My Boys

BY : Pacito
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Chapter 1 The picnic


Harry lay in bed, he couldn't sleep for the noise of Ron wanking. He threw a sock at him "Ron!! for Merlins sake put a silencing charm on your bed when you wank over Lavender."

"Not her." he grunted, "Managed to see up Luna's skirt, saw her little white knickers, I've had a hard on all day thinking about them."

Harry thought about her. It had only been four days since she had taken him to the fairy room and they had ended up shagging each other unconcious.

Harry conceded, "Happy wanking, now put up a silencing charm, pratt."

Harry lay back closed his eyes and had his own slow wank thinking about Luna.

They walked to breakfast, Hermione had gone back to collect a book she had forgotten. Harry leant close to Ron and said, "are you going to try and see up Luna's skirt today?" as he elbowed his mate in the ribs.

"I wish." said Ron. "She's 13, same as Ginny but I would still love to do her, I bet she's got a nice little pussy." Harry thought of her hot pussy and how he had pushed his dick right up it in the fairy room, "What about Hermione?, nice little titties and did you notice her nipples the other day at Hagrid's class by the forest, magical, they were sticking right out!" Harry nodded, "I've noticed that when she reads some books or when she gets cold, they poke out,"
Ron grunted his affermation, "Not so little, later try to see down her top, they're bigger each time I look, I´ve watched them growing bigger, sometimes her nipples look all stiff and pointy." Harry winked at his mate, "Her titties are getting bigger as well, soon she will have a really nice rack." Ron grabbed his crotch, "Fuck Harry, talking about tits and stuff is giving me a right hard on, later I'm going to have a wank thinking about Luna's knickers and Hermiones tits!!!"
Harry looked around before saying, "I know Luna a bit better than you and if you want to get to know her better I'll see what can be done."

That night Ron and Harry sat on Ron´s bed talking about the girls in the school. Harry asked Ron "Did you get a look up Luna´s or Hermione´s skirt?" Ron looked askance at his best mate and smiled. "I saw Luna in near the charms class and followed her to see if she would need to go up the stairs and maybe give me a look up her skirt, she turned and gave me one of her strange looks, you know the one, and walked away down one of the corridors" 
Harry replied "I know what you mean, sometimes she walks the corridors at night, I´ll try to find where she goes and let you know."
Ron wiggled his eyebrows "I'll hold you to that." he said, "but you're right, Hermione is coming along nicely too." He looked at his friend, "Harry, would you fuck her?" he blurted out.
Harry blinked "Who, luna?"
Ron replied "Yes I'd definately fuck her but what about Hermione?"
Harry thought for a moment wondering what Ron's reaction would be if he said yes but decided to be honest, Yes, she looks better each day, her titties are getting bigger and as I said, and sometimes her nipples really stick out."
"Is thinking about her giving you a hard on" his mate asked
"Oh fuck yes," Harry gasped out. 
Ron looked at his mate and said, "She is our best friend so it's our reasponsibility to look after her," He smiled and winked at Harry, "so tomorrow I'm going to keep my eyes on her and maybe get a look up her skirt as well."
Harry thought that Ron had a great idea "I bet you a chocolate frog that I get a look first."
"Ok, but who?" Ron said.
"Both of them." Harry replied "but it's got to be knickers, just legs don't count.
Harry agreed "See you tomorrow, I'm going to close my curtains and have a hot wank over Hermione, and while you're wanking imagining that your cuming over Luna and Hermione´s tits, don't forget the silencing charm!!!"

The next few days had both of them trying to see up Hermione's skirt, down Susan Bones top (Biggest tits in her year.) in fact any girl in the school who came close to them. Each night they compared notes and wanked over the results. "Ron, I really want to see up Hermione´s skirt, fuck, thinking about looking up her skirt gives me a hard on each time I see her, we need to do something about it, let me think about it and come up with a plan." Ron grunted "Fuck yes, I wonder if we can get her to a private place and, you know, get a good look up her skirt."

Hermione was surprised to find both Harry and Ron waiting for her in the common room on saturday morning. As she came down the stairs she saw Ron looking at her, well more at her legs really. She slowed down to stop her skirt from swinging so much. She had enthusiastically rushed down the stairs to go to class since 1st year knowing that her skirt lifted and showed her legs but now a 4th year and being 15 due to her birthday in a couple of weeks she had more to show.!" "Morning Hermione" Ron and Harry choroused.
She raised her eyebrows and looked at her watch. It was saturday, what where they doing, especially Ron, up at this time."
"Morning Harry, Ron." she replied a question in her voice.
Harry chirped up. "Hermione, because you're our best friend and give us so much help with homework and everything and all we do is moan about it we want to take you on a picnic to say thanks. It's a brilliant day and we can call in on Hagrid on the way back if we have time, we haven't been to see him much this term." Ron looked totally confused as usual when his friends used sentences of more that four words but in a moment of genius gasped out "Oh...err...yer....."She smiled at them and nodded, "yes, yes I'd love to, it is a loverly day  but where will you get a picnic from."

Harry looked at Ron and shrugged his shoulders. "Dobby." he said out loud followed by the appearence of the mad elf "Everything will be ready Harry Potter sir, Dobby will prepare your picknic."
Hermione frowned but was held up by Harry raising his hand "Hermione, I paid Dobby 5 gallions for his work."
She was still going to complain until she saw Dobby look at Harry with hero worship and adoration for the wizard who set him free from the Malfoy's and realised that helping Harry was his dream and made him happier than she could imagine.

She shook her head but gave in "Ok, where should we go.?" she asked.
Harry replied, "Dobby said he knows of a small glade near the lake, it's kind of private, he said we won't be disturbed by any dangerous creatures and it was not too far a walk from the castle."

She was surprised over the amount of detail Harry (Ron probably wanted them to take  brooms, just in case!!!) had put into the idea. 

They grabbed cloaks and headed down to the lake. Hermione was surprised to find herself having a good time walking and talking with her friends and she wasn't even reading a book!!!

Harry led them to a hidden place that Dobby had found for him. They passed through a curtain of ivy and found themselves in a beautiful wooded gade with a small spring passing through the middle on it's was to the Black lake.

It was increadible, she (and Ron) where standing with open mouth's at Dobby's idea of a picnic. One side of the stream was laid out with the picnic, blankets spread over the lush grass, hampers of food and drink and a selection of large cushons for them to sit on and relax against while they enjoyed  their "picnic"    

Hermione noticed that the glade even had a weather charm, she had noticed over the last weeks that the Scottish winter was on it's way. She had felt a nip in the air as they had walked down from the castle and had worried in case it would be too cold for a picnic but in the glade the temperature was like a perfect summers day. She looked at Harry in question, she just shrugged his shoulders and mouthed "Dobby." 
He was a bit surprised that she just smilled and shook her head in a resigned way. 
She took off her outer robes and her pullover comenting on how warm it was, she was left wearing a white blouse, a knee length pleated skirt with white socks and her shoes. 
Harry and Ron followed suit and took off their robes as well. They could see the faint outline of her bra and gave each other a small smile.

They sat down and started the picnic, Ron as usual eating for 3.
Harry had sat himself down facing Hermione. Ron realised that Harry had done this because she was sitting on the ground leaning against a cushon and he was in a perfect position to glance up her skirt if she moved her legs. 

Hermione eventually moved a bit to get comfy and saw Harry glance quickly at her legs. She almost smilled, Harry and Ron were making the same mistake that all adolesent boys make, assuming that girls didn't really like sexy stuff and that you had to sneak looks up  skirts or down tops. Hermione had grown into a very sexual girl but her strict catholic upbringing made her feel guilty and had kept her hands out of her pants, but this year she couldn't hold back and she often found herself in the shower giving herself sexy thrills thinking about boys. 
The girls in her dorm especial Lavender and Parvati would climb into Lavender's bed and talk a lot about boys. Going to sleep listening about what they wanted to do with boys and what she had heard 6th and 7th year girls whispering in the library about being touched and more!!!, Thinking about what they wanted to do with boys and what they wanted boys to do to them meant that she often woke up with sticky knickers. She now enjoyed (with a shit load of guilt) stroking her muff although up to now she hadn't put her fingers inside or brought herself to orgasm. 
Last year she had fallen badly on holiday while skiing and the doctor said that she had broken her hymen when she fell, her mum had cried about her for days afterwards and kept looking at her with sorrow and as a consequence she had been to scared to do anythig more than touch herself outside her knickers but now she had two boys who she knew and trusted and felt herself getting wet as she fantisised about seeing one of their things and lately spent a lot of time stroking her muff.
The idea that the boys where trying to look up her skirt and seeing Harry's eyes flick down to her legs as she moved them to get comfy was making her feel tingly.

Ron was sitting next to her, he caught Harry's eye and looked sideways at Hermione's legs and at her blouse. Harry tried not to smile as his mate wiggled his eyebrows. Hermione wasn't regarded as the brightest student in Hogwarts for nothing she knew that Harry was trying to look up her skirt and found that the idea of them sneaking looks up her skirt was really turning her on. 
Ron made an excuse to move and sit next to Harry and she caught him glancing at her skirt as well. She let herself think of them looking at her as a complement, she thought of herself as a plain Jane and was like most 14 year old girls, very insecure about her looks and figure, everything too big like her front teeth or as she looked down at her breasts, too small. She felt happy and surprisingly quite excited by their attentions and thinking about some of the things Lavender and Parvati talked about in bed at night enjoying a picknic while the boys gave her sly glances was making her feel surprisingly good about them trying to look up her skirt.

They sat on the blankets and chatted for a while. Harry was talking to them about Hagrid and his idea of friendly creatures like enormous spiders or dragons when Firenze trotted up. 
They were sitting on the blankets and he towered over them. "Welcome Harry Potter and his friends Ronald and Hermione." It was imposible for Hermione not to notice his great big horse cock hanging down and large pair of balls. Harry and Ron both noticed her eyes on his dong. It was the first time Firenze had met Ron and Hermione and it was the first time since her hormones had kicked it that Hermione had seen such a huge cock and she couldn't stop staring at it. Firenze made a cryptic comment about Mars being bright in the night sky, Ron glanced at her and saw her still staring at the horse cock with wide eyes. The Centur made another coment about the planets before turning and galloping away.

Harry looked at Hermione just as she turned away from gazing at horse cock. She was biting her lip and looking down trying to get the image of a big long horse cock out of her mind. Ron being Ron reacted in his own way "Bloody Hell Harry, his is bigger than yours." he blurted out and realizing what he had said looked up to catch Hermione turn blushing and quickly glancing wide eye'd at the front of Harry's pants. 
She looked up and seeing Ron looking at her and then down at her skirt, realising that he had seen her gaping at Firenze's dick and making her blush bright red.
Ron blushed as well at getting caught watching her until his ears were red and Harry found himself joining in, blushing as he saw her look at his crotch and biting her lip. "

They all sat red faced and silent, Ron got them into this and he tried to get them out of it. "Well it was bloody big!!" he said in his defence. They all looked at each others blushing faces and then burst into laughter. They were rolling on the blankets, laughing and giggling. Harry was laying on his side giggling at Ron's expression when he saw that Hermione's skirt was up a bit and he could see a bit of her knickers. He called to Ron "Hermione's laughing up a storm, I think we should tickle her." 
He reached over and pulled her shoe off and began tickling her foot. she thrashed around squeeling as he tickled her "Oh Harry. stop......" she couldn't speak for laughing and when he asked her if she wanted more she could only giggle. Ron came over and took her other foot. She couldn't stop giggling and laughing, her legs open enough to see up her skirt and at her knickers as she was tickled by the two boys. She was kicking and wriggling,Harry just held her foot and let Ron tickle her, with a little sister (Ginny) to practice on all the Weasy boys knew how to tickle a girl until they where histerical but not going over, just keeping them at the "Point"

 Hermione was at that stage, her skirt had ridden up until it was up to her bum but she couldn't stop wriggling and giggling. They could both see up it and Ron slowed down a bit to let her get her breath back. She mock swiped at the both of them, she was panting and really dizzy after the tickling session and fell back onto the blanket. She lay back getting her breath back and waiting for the world to stop spinning.

She recovered her breath and lifted herself leaning back on her elbows to see them both looking at her, she looked down to see her skirt up to her bum and the front of her knickers on full show. The wriggling and fighting has gotten her knickers in a knot and one side had worked it's way between her pussy lips. Almost all witches used shaving charms and both boys could almost see her hairless pussy. She blushed and tried to cover herself pulling down her skirt but was hampered by the fact that she was sitting on the blanket her skirt trapped under her bum and Harry still had hold on her foot as he stared up her legs. He saw that she had seen him looking at her knickers, he tore his eyes from her and dropped her foot like it was red hot, he shuffled backwards to where he had been sitting before the tickling, his movements letting her see the size of the tent sticking up from the front of his pants.

She scrambled up and arranged her clothes pulling down her skirt so that she was "decent" again but unable to fix her knickers with the boys watching. She had to admit it to herself, she did feel quite excited, seeing a massive horse dick, then being tickled and squealing as they made her roll and twist on the ground, rucking her skirt up rubbing her legs together. The sight of Harry, and as she looked Ron, both having big tents in their pants made her tremble from head to foot. She was young and inexperienced but had read all about sex and knew that they were excited and that she was the reason why.

She sat back down crossing her legs in an exagerated way pushing her skirt down between them so they couldn't see up it and she realised, see her knickers pushed up between her lips. She poured herself a glass of pumpin juice and downed it in one. She gave them one of those 'I'll get you back for that looks'. Harry tried to look innocent "What for, we haven't done nothing."
She huffed "Anything, anything." he looked at her as if she was mad "anything what?!" he huffed out.
She huffed. "It's, We haven't done anything, anything."
He looked at Ron mouth open, "Lets get her!!" he said to his mate as he jumped at her pushing her back and tickling her under her arms. The shreaks of hysteria rang through the forest as Harry and Ron tickled her again.

She tried to tickle them back but couldn't as she was too busy trying to stop them doing it to her. Harry moved so his dick was close to her hand and made sure to let her armescape his. Hermione was laughing and shreaking as they tickled her and when she managed to free her hand she tried to tickle Harry but she just managed to press her hand against his now hard dick and grab it. She realised what she was doing and pulled her hand away quickly. Harry stopped tickling her and said to Ron "Hermione's playing dirty, she just grabbed my......" he dropped his eyes to the obvious bulge that was now pushing the front of his pants right out. 
She looked at his crotch and blushed like a traffic light as she thought about how big and hard it had felt as she had gripped it. He looked at her and said "I owe you one," he reached over to her slowly and at the last moment quickly shot his hands towards her tickling her ribs and under her arms.
She went off again as this time Ron grabbed her from behind while Harry tickled her. She was tossing and turning begging them to let her go as Ron held her, loose enough let her wriggle and twist but enough so she couldn't stop them. Ron caught Harry's eye and looked down at her tits Harry gave her another tickle under her arm, she automatically tried to trap his hand crossing her arms. She felt his hand pressing against the side of her breast. Harry left it 'trapped'. She squeeled louder as she pressed his hand between her arm and her chest feeling her touching her titties. Harry pretended to try to free his hands and tickle her more, each time moving it against the sides of her chest touching the sides of her baps. 

Hermione thought she had trapped him when she felt him try to tickle her ribs. She almost sighed as she felt the palm of his hands pressing against the sides of her titties as he now gave her a very light tickling. She liked the feeling of them touching her and the tickling game was a good "non sexy" way to get touched and felt up, they could all pretend that it was just a game and she decided that she realy liked this game. Harry slowed his tickling to little fast tickles each time she tried to move. "We've got you now, you can't move." Of course that made her try and with Ron holding her more for support than anything else Harry gave her ribs a tickle each time brushing the side of her tits. 
This was magic, she felt secure with them, she could relax and enjoy the feeling of their hands touching and stroking her knowing that they would never hurt her or go further than she was prepared to go.

She was feeling more excited with each minute, the playing and tickling had her dizzy, that on top of imagining Fienze's horse cock, both of her best friends with big erections looking at her knickers and Harry's hands pressing against her titties. 
She didn't have to look down to know that her her bra being light weight left her nipples sticking out from the front of her blouse and that her skirt had ridden up exposing her knickers again. She turned to Ron, "Lets get Harry," Ron let her go and she jumped at him pushing him over and jumping on top of him as Ron joined in to help. Harry was giggling and laughing as she tickled him, Ron was only pretending to tickle him so he wouldn't be laughting to much to miss getting a few sly feels in on Hermione until it degenerated into a free for all both boys tickling her as she tried to get them back.
She was giggling and squealing as they all tickled each other her enjoying the feeling of the sly feels and touches as they touched each other all over. 
She was wriggling and moving enjoying the "accidental" touches as she tried to tickle both of the boys until she straddled his knees to hold him down and felt a shock run through her as he crossed his legs pushing one knee up between her legs as he began to "fight" her off.

Ron jumped up and grabbed her from behind  "accidentally" brushing his hands over her titties and hard nipples making her gasp as Harry carried on tickling her ribs making her shreak out in laughter unable to admonish them, she was wriggling too much straddling his thighs and as the feeling built between her legs, not really wanting to stop.
She was tickling Harry when Ron started to tickle her ribs from behind her, "traitor." she laughed to him, he reached down and pinched her bum, she shreaked and jumped forward landing on Harry´s hip her knickers being pushed between her pussy lips. Ron was giving her a propper tickling, she was on the edge, giggling and squeeling hysterically as both of them really tickled her.

She was in the agony ecstacy of being really tickled. She could feel that straddling Harry's legs as she writhed and twisted pretending to try and escape being tickled so much Harry's knee was pushing her knickers further up between her now quite wet pussy lips and that she was liking it a lot. 

Ron looked over her shoulder seeing her sitting on Harry's legs. He winked to his mate befor reaching down to her lower ribs and tickling her harder, the tickling made her laugh and jump forward to get away from him landing on his thigh. She was wriggling on Harry's legs a bit more than she had too, the tickling giving her a reason to wriggle and move against him without the boys realising that she was doing it much more than she needed to. Harry had been waiting for this and as she jumped he pushed his legs under her so that when she landed it was on the base of his dick straddling his hips. Before she could do anything they both tickled her for a minute until she was gasping, more dizzy than ever as she fell forwards resting on Harry's chest panting and out of breath and still squatting over his hips feeling the hardness of his thing pressing against her. Harry looked up to Ron and gave him a slow wink. He slowly moved his dick up and then down again while she was still dizzy and out of breath. 

Hermione was coming to from her tickling and dizzy spell and took a moment to realise that she was still squatting over Harry as he moved against her. She felt the most exquisite feeling as he rubbed against her sliding her knotted knickers up her wet crotch and just couldn´t help but let out a mmmmm. Ron moved until he was sitting next to them and put his arm around her waist. She was reganing reason and it was telling her that she felt fantastic, tickling had all ways given her a tingle and made her feel sexy. Today she had already been really turned on by seeing horse cock and Ron and Harry's tents!! She had been tickled until she was gasping and all the sly feels, the accidental touches, her knickers pushing between her legs had made her feel sexier than ever before and now she was squatting over Harry, her skirt was covering them but it was obvious to her where she was sitting. She pretended to slowly recover, laying on Harry panting as she got her breath back and acting like she was still out of it.

Ron stroked her back "You ok Hermione?" She mumbled breathing fast and pretending to still recovering when she felt Harry slide up and down between her legs again as if getting comfortable. She quietly gasped, she had her head on Harry's shoulder so they couldn't see her face. She knew that she could only pretend for so long before giving the game away when she had an idea and pretended to fall asleep where she was. 

Harry noticed that she appeared to be acting as if she was asleep. He looked to Ron, "She's fallen asleep, she must be exausted with all the tickling" He whispered and winked, "not surprising with the hours of study she puts in. It's better not to wake her up, let her sleep for a while, she does't weigh much so it's no problem for me" He lay back with her "sleeping!" He reached to Ron "can you pass me a pumpkin pasty.?"

Hermione lay on Harry's chest still squatting over him feeling his hard thing pressing against her. Every now and then he would move a bit pretending to make himself comfortable and she would feel him pressing up against her muff rubbing her knotted knickers against her making her sigh in her "sleep."

Harry turned to Ron and whispered, "She's well gone, sleeping like a baby." Ron turned back and said in a low voice. "It's all right to talk if she's snoozing, just try not to wake her up." Harry replied. "You're right Ron Firenze has got a massive cock."
Harry raising his eyebrows and looked down at her. "I wonder how big it is when he has a boner, probably fucking huge."
Hermone couldn't help herself and wriggled a bit pretending to get comfy in her sleep and almost groaning as she felt the knot in her knickers press against her little clitty. She was so shocked at what they were saying, it was soooo rude but she wondered how big Firenze would be hard as well. She was getting so excited, the feeling of Harry pressing against her making her almost tremble. Harry looked at Ron and mouthed "watch this." He put his arms around her and began to rock her like a baby. "I don't know Ron, maybe a giantess could take a horse cock but a girl, I don't think so, can you imagine Hermione fitting Firenze inside her.!!"
Hermione shivered as felt him rocking her against his thing, she felt so hot but felt so safe with her friends, even the touching and sly feeling her up was ok when she was with her best friends in the world but talking about Firenze doing her had her almost gasping. 
Her hormones had kicked in late when she was 14 but when they had it had been a jolt to see the world in a different way, boys in a different way and now she felt sexy almost all the time. Her mind kept jumping back to Firenze's horse cock and she couldn't hold in a small moan as he moved her a bit higher and she could feel his hard thing pressing her knickers up further, sliding them against her pussy. 
Ron looked at Hermione and winked at Harry, "I wonder what it's like to, you know, do it with a girl."
Harry continued to give Hermione a slow rocking as he replied, "Seamus said he did it over the summer with a girl who was on holiday in his town, said it was magic, when he touched her pussy he said it got all warm and slippy like Hermione´s is and when he put his dick up her she started to get all exited, pushed him onto his back on the bed and climbed on top of him."
Ron gasped "What!!!"
Harry continued, "Said she did it until he came, said she moaned and asked him to do her hard and, you know shoot it up inside her."
Ron gasped again, "What!! shoot the cum up her?? up her hole??"
She was shocked but she felt so good with herself pressed against his hard thing, trying not to tremble as the feelings grew.
He kept rocking her slowly and gently moving her over his dick just enough so that if she awoke and caught him he could get away with saying that he hadn't realised that he was rubbing her "there" 

Harry still pretended that he thought that she was really asleep. He winked to Ron and carried on the conversation, "He said it was magic, said she was all wet and slippy when she got excited." Ron gasped out "Really, when we tickled Hermione and her skirt came up her knickers pulled to one side, her thingy looked shiny, I wonder if she got all excited when we tickled her?"
Hermione was in heaven, she could feel Harry rocking her back and forwards like she was a little girl on his knee but it wasn't his knee he was rubbing against her now and listening to them talk!!! she knew that her panties were soaked. 
Ron looked at the tent in his pants, he stroked and wanked his dick through his pants making Harry grin like a loon. He whispered to Ron "She's straddling my cock." Ron's eyes opened as he realised that Hermione was right on his mates dick. He hadn't realised because her skirt was spread out and as she sat on him it covered them from Harry's knees to his chest. Harry whispered again "Have a look but be carefull,"
Hermione was in a quandry, if she "awoke" they would know she was pretending and if she stayed "asleep" Ron would look under her skirt and see her pressed against Harry's thing.
Ron moved until he was behind hermione and slowly lifted the back of her skirt until he could see her knickers and how she was squatting over him. He came back and whispered "Fuck!!! Harry your dick is pushing her knickers right up her crack and she looks all wet." She almost gasped at his rudeness and at the thrill that ran through her as she felt him lifting her skirt to look under and see her "there"
Harry raised his eyebrow and nodded. He was already rocking against her and just moved a bit and began to rock her up and down a bit harder.

Harry carried on rubbing against her muff. She was still pretending to be asleep, her breathing was speeding up and she was a bit restless moving against him. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her higher and closer to him, the fat shaft of his dick pressing harder against her pussy, his pants and her knickers being the only reason he wasn't inside her. He speeded up a bit until she was groaning and almost panting in her pretend sleep.

Hermone's felt the feeling blossom from between her legs and her eyes flew open as she felt the thrill happening, she couldn't help herself and began to grind against him. Harry reached down and put his hands on her ass and pressed her against him as he rubbed the shaft of his cock against her knickers faster rubbing them up and against her very wet lips. 

He had felt her pressing back in her "sleep" but now she put her weight on her pussy moaning, grinding it against him as her very first real orgasm took her. Harry pushed the shaft of his dick hard up between her legs, she was riding him grinding her hips back and forth his pants covered dick pushing her knickers further up between her wet lips, this was no girlish "thrill" it was the real thing, "Oh God....Oh God.......Oh God!!!" she gasped out, she was starting to come, really come for the first time in her life!!.
Harry pulled Ron's hand to her tits. "feel her tits, she's getting the cum, make her come more, make it better for her." he said. 
Ron knelt behind her and reached down and began massaging her tits and stroking her hard nipples through her blouse. 

She felt hands on her tits and her world exploded. With one hand she gripped Ron's hand tight agaist her tit squeezing his hand closed over it as she felt the feeling burning and consuming her, her pussy flooding and her moans loud as she rode Harry like a Kentucky derby winner. "Oh God....Oh God.......Oh God!!!" She groaned out feeling him grinding her knickers up between her pussy lips and sliding the knot in them against her opening and her clit. She was deep into her first real orgasm and the most amazing feeling of her life, she was groaning and panting out loud as she rode him.

She came down to realise where she was and that she was still slowly grinding against him. She jumped up and blushed crimson feeling how wet her knickers were and when she saw the large wet patch on Harry's leg and crotch she almost died of shame. 

Harry and Ron still sat on the blankets looking up at her. She was flushed from head to toe and could see that they both had large erections pushing up the fronts of their trousers into large tents. She didn't know what to do, she had just enjoyed the most amazing feeling of her life not only in front of her best friends but grinding against one as the other felt her tits and stroked her nipples.

Harry could see her beginning to look around in panic "Hermione, it's ok," he said to her. Ron chirped up "You're still my best friend just like Harry is." It was enough to calm her down a bit. Harry repeated Ron's words "It's ok, Hermione, it was just a cum, we all do it, sit down with us, you're still our best friend."

Her head was down and her cheeks bright red. They both stood up and put their arms around her and hugged her until she calmed down enough to relax a bit. Harry sat back down and poured her some juice and pulled some sandwitches out of one of the hampers Dobby had provided. He patted the blanket between him and Ron, "Have some juice and a sandwitch." She smilled shyly and sat down between them. 

They ate in silence for a few minutes Hermione casting shy glances at her friends. Harry looked at her and turned her face to his. "Hermione, you are our best friend, and friends can be themselves in front of each other and nothing you do will make us stop liking you." 

She bit her lip and nodded still blushing. He continued, "It was only last night that I had to tell Ron to put up a silencing charm so that I wouldn't have to listen to him wanking."
She looked at him eyes wide and her mouth open in shock. "Harry!!!" she exclamed but Ron saw her glancing at his flagpole. He blushed red but mumbled out "We all do it."
Harry spoke up "I do, lots...."  
She was looking back and forward between the two of them her mind on them "doing it." 

Hermione was in a dreamworld, her two best friends talking about playing with themselves after helping her to the most amazing sexual experience of her life and making her feel good about it and it didn't seem to have stopped yet she still felt so excited listening to them.

They looked at each other behind her, Harry winked at his mate.
He looked at her and dropped his eyes, "What's it like, you know for a girl." He looked away pretending to be shy and held his breath to make himself blush. "Do girls do it as well? you know touching....down there" he asked making her blush again as he looked at the front of her skirt and at her still erect nipples that just seemed to get bigger each time he looked at them. "The Dursleys never.......never told me anything" he said dropping his head.
Hermione came into help Harry mode "You mean that you never had the talk." she looked at Ron "You?" He shook his head, "just that it's really bad to do sexy stuff until you're married."
She shook her head, "Can't one of the teachers do it.?"
Harry looked at her like she was mad. "Snape or Pomphry" he said making her gasp out.

Harry looked at her, "Hermione, is it ok if we speak like Ron and I do when we're in bed in the dorms, you won't laugh if we don't know stuff about?" She saw glance at her skirt and legs. "You know girls and stuff and the proper words." She blinked and replied "I would never laugh at you two!!"
He smilled "So it's ok to speak like we do in the dorms?"
She nodded slowly feeling a thrill at realising that they would now talk in the same manner as when they thought she was asleep.
Ron leant forward and for the first time in his life stopped eating when he was surrounded with delicious food. "What you did, did it feel nice, it looked really good......?" Harry jumped in "You rubbed your thingy against my cock until you had a cum....what did it feel like? Like Ron said, did it feel good?"

She blushed scarlet and nodded speaking in a low voice head down replied. "Harry, It's a called a penis and, she bit her lip, "yes rubbing it felt really good."

She took a deep breath and tried to ignore the itch up between her legs. Ron looked at her skirt, "What was it like to have a cum?"
She looked down "The thrill is called an orgasm " Ron chirped up, "When we have one have the cum as you called it comes out of the end is it gooie when you have the come?" 

She bit her lip to stop herself gasping and said " was amazing" blushing. She continued hiding behind her lecture mode. She couldn't help but glance at the tents in  pants and was sure they were bigger than before. She was melting talking about orgasms and cum with both boys had her foaming at the gash.

Harry looked down at the wet patch on his trousers. "When we do it, you know the thrill all the cum squirts out the end, when girls do it does it squirt out too?" He looked at his pants and touched the wet patch noting how slippy it was, "It's all slippy and sticky at the same time."

She was almost rigid with shame blushing like a traffic light, "Harry!!!" she groaned out. Harry looked at her legs and at his wet pants rubbing his finger and thumb together noting how slippy it was. When Ron reached over Hermione blushed crimson as she wached him stroke his fingers through the patch of fanny batter on the front of Harry's leg she blushed even more if it was possible as Harry lifted his also sticky hand and made strings between his fingers. 
She waved her wand and dried his pants. "That's better!!!" she said. Harry looked at her legs and then up to her face. "Hermione, Don't you want to do yourself yourself, you must be all ....your pants feel all.....slippy ....sticky?." 

She blushed again, she was so embarressed but this was so sexy, talking like this with Harry and Ron after coming all over Harry's leg and crotch, thinking about how good she had felt with his leg and then his hard thing pressed up between her legs, pushing her knickers between her pussy lips and rubbing her to orgasm as Ron had- felt her tits. He was right she was soaked, she blushed again and nodded as she passed her wand over her skirt. Harry asked if she felt better now and she nodded blushing crimson and head down.

Ron decided to contribute, "Is it always slippy like that when you do it, you know, get the orgisd...the orgyis?"

"Orgasm Ron it's called an orgasm!" she said trying to hide behind her lecture mode again. Ron looked at her, raised his his hand her fanny batter still coating his finger tips, opening his fingers strings of her juice between them raising his eyebrows in question. "It's magic, why is it all slippy and creamy."

She had to answer him, face down and still blushing she told them "It's lubrication so that the man can put his thing, his penis inside the woman's vagina."
Harry jumped in, "So when you feel sexy and want to do get's all slippy." he rubbed his fingers together again making strings with her pussy purè, "so you feel all sexy now? do you want to do it?"
She blanched, "Harry!! I do not feel sexy and want to do it!!! sometimes it just happens to a girl!!" her thoughts raced as she imagined what his thing really looked like.
He smilled "Like when you see sexy things?" He winked at her "Like Firenze´s massive knob!!?" She blushed again "Harry!!!"
Ron chipped in "we get hard all the time, just thinking about girls make us get a boner and looking at you is making me harder than ever!!" She glanced down at his flagpole, looking back up to see both of them had noticed her looking down at his crotch.

Ron looked at the large bulge sticking up making a tent in his pants, "How can a bloke put it in even if it all slippy?" he looked at his dick and at Harry's before looking at her face in question.

She blushed again glancing down at the bulge in his trousers "The woman's vagina will stretch so that the man can.........put it in her." she was crimson, partly because she was soaking her knickers again, she felt so hot thinking about fitting one of their things inside her, her little pussy beginning to ache even more with the need to touch herself or better feel a hard thing in her hand. She had come in front of both of them, they had watched her cum all over Harry and they had run their fingers over the big wet patch she had left on his leg knowing it was her fanny batter. She wanted to see their things, thier big fat things, she had felt Harry pressing against her so so hard, rubbing and then sliding against his slippy pants, she was almost panting thinking about it.

Harry gasped out "How much, I mean how far in does the man put it?, just the tip?"
Hermione looked shyly at them, she could read them like books and could see them thinking about her, she was getting so hot talking like this and being able to do so because the was basically giving them the 'talk'. She moved a bit so that she was, in girly fashion sitting with her foot under her, her heel pushing between her legs and pressing against her wet pussy and her still knotted knickers. She took a deep breath to calm herself and looked up at them. "No Harry, normally the man puts it in all the way." she said in an unsteady voice, she looked at thier flagpoles trying to control the feeling between her legs.

The boys both looked down at the bulges in their pants and gasped out together, No way," She glanced back towards the two big things in front of her, Ron  "So that's why it gets all slippy, but all the way in?" Ron was himself "No way, you're too little to fit a big one all the way inside you!!".She saw him looking at her skirt while sliding his fingers together, her clear fanny batter still wet on his hand  and obviously thinking about doing it....putting his thing,,,,," She felt a rush of feeling light up between her legs,  Harry jumped in "Ron's right, you couldn't fit one all the way even if you where all slippy?" Her breathing was getting faster and her pussy wetter. She recognized the feeling from when she rode Harry's leg and it was getting stronger as she heard herself talking to both of them about how to get a big thing inside her! and she was loving it!!!!

She was blushing like a traffic light, she was almost groaning as they stared at her skirt obviously imagining how they could get their big dicks inside her small pussy was making her tremble all over as she wondered herself if she could take one up her tight little muff.
Ron carried on in his usual manner, "When we tickled you your skirt came up and we could see your thingy all shiny and slippy, your knickers all twisted and pulled to the side." 
"Ron!!!!." she exclamed head down.
He, being Ron took no notice of what she was saying and continued. "Even with the slippy stuff it looked far too small to know," he looked at his and at Harry's cocks that where sticking up pushing  pants up like tents. "a whole big one all the way inside your tiny thingy. no way!!!"

She was soaked again, the talk of  big cocks inside her making her feel soo hot, She carried on in lecture mode trying not to wriggle, the itch between her legs making her feel so wanton she just wanted to touch her self. "The woman's vagina, that's were the man's penis goes, can stretch quite a lot to admitt......" she stopped found herself gazing at thier bulges. "even a very large penis...." Both Harry and Ron saw her tremble and blush a bit. 
They both knew she wasn't cold and knew that the talk of sex was exciting her again her nipples sticking out like a couple of cherry stones.. She saw Harry looking at her nipples and she looked down and blushed. Harry put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him until she was resting against him. "It's ok and normal to feel sexy, both Ron and I have erections and you felt all sexy when you had your......orgasm thing...."

She looked down averting her eyes to find herself staring at the bulges in thier pants. Harry looked at her as she stared at his and Ron's dicks. "Are you feeling sexy again?" He asked her "I can see you nipple things all sticky out and you keep looking at out boners!!"
She blushed and looked up looking guilty as she felt it building up again. He pressed his hand against his dick, "Talking know, sexy stuff makes me feel as hard as rock and thinking about you doing your thri......orgasm thing makes me feel really sexy." Ron chirped up in his usual manner "Me too, my pens feels like it might burst it's so hard !!" 
Hermione was feeling so horny, she was soaked, both of them had large tents in the pants and just thinking about them 'doing' her had her foaming at the gash. The boys looked at each other and nodded. "Hermione do you mind if we go into bushes for a while know?" , we'll be back soon." Ron said blushing, "we can go one at a time so you won't be on your own."

Hermione had never felt so sexy in her life, she had to shake her head to clear it, her friends wanted to go into the bushes and do with themselves.....squirt it all out....all the semen, and it was all because of her!!!!, they would be thinking of her as they did it. She was trembling and blushing enough for the boys to notice from a mile away.

Harry put his arm around his shoulder and asked her if she was all right, "We won´t be too long, will you be ok waiting here?"
She straighened up took a deep breath. "I don't want you going out of this glade getting cold and there are dangerous creatures out there, this isn't called the Forbidden Forest for nothing. I can look away if you want, " 

Harry smiled at Ron and squeezed her shoulder. "Hermione, your the best girl in the world."
She got up and moved a couple of yards away and turned her back to them. "Is that far enough away?" She choked out almost gasping she felt so hot, trembling a bit as she tried to control herself, she had come not so long ago and was feeling so horny, thinking, no!, knowing! that they were imagining doing things with her, sexy things as they stroked their fat thingies." she trembled at the thought of them doing "it" behind her, only feet away

Ron said that it was ok but joked that she might need to put her fingers in her ears. She said that she would be ok and felt her pussy soak as she heard zippers opening. She sat listening as they pulled out dicks and started to wank. "Oh Merlin," said Ron. Harry answered back, "Oh Jesus, My cock's never felt so hard."
Ron looked at him "Me too, but I was right mate, your dick is almost as big as Firenze's"

They looked over to Hermione sitting with her back to them, "You ok Hermione, is it alright us speaking like this?" She squeaked out that yes it was ok. Harry carried on "I wonder if a girl could take Firenze's cock, all of it? Hermione said that her vargini could stretch to take a big cock"
Ron groaned out "I bet a horse cock would split her in half but wonder if she could take yours, you know, all the way up her" 
Harry thought for a moment looking down at his stiff dick "If she was all slippy, maybe my bell end might fit up her but I think it would hurt a bit," he looked and knowing that she was listening and said to her back "you know how small your thingy is, it would probably hurt as it went in." both of then stroked thier dicks from bell end to balls "
Hermione was soaked, they where so rude, talking to her about a horse cock and then if she could take Harry's was making her pussy throb with desire, but thinking of one of them doing it to her........she had come not long ago, she had really blown her mind coming, grinding her muff against Harry´s leg and felt ready again her pussy tingling and aching. She was sitting with her legs crossed and was slyly stroking her muff imagining them doing her, about a fat thing pressing against her little pussy!! A horse cock!!!!!!! She was soaked, Harry's, Ron's, each image that came into her mind involved her pussy and a massive cock....

They saw her trembling realising that she was playing with herself and nodded to each other "Oh Merlin, Ron I'm going to shoot my load, Oh shit, thinking know....putting it in Hermione is making me so hard."  he said wanking faster.
Hermione was sitting cross legged with her hands in her lap trying not to let them see her touch herself, She slid a hand to her tits hoping that with her back to the boys that they couldn't see what she was doing. She couldn't help herself, hearing Harry talking like that, him saying that thinking about pushing it up her her made him really hard, had her feeling her tits and squeezed one of her nipples really hard, she fell forward with a grunt as she felt her 2nd orgasm of the day take her.  

Harry was pumping his dick. "are you ok over there Hermione, not bothering you us doing this?"

She tried to answer but her voice broke as she gasped out that she was ok with them doing it. 

Ron gasped out to Harry raising his eyebrows "Oh Merlin thinking about when Hermione was sitting across your legs and doing it against you has got me ready to cum,"
Harry followed him "me too, it felt soo good her pressing against me, my dick pressed up between her legs, I almost shot my load all over her!!!"

Hermione couldn't stop the low moan as her hands worked under her skirt stroking her wet knickers and she let out a loud groan when she heard Harry say that he had almost come over her that was heard by the boys. Harry called to her "Are you ok Hermione?" She nodded unable to speak without groaning. Ron continued "Are you all excited like before?" she nodded again "Can you feel it all slippy, Oh shit just thinking about it makes me so hard, thinking about stroking it, feeling the slippy stuff with my fingers" They both heard the low moan as she leant forward again. Ron carried on and blurted out "Hermione are you doing the same as know?"
She merley grunted in reply unable to articulate she was panting so much, "you can watch us if you want to, turn around if you want." listening to them telling her it was all right if she wanted to look, to watch them almost made her come again.

She felt so horny, listening to them talk about her taking Firenze or Harry inside her tight little pussy, Ron saying that he would like to feel her up had her gushing. She wanted to see just what they were talking about and slowly looking over her shoulder began to turn around to face them.

Both boys felt a thrill as she began to turn round. She turned and gasped out loud as she saw them kneeling on the blanket pumping their hands up and down, Ron groaning as he looked at her watching him and Harry "Oh fuck I'm so close to shooting." he said. Neither him or Harry were going to shoot, they had quietly cast the charm to stop them but pretended to be close.

"Slow down Ron" we can enjoy this nice and slowly, "We've got the sexiest girl in Hogwarts here, and we all feel really sexy, and best off all, we've got all day. I want to enjoy a slow wank watching and thinking about our best friend as she gets all slippy and sexy,"

Hermione was watching eyes wide and she felt her nipples stinging after her pinching them so hard and she knew that her pussy was soaked again. Harry saw her state and said to her that she had done the orgasm once in front of them and that she looked ready to burst if she didn't do something soon. 

She saw them both looking at her as they did it, she was soo excited watching both of them stroke a fat cock in front of her, this was beyond her wildest dreams Harry said again "It's ok, you can do it, we saw you have the cum before and it was so sexy, that's why we're so hard, watching know....get all sticky and have the orgasim."

She was too excited to correct him and just moaned her hands moving over her skirt. Ron could see her hands moving over her clothes and groaned loudly as he gave his cock long strokes "Oh Hermione that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, are you all slippy...all you know...lubricated, is it all slippy and creamy?" he looked at her blouse, the front pushed out by her nipples. "You're nipples are all sticky out as well."
Harry thought back to her riding his dick and coating his crotch and leg with her wet stuff and felt his dick twitch, "Are you all excited? is it like last time? do you want to do the orgysm?

She nodded slowly feeling so excited, managing to only blush a little with the truth of what they were saying. She felt herself pushing her skirt between her legs against her muff as she watched them "polishing their wands." Harry gave his dick a long stroke as he obvously stared at her stiff nipples. "Is this all right, can we watch and think about you doing the orgasim while we do it?" he gave it another long stroke and bit his bottom lip before saying, "can we think know, think about......doing it with you...."
She could feel her knickers so wet, she groaned as she looked back and nodded as she watched them stroking their hard things as they thought about "doing her!!!", her skirt rucked up showing her legs to mid thigh. She saw Harry looking between her legs as he licked his lips, "Oh Hermione, thinking about when you did it against my cock is making me so hard, my cock feels like it's made out of iron...." 
She was stitting on the blanket on her knees the way only girls can do, her hands slowly sliding up her skirt as she slowly felt her muff. She thought about her hand on his dick when they were tickling each other and just how hard it had felt. 
Ron looked at her tits, "I like the feel of your tits, soft and squeezy with hard pointy nipples sticking out in front."
She was playing with her muff in front of her best friends, she felt safe and comfortable if still really shy but sooooo hot listening to them saying such rude things.
Ron continued, "I like your tits Hermione....can we see them? Please?" She wanted to strip naked and finger herself until she came and came, she felt so hot. She reached up blushing a bit and started to unbutton her blouse with one hand continuing to stroke her muff with the other before stopping and suddenly and looking around in case some one could see them, imagining for a moment that Firenze was out there watching her and how big his thing would have been. "What if someone comes?" she said looking nerviously around. 

Harry looked to Ron raising his eyebrows in question, "errrrr....." said Ron. Harry had a brain wave which in its self was a miracle seeing as most of his blood was in his dick. "Dobby" Harry called to see the eager elf appear in front of them. "-----"

Harry asked Dobby if they were safe from being watched or distirbed by anyone (or thing). The mad elf told Harry that the charm whould now keep out everything and that if they wanted anything to call for him before popping off.

Harry looked at Hermione who looked at Ron. They all burst out laughing. The boys still had their big things out and her skirt was half way up her legs and Dobby had acted like they were having tea. The laughter ran down with the acasional giggle when they thought about the mad but very usefull elf. Ron and Harry both looked at her and started to slowly stroke their fat things again, "Hermione, are you still feeling sexy? She blushed and dropped her face nodding and put one of her hands to her blouse, looking at their dicks she continued to open the buttons of her blouse. Ron gasped, "Oh yes, Hermione show us your loverly tits." 
She opened her blouse button my buttom letting them see her white and thin (she didn't need much support) bra as she opened her blouse. Ron looked closed "Wow, Harry look, her tits are magic, and look!!" He pointed to her baps with her nipples pushing two points out of the front. " Her nipples are sticking right out!" She felt so close to coming, she didn't want to come too soon, as Harry had said, they had all day.

Ron looked at her bra and licked his lips making a mmmmmming sound. 

She suprised herself by letting her blouse fall from her shoulders and taking it off. Ron groaned theatrically making both Harry and Hermione laugh. Harry undid his tie and pulled it off, he upbuttoned his shirt and pulled took it off as well. "It's only fair, you look off your blouse so I took off my shirt. He was staring at her tits, "Can we.....errr you know......can we touch......?"

Hermione was having a hard time trying to control her orgasm, she wanted to make it last and at the moment she felt so close it was fantastic hovering so close to coming. She blushed and nodded shyly. Both Ron and Harry reached forward to find that she was too far away. She saw thier hands getting closer to her eager baps. She was too far away for them to reach her, she felt like a slut as she scooted forward so that they could feel her up. She realised that in her need to be touched she had scooted closer to them, their knees between her open legs, kneeling in a triangle and in front of her close enough to touch were two bit fat things, big and hard. She gasped out loud as Harry touched one of her nipples, his other hand stroking his dick that was pointing at her face. Ron was following his mate and she grunted as her took one of her nipples and began rolling it between his finger and thumb. She was breathing faster watching them stroke themselves and feeling her nipples being pinched a bit had her hands between her legs, pressing her skirt up her muff.
"Do you like it when we play with your nipples?" Harry said watching her face as they played with her tits. She gasped "Feels amazing, don't stop, just keep doing it but not too hard." She reached behind herself and undid her bra letting it slide down her arms and giving the boys and brilliant view of her young tits. They both carried on stroking and feeling her but now skin to skin. She pressed her skirt up her muff rubbing her slippy knickers against her lips and her clit, she wanted more and when Harry jumped in, "Hermione, we could see your knickers the other time, please can we see again? you make us feel so sexy."

She was starting to pant as she watched them wanking, Ron's cock like Firenze's long and thick but Harry had one the same size but fatter with a fat purple glans. "Please Hermione can we see." Ron begged pumping his cock at her.

She felt the beginning of her orgasm starting and slowed down feeling herself, she wanted it to last. Watching them both pumping fat cocks while watching her play with herself was pushing her over and the hands on her baps felt incredible, she couldn't believe just how excited and wet she was as she stroked her pussy through her knickers. She pushed her hand between her open legs and pulled her skirt up wanting to enjoy watching them play with themselves while they stroked her tits, pinching and fondling her baps while looking at her up there.

Ron looked at her hands pulling up her skirt, she began to raise it up as she stroked her thighs. She pulled it up until her knickers were on full view Ron couldn't help himself, "Merlin Hermione, your knickers are soaked!!!" She looked down to see her knickers were really soaked with her fanny batter. 
She gasped and pulled her skirt down blushing but before she could do anything else Harry jumped in, "Hermione, your knickers are really, really slippy, doe's that mean that you feel really, really sexy, all ready know, can you show us how sexy you feel? please my cock is so hard it hurts!!!" He reached back to her and stroked her tit, "You have fantastic tits Hermione, just right with nice big nipples and we want to play with them. Ron was staring at her skirt "Hermione, can we play with you more and make you even more slippy?"

She gasped with the feeling running through her and held her breath as she watched their hands come closer, "Hermione, you're so sexy," Ron said as his finger came in contact with her nipple making her gasp out "Oh God, Oh God..."

"Do you like it when we touch you, does it feel good when we feel you tits." Harry asked. Ron continued "Is it good when we pinch your nipples,?"

She nodded blushing and biting her bottom lip, she was foaming at the gash and needed to touch herself, she started to lift up her skirt again. Both Harry and Ron had  mouths open as they saw her knickers again and saw just how wet they were. Harry gasped out "Oh Merlin Hermione your pants are soaked with the slippy stuff, is watching us wank while we feel your tits making you all excited, even more slippy?"

She just groaned, she felt so hot watching them stroke their dicks in front of her and saying those things as they felt her baps.

Ron said out loud "Oh shit, fuck it looks so good, Hermione are you going to do the orgasm for us, show us your thingy and show us how you cum"

Harry looked wide eyed at her "Do it slow, let us see you as you play with yourself." They had cast the potency charm on themselves wanting to hose her with cum, but not yet, they wanted her to be begging for it. They slowed down wanking wanting to enjoy watching her touching her muff and moaning.

She moaned with desire,she was sooo close and wanted to wait for the boys, she wanted to come as they did. She opened her knees wider, her eyes fixed on them slowly stroking their so big and hard cocks,  Watching them was doing things to her that she never believed possible and the waves of passion made her feel wanton and bold, she stroked her fingers up her thighs until she reached her knickers. She saw both of them staring between her legs and could feel that her knickers were soaked, she stroked until she reached her clitty through her knickers and moved her finger in small circles, "Like this?" she gasped out.

"Fuck Harry, she's doing it for us, Oh Hermione you're so sexy, my cock's never felt so hard, Oh Merlin, Oh Merlin!!" Ron blurted out gripping his cock and starting to wank faster. Harry continued for Ron "Oh shit it's so good, Hermione can we see it, can we see your thingy?"

She was already too far on the way, she felt soo hot, she couldn't help herself, she slowly pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side and started to feel her pussy lips, stroking up and down the wetness, her pussy gushing as she moaned out in her passion.

Harry and Ron where kneeling in front of her, "Look how wet she is, Oh Merlin, the slippy stuff is coming out!!" Ron said. "It's all wet and I can see your vargini, it looks too small for a cock to go in but I'm almost cuming it looks so good!!!" he managed to blurt out.

Watching Harry and Ron kneeling in front of her frantically wanking as she showed them her pussy and letting them see her stroking it was the most exciting feeling of her life, she stroked her fingers between her legs and then reached with both hands and spread her lips wide open for them letting them see her core, her opening. Harry and Ron both gasped "Merlin, we can see you little hole. "Oh Jesus, Oh God..." she gasped out feeling so sexy feeling the need to let them see her. She scooted back a bit and pulled her knickers off before scooting back, her skirt covering her nakedness. 

Ron and Harry had been kneeling back on their heels next to each other, knees open and as Hermione scooted back they scooted forwards a bit more and it left them with Harry's left leg and Ron's right leg between her knees.

Hermione was only wearing a skirt and socks, they had pulled her shoes off before tickling her. Ron looked at her and then at Harry "Harry, Hermione is only wearing as skirt, we've still got all out clothes on, it's not fair to her." He stood and quickly pulled his shirt off over his head and almost jumped out of his pants and shoes closely followed by Harry.

Hermione was in heaven, she had spent a lot of time studying sex and relationships, this blew her away, she had come riding Harry as Ron helped and felt her breasts as she had been coming and now she was going to play with herself, she wanted them to see her doing it!!!! The idea of them watching her come made her foam at the muff.

They sat back down again even closer to her than last time leaving them leg to leg their knees between hers half way up her thighs, each time they moved their legs rubbed against the insides of her thighs, the contact electric in its intensity

Ron gasped out as she stroked her hands up her thighs and pulled her skirt up, she lifted it about an inch and stopped, she looked up at them and then back down to her skirt, she pulled it up another inch. "Hermione, show us, we're both so hard."

Hermione like most girls of her age had "issues" she thought that, her breasts were too small, her arse to big, teeth, hair...........and the boys made her feel like a sex goddess, she was so hot and knowing that she was making her two best friends feel so sexy, all they had done to her was feel her breasts and talk dirty had her gasping. (that is if we forget her riding him like she was being chased by devils until she gushed over his leg and crotch.) She stared at their dick, watching their hands stroking and slowly wanking, wanking over her!!!

She slowly raised her skirt bit by bit until they could see her hairless muff the lips swollen and open. "Oh Hermione, we can see it, we can see your vargini, is the little hole were the cock goes?" Ron asked.
She couldn't speak but nodded and bit her bottom lip hard. 
He carried on "It looks too small for a cock but I'm thinking about doing it to you as I wank, you know, my dick up you,!!" he was gasping close to coming.
"Me too Hermione," moaned out Harry, he was at the point of cuming and didn't care what he was saying "you look too small for my cock but I want to do it up you anyway, do you think you could take my cock?, feel me cum up your vargini, do it up you!!"

She was panting out "Oh God...Oh God!!!!!!". She could see just how big they where and how excited she made them. They both stared at her pussy, smooth and hairless due to her age and shaving charms.
She was loving listening to them talking dirty as they watched her fingering herself, so rude saying they wanted to do her, squirt their cream inside her. She spread her self wide open. Harry was staring at her open lips, she was pulling her pussy open as wide as she could, her fingers slipping on her wet muff lips.  "It's so wet and slippy looking" Ron gasped out "and shiny with her juice." Harry looked at her "I want to feel her pussy, finger her little hole."

Both of the boys unconsciously leant forwards reaching for her muff, she was just holding her pussy open and as they got closer and closer. Her whole body was trembling, holding back her orgasm. Ron reached her open pussy and ran a finger from bottom to top making her gasp and moan being unable to speak she was so close, "The slippy stuff is coming out of the hole, is that to make it easier to get a big cock up you." She grunted listening to them, Ron chirped up again, "To get mine or Harry's up you, you're going to need a lot more slippy stuff.

She felt herself starting to come, she knew that she would need a lot of her fanny batter to fit one of their things inside her and it pushed her to the edge. She was starting to orgasm, she could see how her moans and her groans as she fingered her muff began to bring them off. Harry was staring at her soaked minge starting to turn a bit red as her began to come "Hermione, I'm going to do the cum, do the orgasim for us!!"

She gasped out "Yes, yes. you too, show me, come too!!!............tell me!!" her eyes glued to their cocks as she stroked herself running her fingers back and forward between her soaked lips panting softly.

Harry was mesmerised by her pussy "Oh shit, Hermione I can't stop, thinking about doing it to you, my cock end up you, up your vargini, it´s making me cum, I'm going to shoot my cum, stroke it more, do the orgsim!!" 
She cried out to them, she was so hot she lay back her knees wide and her fingers spreading her lips even wider, "Yes, come for me, show me the cream, spuirt for me!!"
Ron groaned and gasped out, "Yes!! watch me cum......thinking about doing you, squirting my cum up inside you!!!!.." 
She was gasping "Oh Jesus, yes come!!!"
Harry gasped out "I wonder what it would feel like to push it inside you, my cock pumping my cum up you!!" Harry gasped out as he started to shoot.
Her eyes rolled up in ecstasy "Oh God, tell me more!!!"
Ron glanced to Harry eyebrows raised and gasped out to Hermione "I want to feel my cock cuming inside you, giving you my creamy spunk!!!"
She was panting as her fingers strummed her muff. "Oh Jesus, Yes, Oh God..... .too good..!!"
Harry gasped out "Hermione, I want to fuck you, fuck you deep, deep and fast, really fuck you!!"

She groaned loudly, she was in a world of sex, her mind on what it would be like to feel them shagging her and then squirting their spunk up inside her was making her pant like a dog as she saw the first jets of cum squirting out of the fat dicks in front of her. "Oh God, Oh God..........." She gasped out, she was on a roll, she was coming, grinding her hands against her muff. Harry rubbing her up between her legs had been fantastic but this was on another level as she saw both of them looking at her pussy as they began to shoot telling her how the wanted to do her, squirt it up her, pump the cream inside her.
She pulled her pussy open giving them a perfect view of her open lips and the juice running from her hole, her legs soaked half way down her thighs, the boys coming, spunk shooting everywhere had her gasping and stroking her wet slit and when a long rope of Ron's spunk landed on her legs she moaned out "More, do it on me more!!!" and pushed a finger up inside her hole. 
Ron gasped out again seeing her pussy sucking her finger and gasped out "Look at her finger up her, no way you could you get a cock all the way up her," Harry hit her next with a big blob on her tits gasping out "I want to fuck you Hermione, fuck you full!!"
Ron aimed at her and hit her right between her legs, his jiz landing on her busy hands and running down onto her wet quim. 
She grunted loudly and fell back moaning as her knees lifted up and her legs fell wide open, her pussy exposed, "Oh Jesus yess....." she gasped out pulling her lips open to them as she pushed a finger up each side of her wet hole and pulled it open, they could see up her a bit, it was all pinky.
Ron gasped "I can see up her vargani, I can see were the cock goes."
Harry gasped out "Oh fuck, it looks so good I wish my cock was up her" 
She was moaning loudly and trembling as she frigged herself off, the feeling of cum on her pussy and them both saying that they wanted to push their fat things inside her and cum up her. 

Both Harry and Ron seeing how excited it made her and when some of their come landed on her slit they aimed and got closer until their dicks were only inches from her pussy . When they had been wanking with Hermione tuned away from them they had cast the potency charm on each other so that they would come loads. "Come on Ron, lets cover her in spunk!!" Harry grunted out as they splattered her muff with cum. She fell back onto one of the cushons moaning out "Oh Jesus, Oh shit, don't stop, never stop!!!!" as she felt the coolness of their cum against her belly, pussy and legs. Harry moaned out "Try to get it up her, shoot up her vargina." 
She spread herself open and started moaning loudly and and cried out gasping as she felt some of it go up inside her. She was stretching her hole wider panting and groaning "More, do it again......Ohhhhhh.....", while she was rubbing herself and spreading their spunk all over her pussy, fingering herself with an abandon that startled them as they fired rope after rope of creamy spunk all over her fanny. "Oh God....Oh God........" she repeated like a mantra as she jammed two fingers up each side of her eager hole spreading it open and let them squirt up her.
The boys, both under the effects of the potency charm fired fat ropes of cum at her, Ron had a red face and was spunking all over her legs and pussy, he got closer until he was almost touching her muff, his next dollop of cum went straight up her hole makind her cry out in passion, "Let me feel it, do it more!!!!" She pulled the entrance of her vagina open until she was hurting but didn't care, she just wanted more of this "Oh God, Oh God, it's too good, do it more, come on me more, come over me" she cried out as they painted her fanny with cum. Ron already had his dick almost touching her pussy and leaned closed until his bell pushed against the entrance to her vagina, her fingers on each side stopping him from touching her between her lips. 
She felt him jerk and fire his cum straight up her vagina and cried out head back. Ron pulled away and Harry took his place, leaning in so he could reach her, he pressed his dick between her lips and as she felt his thing touch her fingers she pulled them away letting his fat thing press against her opening, she felt his come pushing up her and due to the charm, lots of cum and screamed out in passion as she felt it all the way up her. Harry pulled Ron back and watched as she spread her lips until he was pressed against her opening and then pulled her fingers away so that he could so the same as Harry. He felt his dick against her opening "Shit, I'm going to shoot up Hermione." She groaned out a rising note getting louder as her pressed against her and fired a fat load up her "Hermione, can you feel my cum? She was almost unconscious as the swapped back and forward filling her with cum, she was moaning "Yes.......soooo gooood, Oh God.....Jesus...."  Both Harry and Ron grunting and she was moaning as they coated her with spunk until they all began to wind down.

They all ran down, panting and still moaning they fell down together Hermione on her back with Harry and Ron on each side of her. They lay until they got their breath back. Hermione had spunk all over her legs and muff, her skirt was still up around her waist and her legs wide open exposing her very pink and swollen pussy with spunk running out of it, Ron and Harry with the hard dicks young boys always have even after coming laying next to her, all still panting and trying to get their breath back. They lay for some minutes until they could think again. They put their arms around her and both kissed her on the cheek. "Hermione, your the best, I've never come so much or shot more cum out." Ron gasped out. Harry continued, "You're so sexy, watching you do it made us cum so hard, I never felt so good, I shot my spunk all over you vargini and even got some up you."

She lay back in the arms of her best friends the aftershocks of her orgasms making her tremble, her pussy soaked with her juices and still full of their creamy come. If felt good, cool and creamy inside her, all the girls knew the contraception spell so she knew that she was safe and just lay back to enjoy the feeling She felt her boys, she was thinking of them that way "her boys", reach down to stroke her legs, sliding their hands up her thighs finding that she was soaked, her thighs and fanny slippy with her fanny batter and all the spunk they had squirted over her and up her, she still felt so sexy she didn't care what they did if it felt this good. She moaned as they slid their hands closer to her muff until they reached her honey pot. She opened her legs wider and groaned as she felt their fingers reach her hot spot.
They stroked her still swollen lips sliding their fingers between them and running the tips of them up and down on the slippy ness. "Hermione are we doing it right? does if make you feel sexy again when we do it like this? does it feel good? do you want us to do it more?"

She moaned, she had just come, a pussy melting orgasm and they where right, she was enjoying it and yes she wanted more. She sighed "You two are the best friends ever, do it more if you want, I like it, it's nice" They both put  hands in the top of her knickers and looked at each other a bit surprised as she raised her bum letting them pull them down. She moaned out "I've never felt this good in my life, do it more if you want." she wriggled her bum moving her muff against their hands. The boys looked at her pussy, it was soaked and so so slippy and as they both reached her muff and touched her lips she groaned opening her legs even further, they could see how red and swollen her fanny was. "Hermione, your thingy's all really red and swollen and it's covered in our spunk and your cream, is it sore? does it hurt if we feel you up?!" Ron asked her. She replied dreamily as they still had their hands between her legs slowly feeling her up "It doesn't hurt when your touch me, it feels really good, just be gentle."

She was floating on a cloud of pleasure, she was almost nude in the Forrest but she was with Harry and Ron and she knew that they would never let anything hurt her and that she could totally relax, She had listened to the older girls talking about boys touching them for ages and wanted to know what it was like, it just seemed right with what she was thinking more of as "her boys" touching and feeling her up.

Harry lay on one side playing with her pussy. Ron on the other reached up and she groaned and reached up to give him better access to her tits. 

They lay together Harry stroking her muff, Ron stroking her tits. Both boys still had fat hardon's, dicks hard and throbbing sticking out. Harry nudged Ron and mouthed to him to put her hand on his dick. Hermione watched with wide eyes as Ron pulled at his his dick, still sticking up and hard. standing up and looking very fat. She let Harry roll her over towards and into Ron's arms and they lifted her until she was laying on top of him, Harry pulled her legs up until she was squatting over him his dick against her the same way that she had been with him earlier. She let out a mmmmmmm. Harry positioned her so that she sat astride the shaft of Ron's cock and cast the spell to stop his mate from coming too quick. Ron followed Harry's example from earlier and began slowly stroking the shaft of his dick against her wet pussy, Harry lifted himself up and looked down between her legs to see her pussy lips pressed against Ron's cock pushing up between them as he began sliding up and down, sliding it against her wet muff.

Hermione felt so good the feeling fantastic, Ron stroking her pussy with his cock. She pressed against him mmmmmmmmm'ing again. Harry asked her "Is that how you like it Hermione, nice and slow, Ron's cock rubbing you?" 
She just mmmmmmmm'd again, feeling it against her, this time he had no pants and she had no knickers on and the feeling of his thing pressing between her lips, sliding, making her gasp.

Harry reached over to them, pulled the back of her skirt up and reached for her pussy, "Hermione, do you want me to spread your pussy lips open so Ron's cock will rub you better?" She lifted up a bit "Mmmmm' yes, let me feel it"
She lifted and her spread her open, he watched as she lowered herself onto Ron's shaft mmm'ing as she felt him hard and deep between her lips pressing against her clit and her opening. Harry began to stroke her naked tits and bum. "Better?" he asked. She moaned back to him, "Perfect, just perfect...."

Ron stroked her with his cock while Harry felt her legs and her ass, moving his hand up until her was touching her tits from behind. "can I" Harry asked her his fingers soo close to her. She groaned and mumbled out "Yes, anything, just don't stop, feels sooo good." 

Harry felt her tits and ass while Ron slid her up and down the length of his cock from balls to bell. "Oh Hermione, you're so slippy, are you going to have the org'sm again?" 

She had her eyes tight closed and groaned out, "Oh God yes, Just don't stop, feels so good."

Ron looked down at her muff, her pussy spread open sliding up and down his dick. "Oh Hermione, you're so wet, I can see the slippy stuff coming out, "

Harry nodded to Ron to speed up a bit. He gave her longer strokes making her moan. Harry pulled her hand towards his dick and was surprised when she gripped it in her hand, stroking it and mmmmmm'ing again. He reached towards her and cupped one of her tits in his hand. "Oh Yessss...." she gasped out.

Ron started to grind against her while Harry felt her tits from behind, reaching behind her holding onto the cheeks of her ass pushing and rocking her against Ron's dick.

She was loving the sensations they were giving her, her whole body felt alive as she felt Harry feeling her legs, ass and her tits as Ron stroked his sooo hard dick against her muff rubbing his thing against her more slippy each time he stroked his dick between her lips, rubbing her so that she felt his fat end touch her entrance and then his balls press against her ass.

She felt it getting better and better as Ron gave her longer strokes each time making her feel his fat knob end pressing against her hole. She began to rock faster against his hard shaft gasping each time she felt his balls against her ass and then his knob end against her opening, she speeded up and Ron ground up into her, pressing harder as Harry felt her all over. She was panting and pressing down against Ron's cock. He could feel her slick hot juice coating his dick. "Hermione." he asked "are you close to coming,? you feel so slippy and creamy" she moaned back to him "Oh Ron just don't stop, please don't stop." 

The boys could see her speeding up now grinding against Ron's dick and gasping each time she rolled her pussy against his fat member. 

Harry remembered her when they had come all over her and up her, how she had reacted to  them saying rude things to her, he bent down and whispered in her ear, "Feels so good, fat hard cock pressing between your pussy lips, sliding against your wet fanny."

She felt so rude listening to his words and groaned out "God yes....Oh God......." his dirty words lighting a passion she didn't know she had. She started to come again......with Harry it had been through her knickers and his pants and now...........her pussy spread open over Ron's silky soft skin wrapped around his big hard dick and when Harry pushed her against Ron with one hand as he reached up and played with her tits with the other. She lifted up like she had with Harry and began to ride him "Oh God, it's starting again, do it harder!!". Ron put his hands on her hips and pressed her muff hard against his cock. She moaned and started panting as she felt his stiff shaft pressing up between her lips grinding her harder and faster, she was riding him hard and when Harry caught her tits in his hands and pinched her nipples she cried out "Oh shit, Oh God, Yessss I'm coming, do it more!!!!". She was panting her face screwed up as her orgasm blew her away. She convulsed and ground her pussy against him panting and moaning for over a minute until she fell forward and lay on top of him panting and sweating as if she had run a marathon.

She regained her breath and her reason realising that Ron was almost nude and had been inches from entering her, the mere thought making her tremble with the idea of his fat thing up inside her. 
Five minutes later when she had recovered her breath and reason Harry lifted her off Ron until she was laying between them again, laying on her back looking up at the sky.

A few minutes later Harry looked to her, "Hermione did we do it right, did you have a big orgasm?". She blushed and nodded still almost panting, "was it really good? you're all wet and it looked like you had a good cum.....orgysim" Ron asked. She looked away from his eyes blushing but nodded and sighed, "The best, you two are the best." They lay back and relaxed and within minutes they had all fallen asleep. 

Harry awoke to find Hermione between him and Ron. She looked like she was dreaming again. She had her skirt pulled up and her blouse still open showing her wet spunky fanny and her loverly tits. He awoke Ron and got him to help make a big bed out of all the cushons and blankets that Dobby had provided. He called quietly for the mad elf, Dobby popped onto the glade but before he could jump all over his hero Harry shushed him pointing to Hermione sleeping on a blanket. He asked the elf if he could make sure that no one would disturb them again. Dobby assured him that the great Harry Potter would be safe and no one would come near and that the great Harry Potter sir, needed to have a sleep and that he would come back before curfew. A snap of his fingers and they where all clean all traces of cum and fanny batter gone, another and they all floated to a bed that appeared as he magically removed their clothes cleaning and folding them to make three neat piles on the blankets near them.

Dobby left them in the large bed he had conjured, all totally nude with Harry and Ron on each side of Hermione who still slept. They both soon fell asleep. 
Harry awoke later to see that it was still early, no later than 6 in the evening and curfew was at 10pm.

His waking must have disturbed Ron and Hermione as they both woke up at the same time Hermione wondering where the bed had come from.

She awoke between Harry and Ron and after a quick look under the covers realised that they were totally nude. She froze for a second until she remembered the afternoon and how magical it had been. She lay back in the bed between "her boys" languishing in the feeling still between her legs, the tingly ache that she never wanted to go away.
Harry told her that Dobby had mad the bed and had told him that he had cast a charm so that they wouldn't be disturbed.

The boys reached and wrapped arms around her and gave her a big hug. She felt so safe, so warm in the arms of her best friends in the world and friends who could make her feel this good. She could feel Harry roll over laying on his side his arm across her hips looking at her, Ron doing the same on the other side but with his arm on her chest. 

She surprised herself by reaching out each side and stroking Ron's dick while doing the same to Harry. They both saw each others eyebrows raising."Hermione," Harry said. "That feels brilliant. She looked at each of them. "You both feel so good, hard and stiff." she said giving both of them a squeeze "do you like it when I stroke your things?"

Ron perked up "Brilliant Hermione, just brilliant." her almost gasped out as he felt her squeeze his dick.

Ron spoke up again "Was it good, doing it with us, did you like what we did?"

She gave his dick a long stroke and blushed before she sighed out "Brilliant, the best ever, fantastic...." She gave their cocks long strokes, "am I doing it right?" she asked, is this how you like it?" They both gasped togerther as they felt her stroking them. Harry groaned but Ron answered her "Shit, Hermione, your fantastic, I feel so hard, If you want you can wank me until I come," he was getting excited, "Oh shit, make me cum Hermione, wank me till I shoot!!!" She carried on stroking them "Ron, don't be so rude!!!" she said as she gave their dicks a squeeze and continued to wank them. 

Harry stroked her legs under the covers and Ron realising that Harry was feeling her legs started to stroke her tits. She lay back her hands wrapped around their cocks stroking them and sighed. "you're so good to me, today has been the best day of my life." Harry stroked her legs until her touched her muff making her gasp, "Did we make you feel good? do you like me doing this?" he said stroking his finger up between her lips making her jump "or this? " asked Ron as he stroked her tits and reached over to suck one of her nipples. "Oh Jesus" she gasped out, "it's loverly, carry on both of you, don't stop...." 

They felt her up all ways, at times both sucking her tits at the same time as they felt her up until she was panting again her hands still wanking them. Harry stroked her pussy sliding his fingers up and down her crack, he found her entrance and pushed his finger up her a bit making her gasp as she felt herself getting wet as his ministrations, "Is this good, do you like it?" he asked her. She sighted opening her legs and reached down moving his hand over her muff, "Oh Harry!!!" she gasped as she put his finger back at her very wet opening, "Push it in and go in circles, do it slow..." He pushed his finger up her about an inch and moved it in slow circles." Harry felt her sucking his finger and said to Ron, "I've got a finger inside Hermione and it feels so warm and slippy and I can feel it sucking me!!."
She moaned blushing "Oh Harry it feels so good, keep doing it like that."
Ron caught one of her nipples in her mouth and gently bit it. "Oh Jesus, Ron yes, not too hard but just like that!!!"
Harry said to Ron "Ron, feel Hermiones thingy, push a finger inside her and feel how she sucks it with her vargini."
She was shocked that she felt almost no shame at what they where saying and as Ron reached for her muff, slid a finger up her and moved it in little circles, she opened her legs a bit more. "Oh Ron, do it all the way in,"
Ron "mmmmmmmm'ddd" as he felt her contracting her muff and sucking his finger. "Merlin Hermione, your thingy's sucking my finger but Harry's right, you wouldn't be able to fit a dick inside it's miles too small."
She was rocking her hips against his hand, he tried to push another finger up her and she gasped as she felt it slide up inside her. "Oh Jesus, that feels amazing." she gasped out grinding against his hand forcing two fingers up her deeper, "Do it more, Oh Jesus do it more, push them in more, do it deeper"
She was still wanking them both, laying back as they felt her all over, she groaned out when he pushed his fingers up her and pushed them inside her until his hand was pressed  against her soaked muff the palm of his hand pressing against her clit. She moaned out "Oh Ron, feels soo good, do me deeper....faster....." She started to move her muff against his hand starting to groan and pant.

Harry was as hard as a rock, he reached over and caught her tit in his hand and gently squeezed it, she gasped out "Oh Yes, yes!!!" 
Harry signalled to Ron to slow down making her groan "Oh Ron," she gasped, "do it faster, please make me come." 
Harry was stroking her muff wetting his hand, "Oh Hermione, you're soaked again, do you feel sexy!?"
He continued to slowly stroke his fingers up her making her moan for more "Please Ron, do me a bit faster, I´m so close, Please, make me come again!!"
Harry caught her eye "Hermione, do you want to feel it....?"
She looked up at them "Feel what.....?" she panted out unsure of what they ment.
Ron chipped in "you know...a cock, you know up know, a big dick.....doing you?"

She gripped his shaft and ran her fingers around his bell end, "Oh Ron, don't be rude but God yes, touching me like that is making me so excited, I want to feel it inside me, to feel a.......cock." she exclamed blushing at her words. Ron looked to Harry "do you think she can take your cock?" he turned back to her "Do you want Harry's cock, do you think it will it know.....up you?"
She squirmed feeling so embaresed and excited "Oh Ron, don't be rude." she said with a whistfull look on her face looking down at Harry's and then at his fat dick. 
Harry stroked her muff catching her clit and making her moan louder. He reached for her hand and stroked it up and down his dick "Do you want it up you.....will it cock.....inside...doing you?" 
She couldn't stop, Ron started fingering her pussy to the point of coming. She stroked him marveling at how hard and soft it was, and so big!!!.
She was Hermione Granger and had read all the books, she knew that even a big one would go in, gasping as she thought about it going in all the way and what it would feel like if he pushed it up inside her. She pulled his dick towards her muff unable to stop herself "Yes, Oh God do it to me, put it in me." 
Ron helped her move towards Harry, "are you sure it will go in, your vargine is soaked and all slippy but will it go in?"
She was laying on her back and surprised both of them by pulling him on top of her, then lifting her legs right up so that her knees were on each side of his chest and sighing as she felt him lowering himself slowly down towards her feeling the shaft of his cock pressing against her muff. She felt it touching her and sighed out "Oh God, I can feel it, it's so big....."
They had all been cleaned by Dobby but she was already soaked again from them feeling her fanny and tits. She felt him touching her, "Hermione, do you really want it, do you want to do it with know......feel our big dicks up you........doing you"
She groaned "Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph yes.......I want to feel them inside me, big and fat pushed up me!!!" She pulled him down and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him hard against her. "Oh Harry, that feels soooo good." She felt Ron cupping her tits and pinching her nipples. "Oh Ron," she sighed out at the feel of his hands on her tits.

Harry gave her long strokes sliding his dick between her lips making her moan. "Oh Harry," she gasped as she reached down stroking his hard shaft with her hand. "It's so hard," she reached and started to stroke Ron's "Both so hard and fat."

He continued to give her long strokes sliding his dick up and down her crack, his shaft spreading her lips wide stroking her clit each time, "Hermione, your so slippy, are you feeling really excited?"
She answed by groaning and moving her knees upwards until she held the fat bell-end pressing between her lips spreading them open wider. She pushed against him feeling the end of his cock touching the opening of her vagina, "Oh Harry, just there, hold it just there." his bell end spreading her lips wide open and pushing against her opening. 
She reached down and he could feel her spreading her lips wider as she pressed up at him, "Just there, push just there!!" 
She surprised both of them as she gripped his dick again and held it against her opening.
"Hermione." he stopped her "If you do that I think that it's going to go inside,!" She moaned and pressed up against him. He gasped "Ron, Hermione's holding my cock against her little hole," Her eyes rolled up and she felt her pussy flood as she heard Ron gasp "Your fat cock up her little pussy, she's dripping but no way!!!"
He pressed back and looked her in the eyes "Are you sure you want my cock inside you, up you?"
She pulled him closer moving her pussy so his bell-end pressed against her forcing her open starting to enter her. "Oh God yesss...."
Ron was looking between her legs and gasped out "what! bloody hell, it's going up know up your thingy? will it all fit inside?"
Hermione was almost foaming at the minge, listening to Ron words making her so hot. She gasped out "Harry I want it, please do it to me, Ron feel me, both of you do anything you want, I'm your girl, make love to me." He pressed again, "Do you want it all inside you, all of it??"

She moaned and pressed down, it hurt as he stretched her open but she needed it and gasped as she felt the tip sinking between her lips, her pussy soaking as his bell-end slid slowly inside her. "Oh Yesss, do it, go deeper."

He pressed down again and felt the end of his dick sinking into her. "Oh fuck, it's going in, Hermione you feel so good, my cock's going up you."
She panted out "Oh God Harry, it hurts a bit but it feels so good, don't stop, push it in a bit more, push harder, fill me...." Ron was watching Harry push into her, "Fuck, it's going up you, Hermione, his big knob is going in,  further in and then he's going to fuck you!!!!"

Her cry of "Oh yes.........f....fu...fuck me.......fuck me...." surprised both of them, this was Hermione!!!!

He pushed hard the next time she ground down on him. "Oh fuck. Harry give her it all." Ron said followed by her loud groan as he began to sink  into her."

Thinking about her little pussy and his big dick he stopped when he had about four inches inside her, "Is it ok? It doesn't hurt or anything?" 
She groaned and tightened her legs pulling him harder against her, "It's soo big............soooooo big.......feels sooo good inside me." she was moaning. Harry was still not sure if she could take all of his fat cock up her tiny minge and stopped when he about four inches inside her.
Hermione was technically a virgin although she had broken her hymen in the skiing accident, she had no idea what a cock felt like and assumed that his cock was all the way inside her.  "Harry it feels soo good, please do it to me, do it slowly!!" 
Ron watched facinated, still stroking her tits and nipples. 
He pulled the covers off the bed and moved until he was looking between her legs again seeing her pussy wrapped around the end of his mates cock, he gasped "Oh it's inside her, your fat cocks up her little pussy and she must be feeling really sexy, her pussy's all swollen and wet and drippy."
Hermione was so hot, Harry's cock and Ron's words driving her wild, she was gasping out "feels so good.........hard up me.........Oh God, feels so big....."
Harry gave her another inch and pulled out a bit and began slowly shagging her with the first 4 to 5 inches of his dick.
Hermione had her legs up and her arms around him. "Oh Harry it's better than anything, your thing filling me up!!!" He reached down gripping his dick so it wouldn't go in more than the four or so inches he had inside her, he began to do it like he had with his finger and started moving it in circles as he slid in and out of her rubbing her pussy with his thumb and fingers as he did."
She started to pump up at him moaning and panting, "Oh fuck, It can't be this big.......... I feel so full!!"
Harry looked at Ron and raised an eyebrow. "Hermione, do you want it to be better, inside you more?"
She was gasping and moaning, "More, in more?" not believing that anything could be better. 
He pushed lifting himself up a bit, "Hermione, reach down and feel my cock.!!" 

She reached down and felt her pussy flood as she wrapped her small hands around his turgid member. "Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!!!!!" she stroked his dick, "There's so much more...!!!!" She grasped his dick in her hand realising that he only had the end of it inside her and that there was about another 6 or 7 inches to go. "Oh God, Oh God!!!!" she gasped out almost fainting at the thought of all of it inside her.

Harry looked down at her, "Will my cock fit, all of it inside you, it won't hurt you?"
She didn't care, she wanted it all, having read all the books on sex that she could she knew that she would be able to take it all without hurting herself but still almost passed out at the thought of such a big dick up her tiny canal.
"Do it, do it, Oh Jesus fill me, fill me with it all." She pushed up and felt him enter her more, "Oh Harry!!" she groaned "so much, Oh God, It feels so good, push it up me!!!"
Ron was looking between her legs as he felt her tits with one hand, when he said "Harry, your cock is almost half way inside her, she's soaked, her vargini's dripping, stick it up her deeper." 
Hermione almost fainted, still only half way in!!! and with a strengh she didn't know she possesed she gasped out "Oh fuck, yesss, fill me with your cock!!" and pulled him down on top of her with her legs wrapping around his waist spreading her muff even wider open until she let out a low scream as she felt him sliding up her wet slot, she was almost screaming as she felt him lfilling her until he was bollocks deep.

He pulled almost all the way out of her and slowly pushed up her. Ron was still watching and cried out "Oh shit, it's going right up her, Hermione, are you ok" he asked a bit worried that Harry might hurt her. "Hermione, That's a big fat cock going up you!!!" 
She looked at him mouth open in a silent scream as she felt his mate slide up her, she gasped out "Ron , it''s..........heaven........feels soooooo gooooood......Oh fuck" she gasped as she felt him hit her cervix and press against the opening of her womb. "Oh's all the way.....filling me.....Oh God!!!"

He rode her slowly but unlike the last time he was up inside her and it felt amazing. "Oh shit, Harry, Ron, it's amazing, feel so good."
She was gasping out "Don't stop, Oh fuck, do it in and out, pump me."
Harry gave her it short and fast until she was almost incoherent. he then slowed down and rolled off her pulling his dick out out of her with a slurping sound "Oh Harry don't stop! please don't stop!!" she moaned.
Harry pulled Ron over her, he didn't need telling twice and climbed between her legs shocked as she reached down, grabbed his dick and one hand opened her lips feeding it up her with the other. "Oh Ron, yess, now, push it up me, do it deep....Oh...Oh" groaning as he slid his cock up her. Ron gave her long deep strokes making her cry out each time his bollocks slapped against her arse, "Oh God, Oh God........Shit, Oh shit.....fuck me, fuck me"

They passed her back and forward shagging her slow then fast, short and sharp, long and deep, listening to her panting and moaning as she got totally fucked. Each time she looked like she was going to come they slowed down not letting her. She was foaming at the mouth and pussy. Each time he or Ron got a bit tired they changed over, fucking her rotten, she was gibbering and begging them to let her come, "So much cock, need to much fat cock, Oh God....Oh God.......let me come.....shoot up me....please let me come"

Harry rolled onto his back and Ron pulled out of her and then helped push her on top of his mate, she was like a rag doll, she had no control of herself just moaning loudly as he lifted her to sit on Harry's dick. "
He lifted her up on to Harry who sat her on his dick and began banging up into pussy to the sounds of her panting and the slurping from her pussy as he pumped into her faster and faster. She was panting like a dog, the feeling of his cock pounding up her so good, making her so close to coming to the music of her screams of passion. Harry looked over his shoulder at Ron, "I'm going to come, cast the potency charm on me and the contraception charm on Hermione." Ron waved his wand and as Harry started to come hammering into her like a man possesed. He felt Hermione pussy spazming gripping his dick and sucking on it they both felt  massive orgasms rip through them . 
Hermione felt the cool spunk pumping up her and she exploded again. "Oh Jesus, do it inside me......" The cool spunk filled her, "Oh God, Oh God, never stop doing me, do me...., just keep doing me until I die," she was incoherent as they both came and came. Harry ran down, he pulled out and pushed her onto her back, Ron jumped between her legs, she felt him push his cock up her and begin fucking her frantically. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as Harry cast the potency charm on his mate watching him fuck her faster and faster until he started to grunt "Oh Hermione, I'm coming, I'm going to pump another fat load up your slippy muff!!!" She was screaming with passion the spunk squelching and slurping out of her, her screams and moans began fading after a couple of minutes as they ran down, Ron still up her to the bollocks her pussy soaked with her whipped juice and both Ron's and Harry's cum.

 They where all panting, nobody capible of speach for a couple of minutes. Hermione broke the silence. "Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph," she groaned out. 

Ron started to pull out but she stopped him "Ron, don't take it out, feels soooo good, let me feel you up me longer, your fat thing, inside me, filling me." He relaxed leaving his dick up her and looked at her face with it's look of total bliss written across it for a few minutes.
Harry stroked her tits, "Hermione, are you ok?" She opened her eyes, "Oh Harry, Ron, that was the best, most fantastic feeling of my life!!" The boys looked at each other, "We did it right?" they asked. She replied, "More than right, I've never felt this good, and now I can feel Ron getting soft inside me, I'm full of your come and it feels just perfect."

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