Why Is It Wrong?

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James stared down at his baby boy… he was asleep. James had crept into the darkened room, illuminated only by the pale glow of the moon through the window. He just couldn't help but stare at his precious boy…

James had only been alive again for the past two weeks. Harry, even at the tender age of five, had tapped into the most ancient of magic and wished for his father after suffering abuse from Dursley.

It was then that James was brought back… Right in the middle of the living room where Harry was getting beaten down onto the floor.

Everyone had been shocked by his sudden appearance, even James. But he wasted no time in using wandless magic to restrain Vernon like the vermin he was.

James had then turned to the cowering boy on the floor, and introduced himself to Harry as his father. The moment that Harry looked up at him, with those green eyes of his, James had become undone.

His son was heartbreakingly beautiful…

It almost hurt.

But the look of love and adoration that he got from his son at that moment was one that James would remember forever. Harry ran right into his arms, and James lifted him with ease.

"I promise that no one will ever hurt you like that again…" James had told him. "I love you, Harry."

After that, time seemed to move quickly. James had taken Harry from that house on Privet Drive, and neither of them looked back. He went to the Wizarding authorities and announced his return from the dead, and told them of the treatment Harry had been getting from the Dursleys. He last heard that they had been arrested, with Dudley going to live with his Aunt Marge.

He then went on the claim Sirius' innocence, reunited with both him and Moony, and condemned Wormtail as the true traitor.

Since then, they had been staying at Grimmauld Place while James and Harry worked on trying to find a new home.

Harry was adorable. He was always so alight with love and gratitude towards his father for the new life he had been given. It was a rare moment where Harry would want to leave his side. It seemed that Harry really couldn't go without touching James for even a moment, almost as though he were afraid that James would disappear.

James didn't mind at all. In fact, it made him fall in love with Harry all the more.

He knew that his attraction and feelings towards his son were inappropriate… but they couldn't be helped.

Tonight was the first night that they had settled into their new home. Harry had been over the moon about getting his own bedroom. And James was just so happy to see Harry happy.

But it was as James had layed in bed, thinking about how he and Harry were alone together in a house for the first time since he was brought back to life…

James had turned and sat up in his bed, sitting on the side… he ran a hand through his sweaty hair, before he reached for his glasses on the bedside table.

The next moment he knew, he was in Harry's bedroom… lured there as though called by a siren's call.

Harry looked so peaceful in sleep. So beautiful.

Was it wrong to love someone so?

The more that James thought on it, he honestly didn't think that it was…

Why was it so wrong? He didn't intend to abuse or harm Harry… He only wanted to love him and to express that love.

Would it be so wrong if Harry also wanted it in return?

James bit his lip, deciding…

He lay his hand upon Harry's shoulder, shaking his little love awake with a gentle caress.

Harry's even breath staggered, and his eyes blinked open blearily.


James' cock twitched at the title Harry had taken to calling him.

"Harry." James breathed, his voice completely serious.

Harry looked up at him, somehow sensing the seriousness of the unknown situation. "What's wrong, daddy? Did you have a nightmare? I get those sometimes, too…"

James forced a reassuring smile on his lips, before he reached out a comforting hand on Harry's clothed thigh. "No… I-I just wanted to see you."

Harry's concerned look dropped at that, and a smile grew wide on his brilliant face. "I like seeing you, daddy!" Harry giggled.

James chuckled as well, before he swallowed nervously. "Well… there is... there is also… something that I wanted to ask you…"

Harry's brows furrowed as he tilted his head in curiosity.

"You know that I love you, right Harry?"

Harry nodded.

"And that I would never hurt you because I love you so much?"

Harry nodded again.

James smiled down at his son. Sometimes, he was marveled at how sweet and understanding a boy Harry was.

"Well, Harry… When two people love each other as much as we love one another, they tend to… express it…"

Harry looked even more confused. "What does 'espress' mean?"

James ran his thumb over the clothed skin on Harry's thigh. "It's another way of saying 'show'"

"Oh." Harry stated, as he thought over his father's words, before he lightened. "So you want us to show our love for each other?"

James nodded slowly, as he bit his bottom lip and nervously worked it with his teeth. "But only if you want to…"

Harry didn't even pause to think any of it over. With a wide, toothy grin, Harry nodded excitedly. "Yeah, daddy! Let's do it!"

James found his own smile start to grow on his lips at the answer. Harry seemed just as much in love with him as James was in love with Harry. They would have a love for the ages. And it all started with tonight…

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