Dobby`s Revenge

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The freedom was very… very sweet thing. It was about six month he was free from his evil masters.  But overwhelming desire to punish himself was still here, deep inside of his mind, which was full of foulest thoughts about family he was once bound to serve. Dobby was a good house elf therefore seeking revenge against his former family was something beyond realm of possibilities. But nevertheless…

Lost in thoughts he didn`t realize that a student came upon him. It was considered a poor form for elves to be seen by masters while performing their duty. And he`d never made such mistake before. He blamed Malfoys.

- You! – exclaimed the student. Dobby knew her well. It was Pansy Parkinson, fiancé of his young ex-master Draco. Anger was filling his thoughts anew when he thought about them.

- Begging pardon, young mistress. Dobby just cleaning this cupboard, he`d never meant to disturb you.

- Cleaning cupboard? – she asked. Confusion was written on her still slightly plump face. – Why do you clean Hogwarts dungeons instead of doing your duty in Malfoy manor.

She didn`t knew. Unsurprising, really, considering that he became free elf less than six month ago and young miss Parkinson didn`t visit Malfoy`s residence for some time.

- Why would the young mistress want to know?

- How dare you to speak with me like that, elf? – she asked in turn with anger. – When i`ll become next Lady Malfoy I will see you properly punished.

-You… Lady Malfoy? – asked Dobby, the name causing his small fists to clench in anger.  

- Are you dumb, elf? I was bethrothed to Draco since I was five! Don`t you remember my visits?

Dobby remembered. A little girl was always clenching to Draco, the hated young master. But now it wasn`t a child standing before him. While Pansy was clearly still growing her body had been starting to acquire womanly proportions. Her legs were already slightly longer than the rest of her body, her baby fat was still there, making her large bum seem wider and nicely filling out her bladger-size breasts, which was quite impressive for a 13-years old girl.

“Lady…Malfoy” -  this thought started to occupy Dobbys head, while his subconsciousness was already forming a plan. At the same time, he answered:

- Dobby is free elf now. He doesn`t belong to Malfoy family.

- Did they give you some clothes? – sneered Pansy. – Useless little worm.

With that, Pansy turned around and started to walk away. Then Dobby exclaimed:

- But I m not useless! Especially for you, young mistress! Now, being a free elf, I can teach you something about the family you are going to marry in!

- Like what? – asked Pansy, clearly intrigued. Family house elves knew a lot of their maser secrets after all.

- For example, I can teach you how to avoid mistress Narcissa`s fate! How to avoid you husbands in difference.

Pansy thought about this for few moments and asked:

- And why would you help me?

- We live to serve.

Pansy nodded. Elves were natural servants. Everybody knew that.

- So, what’s your advice?

Dobby eagerly made a move forward, his ears happily flapping, and whispered:

- First, you should know that Malfoys have strange fixations. Sometimes it`s turns into obsession with some things. Money, books, strange trinkets, peoples and ideas. It could be anything. Usually they are pursing desired objects with unfathomed passion. On the other hand, the other things becoming less and less important. That happened with mistress Narcissa. Master Lucius was obsessed with power to such extent, so he never secured his line with more children, apart from obligatory heir. Poor mistress Narcissa leads rather lonely life.

 - I see…. – murmured Pansy. Being slytherin taught her to always search for second bottom, for hidden agenda, for goals and motives. But she was also pureblood and was also taughtthat house elves were just living tools and therefore didn`t have goals and motives. And so, she believed him. His words matched with Lucius Malfoy`s cold mask, with Draco obsession with Potter…

 -And what should I do?  - she asked.

- Well… -murmured Dobby. – You should capture master Draco`s attention. To impress him in your first night. Make sure he will stay focused on you. I can teach you some things. I served that family many years…

- Love lessons from YOU? – flushed Pansy angrily. -NO, thanks!

With that she walked away.

But while she escaped embarrassing conversation., she couldn`t escape her own thoughts. She started to pay Draco closer attention, practically stalking him. To her horror, elf`s words have been starting to seem true. Draco`s obsession with Potter cooled down just to be replaced with obsession with hippogriff that scratched him during CMC lesson. Worse, the elder Malfoy had shown even more fever, going to unspeakable lengths just to execute the beast. Pansy`s mother even wrote her a letter which was containing rumors about huge bribes that went to the Fudge pockets. Now Pansy was truly horrified. But the last straw was Draco, who had cancelled their Hogsmeed date while spilling some nonsense about flying Potter`s had he had to report about to professor Snape.

Pansy was very nervous when she called Dobby next evening.

-I want you to assure that there won`t be anything improper, - she said, when elf popped up right in front of you.  – I don`t want to kiss a house elf!

- Kissing… - murmured Dobby and then added something Pansy didn`t hear. – I`m afraid it`ll be part of process…

- My reputation will be ruined if someone will find out that I was kissing a house elf! Even for Draco I can`t do it!

- No one will ever know, young mistress, - said Dobby meekly. – We`ll sign a magical contract, that will enforce our silence.

- I don`t know, - said Pansy. She wasn`t sure still, but silence contract did hold some appeal fore her slitherin nature. – It will be utterly disgusting if i`ll have to kiss you.

- Don`t worry, young mistress. We can use potion infused perfume, like professor Lockhart did. I won`t seem as revolting for you, as I would without potion. Also, we should add some incentive in contract. Let’s say penalty. Loss of life for me, and ugly scars for you mistress.

In the end Pansy had agreed. She wouldn`t sign such contract with anyone, but in this case the second side was so pathetic, that she didn`t consider a possible consequence.

Few days later Pansy entered the Room of Hidden Things through the door that had appeared out nowhere. Inside she found luxuriously furnished bedroom with expensive carpets on the floor and huge bed with white silky sheets in the middle of the room.

- Hello, young mistress, - greeted her Dobby. – Did you find the perfume.

- Yes, - said Pansy – From the older girls. They think it`s for Draco.

- We shall test it, - murmured Dobby taking the flask. – Do you mind if Dobby will call you Pansy?

- What are you talking about, slave? – sneered the girl. -Did you forget your place?

- I see, - said Dobby and then added few drops of his sweat in the flask and then proceed to spray it content around the room. – And now, would you mind if Dobby will call you Pansy?   

- If it`s necessary. – shrugged the girl this time.

- Well, Pansy, please come to the bed and sit down.

The girl did what she was told. Dobby sat next to her.

- What now? – asked Pansy.

- You drink this. -said Dobby handing her vial with some potion.

- What is it? - She asked suspiciously.

- It`s a potion that will increase sensations. So, you`ll remember better what happens and what each action feels like.

Pansy didn`t answer. Despite that magical perfume made her think that lowly house elf was attractive, she was fully aware what was happening and therefore hesitated.

- We sign the magical contract, -reminded Dobby. – This will help to accelerate things. Do you want to repeat this meeting?

- Merlin, no! – exclaimed Pansy and swallowed the liquid down, without thinking about meaning of words “accelerate things”.

- What now? – she asked.

Instead of answering Dobby with lightening speed warped his hand around Pansy head and kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate. At first Pansy tried to cream and push elf back, but in few moments her muffled scream died on her lips and her arms lowered on the bed while Dobby`s stroked her silky dark shoulder-length hair. His right hand continued to stroke her hair, but the left was moving fast between the ties and buttons of her robe. When thick fabric started to slide down her shoulders, Pansy felt that she had enough. She broke the kiss and suddenly stood up from the bed. Her robe fell leaving the girl in her school skirt , white blouse, slitherin tie and black shoes.

-What are you doing, Dobby? – she screamed, breathing hard. Her face was flushed.

- You have nothing to worry about, - promised elf. – We had sign a contract, remember? I can`t do nothing beyond preparing you to your married life. We`ll do nothing, but the things that will come naturally.

It was very ambiguous promise, but Pansy`s brain was too overloaded by enchanted feelings coupled with potion infused perfume. So, when Dobby gently pulled her arm, she had complied and sat on the edge of the bed again. This time the kiss was slower, Pansy didn`t protest when his hands started roaming along her body, caressing her flesh through fabric. She was too caught up in enchanted feeling to realize that her blouse was already gone. Pansy was moaning while Dobby was kissing his way to her collarbone and then lower. And only when his hand stroke her thigh under her skirt.

- Uh…Dobby…please…no… - moaned Pansy trapping his wandering hand in hers. The second later the free hand of free hand unhooked her green lacy bra with complex silver embroidery. Dobby immediately attack her A+ round breasts with his tongue .Pansy  brought her hands up to his shoulders trying to push him out, but ended up bringing him down. At the same time Dobby was laying Pansy on her back, while sucking on her breasts.

- Uhhhh….aaaaaa….- moaned Pansy, while Dobby was releasing her hips from her skirt.

She was laying on her back, heh legs were bent in knees. The slitherin tie, green knickers and shoes with socks were the last pieces of clothes she had on.

- Pull them down. – Orderd Dobby firmly. Pansy  was staring at him silently. Then he`d repeated:

- Close your eyes. Then put them down.

Pansy felt like she was hypnotized when she raised her legs in the air and then slid her knickers over her shoes. When she lowered her legs back they became spread wide, granting Dobby the entrance. House elf knelt between her thighs and line his dick with her hole. And then Pansy screamed.

She was screaming like she never did before. Unbelievable pain had rippled sweet bliss that was clouding her head. She didn`t try to resist while Dobby was thrusting in and out of her without care about pain she was experiencing. It wasn`t pain that paralyzed her will to stop this madness, but realization that she, Pansy Parkinson, a daughter of old pureblood house, had lost her virginity to house elf.

- Aaaa! - screamed Pansy when Dobby was pushing himself in. And then she was moaning while he was withdrawing. In.Out.In.Out. In couple minuets Pansy was panting. In three more she had warped her legs around Dobby`s waist.  And then he filled her with his semen.

Pansy was laying on her back, with hous elf ,who was fondling her breasts, between her legs. A mixture of blood and elven semen was leaking out her opening.

- Our contract is valid until you consider me ready. Will it happen?

- Not today. Not tomorrow. – answered Dobby lazily. – But someday it will happen.

- Why did you do it?

- Malfoys. – answered free house elf. – You are future lady Malfoy. I`ll make sure that after your marriage, your firstborn will have a nice pare of big flappy ears.

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