Silver mate

BY : Mansi Jain
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Blood Thirsty

Humming in satisfaction, Draco cuddles inside her blanket. The muggle movie is quite intriguing. After the long day she had today, simply cuddling in a warm blanket in front of a muggle horror movie is equivalent to heaven.

She is almost done with restocking her stores. Almost. Astoria has been nagging her for a week now which is a good thing because otherwise she won't be able to get anything done. It's good that Astoria can manage her apothecary so well that Draco can concentrate completely on the brewing part.

She takes a sip of her Virgin Mojito and stares unseeingly at the screen. Three years have elapsed since the war ended but the memories of the last battle are still fresh in her mind. Father's sentence ended a week ago and she is yet to meet him. The first year after the war was difficult, seeing that her father was sentenced for three years and mother was put on house arrest.

Draco was let off because she was a minor when she was marked. Thank god, after Voldemort's defeat, the dark mark vanished. The ministry had however warned her that they will keep an eye on her. She was allowed to attain the mastery of potions. She had undertaken her internship under Severus who is still teaching at Hogwarts.

A couple of months have passed since she started her own apothecary. It's working well. She is the youngest potions mistress of the past two decades and second youngest potions mistress of the past two hundred years, seeing that Severus was the youngest.

Severus is extremely proud of her and so is her mother. She doesn't know what father thinks about it. One of the requests she made to Severus before starting her internship was to make some arrangements for her so that she didn't have to live in Wizarding Britain. She wanted to spend as little time in Wizarding world as possible. Severus had accepted her request and she was rarely ever supposed to visit him. He gave assignments and projects to her which she completed at her appartment in the muggle part of the country.

She loves muggle culture. She loves their dresses and their gadgets. That they have made their life so easy without magic surprised her when she first set her foot in the muggle world. She has her apothecary here although her customers comprise of both Muggles and Wizards.

She takes another sip of her drink and flicks through the channels. Three years ago when she was shopping, her eyes fell upon this miraculous contraption that muggles invented- a television. She had instantly fallen in love with it.

Her finger stops when her favorite music channel arrives. After placing the remote on the table, she leans back and stares at the ceiling.

Saying that she doesn't miss her friends would be a lie. Blaise and Pansy had always been constants in her life. They were with her throughout her childhood and then Hogwarts.

However, they went missing a few months after Potter was turned. It was perplexing. She knew that Potter was abducted by Voldemort's men and was converted by Greyback under the smug gaze of the dark lord but Pansy and Blaise simply disappeared. She tried to locate them but couldn't find them anywhere. She couldn't very well approach Potter to ask him. The man was already insane to start with and then he was converted by Greyback who was an epitome of insanity.

She was proven right about Potter's madness when they found dead bodies of Voldemort and greyback. To this day, no-one has been able to locate their heads. She shudders when the images of beheaded and bloody bodies of Voldemort and Greyback come to her mind.

Large chunks of their flesh were missing. Ants were crawling all over their organs which were visible through the gaping hole he had created on the front part of their bodies. He had signed his name on the wall with their blood to tell them that he was responsible for killing the dark lord and Greyback so mercilessly, not that they deserved mercy but it was unbelievable that Potter could be so heartless and animalistic. Everyone wondered what happened of Aunt Bella.

Belatedly, someone sent a word to them that Potter had converted Bella and now she was a member of his pack. Potter was the alpha. The fact remains that Draco couldn't locate her best friends.

She hated Potter then and the hatred has only grown in the past three years. She had helped him when he was caught by the snatchers and brought to the manor. Granted that she could only help his friends escape and had just watched while he was bitten by Greyback but she tried her best and it wasn't her fault that he stayed back for Dobby. He didn't need to. The weird elf was capable enough to protect himself.

She waited for him to come at her trial and speak on her behalf but he didn't. She detests him from the deepest core of her heart.

She sighs, wondering if Blaise and Pansy were bitten too or they had simply left before the war. She missed them terr-


She curses under breath, "Who the hell is owling me at this time?" before getting up and heading towards the window.


"COMING." She yells and opens the window to let the stupid owl inside. It's Severus's owl.

Her eyebrows raise as she wonders what it's about. Severus doesn't owl her after eight and it's ten right now.

The owl glares at her much like Severus does when he is annoyed and drops the letter on her feet. Draco glares back before bending down to retrieve the letter. AS USUAL, the silly owl pokes its beak on her hair which forces a frustrated groan out of her and the bird flies off.

She opens the letter after glaring at nothing in particular to her heart's desire and then skims through it. It's not that she is annoyed with Severus for sending her an owl at this time. It's just that she knows him enough to know that something is definitely wrong and she hates being bothered about anything related to the wizarding world.

Her suspicions are confirmed. Severus wants her presence immediately at Hogwarts in Headmaster Dumbledore's office. He says that the minister himself will be there. They have chosen Hogwarts because they believe that she will be comfortable over there. He has added that he won't have called her at such a short notice were it not urgent.

She sighs before closing her eyes. She has very bad feeling about this. As much as she wishes to simply deny Severus's request, she knows that she won't. He was her mentor and is her godfather. She can't disrespect him. So she does what she can. She crumples the letter and throws it inside the fireplace.

Ten minutes later find her flooing over to headmaster's office dressed in a green top and an above knee length muggle skirt.


"Have you sent the letter?" Harry asks before taking a large chunk of the lion meat inside his mouth. He hums in satisfaction. It's fresh and raw, just he likes it. He licks his fingers, one by one and looks at Zabini. The man is gritting his teeth and his otherwise blank eyes are bright with disgust. Harry takes another bite of meat in his hands and eats it. The gravy trickles down his wrist. He makes a show of licking his wrists clean.

"Yes, but I don't understand why me?" Zabini asks tersely.

"You are old chums aren't you? She will believe it if it comes from your mouth." Harry replies eying the cut that Harry made on Zabini's wrist so that Zabini could write the letter in his blood. Draco is as smart as they come. Harry knows that she would need proof. Blood is a proof enough.

He takes another large bite and enjoys watching Zabini cringe.

"It's time you accepted what you are." Harry murmurs before taking a gulp of the animal's blood from his goblet. He wipes the remnants of the red liquid trickling down his chin with the back of his hand.

"Talk for yourself Potter. I would rather not-"

"Alpha." Harry interrupts him in a cold voice, his lips upturning in a smirk as his savage eyes meet Zabini's furious ones.

The man mutters, "Alpha", through gritted teeth.

The fact that Harry despises Zabini for having a relationship with Draco Malfoy, his mate, throughout their years in school is not a secret between them.

"If you think that you can trap Draco in this forest with yourself, then you are sorely mistaken." Zabini suddenly murmurs, his eyes smug.

Harry growls before punching the table with his left hand, "Don't toe the line Zabini. You would rather not have my wrath upon your head now, would you."

That subdues the other man.

"May I leave?" Zabini asks blankly.

"Yes." Harry replies before looking back at his meal.

"Tell Bella that this is delicious and send Parkinson here." Harry mutters.

Zabini whirls around before snarling, "Stop manipulating her."

"I have never manipulated anyone." Harry mutters calmly before licking his fingers clean and taking a sip of the blood.

Zabini grimaces before continuing, his eyes partly disgusted and partly furious, "She is under the impression that you will claim her."

"I have made it very clear that I won't. She knows that Malfoy is my destined mate."


"No buts Zabini. What we do is no concern of yours. It's her choice and her decision." Harry drawls before leaning back and stretching his hands on either sides of his shoulders.

"Draco hates you. She will never accept you." Zabini's eyes are bright and smug as he murmurs.

However when Harry replies in an equally smug voice, "The feeling is mutual.", he loses the triumph in his eyes and turns around to leave, his back stiff.

"Tell me when you hear from her."

Zabini doesn't stay to witness Harry's loud and sadistic laughter but Harry is sure that the man hears it.


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