Ginny Weasley and the Lignophile Witch

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This story will only be 2-3 chapters, more (and dirtier) tags will be added as they appear.


This is not really set in an AU, the only difference is that Ginny is an even more talented Quidditch player than she already normally is, and she already joins the Team as a Chaser in her first year.



----- Chapter 01: The Greatest Quidditch Player Of England -----


Ginny Weasley had her shaking hand raised to the door and ready to knock.

She took three deep breaths and tried to calm herself down. She didn't want Madame Hooch to see how much the incident this morning had affected her.

It was weird to think that it only been this morning, actually... it seemed like a much longer time ago already.



But, yes... it had only been this morning.



In this first year of Ginny being at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the thing that she had been most excited about was to finally learn how to properly fly a broomstick. She always saw all of her older brothers flying around on them all the time at home, but her mom had forbidden her from mounting one until she had learned in school how to do it properly.

And then, this morning, the hour had finally arrived... Ginny's first flight lesson, taught my the school's very own flight teacher: Madam Hooch, a lovely lady with short and bright white hair that always sat on top of her head in mad spikes. She was a strict teacher, yes... but a good one, a very good one. And she loved nothing more than to soar around in the skies on her broomstick and feel the freedom of the air all around her.

Ginny liked her, and so it was even worse for the little redhead to have disappointed her this much...

This morning, Madam Hooch had asked all of the students to mount their brooms. After getting the broomstick to fly, which Ginny immediately did on the first try, this was only the second task of the entire class - and therefore, it was, of course, supposed to be easy.

But Ginny couldn't do it. As soon as she had sat down onto the broom and began to put her weight onto the wooden stick, it just... hurt. The girl had tried, really... but she couldn't do it.

Madam Hooch had noticed this, of course, and asked her to get down from the broom. Ginny hadn't wanted to immediately admit defeat, so she just kept on sitting on it, but eventually, the sensation got so much that she almost fell off the broom. So Madam Hooch had her come down from her broom and sit in the grass, waiting for the lesson to be over.

Afterwards, the hedgehog-haired woman came to her and asked her to come see her after all of the girl's classes for the day were done, because they "had to talk about this"...



And now, all of Ginny's classes for the day were done and she was standing in front of Madam Hooch's room.



She took another deeeep breath to keep herself from breaking down to tears right there, and then - she could hear her hand knocking on the door.



"Come in!", the woman's voice shouted, right away.

Ginny slowly and carefully opened the door, just far enough for her to fit through the crack, and then slid into the room, eyes on the floor.

"Aah, yes. Weasley, it's you. Come in, come in. Sit down!"

Still not daring to look at the teacher, Ginny grabbed a chair and sat down on it.

"Tell me, Weasley... can you guess why I wanted to speak you in private today?"

"Yes, of course...", Ginny replied, mumbling.

"Oh", the teacher exclaimed, with a slight smirk on her lips, "is that so, then? Well, let me hear it?"

"Well...", Ginny began - she hated that Madam Hooch even made her say it out loud herself, as if being such a disgrace wasn't bad enough already. "well, you have to tell me that I'm unfit to ever play Quidditch or even fly a broom at all..."

"You think so? Well, it's too bad I have to disappoint you, then", Madam Hooch answered, now grinning broadly, "because the opposite is actually the case. You have what it takes to become one of the best Quidditch players that have ever played for England."

"You... you think I'll play for England one day?", Ginny asked, with the young eyes wide.

"Oh, my, absolutely! And not just "one day", too! I'm certain that you could be a part of the youth team before even graduating from Hogwarts, and then immediately join the big guys once you're 18."

Ginny could not believe what she was hearing, this HAD to be some sort of really, really tasteless joke.

"But... Madam Hooch - please, excuse me, but... I couldn't even SIT on a broom this morning! How can I be a professional Quidditch player?"

"You'll see. And for now, Weasley", Madam Hooch said, suddenly getting up from her chair, forcefully pushing it back in the process, "what I want you to do is to go over to that wall and then pick your favourite."

She pointed to the longest wall of her room, and what Ginny saw there, was enough to cheer even her right now up.

On that wall, beautifully illuminated, were more broomsticks than the redhead could be bothered to count right now. And all the best models, too... on this wall right here, there was everything that a broom-lover's heart could desire.

Ginny stood in front of the wall for a long time, thinking about her favourite, and she could practically feel Madam Hooch behind her, smiling at the little girl who was so enthusiastic about the thing that the teacher also loved most in the entire world.

After a while, Ginny grabbed a rather unimposing broomstick, a "Flutterstock 88", an older model from Germany that was known for offering the person on it a rather bumpy ride, and also for the gnarled and knobby wood that was used for their uneven handles.

Madam Hooch examined Ginny's choice with surprise and a bit of amusement.
"The old Flutterstock? Really?"

"Yeah, well...", Ginny replied, already turning bright red again because Hooch probably thought of her as some sort of broomstick idiot now, "it's my favourite ever since I read that my favourite Quidditch player learned to fly on a Flutterstock 88, and that it was the first broomstick that she ever bought herself..."

"Huh. I have to say, Weasley, I'm impressed. I could've sworn you'd just go for a Nimbus 2001 without a second thought."

"Oh, well... yeah, they're fast, but I just like this one more."

"Mmh... that's nice, it really is. I like the way you've been thinking about this."

Ginny couldn't tell if Madam Hooch was just making fun of her, but for now, she decided to see it as a sincere compliment, which only made her blush even more.

"And now, Weasley... I'd like you to mount it."

The smile immediately disappeared from Ginny's face.

"But... Madam Hooch, I tried to this morning, and I-"

"I know what happened, Weasley. But I'm a rather experienced witch when it comes to brooms, so I also know what caused it. And now, Weasley... mount your broomstick, please."

Ginny gulped, but she didn't really have a choice but to obey Hooch's orders, so she got the broomstick to fly and hover in mid-air in front of her - again, with ease.

Then, the girl gripped the shaft with one hand, took a deep breath - and put one leg over it. She touched the broomstick, but as soon as she began putting more and more of her weight onto it, the pain was back right away.

"I... I can't do it, Madam Hooch, it... it hurts so much!", Ginny said, almost sobbing.

"Yes. Yes, it does... and would you like to know the reason why it hurts so much for you?"

"The- the... reason?", Ginny asked.

"Why, of course. After all, none of your classmates had any problems with sitting on it, right? It was only... you. I have seen this before, mind you - this condition. And when I saw it again this morning, I recognized it immediately. And now that I got to see it again from closer up just now, my suspicion has been confirmed."

"Oh... well, yes... then of course I'd like to hear the reason..."

"Okay... let me explain it to you, then. Well... this is the first time I've discussed this extremely rare and thoroughly uninvestigated phenomenon with a witch this young, so... let me think about how to start with this."

Ginny was confused by that statement. It was about flying a broomstick, what could her age possible have to do with that? She was already 11, after all... and Ginny felt like she was ready to talk about probably anything with any old adult.

"Well... let's begin like this: tell me, Weasley - with what do we sit on our broomsticks?"

"With... what? I'm sorry, what... do you mean...?"
"With what... do we sit... on our broomsticks?", Madam Hooch repeated her question, smiling gently at the young witch.

"Well... our bodies...?"
"Well, yes. Sure we do, but with what part of them?"

"What... part?"

"Yes. Really think about it. When you're sat on a broomstick, and when you're doing it right, what bodypart is right on the stick? I'll tell you this much, this bodypart is responsible for the pains you are having when sitting on one.

And, if you let me give you another clue... so far, I have only come across girls with this condition... because boys don't have said bodypart."

Oh boy. Before that last sentence, Ginny's mind had been on her bottom, maybe her thighs... but boys had both of those things, too.

Now, the only times Ginny had ever seen a boy naked had been when she had accidentally walked in on her dad or one of her many, many brothers naked at home (which had happened more often that she cared to admit. Such a huge family in such a small house - mishaps were bound to happen eventually), but those few sightings of a man's body, together with the things that she had gathered from rumours and conversations of other girls her age, were enough to give the 11-year-old a rough idea of what bodyparts were different there...

"Well... then, I guess... boys don't have the, uhm... well... you know, the... slit."

Ginny immediately regretted saying this. She was pretty sure that it was the right answer, but still, even just talking about this topic in fron of a teacher was enough to get her face almost redder than her hair.

"Exactly! Well... "slit", okay, that's what you can call it if you're a pastor who is 60 years old. From now on, just refer to it as a normal word: pussy, or cunt. If any one the other girls your age hears you talking about your "slit", they'll immediately have you marked as the prude of the year."

"Oh...", Ginny said, ashamed of how little she seemed to know about these things, "well, then I guess... we're sitting on our... pussy."

"Exactly! When you're sitting on a broomstick, and I mean really, REALLY sitting on one, at high speeds and leaning into it - then the stick is pressed right into your pussy. And this is what causes the sensations that you have described as incredible pain."

"Really? That is it?"

"Well... almost. Because, the things is... well... okay, Weasley, do you know what those body parts are for? Our pussies and the cocks that men have instead of them? Apart from peeing, I mean?"


"For PLEASURE, Weasley... sexual pleasure. Have you ever heard of that before?"

Ginny was sure that if she blushed any harder, her head might actually explode right there. She had of course heard of that, in a house full of hormonal teenage boys. She heard them talk about it, and sometimes, at night, she could even hear strange sounds that she had somehow connected to this "sexual pleasure".

So the little girl just nodded.
"Excellent! Well, then... let's just get to the point. Like I said, you have an extremely rare and unresearched condition. It is practically unknown, and I only know about it because - well, I actually have it myself. Only that you seem to have an even stronger version of it than I do... far, far stronger."

"Okay... well, what is that condition? Is it... dangerous? Deadly?"
"Oh, no! Don't you worry, little one! Actually... the opposite is the case! If you know how, this condition can be incredibly fun", Madam Hooch said, with a mischievous smirk on her face.
"Oh... fun? Okay... well, what is it?"

"I don't have a name for it yet, but basically, every once in a while, when the stars align or whatever, a young witch is born who has a special connection to broomsticks. She will love them as soon as she first sees one, feel an undeniable attraction to them and, all her life, want nothing more than to finally be able to be on one, and feel the freedom of flying."

"Yes! That is me exactly, but what does that have to do with-"

"Let me finish. There's also one more thing. Apart from just loving broomsticks, there is also one more... aspect. And that aspect is what really only makes it so weird... and special. Because, apart from loving broomsticks, these young witches will also have a weirdly strong physical connection to broomsticks. Well... no, "weirdly" makes it sound so negative, it's just... unusually strong. This physical connection is the real mystery, too... I just can't explain it."

"And this is what causes the pain?"

"Well... yes... and no. Oh, man... this is... this is hard to explain. Okay, let's just... get this over with. Because of their strong physical and spiritual bond with broomsticks, these young witches will experience pleasure when riding one... sexual... pleasure."

Oh. Well... that was certainly not in any way what Ginny had been expecting.

The girl didn't really know what to say to that.

"Oh... well, I see... so..."

"I understand", Madam Hooch interrupted her, "that this is very confusing for you to comprehend right now, but I'm here to answer every question you have."

"Okay... well, first of all: if it's supposed to cause me pleasure to even touch a broomstick with... well, "there"... why did I feel so much pain?"

"It wasn't technically 'pain', Weasley... it was-"

"Can you... I find it weird if you call me by my last name all the time", Ginny suddenly piped up, cutting her teacher short, "I'm... my name is just Ginny."

"Uh... I see, well... teachers are required to address students by their last names, even in first year. So, I'll still have to call you that during the normal lessons... but while we're doing our private special lessons and are all alone, I guess I could comply with that, ... Ginny."

"Okay", Ginny said, smiling a bit again, "thanks... it really helps me with being less nervous."

"Well... you're welcome, then... but there really is no need for you to feel nervous at all!"

"Okay...", Ginny mumbled, blushing again.

"Well then... back to what I was saying... you didn't feel pain, technically. It was... well, pleasure. But pleasure that was so strong and so intense that, unprepared, it felt like pain to you - because it was such a strong sensation."

"Okay... and does everyone react to it the same way?"

"No... you're special, even more special than the other very few witches who have this condition - and those are already plenty special, if you ask me.

I've only met a few other witches with this same condition... first of all, like I said - me. I discovered it when I was pretty young. When I came to Hogwarts, I then heard from a classmate that she also had something similar. Well, it turns out that she was lying - she didn't even like broomsticks, she was just always horny."

Ginny blushed even more at that.

"But still", Hooch continued, "that conversation with her gave me the idea that maybe, just maybe, there might be other witches who were just the same as me.

And I found a few...

One older lady living in Cornwall who had decided against getting married, and instead lived in a house all by herself, with just a load of broomsticks to keep her company... and to keep her satisfied, too, of course.

Then, a young witch from Kenya, must have been around 16 or 17 when I met her about ten years ago. She was a travelling healer, flying around on her broomstick from magic settlement to magic settlement all day every day, bringing the people medicine and helping the sick. The wizarding community there adored her, but she told me a secret: helping those in need was nice, of course, but she mostly just did it to be able to spend a majority of her lifetime on her broomstick. She'd have become a quidditch player if she had been a bit less chubby. I think she's still doing this, actually.

And I also heard from a witch in Spain, but sadly, it was already too late when I arrived there. I only got to talk to her family, then. She had apparently become addicted to the pleasure. She had locked herself in her room and magically sealed the door, and then seeked pleasure in the broomstick again and again for hours, until she eventually collapsed on top of it, from exhaustion and dehydration. Unconscious, she fell down and broke her neck. She was only about 13 or 14 when that happened...

Well, and then... about 20 or so years ago, I also encountered a student at this very school who had this condition... not unlike you, mind, but not nearly as strong... she just kept on moaning in her first lesson, and eventually also fell off her broom... I think she might have had an orgasm, actually... well, I taught her how to control it, then. I think her name was Lily, actually... oh well, doesn't matter anyways.

Yes... those were all I have encountered so far... and today... I found a new one", Madam Hooch said, smiling joyfully at the young witch.

"Okay", Ginny said, trying to comprehend all she had just heard, "but... you said I could be a great Quidditch player. How? How can I be that, if it's so strong that I can't even sit on one."

"You'll see that in time, believe me. And if you want to, I can help you see it... maybe even today, maybe right now. But first, I need to know something... do you trust me?"

Ginny was just a little bit taken aback by that question. After all, she had only known Madam Hooch for a few hours... and she was "just" her teacher, Ginny knew virtually nothing about her as a person. But still, for some reason... she already felt an incredibly strong connection to this woman who the girl already felt like might become her favourite teacher. So, yes... it couldn't be explained, but she did trust her.

So, the young girl just nodded.

"Excellent", the woman with the spiky hair exclaimed, "oh, but... one more thing. The things happening between us in this room... nobody else should really find out about that."

"Of course, of course", Ginny nodded. She didn't entirely understand why she wasn't allowed to tell anybody, but she decided to just agree and comply.

"Perfect! Well, then... do you want to get started right away? I'd also definitely understand if you're too tired for today, Ginny..."

The young girl was tired... but this could not wait another second. She wanted to learn how to sit on a broomstick and fly it, and as soon as possible, please.

"No, no, not tired at all", the girl said, eagerly, "we can start right now!"

"It's good to hear that!", Madam Hooch replied, looking happy and almost a bit proud of the young witch, "let's begin."

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