The Torture

BY : Mansi Jain
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Title: The Torture

A/N: This story will be short. You are forewarned. Do not proceed if you are below 18. First chapter will be slightly difficult to read and subsequent chapters might contain explicit scenes. If you would rather avoid the difficult part, please skip the said paragraphs in Chapter-1.


Harry's torture

Harry opened his eyes slowly and was shocked to find that his eyes were covered with some sort of cloth, rendering him unable to scrutinise his surroundings. His hands and legs were tied to a four poster bed. He was wearing nothing except his underwear. The realization hit him slowly and when it did, he struggled in his bonds, panicked beyond any belief.

"What the fuck is all this?" He shouted, trying to open the ties of his hands, but all in vain. The bonds were tight.

"Face me, you bastard. Reveal yourself." He screamed angrily.

Suddenly, a whip came out of nowhere and struck on his chest.

"So impertinent, Harry." and the whip fell again. Harry screamed in pain.

He was stunned when he recognised the voice. The voice belonged to Draco Malfoy who was Harry's partner Auror. They were on talking terms and they were not just on talking terms. Harry was going to propose Draco in another week. He had organised a romantic weekend for the just two of them and was looking forward to it. The crush was mutual. Draco liked him too. He did not want to take the first step, though.

"Draco. Why-" Before Harry could ask the question, the whip lashed out again and this time it struck Harry's cheek and Harry screamed in pain.

"You ask too many questions, Harry. Just shut up."

"Why are you doing all this? I was going to propose you in a week. You couldn't have waited till then."

Draco laughed loudly and mockingly "You are really so naïve. What made you think that I want to date you. I want this, Harry. I want to tie you and make you beg me. I want you to be my slut, Harry. I love seeing you tied and helpless like this. The saviour of the British Wizarding world at my mercy." Draco laughed again and Harry's heart sank.

"Remove the bonds and untie me immediately. Remove this bloody scarf from my eyes."

"That would ruin my fun. Oh no, my darling Harry. I want you tied, though I will remove the scarf in a short while." Draco said.

The right side of the bed dipped and Harry realized that Draco was now sitting besides him.

Harry felt a very hot liquid fell on left nipple and he shouted loudly.

"What is-AHHHHHHH. Stop it. STOP IT." The liquid continued to fall on his right nipple and then stomach. It reached his belly button, where it stopped. Harry had been shouting himself hoarse and Draco had just been humming a tune.

"What the bloody hell is this. It is so bloody hot. Just bloody remove it from my body, you bloody bastard."

"This is hot chocolate. I have fantasized this for so long." Harry heard Draco sigh and then he felt a tongue trail from his chest to stomach and then to his nipples.

"Stop. Stop." He whispered and thrashed in his bonds but the tongue continued trailing his burning body.

Draco bit his nipples so hard that Harry screamed loudly.

"Hmmm. Delicious."

"You are so disgusting, Malfoy."

"So we are back to Malfoy and Potter, eh?" Having said this, Draco paused and Harry felt the familiar burn on his legs now. Thankfully, he still had his underwear on.

Harry screamed in pain but Draco took no notice and continued to drop the hot chocolate on his legs. Finally the liquid stopped and the tongue started. Harry felt revulsion creep inside him. Had the circumstances been different, he might have enjoyed it but as it was the chocolate was hot and he was being held against his consent.

"Stop. Malfoy stop. Please, for merlin's sake stop."

"I should stop, eh?"

"Please." Harry pleaded.

"But the best part is yet to come, Harry. I have left the best for the end." Harry moaned when Draco licked and then bit his under thigh. His legs were literally burning.

"It burns, Malfoy. Please."

"You look beautiful like this, at my mercy and begging me to leave you, covered in chocolate and my spit. I could keep you like this my entire life."

Harry felt the scarf remove from his eyes and he was relieved to finally look at his surroundings. The first thing he saw was Malfoy's lust filled and smirking face. There was something wrong with Malfoy's face but Harry couldn't really point it out, what with his attention being on his burning body. Harry closed his eyes when the pain became too overwhelming.

"Now, to the best part, Harry, or shall I say the second best, for the best will be your rape."

"You disgusting bastard." Harry spoke in a low trembling voice. His voice was filled with anger and betrayal and his heart sank like lead when he saw Draco flick his wand and disappear his underwear. The wand was dropped on the sofa and Draco sat between his spread legs.

"Hmmm, the liquid might enter your anus but I don't want any lube. Hmmmm, I will have to do something about it."

Harry stared in shock at Draco who was sitting between Harry's spread legs looking hungrily at Harry's cock while contemplating how to rape him. How had he fallen for such a vile man?

"Yes, I have the perfect idea." Draco summoned his wand and with a flick, he conjured and artificial cock. "This will fill your tight little hole properly and will also prevent the chocolate from trickling inside it. All I have to do is boil the chocolate again."

"But, It is already so hot." Harry whispered. He was really terrified now. Sweat was trickling down his forehead. He could only stare as Draco laughed "You see, sweetheart, I want it completely boiled. Your helpless screams turn me on Harry. I want you to scream loudly for me."

Harry swallowed and struggled in against bonds "But, it might damage my internal organs."

"It won't. It will just cause you temporary pain and bring me intense pleasure." Draco licked his bellybutton and then bit it. Harry moaned, pleasure and pain mixed together. Draco flicked his wand to boil the chocolate. After that, the devious blonde took the artificial cock and pushed Harry's arse up and thrust it roughly inside Harry's anus after spreading his arse cheeks. Harry screamed from the sudden bout of pain.

"So tight. I can just imagine how divine it would feel when I will thrust my large cock inside your tight little hole. But for now, let's continue."

Draco had just tilted the vial containing the brown boiling liquid and the chocolate had not even reached his cock and Harry started screaming on the top of his voice.


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