A Miscast Spell

BY : Mansi Jain
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Dracie scowls at her reflection.

"Someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed." Pansy teases her and Dracie glares at her roommate. She slept in today and the first class she has is transfiguration. She wants to sleep some more but McGonangal won't spare her.

"Come on princess. Your prince is waiting for you." By prince, she means Tom Riddle who proposed Dracie a while back. Dracie accepted. The war is over and he is the one who betrayed his own father and gave priceless information to Potter that ultimately led to his defeat.

Prophet is talking about nothing except Potter and Tom. He is handsome and soft spoken and likes her. So she accepted. Now he wants to kiss her and she doesn't want it. She has decided to break up with him today.

"I am breaking up with him today." She scowls at Pansy who chuckles, "Tell me after you do."

"I am." She insists, making a face and she has a very strong urge to stomp her feet on the ground. Pansy thinks that Dracie doesn't have the guts to do it since her parents are very happy with her relationship.

Pansy just chuckles and walks away. Dracie follows her at a slower pace. As her roommate had told her, Tom is standing at the door.

With blue eyes, short hair and a lean but muscular frame, he cuts a handsome figure and almost hundred percent of female population of Hogwarts swoons on him. Dracie doesn't understand why she doesn't feel the same.

He has a nice face although he doesn't smile much and he has mysterious eyes. He is very polite and very romantic. She ignores his attempts to initiate any kind of physical relationship.

She opens her mouth to state her decision when he starts abruptly, "Wait. I have decided something."

"What?" She asks.

"I want us to start afresh. I want to date you properly. I know you aren't comfortable with me yet but maybe it will change when you get to know me better." He says and she sighs.

His eyes are very beautiful although they are never happy. She often finds herself unable to deny his request.

"All right." She replies and he smiles, "Come. We are getting late."

She sighs yet again and walks towards her first class.

She is at a distance of four feet from the door of the classroom when something hard hits her buttocks. She yelps and turns around.

Potter is smirking at her. Unlike Tom, his green eyes are always gleaming with mischief. Before war, they had often gleamed with rage. Now they glow mischievously and he is always disturbing her. She wonders why Potter seems more attractive than Tom. She is almost waiting for him to tease her. She enjoys the boy's antics. He is adorable as well as handsome. She finds a paper ball on the floor and glares at the green eyed menace.

"Potter." She scowls at him, her cheeks tinged red. Her friends are laughing at her. Why must he make fun of her like this. He is always getting under her skin. Post war, she had decided to keep away from the prat. She had decided to change herself and she had refused to mock him or his moronic friends. But he simply won't leave her alone.

"Good morning Dracie. You are looking stunning by the way." He murmurs and winks at her. She turns scarlet. Unlike Tom, he is always smiling or laughing. It's like he has become a different person after the war.

She scowls at him before whirling around. Tom is glaring at Potter. It's like they are fighting for her affection which is utterly ridiculous. She is nothing special. They are better looking girls at Hogwarts who will do anything for their attention. Plus Potter never really liked her, leave her being attracted to her.

"Stay away from her Potter." Tom snaps and Potter laughs loudly, "Why Riddle... you should know me better than expecting me agree with you."

Potter is always riling Tom up. Unlike Tom, he never broods and never loses an opportunity to irritate Dracie.

"Stupid Potter." She grumbles wondering how he manages to annoy her so bloody much.


Fifteen minutes later find Dracie standing in the classroom. The chairs have been moved aside so that they can practice the spells.

"Disapp-" The spell is complicated and Dracie hasn't been able to cast it. To make it worse, Potter is making faces at her. He is mocking her because his rabbit has disappeared successfully.

"Poor you." He croons and Dracie scowls at him.

"Tenth time, Dracie and still unable to-"

"Disaparita Memorila." Furiously she casts at him and realizes just a second later that not only has she miscast the spell but also that she has cast it on Potter who has suddenly vanished. The spell was not supposed to work on humans.

"Bloody hell." She gasps and McGonagal walks towards her, outraged.

"Ms. Malfoy, what have you done? I told everyone specifically not to cast it on any human being."

"I am sorry professor. I-" She stutters, staring in the direction Potter was standing just a minute back.

"Class dismissed." She booms and looks at her, "Ms. Malfoy, please come with me to headmaster's office."

Dracie feels Tom's presence beside her. He starts following her when McGonagal murmurs, "Only Ms. Malfoy, Mr. Riddle."

"Okay Professor." He replies and whispers in her ear, "See you later."

She nods and follows McGonagal quietly, wondering where Potter is when someone smacks her buttocks hard. She yelps and turns around. The portraits are perplexed and so is Draco when she finds no-one around.

"Ms. Malfoy. Is there some problem?" McGonagal asks sternly and Dracie shakes her head, scowling at no-one in particular.

She starts walking again. This time she is cautious and her pace is slow. Suddenly, someone rubs her buttocks gently before squeezing them. She turns around, stunned. But there is no-one.

Her buttocks are smacked again and she yelps indignantly. But there is no-one around. What the hell is happening?

She starts walking again. McGonagal is quite a distance away from her.

"Ah." she groans when someone pulls her hair.

"Fucking hell. Who is it?" She glares at no-one in particular.

Surely it's not Potter. He won't dare. All talk and no action that boy is. His only motive is to tease her to death. This is someone else, some poltergiest or something.

"Stop or I'll tell McGonagal.". This being said, she starts following Mcgonagal again.

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