When the Cat's Away, the Mice will Play

BY : Unwritten.Chaos
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Warnings (NOT included in Tags): Breeding Kink, Mirror Kink... MORE in Future

Main Pairing(s): Sirius Black/Hadrian Potter, Sirius Black/James Potter/Hadrian Potter, Severus Snape/Hadrian Potter, Severus Snape/James Potter/Sirius Black/Hadrian Potter

Part One – What Sirius Did.

Sirius bit his lip. He staried down on the sleeping form of his beautiful, fifteen-year-old, godson, Hadrian Potter. The young Ravenclaw student slumbered peacefully on his couch in the newly renovated Black townhouse. Shoulder-length tousled ebony hair was spread on the edge of the couch and the ottoman. His skin was as flawless and pale as newly fallen snow. Hadrian had grown into his androgynous, yet aristocratic, features. Long and hair smooth limbs peeked out of baggy shorts and t-shirt. Pianist fingers clenched the throw blanket. Hadrian murmured something inaudible in his sleep. Morals and duty warred against desire and lust, and ultimately, the latter won. Sirius raised his wand.

“Dormio,” he cast. The spell forced the individual deeper into sleep, without the ability to wake naturally. The spell allowed the individual to experience the following events as if in a dream. Hadrian would respond naturally to Sirius’s actions. Sirius gently scooped his petite and delicate-boned godson into his arms. He carried the boy to the second floor and into the master bedroom. He placed Hadrian down on the pearl-white silk sheets of his bed. “Oh, Hadrian, what are you doing to me?” He whispered running an agitated, shaking hand through his hair, “Merlin, I need this. Damn me to the Underworld, but I want this.”

 Sirius shrugged off his white band shirt. His hands fell to the button of his tight black jeans, he flicked open the first button and pause. Could he really do this? One look at Hadrian’s sleeping form and he realized he was already lost. He opened the rest of his pants buttons and undid his fly with shaking hands which slowly grew surer. He them shimmied the pants of his hips before pulling them down to his knees, then feet. He stepped out his pants, wearing nothing else as he tended to go commando. His endowed cock was already half-mast reaching seven inches long with a two-inch diameter. When he was insanely aroused and fully erect, his cock was easily fourteen inches long. He was also nearly the width of a pop can, falling short a few centimeters. He blamed his unusual size on his Animagus form. A little precum had slipped down his tip and smeared across his smattering of wiry, black pubic hair.

Sirius knelt on the bed and crawled over his godson. He slipped his hands under Hadrian’s black t-shirt, peeling it off the boy’s slender form. His fingers hesitated, just for a moment, over Hadrian’s pant’s button and fly. Sirius abruptly realized that Hadrian might actually be a virgin. The boy had never spoke about girls, or guys for that matter, in a romantic or sexual fashion. What if Hadrian was a virgin? Sirius thought. “Then, this act, this debauchery, has became all the more arousing,” Sirius answers himself.  He pulls off his godson’s pants, revealing a wonderful surprise to his godfather.

The boy is wearing silky soft, pink girl panties. The arousal that floods, Sirius’s body is almost overwhelming. Her grinds his cock against Hadrian’s thigh to take off the edge. Hadrian’s panties moisten with precum at the sensation. Sirius reluctantly pulls back, and leans downwards, teeth grabbing the elastic edge of the pink panties. He drags them downwards, until they reach Hadrian’s feet. He casts them aside to drink in the view. Sirius’s picks up his wands and casts “Infinite Incantatem,” vanishing the glamor Hadrian wears to hide his creature inheritance.  

Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, Hadrian had come into a hybrid creature inheritance. Opalescent-white, pebble-small and flat scales has formed on his hips, across his throat and over each eyelid and cheekbone. His eyes had gained an oval pupil. His inherited magical talents were both powerful and varied – more so than the Boy-Who-Lived, Neville Longbottom, albeit no one would ever admit it aloud. Sirius’s fingers caressed Hadrian’s scaled hips before trailing across his flat stomach. He laid a finger just over Hadrian’s navel and brought it downwards over the flat plane till it reached his cock. Hadrian arcs off the bed with a whimper. “Sensitive there, huh? Well, gorgeous, I plan on stuffing you so full of cum that your belly is huge.”

Hadrian’s eyes opened briefly, they were glazed with lust. “Please, Siri,” he moaned, before his beautiful emerald eyes slide closed again. The Dormio spell was working at its full capacity. “Please,” he murmured sleepily.

“Oh, you’re going to regret that, my beautiful doll. I will stuff you so full, it will feel like you’re splitting in half.” Sirius promises. Hadrian’s cock is average in size, about five inches fully erect. No where the monster cock, Sirius sported. Hadrian’s testicles were considerable smaller than his own. Sirius takes one testicle, one ball on his mouth and sucks on it. Hadrian rocks upwards with a moan. Sirius release his left ball and turns to his right. Hadrian’s cock is lurid-red now, he is almost painfully aroused – Sirius can tell. Sirius licks a stripe up Hadrian’s cock. The boy moan wantonly, spreading his legs instinctively. Hadrian is so open, vulnerable and innocent in his sleep, that it makes Sirius shake with want. Grabbing his wand, Sirius casts a spell to support Hadrian on his knees and hands, perky ass in the air. The opalescent scales trail down Hadrian’s spine too. Sirius cast’s a cleansing spell on Hadrian’s anal passage, followed by a lubrication spell. His finger circles Hadrian’s guardian muscle, before with an obscene pop it sinks into the fifteen-year-old. Meanwhile, Sirius is nibble on Hadrian’s earlobe and swanlike neck, earning mewls of pleasure. Another finger sinks into Hadrian’s tight ass. A third finger is added.

Sirius sinks back on his knees as he adds the fourth finger. He works the muscles passage to loosen it, curling his fingers slightly. He watches in fascination as his fingers sink in. Hadrian has begun thrust back on Sirius’s fingers. Then a finger strikes Hadrian prostrate and the boy lets out a wail of pleasure. He starts pushing backwards desperately on Sirius’s fingers. Sirius removes his fingers. Hadrian lets out a whimper of confusion and protest.

Sirius slicks up his cock with the lubrication on his fingers from the spell he used on Hadrian’s ass. His manhood is slick and heavy in his hand. His balls are tightening incrementally. He positioned his cock’s head at Hadrian’s entrance and slowly pushes in. At first Hadrian’s whines in pain and Sirius stills. Slowly Hadrian acclimates, and Sirius pushes further in, little bit by little bit till he muscles strain to hold himself still. Harry’s ass is one-third try to push out the intrusion, and two-thirds trying to pull it in. When he was fully seated, massive hairy testicles slapping firmly against Hadrian’s ass, Hadrian is whining and mewling beneath him again. Hadrian whines trying to shift his hips for friction, that is all the encouragement Sirius needs.

 Withdrawing until the very tip of his cock rests inside of Hadrian, Sirius violently slams into Harry. Harry arches his back sinking further down on Sirius’s cock. “Fuck!” the man swears, rocking his hips in and in and in. Then out and then in again. Hadrian feels amazing – like no one else has ever felt. Sure, James is probably going to kill him for this, but Sirius loves the naughty euphoria of taking Hadrian’s innocence, of stealing what could never really be his. Sheen of sweat coats Sirius’s back.

The Hadrian orgasms, anal passage clamping down on Sirius’s massive cock, but before Sirius releases his load, he grabs his wand and casts one, twice, three, no four times. The first spell multiplies his seed, the second rejuvenates his sensitive and tired cock and muscles, the third prevents permanent harm to Hadrian, and the fourth allows for a partial Animagus transformation. Then he comes, Padfoot’s knot swelling up at the base of his cock. Sirius quickly pushes the knot past Hadrian’s guardian muscle to lock them together – to seal his seed inside Hadrian for his promise to stuff you so full, it will feel like you’re splitting in half. His sperm erupts out of his cock like a geyser, Yellowstone’s old faithful has nothing on his ejaculation.  He whites out from his powerful orgasm.

When Sirius comes too he see that he has fall sideways, pulling Hadrian down on top of him, since his slowly, slowly deflating knot still locks them together. His cock is already twitching inside of Hadrian with arousal. His hands fall to Hadrian’s belly to feel what he had left inside. His belly to Sirius’s surprise is only slightly protruding, looking as if he were four weeks pregnant. “Well, this is going to take some more effort,” he says stroking Hadrian’s belly. Suddenly Hadrian rests more of his weight on Sirius’s twitching cock, his own hand falling against his belly. “Be careful about the baby.” Sirius said catching Hadrian’s hand, before he realized what he said. “Fuck, I mean your cum-pouch. Ah, fuck.” Sirius sighs, “Now I am fantasizing about breeding you, pupping you with Padfoot’s pups, filling you will little Sirius Jr. and Hadrian Jr.” He stokes along Hadrian’s belly, “What a stupid Freudian slip, but damn you’re beautiful with a rounded belly. You look so innocent.” Hmmm maybe…

With a near silent pop, Sirius has transformed into Padfoot. Hadrian nearly screams in both pleasure and pain. Head lolling to the side. Padfoot nuzzles at Hadrian and licks him in apology. Where Sirius had a monster cock, Padfoot shares the length of his cock with a stallion and even greater circumference, something which looked comical in his youth. Now, however, it fits well with his truly massive, bearlike form. He is slightly bigger than an Irish Wolfhound. He is covered in silky-soft, wild ebony fur. Padfoot nudges Hadrian onto the edge of the bed as his knot release him, a little cum dribbling out. Not as much escapes as Sirius worried it would. Hadrian is half on the bed and half off. Without warning, Padfoot enters him roughly again and begins pushing himself deeper, deeper and deeper into the petite male. Hadrian is moaning, frantically clutching at the bedsheets as Padfoot plows into him. Then Hadrian stills for one long moment and he comes, painting his chest and nipples with his own cum.

Hadrian tightens around him painfully. He keeps pounding in and in and in, until his knot develops enough to catch Hadrian’s rim and seal them together. He explodes like geyser again, his seed spilling, sloshing and pushing around inside of Hadrian’s belly. His eyesight is poor as Padfoot, so he’ll have to wait to see the reward of his efforts. Hadrian moans, tears in his eyes as he goes slack from orgasming so hard. Padfoot’s knot is bigger in this form. He wags his tail happily as his cock immediately begins to twitch again, even though he had just spent his load. His recovery period was definitely shorter as Padfoot and he ejaculated more sperm.

 Not three minutes later, Sirius is going for his third orgasm, his second as Padfoot. He comes again, Then, he starts over and over, and over and over. He must have ejaculated five times as Padfoot, not pulling out, not letting his cock deflate – sealing his cum inside, deep inside. His breeding of his godson fantasy, although sick and twisted, is just that, a fantasy. He will enjoy it while he can. As his knot begins to deflate, Sirius, quickly transforms back and summons an anal plug. He plugs up his godson, before taking the time to examine his belly. Sirius is very happy to discover that Hadrian looks six months along. His belly is swollen, and Sirius imagines he can feel the baby move as he caresses Hadrian’s bulge. His cock twitches, “Time to feed the baby.” He says perversely as he begins to pump his cock erect again. He bends Hadrian over and slips his cock between Hadrian’s plump lips.  

Picking up his wand, Sirius spells Hadrian’s throat to prevent chocking, asphyxiation or tearing. He pushes in, ignoring Hadrian’s whine of discomfort. “It’s okay, honey, just give me a moment. We need to feed the baby.” Hadrian mewls as Sirius palms his cock and lower belly, nearly causing him to cum. The feeling of his cock thrusting down this, looser, albeit wetter, orifice, is heavenly – not as heavenly as Hadrian’s ass, but almost as good. As Sirius thrusts in, he notices the slight bulge in Hadrian’s throat in the reflection of his wardrobe mirror. The image of his cock creating a bump in Hadrian’s throat is too much. He explodes into Hadrian. Sirius had never thought about having sex in front of a mirror, but maybe he could experiment?

Placing Hadrian on his back, legs splayed wide, he quickly slips out of the bed. He transfigures several discard articles of clothing into mirrors and places them around the room like an amphitheater. He even places some on the ceiling. He climbs back onto the bed. He wrap’s Hadrian’s legs around his waist, and tugs at his own cock until he is fully erect. He then remove’s the plug holding his seed in the boy. He enters swiftly, so that not a drop of cum escapes Hadrian’s well-rounded belly. He uses his wand to reposition the mirrors, just so and gasps when he releases that if he moved it, just so, he could both his cock entering Hadrian’s ass, between globular pale flesh and Hadrian’s belly swell incrementally. Sirius begins to desperately thrusts in and out, in and out, in and out. His pace is frantic, dizzying, all the white he’s watching. The partial-Animagus transformation spell is quickly activated, his knot begins to swell. In and out, in and out, then in, in, in and in, “Ah!” he moans as his quickest and most vicious ejaculation occurs, filling Hadrian’s belly as he watches.

He’s still buried to the hilt, his cum still spurting out and his softball-sized knot sealing them together, when his bedroom door in thrown open, “Oh, fuck.” James curses, “I am too fucking late.”

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