that you remembered that you will have to leave for the Grangers‘ soon. I need to focus on my study, and I do not want you to only remember it in the last second and then make a needless hustle around the house again... as usual. So, did you remember that?“

„Uh-...“, I stammered, „ehh, of course... totally, totally. Thanks, bro-bro.“


„Close that door on your way out, will ya? Thaanks.“

„I was going to. And open a window in here, for Melin’s sake.“

With that, my brother left - and I jumped up from the bed with a start. It was TODAY!!? Oh man, I had so totally forgotten (though I could never let someone like Percy know that, of course)! It seemed almost absured to me that I would even be able to not remember the date of something that I was looking forward to this much, but for some reason, I had been absolutely certain that I was only going to have to leave the next day...

But - I would get to leave today! This was even better! I had been mentally prepared for having to wait another full day until I would finally get to leave, but now, all of a sudden, it was only a matter of hours.

I walked over to my bags to check, one last time, if I had really remembered to pack everything. Hermione hadn’t told me where exactly her family was even taking me, so I couldn’t really pack anything specific, I had just thrown some clothes and then a few other basic vacation things into my bags. Seemed like I had remembered everything.

I looked at the big old clock on the wall above my door - I had arranged with Hermione that I would be at her place at around 5pm, that was now in about 30 minutes - so I still had some time.

I was just about to start carrying the heavy bags down all those flights of stairs, when I suddenly had a way better idea. I went over to the room of Percy and knocked on his door. After a few seconds and one very disgruntled-sounding murmur, he opened the door and looked down at his little sister.


„Sooo, I was wondering if you would perhaps like to help me get those bags down into the kitchen? Y’know, since I’m still not allowed to use magic outside of school, and you’ve already graduateeed...“

„Ginny. Magic is not a toy. It’s an ancient power, bigger and mightier than a human mind (especially yours) could ever fathom, and it IS not there to get your bags-„

„You know I’ll just annoy you into helping me anyway.“

„ALRIGHT, alright... whatever, I’m coming already. Just... leave me to my studies then.“

„Of course, you know me.“

„I do indeed. That’s why I specifically asked for you to be quiet.“

Pff... well - Percy was not wrong, I suppose.

But what did it even matter - what was important was that he stepped past me out of the room and straight into mine, whipped out his wand, pointed it at my bags and, with one flick of the magic instrument, let them gently float down all of the stairs, and I just heard a soft „bump“ as he sat them down on the kitchen floor without even seeing the room.

„Thaaanks, Perc!“

„You’re welcome... and don’t call me that, PLEASE.“

„Sure thing, Perc-...y.“

„You’re leaving for the Grangers‘-„

„Percy, you KNOW her. Just say Hermione!“

„For the Grangers‘ soon, so we might aswell say goodbye right away. I really don’t want you to have to disturb me again.“

„Alriiighty, bro. Well, see ya then!“

„Uh... yes. See ya.“

Before Percy could even defend himself, I went in for a quick hug, and even though you could literally feel how much he’d have rather just given me a good old handshake, he did evnetually also hug me back. He was a bit of a dork sometimes, but still my brother, and I loved him.

After I finally let go of him, I asked: „By the way... where IS everybody...? It’s so quiet here today...“

„Must I always be your pocket calendar, Ginevra? Father is at work, and I believe that your brother Ronald accompanied him there today to help him with something. As for the twins, who knows where they are. Hopefully not getting arrested, but you never know. And mother... well, I don’t believe that she has gone anywhere. The last time I checked she was downstairs.“

„Alright, bro, thanks. Say „hi“ to the crew on your mothership for me.“

With that, I gave Percy one last tiny little hug, and grinned at him as she shut the door to his room, with the usual look of a mixture of annoyance and hubris on his face.

I quickly ran down into the kitchen, leaping three stairs at a time, and grabbed the bags that Percy had skillfully parked right at the foot of the stairwell.


„There’s no need to SHOUT, dear!“, my mum replied, who turned out to be standing right behind me.

„Oh. Eh... there you are. Well... just wanted to say that I’ll be off to Hermione’s, then! They’re not expecting me for another 10 minutes, but I guess I can still-„

„MERLIN, these muggles and their punctuality... let me tell you, when one of Arthur‘s colleagues is expecting him somewhere, they can be glad if he even shows up on the same day as they had arranged to meet!“

„I knooow, mum... not everybody can be as tardy as dad, though...“

„Well... that is true“, she said, with a soft chuckle. „Anyway, dear... I hope you’re going to be having the best time with Hermione! And write me, okay? I don’t want to have to worry about you, okay?“

„You DON’T have to worry about me, mum!"

„Of course, dear... I’ll try.“

Well, that was just not true. I mean... I can’t say that I didn’t appreciate her trying not to freak out already, but I just knew how hard it was for her to let me travel by myself - even though technically, I wasn’t even going to be alone! But still, she just found it hard to accept that her tiny, innocent 14-year-old was actually capable of surviving on her own.

„Good to know, mum... alright, well... I’ll be off, then!“

With those words, I have my mum one last hug, grabbed my bags and carried them to the fireplace in the living room. Though maybe seeming weird to a Muggle, what I did next was completely normal in the wizarding world:

I heaved both my heavy bags into the fireplace, grabbed a handful of a strange powder that was stored in a bowl next to the chimney, and finally got onto the coals myself.

I turned around, gave my mum - who was looking worried out of her mind already - a chipper smile, and then, while forcefully tossing the handful of powder into the coals at my feet, shouted:


As soon as I had done that, bright green flames roared up from the previously unignited fireplace, roared up higher and quicker than normal fire ever would, over my head, and engulfed my entire body. It didn’t hurt, I just felt a slight tingle, a feeling of warmth that was almost pleasant, radiating its way through my clothes and prickling on my skin.

Next, I got the sudden feeling of being pulled back by something invisible, like some giant man had slung his massive arms around my stomach and tossed me behind him.

Our living room disappeared, and after only a few short seconds of bright green light, I was forcefully ejected out of a chimney. But it was a different chimney... surrounded by a different living room that was part of a different house in a different city.

I landed on my stomach, on a carpet, soiling the entire thing with soot and ashes in the process. And as I opened my eyes after a few seconds, I saw, there, right in front of my face - a different pair of feet.

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