Twisted Reality Thus Untwisted

BY : Mansi Jain
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Two months Later

"I am going to bring him home today and I am going to try something new, something I have never tried. I am going to feed him a lust potion today, after taking his consent, of course. I liked fucking him and I am going to do it daily and he will agree because he needs money and you are a good for nothing bastard who can do nothing except lick his father's and Voldemort's boots."

Harry shoots up with a scream that leaves his mouth and echoes throughout the manor. He doesn't need the dream to continue to relive the memory. He remembers it very well. This is not his first nightmare and it won't be his last.

He takes his head in his hands and takes deep breaths, trying to get a hold of the despair that is threatening to engulf him. It was all so sick. He was so sick.

Only a couple of months have passed since that day and not a single night passes when he doesn't have nightmares. They are about his memories and they are mostly connected to Draco, Scorpius and Sirius. He is yet to apologize from Scorpius because he will need to meet the blonde in order to do that. Harry knows that it's better to keep the distance. He did happen to come across the boy twice and the way Scorpius looked at him- it was clear that Scorpius is not over what happened and is very unhealthily infatuated with him.

Just a week ago, Remus met him and told him that Sirius has become a recluse. Severus divorced him and Sirius has become a shadow of his prior self. Harry knows that he should meet the man and get some closure but he can't bring himself to do that.

"Dad." The door opens and his son comes inside, dressed in pajamas, his eyes alarmed, "Dad what's the matter? Did you have another nightmare?"

Harry looks silently at his son. It's something they started doing a while back. Harry stares silently at Albus who somehow understands what Harry is trying to tell him.

"Was it about Scorpius?" He asks and Harry looks at him with tortured eyes.

"He is fine. You need to forgive yourself. It's over and he is fine. He is recovering." Albus murmurs a bit sharply, his green eyes intelligent and serious.

"You don't know exactly what I-"

"I don't need to know. Scorpius refuses to tell. He says that it's personal and that he doesn't want anyone to know."

Harry breathes heavily, "But I-"

"It's okay dad. You - all of you need closure. Draco, Scorpius and you- all of you need to get out of the four walls you have created around yourself." Albus murmurs and Harry stares at him, wondering about Draco.

"Draco - he has started drinking again. He works though. He sells cakes through owl orders during day time. He talks to Scorpius and spends time with him and he drinks at night. Scorpius told me that he doesn't want to bake anymore. He is doing it for money. Draco just wants to wallow in his misery. He apologizes almost daily from Scorpius and talks about you when he is drunk and then forgets all about what he said the next morning." Albus stops and then takes a deep breath, "Scorpius is not over you. I know you don't want to talk about him but you must know this. Scorpius needs to talk to you. He needs you in his life- even if as a friend. You care about Scorpius, don't you?"

Harry nods. Two months ago, Harry told Albus not to mention anything about Scorpius or Draco in front of him and his son agreed.

"Then meet him. He needs you in his life. As much as it pains me to say so, he likes you. I don't understand in what aspect and he doesn't understand it too." Albus stops and Harry freezes when he notices his son's damp eyes.

"But Draco is never going to forgive you and you seemed to like Scorpius back then. If Scorpius likes you too, you can explore whatever this is."

Harry stares at his son's shiny eyes. Albus is trying to be brave. Harry knows how much Albus loves Scorpius.

"I am twice his age. How can you- it was not right Albus. I was sick."

"No! You need to understand. The fact that you were just punishing Draco through Scorpius was sick. But you liked him. I saw it in your eyes. Exploring this - this thing to get closure is not wrong. If you decide to give it a shot later on, I won't feel bad and gradually, I will get over Scorpius. I can't see him like this dad. He needs closure and you do too. You can't live like this. This is not healthy. Move on. It's high time. Forget Sirius. You have me now. I am your family. Why do you need Sirius. He is and always will be a bastard in my eyes. Just - just meet Scorpius and talk to him. Maybe all you need is to talk."

Albus finishes the speech with a couple of swallows and Harry stares at his son, stunned speechless.

"Meet him today. Maybe everything will be fine when you finally talk. Okay? Okay dad?" He asks, his hand enclosed around Harry's wrist.

Harry nods quietly.

"I am going to meet him. I will bring him here and then I will go to Draco. I am going to ask him to help me with potions." Albus says and before Harry can argue, he walks out of the room, leaving a very unsure Harry Potter in his wake.


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