A Ripple effect

BY : Mansi Jain
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The Time turner


We won the battle but the cost - the cost is huge. Seated beside the window, I stare at the clear sky. Fawkes is perched atop the window sill. Some are celebrating and some are grieving. The percentage of the latter is higher than the former. Just a few minutes ago, I was accused by Harry and Draco of being responsible for the death and pain this battle left in it's wake. They said that I have blood on my hands.

I argued that I never intended to sacrifice Harry's childhood or Severus's entire life in the name of this war. They said that I brought Severus to the brink of death and that too after we finally succeeded. Most of all they accuse me of leading to this, of not doing anything although I was suspicious that Tom would eventually become a dark wizard. 

They feel that everyone is a chess piece to me. They think that all I care about is the greater good.

The greater Good.

I have never used these days in my entire life. Gellert was the one who did. They think that even though the war is over, the slytherins are still fighting because I never supported them, because I encouraged the prejudice against them.

They do not seek the truth. I never knew that Petunia hated Lily so much. Aberforth despises me as well but he would never treat my child so horribly if I had one. I would never have left Harry with them if I had known. What could I possibly gain by ruining a child's life?

There is no point of destroying a dark lord by creating another. The chances that Harry might have walked on Tom's path were quite high. Thank Merlin for Draco Malfoy that it didn't happen.

They think that I should have left him with Severus. They say that it would have done both Harry and Severus some good. Remus Lupin says that he would eventually have proposed Severus and Harry would have had a family.

They say that I should have fought harder to prove Sirius innocent. Apparently, I am responsible for Sirius's insanity. He never recovered from the horrors of Azkaban. They think that I engineered everything, that I could have protected Potters but I didn't. Their eyes accuse me and I am compelled to sit and think back. They are wrong in so many things and right in so many others.

I should have accepted Lucius's request. I should have found a magical family for Harry but I never wanted the Potters or anyone else to die. I did not want Severus to become a spy. Severus needed a purpose and I didn't think that he could care for Harry. Remus Lupin was in mourning as well. Sirius was in Azkaban. I should have visited but I wanted Harry to have a peaceful childhood. I wanted him to stay away from all the machinations of the ministry. I had never thought that Petunia would allow her family to abuse Harry like this.

But, now I know that I was wrong. I denied him his magical heritage. I can't help but think if my choices and decisions led to this day. The war is over but one-quarter of Hogwarts is still fighting for their survival. I can't help but stare helplessly as three quarters of Hogwarts glares at the Slytherins. They set traps for them. They do not even spare the first years. I have tried everything and so have the teachers. I wish Severus was here. I miss his strictness and the ability to intimidate and keep children in line. I want to go and ask Lucius to teach. He is like Severus in so many respects and I know that he would be able to return some modicum of normalcy in this place. But he is Azkaban and not even my influence can save him not. I can't help but feel that Tom has won after all.

One day you will need this Albus... This is my gift to you and my apology... and an evidence that I loved you and that I still do... this is my invention... the very first time turner... it can't be recreated and the science shall die with me... Use it well... and don't forget me...

I remember Gellert's last words. He had requested my presence a few years back. He had been taking his last breaths in Azkaban and he told me the location of this time turner, the only one of the kind. I found it and hid it in my vault. The gift that he gave to me is priceless. I know that I can't bring him back to life. Some things must run their course.

I don't know where the time turner will take me. I don't get to decide the time. I studied it extensively when I found it and realized that the time turner can sense the user's intentions and would take me to the time where I can best achieve what I want to.

There is always a price to pay if we change the past. I know that but I am willing to pay the price. I know what it will be. Tom will come back to life and it will become twice as difficult as it was to destroy him.

I can just hope that we will be able to defeat him once again. I found out another thing about the device.

The people whose life I will be directly affecting will not lose their memories of this time. This means that I will have to tell them about his eventually. I am prepared for that because I can't bear the way the kids look at me, most of all Slytherins, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco.

I stand up and nod towards Fawkes. She brushes her feathers on the lock of the drawer and it opens, revealing the time turner.

Even if I can't save him, I can still meet him and tell him that I never forgot what he had, that a lifetime was not enough for me to move on.

They think that I don't know the meaning of love. Oh! How wrong they are!

Fawkes eyes are wise and knowing when they look at me. She is a Phoenix and is timeless. Even I have not been able to uncover the mystery of Phoenixes. She flies over and sits on my shoulder as I pick up the time turner.

I want to start with changing Harry's childhood and accepting Lucius's request so I think about it. Fawkes trills loudly and I feel strong wind blowing all around me. When I open my eyes, I find myself in my office and wonder whether the device did not work at all. I search for the calendar and sigh in relief when I realize that it is 31st July 1985, which means that Harry is five years old. I find myself wondering why did the time turner not decide to bring me four years earlier when I had dropped Harry on the doorstep of Dursleys.

But thinking is futile. I blink when someone clears his throat and look at my guest.

Oh! I remember now... 31st July 1985 was the date when Lucius had come to apply for the position of DADA at Hogwarts.

"Lucius, my dear boy." I whisper before smiling over my spectacles. Lucius's jaw drops in shock and his eyes shoot open. I have never seen him look so bewildered and enjoy the expression on the man who never loses his composure at all.

This is the moment when I realize that I have never been polite to Lucius, not like I was to James and his friends or the gryffindors in general.

Well, it's time to change that. I think and speak in a very kind voice, "Lucius. To what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting, my boy?"


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