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Author's Note: This story is DH compliant, with the one exception being that Fleur and Bill never got together.

Chapter 1
Game of Wombs

Harry sighed as he looked out over the party. It had been three years since the final battle, and it was once again Harry Potter's birthday. The-Man-Who-Won. Such was his fame after triumphing over Voldemort that Harry found it difficult to create new relationships that were meaningful. Even more so than when he'd been in school, people seemed to only see his legend when they met him for the first time, and perhaps that was why he was in the position he was in now.

This lack of sincerity made him even more nervous about approaching someone about what was on his mind. He'd thought about approaching Ron and Hermione but… somehow, even if they both agreed to help, it seemed like Harry had no chance of surviving his own embarrassment.

His life had never been a dull one, but Harry couldn't help but feel strained at how everything seemed to happen to him, often before he realized it was coming. That's what it had felt like anyway when Kingsley had pulled him aside a few days ago and told him about some… responsibilities he hadn't been aware of.

Merlin, Harry grumbled internally. Why couldn't someone have told me this before I told Ginny I just needed some time to myself before considering a relationship?

He had parted ways with Ginny shortly after the battle, and while the more permanent break hadn't been acrimonious, she didn't seem to be an option any longer. His eyes searched and then found her, but his eyes lingered on the man she was sitting next to.

I guess I shouldn't really have expected her to just wait around, but I didn't expect her to get engaged, Harry thought. And definitely not to Finch-Fletchley.

His party was being held in a large event hall, with generous tables topped with generous portions of food and alcohol. Perhaps a few of his friends had found it odd that he wanted to hold such a big birthday party, his distaste for crowds and attention was quite notorious, but he needed a way to consider his options. A huge birthday bash was the perfect excuse to have everyone in one place for him to study.

The party was quite lavish, another odd feature for people who knew Harry well, but all things considered it was better to spend some of the fortune he had inherited on this than let it go to waste if he ended up failing at this new task.

He also thought, somewhat cynically, that perhaps a reminder of his vast wealth would entice some of those who knew him well enough to shy away from his mercurial and sometimes frustrating personality.

Am I really going to go through with this? Harry thought. He still hadn't quite decided. I could cash in part of my fame after, and retire to just become some hermit. There was a certain kind of appeal to that idea.

But it wasn't really the loss of money that had made Harry seriously consider moving forward with his new mission. No, it was the other consequences that steeled his resolve, and finding himself now properly motivated, Harry stepped forward to start mingling with the crowd. It was time to check out his options.

Daphne glanced to the left as the final seat at her table was filled, the straight brown hair and mousy features of Katie Bell catching her brief notice.

Interesting that she would choose to sit at my table, Daphne thought. There were six other girls besides herself and Katie at the table as well, but that didn't matter. Any table that Daphne sat at was her table.

"'Ello zere…" the painfully attractive French witch to Daphne's right greeted. Clearly Fleur didn't know Katie.

"Katie, Katie Bell," the woman clarified warmly, reaching her hand over Daphne's plate to shake the French woman's hand. Daphne sniffed in annoyance, glaring at the hand that was invading her space. "I know you from the Tournament of course, but who is that next to you?" Katie asked. "The resemblance is uncanny. Your sister I presume?"

"Oui," Fleur answered, letting go of Katie's hand and motioning toward the slightly smaller but every bit as beautiful witch next to her. "Zis eez my sister, Gabby."

"I didn't know that you knew Harry," Katie said, giving a bright smile to the younger woman.

"'E knows Fleur from ze tournament of course," Gabby replied. "Zat is where 'e met me also. 'E rescued me from ze lake." Katie's eyes dawned in recognition. The girl now looked like a young woman, and she hadn't immediately connected her appearance to the more child-like figure Harry had pulled out of the water seven years prior.

Katie glanced around the rest of the table. The rest of the girls she was spending the evening with she knew from the DA, which had been why she came over. After her experiences in sixth year, she would recognize Luna, Susan, Padma, and Parvati anywhere. Well, maybe not Padma and Parvati if they decided to dress the same.

They talked through dinner, moving on to drinks afterward as they all caught up with each other's lives. It was after they had all finished their third drink and were all preparing a fourth, when Luna spoke into the silence with an observation that caught everyone's attention.

"He looks so sad." Her voice was even and serene, like it always was, but it held a hint of compassion. They all turned to follow her gaze and realized she was staring at Harry who was currently a few tables away, laughing at a joke some girl they didn't recognized seemed to be telling.

"He's laughing," Parvati said confused.

"Only on the outside," Luna replied confidently. They all looked again. Luna was right, they all saw it. The moment his laugh came to an end his features were strained for a moment, like he was forcing himself into the smile he was holding.

"What do you think the problem is?" Susan asked.

"Is he dating anyone?" Padma suggested. "Perhaps they're having a rough patch, or just broke up."

"He's not dating anyone," Daphne said, "and that's what's bothering him."

Everyone turned toward the blond haired girl, her Nordic features always striking to those Daphne allowed to look.

"What do you mean?" Katie asked confused.

"And 'ow would you know?" Fleur added.

Normally Daphne wouldn't have interjected like she had. The Slytherin thing to do was to covet the information she had and use it to her advantage. She knew exactly why Potter had decided to throw a big birthday bash this year, having her own personal sources inside the Ministry and more than a passing familiarity with family magic and old magical Houses.

But they had all been indulging in the free alcohol quite extensively, and the liquid magic had made her much more open that she was otherwise inclined to be.

"I have my sources," Daphne said with a sniff to Fleur. She turned toward Katie. "Harry just learned from the Minister about his responsibilities as the last Potter."

Susan's eyes widened in seeming realization, but Padma was still looking at Daphne confused.

"What responsibilities?"

Daphne and Susan shared a look before the red-headed girl turned to the Indian-born witch and began to explain.

"Your family isn't native to Britain, so you wouldn't be aware of this, but there are a group of families here which are very old that have some special… rights and responsibilities." She paused and looked at Daphne. The blond girl rolled her eyes and continued where Susan left off.

"The families which Susan was talking about, and that includes the Potters, were all strong magical families back in the days of Merlin. You've head of family magic before?"

"Yes," Parvati said, "many families in India have family magic."

"One of the reasons that pureblood ideology is such a common problem in Britain in particular is because this special set of families had their family magic… enhanced by Merlin. It was one of his last gifts to the wizarding society that he and others like him helped create."

"But Merlin wanted to make sure that the magic he made never died, you see," Susan interrupted. "So he tied it into the families very strongly, and made sure that there was no way it could die out."

"'Ow did 'e tie eet in?" Gabby asked curiously.

"In addition to whatever magic the family already possessed," Daphne explained, "members of that family would have more magical power than most, and be more likely to live far into old age if nothing happened to them.

"It was one of the reasons that Riddle's plan of killing off all the Potters was so rash. When Harry was the only Potter left, all of the family magic rested with him which gave him a great deal of raw power."

"Wow," Padma said softly, eyes wide. "That explains why he's always been so powerful."

"Yes," Parvati agreed glancing at her sister, "but it doesn't explain why he would be sad."

"It's because of how Merlin was able to give this power boost to these families. He tied it directly into the ancestry itself, so if a family ever lost their family magic, their history and accomplishments and memories would magically fade from the world."

Katie, Parvati, Padma, Fleur, and Gabby all looked shocked, but Luna was only frowning.

"Why would Harry be in danger of losing his family magic?" Katie asked, glancing at the dashing young man who had moved one table closer.

"Because of how Merlin ensured that the magic itself would never truly be lost," Susan answered. When Katie looked at her expectantly, hoping for a better answer, Susan only blushed and looked away.

"If a family that Merlin helped ever came to be in a position where they had no members of their family which were below the age of 23, the family magic would leave them and pass to their most closely related family," Daphne elaborated. "Harry is the very last Potter."

"Can't Harry do anything?" Padma asked, but Parvati was looking down next to her starting to blush like Susan had.

"Yes," Daphne said, showing the Indian woman a feral grin. "He can make more Potters."

Understanding dawned on the rest of the girls at the table, and several seconds of silence passed until Fleur asked a hesitant question.

"Why… why ze age of 23?"

"Are you familiar with numerology?" Susan asked.

"Oui, but I 'ave not 'eard of ze importance of zat number."

"Not surprising," Daphne commented with a bit of a smirk. "The number 23 is only really magically important to magic related to ancestry."

Another few moments of silence passed.

"So…" Padma started slowly. "Harry needs to have kids within the next two years, which realistically means he needs to find someone to have them with within one year, or he risks losing all that magic?"

"More than that," Susan said. "He'd slowly lose what few memories he has of his own family, as would everyone in the magical world. It's why no one realized that the Peverell's had been important and powerful. When they died off, their magic and ancestry was absorbed into their closest relatives: the Potters."

"He'd lose all of his inherited wealth also," Daphne said pointedly.

"Wait, eez zat why we are all 'ere?" Gabby asked, the first to understand how this information was related to their current activities. "We are being… interviewed to 'ave 'is child?"

Her face blossomed into a furious blush, as did several of the other women at the table.

"Harry wouldn't be looking at it that way," Susan said. "But… essentially yes."

"Are all Englishmen pigs?" Fleur asked exasperated. "Interviewed indeed."

"Excellent," Daphne said. "I don't want any competition that I have to… take care of."

Susan looked at Daphne surprised.

"You're going to accept if he offers?"

"Of course," Daphne said with a self-satisfied smile. "And he will offer. Why wouldn't he? I'm beautiful, cultured, and intelligent… I come from another old family and so can handle the aspect of his situation which makes him uncomfortable… I know how to deal with all the attention which he so obviously loathes… I am the perfect choice, and I will be his choice.

"And then why wouldn't I accept?" Daphne continued, getting more into her rant in her slightly drunk state. "He's handsome, filthy rich, and no matter who you are he's the kind of guy that will pamper and adore you once you're carrying his child. That is rare enough on its own, whether or not I feel… love." She had almost sneered the last word.

Another silence passed over the table as the sounds of the party around them filled the moment.

"You know what Daphne, you've convinced me," Susan said, her rosy face as much a product of the drinking as it was her declaration. "Harry is exactly the kind of guy that every girl talks about wanting. He has flaws, but they're easy to look past for everything he provides." Susan smirked at Daphne. "And I think I've got you beat, because I will actually try to give him love if I can at all, which is what he actually wants more than anything."

Daphne rolled her eyes.

"If you're my only competition, Suzy, I won't even have to 'take care' of anything. Between you and me it's no contest."

The French sisters had been whispering to each other while Susan and Daphne traded blows in their drunken battle of wits, but before Susan could send back another volley Fleur looked up and spoke.

"What makes you zink eet will just be you two competing?" Fleur smiled mischievously. "You 'ave forgotten, I zink, zat 'Arry 'as ze same problem with ze Black family." All the other girls at the table except Gabby looked at Fleur in surprise. "Oui, you 'ad forgotten. Eef 'e does not 'ave two children, from two different women, zen ze responsibility for Black will fall to Teddy, 'is godson. Do any of you zink 'Arry would let 'is godson be burdened like zat eef 'e can 'elp?"

Fleur grinned and motioned to Gabby.

"'E will be looking for two women, not one, and why would 'e not choose two French Veela girls. Sisters even!" Fleur's red cheeks betrayed her inebriation as she continued. "Ze pitch to 'im will make itself!" She turned her voice higher in octave. "Oh, 'Arry, you saved both me and my sister, now we will save you. Two Veela sisters, one for each family. Just look at young Gabrielle! She's only 17, you know. Just barely legal. Doesn't she look irresistible, mon chérie?"

The girls gawked at her, and Gabby looked down blushing at red alert, but it was obvious that the younger girl thought the idea was brilliant.

"But why have sisters," Parvati said drawing the table's attention, "when he could have twins?" She looked at Padma who was giggling and nodding. "Oh, the Frenchies have their fancy accent…" Parvati's voice changed and a clearly Indian accent came out. "But that is not the only exotic place in the world." She continued, grinning, in her clearly practiced voice, though it was raised a bit like Fleur had done. "Harry, wouldn't you like to see just how identical we are? Compare every inch of our smooth, caramel skin? You know if you choose us that all of your kids will be genetic siblings, no matter which family they are put in."

Padma couldn't help it in her inebriated state and burst into laughter. After calming herself, Padma decided to add something to Parvati's imaginary sales pitch.

"You know Harry, we'll play with each other too."

Parvati, for the first time ever, was shocked into embarrassment by her normally straight-laced twin. It's always the quiet ones.

"None of you get Harry," Susan said with a giggle. "It's all about family to him, that's all he's ever really cared about. And who would be the best partner and mother here? Me!" She moved her own voice up, as it now became obvious every girl would when demonstrating their plan of action. "You need to pick someone who would be a good mother, Harry. I mean, look at me, look at these." Susan reached up boldly and gave her two soft globes a squeeze. "If you know anyone who's baby-factory material, it's me."

Gabby nearly choked on her drink at this statement, and for a few seconds the teasing stopped as they helped the girl.

"I think I'd be able to convince him," Luna said softly after the excitement passed. "I'm not as pretty or as interesting as most of you are, but I'm simple, and Harry likes simple." She smiled gently. "I'd just tell Harry that I'd obey any order he gave me and that I'd be his little sex slave. No boy would say no to that."

Several seconds of silence passed before Dephne cut in.

"If that's what you want Luna, why don't you leave the family names to us and you can just ask to be a consort."

Luna looked thoughtful at this and began to tap her chin.

"I think I have a pretty good pitch too," Katie said, everyone turning to look at her while Luna thought. Katie's voice pitched up, and she laid it out. "I'm pretty plain compared to most your options Harry, but you know what I have that they don't? Imagination and a love of adventure! Sure, the other girls might be nice to look at, but none of them will be more adventurous and dirty than I will." She smirked. "Do you think any of those other girls would beg you to go ass-to-mouth after you finish?"

This time it was Susan's turn to nearly choke, her face turning nearly as deeply red as her hair.

"Very well then," Daphne said, looking around the table. "The game is set. First two to pregnancy wins."

"And the rest become consorts," Luna added with a smile. She looked at their wide eyes and continued in a tone that said her point should be obvious. "To fill out the family lines."

After recovering Parvati grabbed each of their glasses and began to fill them up with new drinks.

"Parv, I've had enough," Padma complained, still giggling every so often.

"If we win Pads, you won't be able to drink for a while," Parvati replied, filling up the last glass. Every other girl at the table, even Daphne, began to blush at this statement, but they each took the glass that Parvati offered them and held it up.

"Good luck," Daphne said with a smirk, "you're aaaaallll going to need it."

"Let's get smashed while we still can," Parvati agreed enthusiastically.

They all raised their glasses in a mock toast and tipped them back. An excitement settled into all of them, just under the skin, and for a moment they each disappeared into their own heads, deciding how to best move forward. That is until Katie's voice brought them all back.

"Look alive girls," she said with a smirk. "The game has begun." She was looking past Parvati who was almost directly across from her, and as they all turned to follow her gaze they realized that Harry was now approaching their table for the 'interview'.

"Hello ladies," he greeted them with a smile. "I haven't seen most of you in a while, but I hope to see more of you in the future."

At this the entire table of girls burst into uproarious laughter and Harry just looked at them confused.

That's strange, every other girl at this party has tried to flirt with me. He shrugged his shoulders as they continued to laugh hysterically, like he wasn't even there. I suppose this means that none of them would be interested.

Harry gave the table a polite chuckle and moved past, on to the rest of his 'interviews'.

Merlin, I hope I find someone I can stand.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this. I'm still working on The Brightest Witch, obviously, and I know some of you probably wish I'd posted a chapter of that instead of something much less serious like this. But a story like this one is really necessary for me to not burn out on the stories that I put more effort into. I don't have a deep, pre-planned plot for this, just a rough outline. I don't have an ending planned. This will be much more light-hearted and humorous than The Brightest Witch or the other fic I'm currently working on For Every Day After (which is a very serious tone Domme Hermione/sub Harry romance set after Deathly Hallows).

But the plus side of that is you can absolutely make suggestions! The only suggestion that (probably) won't be taken into account is a request to add more girls to the mix. It's these eight. Think of this story as something like Game of Thrones meets a group of eight girls with a pregnancy fetish for the same guy. Actually, that is almost exactly what this story is, now that I think about it.

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Well, now I know what to name the first chapter.

Anyway, updates to this story will come whenever I need a break from doing other things and have an idea for a chapter. I do have ideas that get us all the way to the 'good parts', and hopefully this story will have a few more chapters added over the next week so we get there. It won't be long until we get to it, trust me, but it's also not just a series of one shots, it'll actually tell (some kind) of story.

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