paint me like one of your cursed girls

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[WARNING!! .. well, sort of. This fic is not to be taken toooo seriously... with all the hilariously strange and sometimes disturbing ships and pairings that already exist in the Harry Potter universe, I thought about what the absolutely weirdest pairing I could write a fic about would be... and I thought of... well, this. A girl and a character from a painting. So, like I said... that idea in itself is already ridiculous enough. But I'd still be happy about some feedback, of course!

Also: Yes, I know that Ginny's 6th year is technically when all of that Death Eater and Voldemort stuff was going on, so... just ignore that for this fic. PEACEFUL AU!]



'paint me like one of your cursed girls'


----- the first third: on a day like any other -----



"So, what've you been up to today then?"

"Har, har, Weasley. Hilarious, truly."

Ginny couldn't contain a little giggle at that. She knew it was mean, but she just couldn't stop herself.

"Okaay, okay... I'm sorry, Ava, okay...? ... really!"


Right now, the young witch surely would have looked absolutely mad to any Muggle who would've seen this scene. She was leaning on the wall of one of her school's corridors, talking out loud and seemingly leading a normal conversation with someone - only that there was absolutely nobody to be see anywhere in the corridor.

But the strangest part was that - somebody was actually replying...

Ginny turned around towards the wall, now facing her conversation partner - a painting.


One of the MANY amazing things about the magic world that this here Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry was a part of, were the pictures. No matter if they were normal photographs, ancient, magnificent paintings, or the pictures printed in the newspapers - everything that was depicted on them appeared to be actually alive, moving around and reacting to things, and talking to people outside their picture, and having their own feelings and memory. Even though Ginny had been born into a magic family, this had always been one thing that had particularily fascinated her.


And right now, the 16-year-old witch with the fiery red hair and freckles covering every single inch of her skin she had ever caught even a glimpse of, right now, this girl was talking to one of the countlessly many paintings that covered the walls of Hogwarts. There were great masterpieces, looking so realistically that you felt like you could just reach into the canvas and touch the portrayed objects, and there were mind-bogglingly large paintings, reaching over several stories along the staircases.

This particular painting that Ginny was talking to, however, didn't look very impressive at first glance - or at least it didn't to most people. Ginny, however, had discovered it in her first week of ever being at Hogwarts, several years back, when she had aimlessly wandered the halls of the castle, and this canvas had caught her eye for some reason. She had immediately fallen in love with it, and that love had since not subsided.


The canvas wasn't very large, hardly bigger than Ginny's head, and it showed a relatively simple scene: It showed a young girl, maybe 15 or 16 years old, who, just like Ginny, had freckles and red hair. Only that her freckles were even more intense than those of Ginny, something that the young girl had previously thought to be impossible. And the painted girl's hair was also a bit different to that of the witch: it was beautifully curly and longer, reaching all the way down her back. And it also wasn't the bright, fiery red of Ginny's hair, it was more of a darkly-dirty, almost earth-ish sort of red. Finally, those dark red curls were topped off by a flower crown of daisies.

From the canvas, a pair of eyes looked at Ginny, a pair of eyes that was somehow icily blue and gentle at the same time. The nose belonging to that face was small and kind of knobbly looking, in an adorable way. The mouth below it had unusually full lips and was almost always forming a barely visible, secret smirk.

The girl was wearing a pearl white and wonderfully airily looking little dress, that revealed bits of both of her shoulders and already ended slightly above her knees. Her legs were crossed, and she was sitting on an old tree stump, the arms with the tiny hands supporting her body as she leaned back just a bit. Her completely bare feet were playing with the evergreen grass below, and she was placed in front of a dark forest on a gentle summer's day, a little breeze softly fluttering about her hair and dress just a bit.



Once again, Ginny had lost herself in staring at the canvas - it was still, for some reason, the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Ava (which was, as it had been revealed to Ginny eventually, the painted girl's name) was still pretending to look honestly offended because of Ginny's little taunt at her not being able to go anywhere by herself. Unfortunately, Ava had never been any good at pretending anything that wasn't true, so rather quickly, her sour frown broke and allowed those astoundingly full and soft-looking lips to form a gentle and beautiful smile.

"It's okay, Ginny... of course", she chuckled.

"Thanks...", Ginny replied softly.

There was silence for a bit... Ginny knew perfectly well because of what she had come here today, and Ava also knew, and Ginny knew that Ava knew. But for some reason, the young witch still found it impossible to get out of her mouth.

"So, eh...", she began, "you... are you... do you."

"Ginny, please!", Ava suddenly cried, "not this again! We've been over this, okay? We both want it, so let's just... let's just do it!"

And with those last few words, her gentle smile changed a bit and, all of a sudden, looked more like a mischievous and somehow dirty grin...

"Okay... okay, yeah, you're right. I'm sorry", Ginny replied, and then, she gripped the canvas and lifted it off the wall.

"Well, then... see you later", she grinned, looking at the painted girl one was time, who also grinned back up at her, before she was shoved under Ginny's sweater.


Trying to hide the fact that she was carrying something under her clothes, the girl then turned around on the spot and began walking off into the direction of the Gryffindor common room.



----- the second third: that same day, later at night -----


"Uhh... I'm kinda tired, guys... I think I'll go to bed already, alright?", Ginny slowly said to the other girls in her dorm room that night, producing a yawn that was fake, but convincing.

She was met with responses of agreement and "good night"'s, so the redhead climbed into her four-poster bed and pulled all the curtains tightly shut.

"So you can still have on the lights", she explained to the other girls, before her head finally disappeared behind the red velvet.

But as soon as she was out of sight, the girl had to grin, because there actually was a reason why she needed the curtains, but it surely wasn't the light. The girl gripped her wand from the pocket of the pair of jeans that she was still wearing, and quietly whispered the words of a silencing charm, constricted to just her bed. Now, no sounds would ever get out of here. Ginny could have had 50 screaming mandrakes with her in there, and the girls sitting just outside her bed would never know. But the girl had something else in mind...

Ginny cast a second charm on her bed, making the curtains to be absolutely unable to be opened by anybody. This would probably not even have been neccessary - they were all hormonal teenage girls in this dorm room, and they all had certain desires from time to time. And therefore, tightly closing your curtains when going to bed at night had already become a sort of unspoken code for "don't you open this right now, you might find me half naked and with my hand between my thighs." Therefore, it was highly unlikely that anyone would even have tried to open her curtains. However, for tonight, Ginny had planned a bit more than judt the "normal" stuff that they all did from time to time, and therefore, she really didn't want to take any risks when it came to possible disturbances.


And now, finally, Ginny could be sure that nobody would ever be able to interrupt her now, unless they decided to actually apparate INTO her bed - and even that wasn't possible within Hogwarts for most people.

And so, Ginny got under her warm, thick covers - and her foot touched something. She grinned, reached down underneath the blanket, and pulled out the painting that she had carefully stored here earlier today.

"Hi", Aba whispered softly, grinning and looking almost as if she was blushing a bit.

"Hey!", Ginny laughed back, in a normal voice, "You don't have to whisper - Silencing Charm!"

"Aaah yeah, good idea, of course...", Ava agreed, noddingly.

Again, there was silence.

And again, Ginny tried to break it.

"Soo, umm... are we-"

And again, Ava interrupted her bad attempt at it.

"For Merlin's sake, Ginny... why are you STILL beating around the bush like this?? We both know why we're here. And - I don't know about you, of course, but - I've been excited for this all day already."

"Ooh, me too", Ginny replied, smiling, "you have no idea..."

"Okay! That settles that, well then-", Ava said. And with those words, she took her arms from behind her back, brought them to the top of her dress and pulled it down, revealing her two bra-less, juvenile breasts. They were just as pale as the rest of her skin, and covered in jur as many freckles. Her nipples looked huge and a delicious shade of light brown. They were much larger than those of Ginny, but on the other hand, not nearly as firm, and they were hanging down just a little bit. But the young witch was sure that, had she been able to touch them in reality, she wouldn't have minded even one tiny bit. And right now, they still did look absolutely enchanting, and Ginny was sure that she had never seen anything as pretty before.

"Well?", Ava's chuckling voice brought Ginny back from her thoughts.

"I... I love them, absolutely beautiful... seriously, amazing...", she stammered.

"Oh... well, thank you", Ava said, face blushing, "but I actually meant... well? What about you...?"

"Oh... yeah, yeah... right, sorry", Ginny stammered. The sight of these beautiful tits had completely derailed her train of thought - they were beautiful than she had ever anticipated them to maybe be. And it was true, Ginny, too, really had been excitedly looking forward to this all day. And her panties, soaked in layer above layer of semi-dried juices from her pussy, her her witness.

Ginny gripped her shirt and, more hurriedly than neccessary, pulled it off over her head. She had pushed the covers back a bit and leaned the canvas against it, so that the two would also be able to see each other all the time.

Then, Ginny's shirt was gone, and she, just like the painted girl, had decided against a bra today. And so, as she looked down, she could see her two breasts, also covered in freckles, thought not nearly as many as Ava's. And Ginny breasts were indeed much smaller, but they sat there firmly and had hard and defined peaks pointing away from her body, topped with nipples that very relatively small, but of a surprisingly dark colour - and right now, rock hard.

"God... incredible, Ginny... seriously, I... I love it...", Ava breathed. Now it was her turn to stare at the other girl unmovingly, mouth agape.

"Alright... stop staring already...", a blushing Ginny muttered, smiling.

"Well", Ava shot back, grinning, "then give me something else to look at... you had promised a show..."

Ginny nodded - she had indeed promised that, and she was more than keen to keep that promise. And so, she gripped the waistband of her jeans and, lifting her pelvis from the mattress just a bit, pulled them all the way down in one go, taking her socks with them right away. And now, she lay there, her breasts completely out in the open, and wearing just a tiny, tiny pair of plain white panties, stained with an incredibly enourmous damp patch right where her pussy was underneath.

"You can see everything?", Ginny asked the picture leaning on her bed.

The girl sitting on the tree stump in it just nodded eagerly, hungry eyes fixed on Ginny's nearlyms naked, athletically slim body.

"Well then...", Ginny said, and with those words, moved both her hands up to her chest, cupping one tit each and beginning to massage them.

During this massage, she never broke eye contact with Ava, who had her mouth wide open now, staring at this amazing scene playing out right in front of her.

Ginny thought about all the times she had been lying in this very spot, fingers buried deep inside various hungry holes, and thinking about how badly she wanted Ava to be there, too. And then, just a few days ago, she had finally had the courage to talk about that... and Ava just so happened to also really want to do that...! And so, now... it was actually happening.

When Ginny usually massaged her breasts like this, she did it to get a bit hornier before she would continue with the main act between her legs. But right, this really wouldn't have been needed at all - the juices were already literally flowing out from inside her, she had never been this soakedly wet before. And so, Ginny decided to cut the pre-show a bit shorter today, and started to move her right hand down towards her hot, boiling centre. She placed her fingertips gently on the fabric, soaked to the brim with slimy, delicious liquids, and she could make out the structure of her juvenile slit and puffy labia underneath it. Just this little touch was already too much for her to be able to keep in the deep moan that now escaped her throat. And when she even began moving the fingers around in circular movements a bit, she was already close to losing it completely, and a moan flew into the darkened room with every single one of her fast breaths.

Ginny had to use all the self-control she could muster in that moment to stop her movements for now - it felt incredibly good, but she didn't want to cum ALREADY.

So she removed her hand from her crotch, but only for one moment - and then it was back, now together with the other hand. But they didn't go back to stroking her cunt - instead, they grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled it - not down, but UPwards. Ginny pulled so far and so hard until the pain that it was causing to have it cut into her like that was almost to much to handle. But the result was worth the pain. Ginny looked down and could see her wet panties tightly pressed into the length of her slit, and even entirely disappearing inside of it for a little bit. On either side of it, the thick, puffy labia was sticking out, pressed apart slightly by the rough cotton which was rubbing against her sensitive, soft insides and over her throbbing clitoris, causing her to twitch and writhe in painfully pleasuring, beautiful agony.

"Oh my... gooood..." was the only thing that Ava could think of to say about Ginny's self-inflicted pussy-wedgie. She sat there on her tree stump with an open mouth, eyes widened in shock and excitement, and a hand on one of her exposed tits, moving it around lightly.

Ginny decided that it was enough with the self-torture, and felt like it was finally time to unveil the great main attraction. To do this, she kept both her hands on her panties and, instead of sliding them down her legs normally, mustered up all the force she could and tore the fabric in half once down the middle. Ignoring Ava's immediate shocked and incredibly horny reaction, she grabbed the remaining half on the right side and tore that in half, too, exposing all the skin from her belly to her thigh uninterrupted by annoying white fabric. She repeated this on the other side, then finally collected the white shreds and carelessly tossed them to the side.

Ava's 100% surprised - but definitely not negative - reaction was exactly what the girl had wanted to achieve - even though, for her, this wasn't even that strange anymore.

She had recently started always taking off her underwear like this whenever she wanted to masturbate - she felt like it added some exciting sense of naughtiness to it all, and she would always just magically repair the panties afterwards.

But anyways... now they were off, and Ginny spread her legs apart as far as she could, both feet reaching the edge of the mattress on either side. She truly wished she could have seen herself in that moment: This 16 years old body, in absolutely perfect shape, lying spread-eagle on a bed in the modt helpless position, her entire body glistening with dripping sweat, her breaths going heavy, making her chest with the two beautiful tits on it rise and sink rapidly, her hands both on her stomach, creeping towards her crotch like two hungry, ravenous snakes about to strategically attack and ravage their helpless prey, but the hands were not yet close enough to cover up anything of the heavenous sight between her legs: her labia was wonderfully puffy and looked innocent and smooth, but the entire area around it was reddened and sweating and began to quiver when even the tiniest breeze of air grazed the moist skin, the skin that had carefully been freed of every single last hair. Her folds weren't allowing even a single gaze at what lay beyond them, but what was clearly visible was the slow and viscous stream of her own juices running out from in between them, trickling over her folds and skin, finding their way into the crack of her adorable ass, running down there, creating a tickling sensation that was half incredibly pleasuring, and half hardly endurable. Finally, the drops of the sweet nectar reached her asshole, tickling that, too, before they were absorbed by the mattress, creating a wet patch that was growing slowly but unstoppably.

And all of this was being watched by a curious painting, by now also breathing heavily with excitement.

Ginny was just about to begin moving her hands towards her cunt again, when suddenly, she heard a cry of Ava's voice.

"WAIT! Stop, just... just a second...", the watching girl said, panting heavily, "I've just got to... THERE!"

With that last word, Ava had pulled her white summer dress upwards, and she had spread her legs and put the bare feet to either side of her on the tree stump.

Ginny looked to the spot where she expected to see some old-timey underwear.

But instead... she was greeted with the sight of Ava's young, beautiful pussy. Unlike that of Ginny, this crotch wasn't shaven, it was embraced by a wild bush of invitingly red curls. However, one thing that the painted pussy did have in common with that of the real girl, was that they were both dripping wet and slowly leaking their juices onto the mattress and tree stump beneath them.

Ginny was absolutely in love with the unusual sight in the painting, Ava's crotch looked so much more mature than hers did... and then, without a warning, the painted girl suddenly slammed two of her fingers all the way into herself, and began pumping them in and out rapidly.

So Ginny followed her lead, also beginning to rub her privates again, and then, she decided to also sink a finger into her soaked folds. She shoved it in as far as it would possibly go, and then moved it around a bit, making her entire pelvis quiver uncontrollably.

She looked towards the face of the painted girl, and her pair of eyes found the other one. They stared deeply into each other, and in that moment, Ginny felt a little sting in her heart - this was fun, of course, but she wanted to do more with Ava... really touch her, and get touched by her... bury her hands in her beautiful hair, and kiss that freckled face and those amazingly full lips... hold her as tightly as she could, and fall asleep in her arms, and wake up in them the next morning. And tell her how much she loved her. And never have to leave her side again.


Ginny could get lost in those gentle, blue eyes.


Suddenly, a noise ripped her awake from her thoughts. Ava had began to moan softly, still staring deeply into Ginny's soul, with eyes that looked loving and desperate at the same time - or maybe that was just Ginny's wishful thinking.

She now also began to move her fingers around faster and faster and more vigorously, and she could also feel her pleasure beginning to build up and she could hear herself moan softly, too.

"G... Ginnyyy... I-...", Ava suddenly began, breathing softly. Her eyes could have looked almost suffering, if there hadn't been so much pleasure in them.

"Y-yes...?", Ginny breathed back.

"I... I'm going to..." was all Ava managed to stammer, before the orgasm took control over her body, making her clench her teeth and curl her teeth, and shockwaves of quivers rolling through her body, making her thighs and tits jitter softly. She instinctively crossed her legs, tightly squeezing the Hand that was still stuck there, with several fingers still buried inside her.

The image of a shaking and moaning Ava finally sent Ginny over the edge, too, and she lost all control over her body, squirting several loads of her juices onto the mattress, and wave after wave of orgasm making her pale flesh quiver.

After she had eventually managed to regain her composure and catch her breath, Ginny relishingly licked her juices off of her fingers and gave off a final, tiny moan as she did so.

She looked Ava back in the eyes, and was greeted with a stare so full of joy and love, Ginny couldn't help but blush and smile back.


She took the painting in her hands and held it closer to her face.


"That was...", Ginny began, but stopped, unable to find the right word.

"... yeah...", Ava said, blushing intensely, seeming to still understand what Ginny had wanted to say.

There was silence for a bit, then Ginny began again.

"You'll probably have to stay here for tonight, I'll bring you back tomorrow... okay...?"

Ava seemed slightly saddened to hear this, but then, she nodded.

"You can just... sleep with me here tonight...", Ginny mumbled, yawning. All of a sudden, she got really tired.

"Yes... I would really like that...", Ava beamed.

Ginny turned to the side where the painting was and put her hand on it, like holding a loved one in her sleep.


About half an hour later, the real girl had her eyes closed and was breathing steadily, but she still hadn't been able to fall asleep.

Eventually, she quietly whispered: "... Ava...?"

There was an immediate, almost eager response.


"You're still awake, too, then, hm..."

"Yeah, I... I can't sleep..."

"Me neither..."

Ginny had something incredibly heavy on her mind that she HAD to get out - but she couldn't.

But she figured that right now was probably THE best chance she would EVER get. Besides, she kind of wanted it to be out before she had to bring the painting back the next day... 

And so, she just mustered all the courage that she could, and said it.

"Ava, I... I have to tell you something... I... like you. Y'know, ehm... "LIKE" like you...", Ginny stammered with averted eyes, "and, well... I think... I... might be in love with you.."

There was silence.

And before Ava could say something or laugh at her, Ginny immediately continued.

"Please, you... you don't have to say anything. ... In fact, PLEASE don't say anything... just... I know it's stupid, but I wanted you to know. I'll bring you back tomorrow."

The girl had closed her eyes and, with a burning face and wet eyes, tried to fall asleep once again.


It took her over an hour to fall asleep.


And right before she drifted off, the last thing she had believed to have heard right next to her was the tiniest, an almost inaudibly soft... sobbing.



----- the last third: the next morning -----


Ginny woke up.

And for a second, she was in that beautiful, blissful state of in-between-ness, where you still hadn't begun to remember your problems of the day before. But then, no matter how much she tried to stop it from doing so, the memory of the night before oozed back into her consciousness, and she remembered what she had said to a bloody PAINTING. Ginny felt incredibly silly, and actually kind of stupid.

The girl still had her eyes closed, and she wanted them to remain closed for as long as possible, maybe forever.


But then, all of a sudden, she noticed something that was... off.

She had fallen asleep with her hand on the painting (like the weirdo that she was), but now, her hand was... where WAS it?? It was resting on something, but it was weirdly... elevated? Far higher than the painting was, that was for sure. And whatever it was she was touching, it was... soft, sort of... and also...

...and also...




Ginny inhaled a surprised, sharp breath and yanked open her eyes, and she stared at... she stared at Ava...

And not just at a painting of Ava - at AVA. The girl was there, right on front of her, in the real world, in the same bed as her... three-dimensional, actually palpable and breathing, and her face just a few ridiculously short inches away from that of Ginny.

And Ava was wide awake.

And staring at Ginny.

With those blue eyes.

And smiling at Ginny.

With those full lips.

The biggest, broadest, happiest overjoyed smile that anyone had ever smiled, full of more emotions than Ginny could count, excitement, joy, disbelief, love,-

"What-", was all that Ginny got out of her dry throat, before Ava had darted forward and, with closed eyes, let their lips collide. Ginny had her eyes wide open, but after a few moments of shock, she decided to give in to the kiss. If this was a dream - which it most likely was - she didn't see a reason why she couldn't at least enjoy it while it lasted.

So she kissed Ava back, slightly parting her lips, that the other girl's tongue was already impatiently pressing against, and letting said tongue into her mouth, where it collided with that of Ginny, and the two tongues played with each other, and at the exact same moment, both girls let out an involuntary moan.
It felt so ridiculously right.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, Ava moved back slightly, parting their lips and leaving them connected by only a thin line of mixed saliva.

It was only then that Ginny realized that, during the kiss, Ava had gotten... on top of her, sort of: the legs spread and on either side of the bottom girl's legs, and the lower arms resting on either side of Ginny's head. She looked up and saw Ava grinning down to her, showing her pearl white teeth, strands of red curls falling from her head and towards Ginny's face.

All of a sudden, Ava darted down again, but not to go in for another kiss. Instead, her head now rested besides that of Ginny, as she was hugging her as tightly as she could.

Her mouth was right next to Ginny's ear, and she could feel and hear the excited, hot breath. Tentatively at first, Ginny placed her hands on the other girl's back and pressed her even tighter against her own figure.

Her face was full of red curls...

God... Ava's smell was amazing...

All of a sudden, Ava began whispering in Ginny's ear.

"Ginny Weasley... I'm also in love with you..."


Ginny got goosebumps from head to toe - because of how good it felt to have her whisper and breathe in her ear, but also because of what she had just said.

However, she decided that it was time to find out what was even going on.

"Ava, what... how... how are you HERE-? I mean, really here-", she stammered, with eyes closed and holding her tightly, as if she feared that it she opened her eyes or let go of her for even just a second, Ava might be gone again.

"Well... I suppose it's time for some explanation...", Ava chuckled back.

"Yeah... I suppose it is...", Ginny murmured.

Ava sat up, much to the displeasure of Ginny, and sort of sat on the area around Ginny's pelvis, looking down towards her.

"Well, then... let me explain", Ava started, "it's actually fairly simple... you see, I wasn't just painted. I was born, once, as an actual human, and I grew up a normal child and went to this very school. So... there was this... this guy, who liked me... he wasn't even a student anymore, he just had some weird job on the school grounds... well, he didn't exactly hide his liking of me, he asked me out ALL the time, no matter how often I rejected him... until, one day, he had had enough - and he cursed me."

"He... excuse me, he CURSED you?? Because you wouldn't go out with him?", Ginny asked. She could not believe her ears.

"Yeah, well", Ava laughed, "he had always been a bit... unstable. Anyways, he claimed that nobody could ever love me like he did. And so, he banished me into this painting with some dark magic I don't know, and I would only be freed if someone else proclaimed their love to me again... and last night, you did... just that."

Ava smiled at her, more broadly and happily than ever before.

"I can't believe it...", Ginny muttered, and after a short pause, she continued: "But... wait! Couldn't you have told me?? If I had known about that, I would have told you so much earlier!!"

"Sadly not, no...", Ava smiled, somehow looking gentle, sad and tired at the same time, "the curse doesn't work like that. You really have to mean it, and say it because you want to, and not because of a curse..."

"Oh...", Ginny mumbled.

"Yeah...", Ava replied, unsure what to say, "... but now you've said it!"

And with that and a broad grin, Ava lowered herself towards the other girl again, this time letting their mouths collide once more. And now, Ginny didn't have to get used to it first, too, she immediately opened her mouth wide and let her own tongue dart deep into Ava's mouth.

They stopped kissing, but barely seperated their mouths.

"I love you...", Ginny whispered into Ava's mouth.

"I love you, too.


All of a sudden, Ginny realized that, while Ava was wearing the summer dress from the painting, she herself was till... completely naked. Her crotch was mostly covered up by the bedsheets, but her breasts were just completely out in the open. Ava seemed to have noticed, too, and she didn't seem to mind. And neither did Ginny.

"Hey...", the Weasley girl half-moan-half-murmur-ed into the other girl's ear, "why don't the two of us see to some more equality here, and get you naked, too?"

With intense bedroom eyes and a mischievous smirk, Ava looked at Ginny, lightly bit her lower lip, and then replied.

"Oooh, finally...", she moaned back, "I was already afraid I'd have to rip this bloody dress off of me myself..."

"Oh, don't worry," Ginny breathed, going on for another kiss, "I'll take care of that."


After their lips had seperated again, Ginny signalled Ava to be quiet for a moment, then quickly turned around, lifted the charms on the curtains of her bed and pulled them back a tiny bit, just enough to poke her head out. She found one of her dormmates, bare-ass naked and bent over, ass pointing towards Ginny and her pussy looking out from in between her thighs.

"Uuuh... hey", Ginny caught her attention.

"Oh hey, Ginny!", the other girl said, turning around, but making absolutely no move to cover up her completely exposed pussy, and just continuing to unhurriedly get dressed, "Are you alright?"

"Uh, actually... I don't really feel so good... could you tell the teachers that I probably won't be able to go to any classes today..?", Ginny lied.

"Oh, yeah... of course", the other girl replied, "do you want to go see Madam Pomfrey? I could bring you there, if you want to-"

"No, no... I'm... I'll be alright, thanks... just need some rest..."

"Okay, well... I hope you get well soon, then!", the other girl smiled, and continued to put on a t-shirt, without a bra underneath.


Ginny disappeared behind the curtains again, grabbed her wand and re-enchanted the fabric. They were alone again.

She turned around to Ava, who sat there, waiting impatiently and smiling.


Ginny took Ava by the shoulders, as if to kiss her, but then, in the very last second, pushed her with her back onto the mattress and blanket.



"Well then", Ginny said, her fully naked body towering over Ava's figure, "how about we get your amazing body out of that cute little dress, and then we spend the entire rest of the day making each other cum so much that we won't be able to stand up for three days?"


"I was already worried you would never ask", Ava said, pulling Ginny down onto her and forcefully cupping her already dripping cunt with her hand.


Ginny eagerly ripped open Ava's dress, revealing the hot, young body underneath, just as Ava was already beginning to sink two fingers into Ginny's boiling cunt. And during all of that, both of the two girls only had one thought:



This was going to be a fun day.

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