Three Generations of the Legendary Potter Ranting

BY : Mansi Jain
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Three Generations of the Legendary Potter Ranting

I. Ice and Fire

Lucius is sitting too upright. His stance is stiff and he is literally glaring daggers at his food. Only a day has passed since his son returned from Hogwarts for his summer holidays. He has cleared with flying colors. He is at top in every subject except DADA. As always, he lost the first position in DADA to Fleamont's son, James.

So Abraxas is waiting for his son to start.


Lucius narrows his eyes at the bacon.


His nostrils flare as he relives something.


Honestly, Abraxas wonders if his son is secretly in love with Potter's son.


He is so lost in his memories that Abraxas wonders if he really still remembers that he is at home.


It would be a shame if Lucius were interested in Potter's son because Lucius must marry a pureblood witch.


Not that Abraxas has ever been able to stop Lucius from doing something the boy puts his mind to.


"Father, Potter is an idiot. I lost the first position in DADA to him again. I swear he cheats and all the teachers love him." Abraxas looks at the heavens above. The legendary Potter ranting has started. His dearest wife arrives with tea and a wide smile of her face. She loves this ranting part- says that it's really funny.

"You won't believe what he did." Lucius hisses- well he doesn't really hiss. He speaks really slowly and tries to appear as menacing as possible but he knows his son. Lucius might appear all uptight but he is really very sensitive and has a wicked sense of humor and is obsessed with Potter's son. Abraxas regrets not having left this mansion as soon as Lucius was born. Father was a very bad influence on his son. Lucius now believes that marrying a witch is of prime importance, no matter whether you love her or not.

"What did he do this time, Son?" Dru whispers, her eyes wide in mock surprise.

"He charmed my robes to appear multicolored and everybody laughed at me and then he spelled his name on my forearm. It was really so humiliating."

Abraxas nods, "Lucius, tonight some-"

"And you just won't believe father. He - he kissed me. The idiot literally kissed my lips and then said that he was only trying to annoy me."

Abraxas stares at him while his lovely wife bursts into peals of laughter at their son's slightly pink cheeks and horrified eyes.

"And he has been following me everywhere. Sometimes he is throwing a bucket of water on my head and other times he is growing a tail on my back. He is a bloody menace I tell you."

Abraxas nods quietly because he knows that Lucius isn't going to stop anytime soon.

"His hair is so stupid father. He is always so messy and angry and his eyes are always burning. He accuses me of having cold eyes. I don't understand why he is such an annoying git."

"Oh!" Abraxas murmurs. Dru is still laughing.

"And father- he destroyed all the bottles of my imported gel. He said that my hair look really bad when I apply it. He has an invisibility cloak and he-"

Abraxas drops his head on the table wondering what did he ever do deserve this.

II. Big babies

Lucius swallows nervously before looking at Narcissa, "I swear I am going to forbid him from taking that boy's name in this table."

Narcissa snickers, "What can I say? Like father. Like son. The legendary Potter ranting is just about to start Lucius. Buck up."

Father clears his throat and Lucius looks at him with slightly pink cheeks. Father knows everything, what with his daily ranting about Potter and his various stupid antics.

"Maybe he is also entertaining himself with Harry Potter in secret. He is your son after all Lucius." Father murmurs and mother burst into laughter, her eyes dancing with mirth. They know all about the arrangement he has with Potter. His wife knows too and so does Lily Potter. They are purebloods and are supposed to marry to create a heir, which they did. He can only imagine what Draco will do.

"FATHER!" Comes Draco's loud scream and Lucius shoots upright before cursing under his breath, "Speak of the devil- what did I ever do to deserve this."

"Karma." Father clears his throat.

"-is always a bitch, dear son." Mother continues.

He glares at his parents and Narcissa chuckles.

"Draco, we must go -"

"Father, Potter is really really stupid." Draco yells even before he has properly reached the dining table. This summer he is obsessed with muggle clothes. He has put on black jeans and a white muggle shirt.

Lucius nods dutifully. He watches his father cover his mouth to hide his chuckles.

"He has stupid hair and he has stupidest eyes and he is always following me around, saying that he wants to know what I am upto. Why- he followed me in my bath too and didn't leave until I threatened to curse him to oblivion." Draco literally hisses as he settles down.

Lucius looks at the heavens above praying that Draco will stop ranting about Potter and just ask him out already. Lucius knows that his son is hopelessly in love with James's brat. He is not going to ask Draco to marry elsewhere if he loves Harry Potter, not that his own father ever did. It was Lucius's and James's own decision. It was a different era. The world has moved on now. Now, if only his son will come out of his annoying denial.

"Father, listen to me." Draco literally hisses and Lucius focuses on his son as the occupants of the table start laughing.

"Why is everyone laughing at me?" Draco asks suspiciously. His eyes are really expressive, completely unlike Lucius's.

"Anyways, father this year Severus forced me to become Potter's partner in potions and Potter is an utter nuisance. He crushes things that he needs to cut. He makes me redo every potion atleast twice." Lucius nods dutifully and father clears his throat and coughs to hide his snickers.

"And then professor Lupin forced us to become partners too and Potter keeps on hexing me and then falling on me." Draco murmurs and slowly his eyes become indignant, "And you won't believe what he did father. He fell on me and kissed me and then when I shouted at him, he said that he fell by mistake."

Lucius gapes at Draco. How can his son be so blind?

"He kissed me father and said that he did it by mistake. He is mad and he is a menace and his green eyes are so so stupid. His hair is always messy. I literally have to brush them because he won't do it and they come in front of his eyes he falls again and again while practicing in DADA. They are so long and he doesn't even get a hair cut."

"Son-" Lucius starts but Draco goes on, his silver eyes wide and alive and his hands making wild gestures as he rants and rants and rants. Lucius drops his head on the table much like his father used to do and wonders why Draco has not already realized that he is in love with Harry Potter.

III. Adorable Denial

Draco makes a face at Harry. They made their secret relationship official after they divorced their respective wives. Presently, they are sitting at the dining table. Father mother and grandpa are also there. They are waiting for Scorpius. Harry's kids are with Molly.

Draco is not looking forward to meeting Scorpius though because-"

"Father, I despise Potter. He keeps on teasing me." Draco sighs. Father pinches his lips and stares at his food. Grandfather is chuckling openly and mother is trying to stop herself from laughing.

"Scorp-" Draco starts, only to be cut off by the seventeen year old, "He had the gall to call me a ponce when he was the one who kissed me. He literally kissed me in front of everyone and lied that someone pushed him towards him. How can you just drop on someone's lips?"

Draco rubs his forehead and tries to ignore the snickering and chuckling going on the table.

"He challenged me- said that I am probably a very bad kisser so I did what I had to. I kissed him because Malfoys are best at everything, aren't they father?"

Draco stares incredulously at his son. Perhaps denial runs in the blood.


"Yes, of course they are."

Scorpius suddenly gets up and starts pacing, while hissing constantly, "Now he challenges me at every turn and keeps on kissing me. The other day I was asking that Abbot girl for a date and he came out of nowhere and called me 'darling'. Can you even believe it?"


"It's probably his grandfather. He is probably the one teaching him all this. Bloody menace - the lot of them. No offence Mr. Potter."

"None taken." Harry chuckles.

"It's probably your grandfather who is behind all this." Draco grumbles and father literally bursts into peals of laughter- like full blow laughter and he is red and his eyes are sparkling with mirth.

Scorpius stares at him, horrified.

"When are you bringing him home?" Draco asks politely.

That gets his son started on the legendary Potter ranting once again, "That's another thing. Why is he always at our manor. He has his own. Yet he is always messing my room about. He steals my clothes and I even caught him hugging my robe. He pouts when I scold him and of course that stops me from shouting at him. He is a bloody menace-"

Draco drops his head on the table while others go on laughing.

He is done with Potter ranting. He is going to see to it that his son comes out of his bloody denial, even if it's the last thing he ever does.


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