Behold Death: The Eldritch Magus

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Book One of the Atlas to Your Heart Series

Written in A03 as k505, PLEASE keep Separate

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I stand at the shore of a turbulent ocean. My toes dig into the wet sand beneath my feet. I know, instinctually, that there is something wrong with this image. There is no wind to create the tall waves which roll in from the dark depths of the ocean. There is no smell of sea salt or the sound of the waves crashing against shore. The only sound belongs to the fearful cries of seagulls. It’s dark, the moon is covered by obscuring black clouds. Where am I? I wonder, my last memories were… as if struck by lightning, I hunch over, cringing as my memories painfully consumed me.

“Is that all you got?!” Sirius taunted his cousin, Bellatrix, playfully. I suddenly felt fear. I was afraid for my godfather, Sirius, as Bellatrix got this dark look in her eyes. She lifted her wand in a complex pattern and cast nonverbally. A beam of red light exploded out of the tip of her wand. I was already moving, I pushed Sirius to the side. I incepted the spell.

The spell caught me in the stomach and knocked me backwards. I went flying through air and I abruptly found myself slipping into the darkness of the Veil of Death. The last things I saw were the devastated faces of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger. Ron Weasley watched my form disappear into the veil with a satisfied smirk. Albus Dumbledore appeared both furious and remorseful. Then there was Bellatrix smiling triumphantly. Dark eyes met mine, Severus Snape, who was dressed in his Death Eater regalia, stood stunned as everyone in the room watched me enveloped into the Veil.

“I am dead,” this sudden epiphany knocks the breath out of me. The black clouds part and cold blue moonlight shines down on the Ocean’s waters, revealing a horrific scene. The waves are the rise and fall of spirits desperately reaching for the shore, only to fall short and be dragged back. The cries of the seagulls are the fearful cries of those wretched souls. Hanging over the ocean, positioned like a grotesque marionette, is a scarlet haired woman. Her toes and the tips of her long hair are submerged in the waters. She is naked, her body is curvaceous and sensual with plump breasts, wide hips and a tiny waist. However, where her eyes should be, are hollowed out sockets and like a Jack-O-Lantern, they lit with two flickering flames. An enormous and thick black snake encircles her body in a sensual embrace. The head of the serpent is buried in the woman’s cunt and she is gyrating on it. I gag, sickened by the sight before me.

“That is Mai,” a voice says next to me, “She is one of the triad goddesses of the Underworld. She is also known as the Mother of Monsters. She rules over the God of Judgement’s kingdom, which is aptly named the Sea of Sorrowful Souls.” I spin around to face the individual speaking to me. He is a devastatingly handsome man. He appears to be in his early twenties and he is tall and broad shouldered. His ebony hair, which reaches his shoulders, is so dark it seems to suck in the light. His skin is a flawless snowy-white. However, it’s his eyes which tell me of his identity. Some wizards and witches have compared my eyes to the death curse, but my eyes pale in comparison to the electric green of Death himself. “I am Hallor, a personification of Death. Please follow me.” He instructed, I quickly oblige. Who am I to disobey a deity? We walk further onto the white-sand beach. The driftwood casts odd shadows in the moonlight, which remind me of bones. In the distance is a forest. The trees are tall and have black-bark. Crimson leaves fall and flitter to the grounds just as another one sprouts. I feel unnaturally calm, as if I had drugged myself with potions.

The sand ends at the foot of the first tree. I hesitated, but a hand at my elbow leads me into the forest. The forest is eerily silent, I notice a single raven watching us from a branch above my head. As I look upwards, I run into the muscular back of Hallor. An apology jumps to my lips, but a hand covers my mouth. “Soo,” says a sibilant voice, “Have you brought my masters a new toy, Hallor? A peculiarity for her house of horrors?” the voice asks before breaking into a hissing-laughter. The voice seems to come from all directions and I cast my eyes about furtively for the speaker.

“Haunting the woods again, old beast?” Hallor says softly, “I suggest you don’t impede us or you will have your master to answer too. She requested the child’s presence.” I am about to retort about my age, but Hallor turns to me, “Don’t speak. The beast is a master of trickery. If you speak to him, answer any of his questions or even scream, he can steal your voice. Stay quiet and follow me.” Hallor instructs me, taking purposeful strides deeper into the forest.

“Hmm, child,” the creature whispers in my ear, I can feel a slight presence to my left, at my back. “You have beautiful eyes. I would just love to eat them.” I bite my lip from answering the creature, “I wonder what you would taste like, but not just your flesh. I wonder what your sweet soul would taste-like while you’re experiencing pleasure.” I flush in both anger and embarrassment, but I do not speak. “I can make your body sing as I devour you whole.”

I nearly snarl wordlessly, but I swallow back the noise. “Oh, I wonder what that mortal you care for… what is his name, yes, Sirius Black, would taste like, spread before me. Would his intestines taste as delicious as his blood and skin? Would he scream and writhe beneath me as I devour his seed and strip his flesh from bone simultaneously? I clamp my lips together painfully. “I wonder what he would do if he were forced to watch as I devoured you first? What… what would he do… if I made you moan in pleasure as I ripped your limbs off. Would he be disgusted with you? Would he trade his life for yours?”

Blood slides down my chin from my teeth biting into my lower lips, bloody crescents mar my palms from my fingernails. “Oh… such an interesting child. Do you enjoy pain? Do you enjoy pleasure? I can play you like a violin, stretch you out and make you writhe in pleasure, cry for release and scream in pain… but you won’t let me, will you?!”

“Beast,” Hallor speaks casually, but commandingly, “We have crossed your hunting grounds, you cannot take the child from me any longer.” The man turns on his heal and pulls my abused lips from my teeth. Hallor swipes a finger across my lips and any pain I felt from them, melts away as flesh regenerates. He takes my hands and pressed his lips against my bloodied palms and those crescent-shaped wounds disappear as I let out a silent gasp. “I am sorry, but the beast,” he says glancing over my shoulder, I turn to look behind me, “Is a disgusting creature and a test of faith for those who wander.” Behind me an invisible force throws a tantrum, knocking over trees which immediately regrow, red leaves are thrown into the air and massive pawprints appear in the soil.

“Was he a test for me?” I ask cautiously.

“Not intentionally.” Hallor replies, “Come, we’re almost there.” I bite my tongue, wondering how the creature could only be an unintentional test when we crossed into his territory. However, I refuse to allow myself to question Death. We have reached a clearing. In the circle of trees is a small cottage made of white stone and covered in vines. Smoke puffs out of the old stone chimney. Hallor reaches the door and knocks once, twice and three times before the door is wretched open. A little old lady with a significantly hunched back and bulbous blue eyes answers the door. Her white hair coils around her neck like a noose. She is short, standing only a little over four feet tall, and is slight in stature. She wears a brown shawl and an old green wool dress.

“Good evening, Hallor,” She greets before catching sight of me. “I see you brought the boy, come in.” She instructs. Turning on her heel and slinking into the dimly lit cottage. Hallor sighs and indicates that I should follow him into the crone’s cottage with a crooked finger, over his shoulder.

“Fate is not one to wait, I suggest you follow me.” Hallor calls over his shoulder.

The cottage is lit by several candles and the fireplace. The flames cast eerie shadows. Sitting in a circle on the floor around the old woman, who I assume is Fate, are several strange creatures and pretty maidens. The creatures look as if they had been sown from quilts into humanoid shape and stuffed with mud. They practically radiate their curiosity. However, it is the maidens who catch my attention. Where the creatures are curious, the maidens are gorgeous imitations of lifeless dolls. Not a single emotion flits across their sculpted faces nor does intelligence sparkle in their eyes.

Sitting at Fate’s sides are three other women – shadowy women who melt into the background, when looked at directly. From the corner of my eyes, I can discern that one youthful woman is as pale as snow with hair like spiderwebs. The other young woman has skin, the color of mocha, and stunning golden eyes. The third is a middle-aged woman, who has golden skin and white eyes. “Let me introduce you,” Hallor says from behind me, “To Fate and her sister Destiny,” he said gesturing to the crone and the middle-aged woman. “And to Magic, she prefers Hecate however,” he said indicating the pale, youthful woman, “And to the Mother Goddess.” Hallor indicated the dark-skinned woman. I bow quickly and deeply.

“Ladies meet Harry Potter, your Chosen One.” Hallor says with a slightly mocking tone. I scowl fiercely at Hallor, but before I can retort, the Mother Goddesses intercedes on my behalf.

“Hallor, I suggest you take your pity party elsewhere and stop mocking the mortal. I know you don’t like the idea of being bound. I wouldn’t like it either, but that was your price. The boy would’ve been a more magnificent specimen if not for the Machiavellian ass-hat, Dumbly-what’s-its-name.”

“Albus Dumbledore.” I answered instinctively.

“Yes, Albus Dumbledore. What a sanctimonious, little fool. I mean he bound a good portion of the magic which Hecate gifted the boy with. Dumbly, also bound his bloodline abilities completely. Then he shoves the boy into an abusive household to make the boy malleable. He was cultivating the boy to become a martyr since his first year. He did it, even before he knew that the boy was one of Riddle’s failsafe for immortality. He is so short-sighted.” The mother goddess complained. I was reeling with the information. Albus Dumbledore had bound my magic? He had purposely placed me with the Dursleys? He was cultivating me to martyr myself? I felt sick. The world had been thrown askew and my unquestioning faith in my mentor was shattered.

“How? Why?” I interjected before realizing I had interrupted deities. The mother goddess blinked in surprise as if just realizing that I was still there. Hecate gave me a considering look before she answered my questions.

“Blind as a bat aren’t you, without your glasses.” Hecate said. I felt something materialize atop my head. I reach up and my hands close around a pair of round spectacles. I instinctively lower them to my face and something within me breaks. A flow of memories filled my mind in flashes. A barrier in my mind had vanished. Tears trail down my cheeks and my breath got stuck in my chest, choking me. “Well, you can see now.” Hecate says dispassionately as I mentally fall apart. So many mysteries in my life suddenly made sense. Blank spots in my memories were corrected. I trembled with rage at what Albus Dumbledore had done to me.

Growing up I had been an inquisitive and intelligent child and the Dursleys took offense to that. They had done more than verbally belittle me, starve and emotionally neglect me. They had beaten me. I grew into a crafty and fiercely intelligent brat with an ambiguous moral standard. Then, after Hagrid visited me, Dumbledore arrived and smothered those parts of my personality for “the greater good.” Ronald Weasley was a bully. I had caught him pushing around a Slytherin first year in our first and had reported it. Albus Dumbledore intervened and erased my memory and altered my personality to be subservient to Ron. Fourth year, I spent most of my time in the library learning advanced magics. The ass-hat, Dumbledore, had decided I was gaining too much power too quickly and blocked a greater portion of my magic. Furthermore, he had suppressed my learning capabilities.

I shook my head and tried to refocus. Now was not the time to lose myself to my memories. “Hadrian, Hadrian?” Destiny calls. “You’ve seemed to have wandered away, from your destined path.” I struggle to not snarl at the goddess, I didn’t like that I was predestined to do anything. I hated that there was a prophecy between Voldemort and I. Destiny studied me for a long moment.

“Death,” Hecate spoke up, “Destiny, Fate and Mother, I suggest that we give this mortal a different path to tread.”

“But his destiny!” Destiny exclaimed.

“Let him tread this path until he is prepared to take the other.” Hecate said.

“Yes,” Fate whispered, “I see it now, our young Raven Magus must grow from boy to man unimpeded by the Machiavellian monster, Dumbly. Yes, he will grow into someone even Death will come to respect.”

“Goodbye Hadrian son of James, Potter by blood. Goodbye and farewell, welcome Cassius Black.” The mother goddess whispered, and everything faded away.


Act One: The Summer Blackbird

Prologue: An Unwelcome Reunion

It is a sweltering summer’s day. The sound of cicadas creates a pleasant hum to the day’s activities. Seventeen-nearly-eighteen-years-old, Kuro Touma walks home from his place of employment, a blue popsicle is in his mouth. His bookbag is thrown over his shoulder. The Ghosts in the neighborhood are unusually active today, Touma notes casually. Perhaps, he thinks with a frown, the Shinigami are in town. Although he had chosen to go by the name Kuro Touma, his magical name is Cassius Black, child of Regulus Black and his carrier, Basil Oleander Grimm-Black. After the disagreement between his father and him, Regulus had sent his firstborn son, who at the time was only six-years-old at the time, to live with distant relatives in Japan. Only a year later, Regulus had his second child, who was Cassius’s younger half-brother, Caelum Black. Regulus then had four additional children, all who remained in their ancestral home. On Cassius’s fifteenth birthday, he adopted the name Kuro Touma and cut contact with his biological family to spite his father. No doubt the man had named Caelum, his Heir. Touma didn’t hate his biological family, he resented them. He preferred to stay away least his resentment became hatred. He didn’t want to hate them, despite the many slights they had committed against him. If there was one thing Touma desired above all else was acceptance and love. He was an outsider to both his biological family and on Japanese soil, no matter what he had accomplished.

Touma could see the muggle park in the distance, he turned to his right onto an overgrown track into the depths of a bamboo forest. He reaches the surrounding wall of his clan’s compound. Reaching the gate, he greets the stone guardian dragons with a nod and passes into the compound. The compound in filled with an abundance of Sakura trees and small traditional Japanese houses. There are many ornamental ponds filled with Koi. Further down the cobbled walk is the expansive main house. Touma does not belong to the Fujimori main family. His home is nearby though. However, when he reaches the branching paths from his home and the main house he sees his distant cousin waiting. “Kon’nichiwa, Natsuko-chan.” Touma says bowing slightly to the third-in-line inherit the Fujimori noble title.  

“Touma-kun, there are visitors here for you in the Main House.” His cousin says as politely as possible while grinding her teeth. Natsuko is a pretty girl, with thick silver-white hair and cerulean eyes framed by long eyelashes. She is only a year older than him, but considerably taller. She is dressed traditionally in a kimono. Her long white hair is pulled up in an intricate updo. She is also rather hot tempered and can act entitled.

“Thank you, Natsuko-chan. I am sorry they made you wait for me.” Touma says calmly. She accepts his condolence with a polite tilt of her head. Turning on her heel, she leads Touma towards the main house. The main house towers over the single-story domiciles. It is two stories tall and built in the traditional manner of a Daimyo’s manor with dark wood, rice-paper screens and heavy sliding exterior walls, Amado (1). They arrive in Genkan (2) and toe off their shoes, placing slippers on their feet. Natsuko-chan leads Touma deeper into the house until they reach the receiving room. Touma drops into the seiza position outside of the room politely as Natsuko-chan enters announcing their presence. “Come in, Touma-kun.” Instructs the head of the household, Lord Fujimori.

“Shitsureishimasu (3),” Touma says before entering. He slips in on silent feet, keeping his eyes lowered respectively.

“Why is he acting like that Dad?” Whined a childish voice in English, “Aren’t all Blacks supposed to be bold and proud?”

“No, that is a Gryffindor.” Regulus Black says tersely. Touma lifts his eyes to examine his relatives.

Regulus Black looks almost the same as Touma remembered him, except for the little gray at his temples and the subtle crowfeet at corner of his eyes. He is tall and regal. He has dark-brown hair, where Touma inherited his carrier’s, Basil’s, thick ebony curls. Where Touma wears his dark hair to his waist, pulled back into a loose ponytail, Regulus’s hair is wavy, chin-length and perfectly coifed. Regulus and Touma shared their snowy-white complexion and their seafoam-blue eyes framed by ridiculously long eyelashes and expressive eyebrows. Where Regulus’s face has a broad bone structure and a square jaw, Touma has an angular face composed of high cheekbones and a cleanly-shaven narrow jaw. Touma’s lips are sensual and plump. Regulus has thin lips with a dark-brown goatee. Touma is taller than Regulus, but Regulus has broader shoulders and a thicker chest.

The boy at Regulus’s side, no doubt, eleven-years-old Caelum Black, inherited the color and smooth texture of their father’s hair, but the pale-green eyes of Regulus’s second husband, Briar Selwyn. Regulus married three men; Duke Basil Grimm, Touma and Serpens’s carrier, Briar Selwyn, Caelum and Aster’s carrier, and Samael Sanguine, a Dhampir and the carrier of Mira and Corvus Black. Caelum is shorter than Touma at his age, but thicker in figure. He has Regulus’s lips and he shares their complexion. Caelum is a cute, if snotty, looking kid. He is dressed in fine clothes and is wearing the Black Heir ring. Touma closes his eyes to gather his temper and resolve, he was right that his dear old dad had disinherited him.

“Wow Dad, he’s pretty.” Caelum says. A corner of Touma’s lips quirk upwards in amusement as Regulus looks uncomfortable with his heir’s pronouncement.

“Not to interrupt, but we have business to attend to.” Lord Fujimori says, gesturing to an Imperial Court Messenger. Touma is surprised that he had not noticed the man immediately, but apparently his relatives’ appearance distracted him. Regulus nods in agreement and takes a seat on the thin pillow, Zabuton (4), at the Chabudai (5).  The Magical Imperial Court Messenger clears his throat and breaks the seal of an ornate scroll, covered in gold decal with tiny depictions of apricots blossoms. Where the Muggle Emperor of Japan sat on the Chrysanthemum Throne (or the Kiku Throne), the Magical Emperor of Japan, distant cousin of the muggle Emperor, sat on the Japanese Apricot Throne (or the Ume Throne). Touma sinks into the Seiza position on a Zabuton, his brother sits uncomfortably in the lotus position on a zabuton.

“Black Cassius, also known as Kuro Touma, the Raven Magus,” Here Touma takes pleasure in watching his dear old dad’s face pale in shock and surprise. The messenger continues, “his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Takahiko, of the Japanese Magical Conclaves, has hereby named you a Diplomatic Envoy between the Japanese peoples of the magical conclaves and the western European magical Conclaves. You will be attended to by your coven as your Diplomatic party. Your first assignment is in Britain, where the Lord of Twilight, Marquis Regulus Black, a neutral gray party, will play host to you and your diplomatic party.”

Touma mentally sighs, he really doesn’t want anything to do with his biological family, but never the less he bowed, “I humbly receive this assignment.” Touma answered.

As Regulus sits in the Guest room of the Fujimori main house late at night, he sighs mentally. He hadn’t meant for the conflict between his first-born child and himself, to result in this gaping pit between them. However, after Regulus had sent Cassius away, he was advised to name his second-born as his blood heir. His, then advisor, had suggested it because he was not responsible in raising Cassius with his ideals. So, Regulus had disinherited his oldest child, naming his second son, his heir. Then he felt the last of his blood bonds snap when Cassius cast off his name publicly. His husbands, Basil and Samael had been inconsolable. Basil had been Cassius’s carrier and Samael had doted on the boy. His other husband, Briar Selwyn-Black, had been gleeful that it was his child who would inherit the Black title. Briar and the other two husbands were at odds with each other and their family was strained to the breaking point. The children felt it acutely. Three of his children, Mira, Serpens and Corvus were cold and distant towards Caelum and Aster. Caelum ignored his siblings and lorded over them when he could, but Aster, poor Aster, the youngest, was the crybaby who was neglected by her carrier and isolated by the other children. The then Advisor, Earl Saffron Selwyn, father of Briar Selwyn, had made his bias and interests known through Briar, and Regulus had been enraged. Regulus denied Aster and Caelum contact with their grandfather and had sent his second husband, Briar, to live in one of their private and secluded summer homes with limited outside contact. Briar had protested and fought back every step of the way. Briar had even attempted to poison him, but Kreacher had caught him. Briar had finally given in when his magic was bound.

Regulus had been forced to reeducate his children with the help of his husbands and family. Regulus was slowly mending his relationship with his husbands, Basil Grimm-Black and Samael Sanguine-Black. It was Sirius, his younger renegade brother, who had urged Regulus to visit his oldest son, when he met with the Japanese Emperor. Regulus Black had been named the Lord of Twilight on his thirtieth birthday. The title Lord of Twilight was not hereditary, but magic gifted. It was a rare honor for a Lord of Twilight to be named. Usually, there were only the Lord of Darkness and the Lord of Light, but currently all five titles had been given. Two Lords were from the Black family. Regulus was the Lord of Twilight, while his Cousin, Aquila Black was the Lord of Nightfall.

Aquila Black was the illegitimate son born to Cygnus Black and Garrett Capulet in 1968. Aquila is the half-brother of Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Andromeda Black Tonks, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Caspian Capulet and Corbin Capulet. In the aftermath of the affair, Lana Alderwood Capulet divorced her husband, Garrett Capulet, of twelve years to marry her lover, Garrett’s younger sister, June Capulet. It was quite the scandal.

Being the Lord of Twilight had garnered Regulus a lot of international interest. Most of the magically titled originated from Britain, since Britain was considered the Origin of Magical Studies, beginning with the Modern Magic founders, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. However, there is one note that must be made, although the title was not inherited through bloodlines, Regulus’s title had chosen one of his children as his heir for that prestigious magical title. It was not his blood heir, Caelum, or any of the children he had raised. It was his oldest son, Cassius. This was something which sent Briar into a fit of anger and his two other husbands lorded over Briar. Regulus doubted that his oldest son knew he was the Heir of Twilight.

Regulus’s meeting with the Magical Japanese Emperor was an event which occurred frequently with the magically titled. However, the Emperor’s request was not the usual humdrum business, but Regulus eagerly agreed to host the Diplomatic Japanese Party which included the famous and formidable Raven Magus.

Everyone knew of the Raven Magus! Talented, intelligent beyond his years, handsome and charismatic they said. He had multiple titles to his name. These titles included; Adept of Spell Crafting, Warding, Battle Magic and Runic Magic. He was also a Master of Potions, Battle Alchemy, Ritual Magic and Enchanting. An Adept ranked above a Master, and a Master ranked above all other educational titles. And while, others had a larger magical core – being Grand Magi and Arch Magi, the Raven Magus’s diverse skills made him superior to them.

Several of his newest advisors, the High Councilors of Twilight; Remus Lupin, Spencer Holmes-Moriarty, Audre Watson, Sanguini and Severus Snape-Prince, had something of an academic crush and interest in the Magus. So, when they arrived in the Fujimori clan grounds, he had assumed that his oldest son had grown up alongside the talented Magus. He was excited at this prospect, but then to his shock they called his son, Cassius Black or Kuro Touma, the Raven Magus. That was a stab to his heart. His son had grown up to be a greater and more skilled man than he. It wasn’t jealousy that consumed Regulus, it was intense regret.

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