Three Generations of Malfoy Wooing

BY : Mansi Jain
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Three Generations of Malfoy Wooing

I. Why must he be so difficult?

Fleamont Potter hears stomping footsteps of his dear son and braces himself for the onslaught of his frustration. Holidays have just begin and James's friends now know all about his huge crush on Abraxas's uptight son. Honestly speaking, Fleamont doesn't see what James sees in that boy. Not to say that the boy is not, well, nice but he is too controlled by his family and bigoted values. Maybe Abraxas doesn't control him but Fleamont knows Malfoys inside out, what with his very brief and very secret fling with Abraxas. Abraxas liked both the genders no matter how vehemently the other man denied it.

It was fine really, nothing serious, two months of madness and then it was over. They graduated and went on their separate ways. Sometimes, Fleamont wonders if Abraxas obliviated himself. It doesn't matter though because he does love his wife and doesn't feel anything for the other man now.

Getting back to the present situation, he knows that family very well and he also knows that James might be ready to forgo everything to be with that boy but Malfoy's son won't. Malfoys have always been calculative and also very self centered. They make mistakes first and regret later and as much as Fleamont doesn't want his son to suffer because of their thick heads, he knows that James won't actually listen to him. He might even distance himself from Fleamont.

So he does what he can. He listens to him and gives him useful advise, although he knows that it might even take an eternity for Lucius Malfoy to realize what he himself wants.

The door slams open and enters his son, his face red and his eyes burning with smoldering rage that only Lucius can arise.

"What did he do this time?" Fleamont asks knowingly.

James slams his fists on the huge table and yells, "He just doesn't get it."

"Have you tried proposing him?"

"Oh and risk his wrath. He will behead me. He is made of ice. I don't remember a single instance when we have actually had a civil conversation. I have to walk on eggshells near him."


"Pureblood this and pureblood that. I even kissed him but- but he is just so bloody thickheaded."


"No, I mean everybody was laughing including my traitorous best friends and the man kept on glaring at me."

"James, just-"

"And he had the gall to look bloody brilliant while doing that. Usually he is all cold and emotionless but at that time he was actually glaring at me, like full on glare with red cheeks and all and his eyes-"

Fleamont knows what's coming next. He sighs, wondering if it just runs in the blood although his father never showed any signs of being attracted to a Malfoy.

"- are silver and I think he would look really nice if he loses all that stupid imported gel for once. I mean, who uses so much gel dad. There is nothing natural about him."

"Then why-"

"Yet I love him. I don't understand why. He has certainly not done anything to deserve it. What does he bloody think of himself?" James yells for one last time before slamming his palms on the table and storming out of the room.

His wife comes in a second later, her eyes bright with mirth.

"Yes. yes. Laugh at me. Go on. tell me that it simply runs in my blood."

"It so does."

II. Where does he get so much arrogance from?

"I mean-"

James sighs for the umpteenth time while Lily snickers. They were having a very peaceful lunch at the dining when Harry decided to just start about Lucius's son who is Lucius's carbon copy in all ways that matter.

"Dad are you even listening to me?" Harry snaps, his green eyes bright with fury. Harry has inherited many things from James, one of which is his attraction with Malfoy's son and another of his temper.

Dad is of course sitting across him and laughing at his misery. James sympathises with dad now. This discussion is pointless really. Draco will never decide to just forgo Malfoy traditions and bigotry although Lucius doesn't want his son to repeat his mistake, he will never reveal anything about their secret and very long relationship. He would never really open up to his son.

"DAD." Harry yells and stands up before slamming his hands on the table. James doesn't even flinch. He does glare at Lily who is hiccuping to hide his laughter. Dad told her all about his temper tantrums at Lucius's denial and ignorance.

Honestly, James doesn't know whether he should laugh or lament over the fact that out of atleast two hundred thousand million wizards, Harry had to be obsessed with Draco Malfoy.

"Yes, of course I am listening."

Harry sits back down, his chest heaving. The difference between James and his son is glaring at his face. Harry really really loves Lucius's son, like loves him enough to never fall for anyone else although maybe he will, if at all for having children of his own.

"He doesn't understand anything. How can he be so bloody blind is beyond me. I did everything to make him understand. I even kissed him like you told me. He doesn't want to understand." Harry snaps angrily.

James grimaces before looking at a chuckling Lily. There is no point of interrupting Harry because well, "Harry-"

"No I mean, even Ron is not that thick."

-well, Harry is infact his son. Of course he won't be stopping anytime soon.

"I dropped so many innuendos. He is so arrogant dad. His nose is always in the air especially when I am around and he is always flaunting his ridiculous hair. He wears so much gel that he stinks of it. His eyes are the only part of his body that I like. Yet I love him. Why do I love him dad?"


"Effing asshole. Bloody idiot." Harry hisses and punches his fists on the table, "So I didn't accept his hand in the first year. What was I supposed to do when he insulted Hagrid and Ron. I was only eleven and didn't know that I would fall for the git a few years later."

Green eyes flash with rage as Harry continues, "He danced with Parkinson on Yule. I wanted to kill her."


"I will kill her and then I will kill him and then I will fucking kill myself."

And then suddenly, his son who is his carbon copy, stands and storms away, snarling, "- will be better than watching him marrying someone else."

III. A Raging Storm

Albus is sulking again. Harry rubs his forehead. The past is repeating itself. Couldn't Albus have chosen someone less complicated. Zabini's son is equally handsome. Even Nott's son is nice. Why just Scorpius Malfoy.

"Harry we have to do this and maybe quickly. You don't want another generation of sulking Potters and complicated Malfoys, do you?" Ginny murmurs. They took a divorce when Lily was born. They had to, seeing that Draco had come to his senses and was practically living in Harry's bedroom. Harry saw Scorpius grow which is why he knows that the boy is as complicated and stubborn as his father and grandfather.

"Of course not. I hate it when Albus just starts brooding quietly. It would have been better if he was vocal like me and dad."

"He is infact completely like you Harry. He stays quiet until he-"

As if on cue, a loud SMASH comes from Albus's room and he realizes that Albus has broken his mirror.

Another SMASH and the window is gone too.

"I told you, didn't I?"

Harry sighs and opens the door to be greeted by a red faced Albus, still dressed in his pajamas, his green eyes flashing with unbridled rage as he glares at Harry with his hands clenched in fists.

"I hate him so much dad. He is just so -"

Harry sighs and looks at Ginny. She is snickering. He wonders why she finds this funny.

"Dad." Albus yells, stomping his foot furiously and Harry snorts as a sense of deja vu hits him. Okay, maybe it's a little bit funny.

"He is an idiot and he is all uptight and posh and I hate his gel. Where does he get so much from anyways."

Harry nods quietly, barely able to control his chuckles behind his gritted teeth, knowing that there is nothing he can do.

"I only love his eyes dad. Why are his eyes so beautiful? Honestly, I think he should just stop using that stupid gel and take his stupid eyes and himself elsewhere so that I don't have to watch him flirting with entire female population of Hogwarts."

"Albus, well-" Harry tries and of course fails.

"I mean, what does he think of himself. Bloody idiot I tell you dad. He is an idiot and he is also in denial. I wish could just fall out of love now." Ginny laughs hard, her head thrown back, gasping for breath.

"Yes, go on. Laugh at my misery. I hate you." Albus yells before storming out of the room. Harry knows that he is going to torment Draco's son some more. Harry slumps down on the bed and simply stares at his ridiculous ex-wife, wondering what to do to prevent the history from repeating itself yet again.


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