Prejudice Breeds Violence

BY : Mansi Jain
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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most prejudiced of them all?

"You see Severus. Prejudice breeds fear. Fear breeds Hatred and Hatred breeds violence. I have always believed this." Albus says. He is sitting across Severus in his office at Hogwarts. The war is over and Tom Riddle has got what he was due and he has no wars to fight now.

Severus wants Albus to intervene. People still listen to him, even if they consider him senile. Severus is very much sure that Lucius would listen to the man. Lucius has always feared Albus. But Albus refuses to intervene directly this time and Severus is afraid that Lucius will succeed in ruining his god-daughter's life this time around.

Draco had stood for herself and had refused the marking. She had decided to brew potions to help the order instead of Voldemort and Lucius had been forced to agree.

His faults aside, Lucius does love his daughter but he is a prejudiced man, has always been and Severus has always known that this day would arrive.

He had asked Draco to start a company of her own. She is capable and can achieve anything she puts her to but she was adamant about helping her father with his business. Lucius is no potions master but their are several potions masters under him, the key one being Draco herself. She is intelligent, passionate, imaginative and humanitarian. The maximum revenue that Lucius earns comes from her potions and Lucius would be ruined if she forms her own company. That is why she doesn't want that.

She doesn't want her father's hard work as well as her own to go wasted. Severus had always known that Lucius would never allow Draco to inherit his company. He believes that Draco is brewing for fun. He does not understand that even girls can have dreams that run beyond having family and breeding children.

He did not let Narcissa pursue her career after marriage because apparently she had responsibilities and she did not require to work. Lucius had enough money. The thought that she might want to work never entered his old friend's mind.

"You can just ask him to let Draco inherit it Albus. You are still influential."

"This time my influence won't be enough. This prejudice runs deep Severus. People will consider me a senile old man and will refuse to listen to me. I will just increase the fear and it might lead to another war. No the only person who can help Draco and would care enough to help her not because she is a beautiful girl, but because she is an intelligent human being and has a right to live her life as per her own choice is Harry Potter. The only one who is capable of doing this is Harry. He has the necessary influence and passion to change minds." Albus whispers. his hands stroking his beard.

"Harry Potter despises Draco Malfoy. They have hated each other ever since they set an eye on each other in first year." Severus mutters impatiently and Albus chuckles, "My dear boy, atleast you must know that there is a very thin line between love and hatred."

Severus glares at the man and snaps at him, "I don't want her to waste twenty years like I did."

"Oh, no my dear boy. That won't happen. You see Harry is a very stubborn and impatient young man." Albus mutters and looks at Severus before saying his next words.

Severus eyes shoot wide and his mouth falls open in utter shock.

"Say, Severus, What do you think about running for the minister of magic in the coming elections. People trust you and need a minister who is not ignorant or prejudiced or a coward like Fudge. I am going to request your goddaughter to accept the position of potions mistress in Hogwarts."

Severus simply stares at the man who is still stroking his beard and is looking at the ceiling. Severus knows that Draco won't accept. Moreover the end of the school year is still a month away.

Maybe Albus had really gone senile because Draco would not accept the request, Period, just like no one would want Severus, an ex death eater and ex spy as their minister.

Severus stares quietly as Albus hums. Apparently, the aged wizard somehow knows that Severus wishes to run for the post of minister although Severus has never told his wish to anyone at all, not even Sirius.

Albus turns to look at him, his eyes sparkling and Severus knows that the plan is already set into motion, in Albus's mind at least.

His mentor never ceases to amaze him.


"What?" Harry stares in shock at Hermione Granger, his best friend.

"Come on mate, it is very rare for her to allow us to get smashed. Don't make her change her mind." Ron mutters excitedly and Harry rolls his eyes in exasperation.

Hermione's eyes are calculative. She seems miles away. Her hands are crossed on her chest and her body is stiff. She is not smiling and Harry is sure Ron knows it. They are hiding something from Harry.

"Come on Harry. I am tired. it has been a long week and I have still not been able to get the law for werewolves passed. They are forcing all the children who are born with werewolf genes out of the country, notwithstanding that their parents had fought in the war. I mean, come on, this is the height of prejudice that runs in this country. Snape would be a better minister than bloody Fudge. They are just children and they are punishing them for something that is not even in their hands. Many of them won't pay attention to me just because I am a girl opposing the male judges, male voters and everyone male in general. I am allowed inside the fucking ministry only because I fought along-with you. I got the highest NEWTS in my eight year and my grades are overlooked because I am girl." She rants and Harry notices that Ron has gone very quiet. He turns around a bit and finds Ron looking out of the window, his eyes lost.

Harry turns to look at Hermione again. Her eyes are wet now, though she is not crying. She is frustrated. He can see that and he knows that she is suffering because of the prejudice that runs in the heart of the older generation in Britain.

"Ginny wishes to be a quidditch player but mum wants her to marry you and settle down." Ron mutters out of nowhere and Harry closes his eyes before speaking, looking pointedly away from his best friend, "You know I can't-"

"I know and I am not holding it against you Harry. She will compel her to marry someone else. Ginny plays well and has been offered a position as a seeker by Falcons. I tried but mother doesn't want to understand. She is set upon ruining my sister's career. Ginny has dreamt about this for so long now. Bill supports mum and mum dislikes Charlie for being a homosexual and she dislikes Fred and George for running a joke shop. She has never taken me seriously at all. What shall I do for my sister Harry. I just want to help her. I am afraid that eventually I would be compelled to go against mum's wishes and just leave Burrow with Ginny. I need to earn well for that and I do not wish to be an auror anymore. What shall I do?" Ron whispers and sighs dejectedly before continuing, "Let's just get smashed tonight. Blue Caution is a nice pub and I, for one, am going to get smashed tonight."

"Yes, Harry come on. I don't wish to brood any longer." Hermione mutters and walks towards her boyfriend. Harry stays where he is and the look that Hermione shares with Ron does not go unnoticed by him. He knows that they are hiding something from him but he trusts them. So he is just going to let it go.

"Okay. Let's go and get drunk tonight." He whispers and follows them out of Gremauld to apparate to the pub.


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