My Naive Wife

BY : Mansi Jain
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She knows that she shouldn't spy on her best friends. 

"Do you want to try it again?"

Still, Draco listens in as Blaise talks to Pansy. She knows that eavesdropping is not polite and it's certainly not what she came here for. She just returned from France. She wanted to celebrate her success but Harry wasn't home and she didn't want to disturb him.

"Try what, Blaise?" Pansy murmurs and Draco presses her ear close to their door. She wonders what they're talking about. They were acting weirdly last Monday. Pansy was not looking at Blaise at all who seemed really nervous. It was completely unlike her friends and she was curious. But they won't tell her anything so Draco knows that it's not right but she is just so curious and what they don't know won't hurt them, will it?

"You really want me to spell it out?" Blaise asks, seeming impatient.

When Pansy doesn't reply, he continues, "Did I hurt you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." Pansy replies and Draco can just imagine her regarding her nails arrogantly.

"You know what I mean but I will spell it out for you if that's what you want - BDSM, whips and spanking-"

"Mistress Draco." Wimsy murmurs from somewhere behind Draco. Blood rushes to her face and very slowly, she stands up to look at the elf.

"Don't tell them that I came. I'll come later." Draco says, embarrassed upon being caught and angry on Pansy's behalf. How dare Blaise talk about spanking his own wife. Draco never knew that his best friend was a brute. Why does he want to beat Pansy. She doesn't wait for the elf's answer and storms out of the house and apparates after closing the door behind her.

She doesn't what BDSM or a whip is but she does know what spanking means. Maybe Draco should tell Harry and together they can save her best friend. But first she should do some research.

Instead of going back to her house, she heads towards the library. A woman with round spectacles is seated behind a mahogany desk. Draco wonders if she is the librarian.

"Excuse me. Are you the librarian?" Draco says. She can just ask this kind old lady instead of searching the entire library.

"Yes, my dear." The lady says. The library is quite large and nice. the woman is dressed in a cream colored gown. She has long white hair and a wrinkled face.

"I was wondering if you could help me find a book." Draco murmurs and places her hands on the edge of the table before leaning forward. The lady smiles encouragingly.

"Do you have any books on BDSM?" Draco asks politely. What happens next would have been funny if if weren't so humiliating. The lady's face turns red, like, literally her cheeks turn completely red and her eyes widen comically. Her lips part in an O and her hands tremble.

Slowly, her face turns white and her eyes narrow, "Is this some kind of a joke? I won't have any of your perversions in my library."

"I only wanted to know about BDSM. Am I laughing? Of course, this is not a joke. Do you have a book that could tell me everything about BDSM and whips. I really want to read it." Draco finishes and the lady's face turns red again. Her nostrils flare and she breathes heavily. Enraged, she stands up and picks up her umbrella and screams at Draco, "Get out. Get out, you pervert. Get out of my library."

Draco stares at her, stunned and unable to understand the reason of the woman's anger. But then the lady lifts her umbrella to hit her and she has no time to ponder over it. So she flees away.

Furious, Draco decides to stop by the bookshop near her house. Atleast the receptionist is a man in his early thirties and not a senile old woman and he won't try to beat her to a pulp for being curious and polite. It's a small shop and Draco walks inside. It's mostly empty. The receptionist smiles at her. She doesn't remember his name.

"Hello, there." He greets her politely.

"Do you have a book on BDSM?" Draco asks and the man gapes at her. She smiles encouragingly before continuing, "Do you? I really need it."

Suddenly, the man's demeanor changes and he licks his lips and winks lewdly at her. Alarmed, she backs off and flees out of the shop. Once out of the shop, she kicks his door and peaks in to find him doubled over with laughter and there's a young woman beside him who's chuckling and shaking her head at Draco. Draco glares at both of them and stomps towards the nearest apparition point. She should just ask Harry.

Harry missed Draco. She was gone for just two days but he still missed her terribly. He knows that she bagged the deal and so he also knows that they'll celebrate tonight. That's why Harry finds himself staring at his dear wife in confusion and surprise as she paces in front of the fireplace, her cheeks red with fury and her hands joined behind her. She's dressed in a short skirt and a tank top.

"What has got you in such a snit, Draco?" Harry asks and Draco stops pacing and stomps towards him. Her waist length hair are flowing behind her. Her beauty takes his breath away. She's looking stunning.

"I heard Pansy and Blaise talking about something today." She mutters furiously. She's really angry. Her eyes are flashing and her nostrils are flaring.

"And?" Harry murmurs before heading towards the kitchen, "Maybe we can discuss it over dinner. I'm starving."

"I baked plum cake and cooked pasta." She says and he helps her set the table.

She sits beside him and gazes at him with irritated eyes. He takes a huge bite of pasta and sips tea.

"He wants to spank her and they were talking about BDSM."

Harry is so gobsmacked that he literally spits the hot liquid on the table and starts coughing. The words seem so out of place on her. His Draco doesn't know anything about BDSM. She doesn't and for two horrible seconds he wonders if she found his secret BDSM dungeon. It's been two years since he went there. It's hidden behind a large portrait and he has not opened the room ever since he got married. Draco lived a sheltered life and spent most of it buried in books. She was never really interested in relationships and Harry was the first man she dated. Belatedly, he realizes that she heard Blaise and Pansy talking so she doesn't know about his dungeon.

He heaves a huge sigh of relief.

"Harry, what is BDSM?" She asks. He stares at her, trying to figure out an answer for his naive wife. He does miss his dungeon but he doesn't want to scare Draco off. She is too innocent.

"Love, it's nothing you need to worry about." He murmurs and takes her hands in his. He smiles at her and caresses her knuckles, trying to distract her. He even leans closer to her.

But she is very stubborn.

"He wants to spank her. We need to save Pansy." She declares righteously. Harry presses his lips together and tries hard not to burst into laughter.

"I never knew that he was such a monster." She says, "We have to save Pansy. She is my best friend, Harry."

He nods and breathes hard through his nose. He shouldn't laugh and he wouldn't. If he laughed, she would get suspicious and then she won't let him rest in peace unless he sates her curiosity.

"I went to a library and asked the stupid old librarian if she had any books on BDSM that I could borrow and she won't answer me. She tried to hit me you know. She called me a pervert. Senile old woman!" She mutters indignantly.

He can't help it now. He bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

"Why are you laughing at me?" She asks in a shrill voice, "I went to a book shop and asked the shopkeeper and he winked at me and - and I ran away and then I saw him laughing with his wife. His wife was shaking her head at me."

Harry doubles over because it's just so Draco to be so naive and innocent and so adorable.

"Harry." She pushes Harry up and their eyes meet. Her eyes have a determined glint in them.

"No no no no. I'm not telling you anything about it." He declares and starts getting up.

She pulls him back on the chair and mumbles, "Tell me. Please. Pretty please." It's so unfair. How can she melt his resolve with a few well placed words.

He looks at her and takes a few deep breathes and murmurs, "Some people like being spanked by their partners. BDSM means 'Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, Sadism and Masochism'. He was not beating her. It must have been mutual."

She turns red and her lips open in an O.

"Don't want to know anything else, eh?" He teases her.

She nods and gets up. He waits for her to say something but she doesn't. She looks adorable and her eyes are wide with something akin to innocent surprise. Her cheeks have turned quite red and she won't look at him at all. 

He suppresses his urge to laugh. Judging from her red face and red ears, he is sure that she won't raise the topic again. She flees away and he snickers when she stumbles on the way. 

After she goes to sleep, he visits his dungeon. It's just like he had left it. He casts a few cleaning charms and smiles. He does miss this but he knows that Draco doesn't have a single submissive bone in her body. He locks the door and heads back towards the bedroom.

He was so sure that she will simply stay away from everything connected to BDSM that he forgot to hide the door and right now as he's frozen on the entryway while he watches her touching the whips and paddles and blindfolds and handcuffs with open curiosity, he wonders how could he have been so wrong about her. She's clearly not scared. She's interested and curious and when Draco is curious, she is adamant. No matter how much he tries to convince her, she won't budge.

As if she has heard his mental dialogue, she whirls around. A stupid part of him believes that she will run away but of course she doesn't.

She smiles shyly, completely unlike his over-talkative and blunt wife and murmurs, "I was curious." and slowly her cheeks turn pink, "I want to talk to you about this."

He gapes at her, wondering if his wonderful, brave, innocent and adorable wife will ever cease to amaze him.

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