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(Info about this story: both characters will sometimes think back to past times or things that have happened to them before. So don't be confused when the story suddenly seems to go into a random, different story, for a paragraph or two. But usually, those memory parts are clearly recognizable.

Also: This first chapter is the intro. Things will already start to heat up a bit in the next chapter, and after that... it will get very hot very quickly with each new chapter. So: have fun!)



----- chapter 1: the girl. -----


It was hard to believe that something like this could even be found within the walls of this dusty, old castle known as Hogwarts.

Luna Lovegood could not believe her eyes after she had entered the beautiful prefect's bathroom. Her friend Harry had told her how to access it, and she was already thinking about how she could ever thank him for that, because this was incredible.

And in the middle of the stunning, colourful lavatory, there was the real reason she was here: she could have a shower or take a piss in any other lavatory, too, but here it was: in front of the blonde girl, there was a pool in the floor, and around its edges, more faucets than she could be bothered to count right now. Harry had told her that each one would fill the bath with a different water, different scents, different bubbles, colours, temperatures, and so on.

So the girl went around the pool, trying a few random ones here and there, until she had found some that she loved in particular, and then filled the bath to the brim with those, which somehow took up far less time than you'd think - magic was just amazing.

When the bath was filled with steaming, scented water and bubbles in every colour of the rainbow and then a few, Luna turned around again to make sure she really was alone; but she was, practically nobody ever came in here - most of the prefects also didn't use this a lot, it was just too far away most of the time when you just had to pee.

So Luna quickly dropped her robes to the floor.

She had expected there to be a sudden rush of coldness to her skin, but there was nothing. The room was the absolutely perfect temperature, not to cold, not to hot. With how Luna knew Dumbledore, he had probably even somehow enchanted the air in here to always be just like the person touching it likes it - with magic, it's not like doing such a thing would be that hard, after all...

Luna looked down at herself, now standing there in just her shoes and socks, a pair of panties and a white tanktop.

She quickly got rid of her footwear - and then of the rest, too. She turned around to have a look at her body in the mirror, and, as per usual, found that she was actually rather pretty and probably attractive. If other people didn't find her so weird, she was sure she'd have a ton of boyfriends by now... oh well.

But the girl decided to not let thoughts like those ruin such a perfect moment. So instead, she turned back around and dipped the toes of one foot carefully into the water - which was absolutely perfect, so, without a second thought, she threw her entire body into the pool and submerged in the perfect water.

The feeling was amazing.

She had been to a beach or a public pool with her dad a few times before, but the last time she had had a bath without ANY kind of bathing suit or bikini on? As hard as she tried to remember, the girl could honestly not tell when that had even been - probably when her dad had bathed her for the last time as a baby... and that was just AGES ago.

Luna had not been aware what a great feeling it was, and how much she had been missing out on it. The warm water on her bare, soft skin, touching and carressing her everywhere, and finally also without the stupid burden of clothes to block any of the freedom she was feeling. Like this, the water could really make its way into every crack and every crevice - and it did. And Luna could feel the water between her toes and fingers, around her legs, in her ears and in her bellybottom, filling up the holes and folds between her legs, and Luna closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide to be fully engulfed by the water. She could feel her small breasts being moved by the waves, softly, very softly. And she could feel as the water was playing with her bright blonde hair, the long strands on her head blowing far from her like in a brilliant tempest, and the shorter and slightly thicker, but equally bright blonde hair around her crotch also swaying around a bit and tickling the soft and sensitive skin there, and her inner thighs.

She had never once shaved herself down there, unlike most of the other girls she saw in the school showers, so, as a result, she had quite a bush surrounding her most intimate parts. Some of the other girls - those girls with the cleanest, smoothest pubic mounds and the prettiest breasts and butts, of course - had even come up to her before and told her that she might wanna shave down there, because boys didn't usually like that... but she'd take care of that once someone was actually interested in her - and besides, if a boy had a problem with that, he wasn't the one for Luna anyway.

Lost in her thoughts, Luna had completely forgotten the emptiness in her lungs, and suddenly realized that she really had to breathe right now. She shot up towards the surface and took in a huge gasp of cold air, deep into her lungs. She took a few steps backwards with her eyes still closed and her hands on her face, still breathing heavily, her chest rising and sinking.

Her feet carried her back to where the water was a little less deep and, when standing up, her torso was now out of the water, exposed, with just a few remaining pieces of bubble-foam running down her pale skin and back into the water.


And in that moment, all of a sudden, completely out of nowhere - a scream: "HEY!"


A scream that sounded like it belonged to a little girl, and a little girl standing about three inches in front of her.

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