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Disclaimer: The author does not own Harry Potter, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Beastiality (Male/Female Horse), Implied Infidelity

Summary: The horses and his wife were all he needed. If he could buy his horses dresses and shoes, he would. [Harry/female horse]


With the Mares

After they were married, Harry and Ginny Potter moved to his family ancestral lands outside of Godric’s Hollow in Wales. The manor had been destroyed before Harry had been born, but the grounds were fertile and beautiful. They decided to turn it into a farm, aided by magic. Ginny had loved growing up on the homestead at the Burrow and Harry had always longed for the simple life the Weasleys led, full of love and family if not wealth.

Harry ended up loving the farm life so much that he quit the auror department altogether and went to farming full time. Ginny didn’t mind, but worried Harry might be lonely when she was busy with her career playing quidditch on the Holyhead Harpies. Harry’s loneliness was easily solved, but not in any way Ginny would approve of, so he told her he was perfectly fine with a little solitude since he never really got that outside their home, what with being the famous Boy-Who-Lived come Man-Who-Conquered. Ginny was appeased and life continued apace.

In July of their fourth year with the farm, Harry Potter bought two horses. One day when he was out feeding the horses, one of the mares started backing up her arse toward him. The mare would sniff Harry’s crotch and moved her arse toward him then raised up her tail and flopped it around. He had never owned horses before, just rode them on occasion, so this was something he hadn't realized they did.

He looked at the mare's pussy, and he got a hard-on instantly. Before long he was rubbing her pussy beneath her tail. The mare looked at him and squirted a shot of slippery liquid, pee like substance, but it was lubricated and had an erotic smell.

Harry led them both to their stalls and as he closed the door of the stall, the mare pushed back toward him again and sniffed his crotch.

She licked him through his trousers and he figured, what the hell, so he cast a soap charm at the mare’s fanny. He then conjured a towel and rubbed the mare's pussy clean and she just lifted her tail and let him do it. He then wiped it with the another conjured towel. She squirted that juice out again and backed into him.

He leaned forward and licked her long black cunny; she whinnied and backed up even more, giving her approval.

Harry grabbed her hips and licked her long black pussy up and down as she continued to move her arse toward him in enjoyment. Her pussy got wetter and sweeter the longer he licked. Amazingly, it had a slightly salty taste and was full of sex pheromones that had him horny as hell.

After a few minutes, he stuck his fingers into her pussy and she seemed satisfied. Then he pulled out his dick and got onto a milk crate. Before he could move to fuck her, she backed up to him, pushing for his dick. Harry eased it into her black hot hole and slowly began to shag her.

He backed off enough to get a look at it and when he was pulling out of her, pink pussy lips, like a woman, came out slightly attached to his dick. He continued to fuck her and she threw that pussy back on him with every outward stroke he made.

The horse turned to look at Harry with big eyes and they continued to fuck slowly for the next ten minutes or so until he could not hold back. He began slamming home into that hot pussy, in and out, side to side, he fucked into that pussy until he started to cum.

When he came the horse tightened that black velvety hole around his dick and he was in ecstasy.

He pulled out and walked to the front of her stall, naked from the waist down, his half-limp dick before him. Harry’s horse dropped her head and licked his dick several times in long, powerful swipes of her course tongue.

He got hard again.

Harry went back to the milk crate, playing with her pussy as long strands of his cum dripped from her pussy. He entered her again, slowly fucking this new pussy that had loosened up on his dick.

He leaned over her, stroking her back and arse with his hands as he continued to slowly shag her with his thick 8-inch dick.

The mare had such good pussy that he pulled out and knelt down licking her again, very gently. Like a woman she responded by pushing back onto his face and whinnying as his tongue delicately flicked across her fanny.

Then he mounted her again and slowly over the course of about twenty minutes, Harry fucked her like a woman, slowly pushing deep into her, rotating his hips to grind down into her hot, velvety black hole. He felt the urge to cum again and grabbed her hips, pressing tight into her pussy and began bucking in and out at a steady pace. She responded by tightening her pussy as he busted his nut into her pussy, grinding to keep the friction there.

He remained hard as ever and continued to fuck his horse, Daisy, as she continued to wiggle her arse in delight to the long, hard dick that was filling her bottom with cum. He fucked another twenty minutes before busting his nut again in her pussy.

He dismounted, walked around to the front of her and rubbed her head as she licked his dick. Harry got hard again, but he was spent, his stomach muscles and legs slightly tired from standing behind Daisy and shagging her for more than an hour.

He rested and later that day fed the horses again and let them out to pasture. Over the following weeks it was pretty much the same, him fucking Daisy or Roxie, the older mare, who had birthed two colts before and whose pussy was not as tight.

Eventually, he began fucking them in the asshole too. It's a tight, very erotic fit and a compliment to the pussy, but by no means is it as sinfully sweet as those black pussies that grab and milk his dick.

Harry’s wife was happier now, since Harry seemed so happy on the farm and wasn’t pressuring her to stay home more, since she like to spend time with her teammates but Harry didn’t like to go out to party all that often.. He used to tell Ginny he would just spend time in Godric’s Hollow at the pub, drink a little and play billiards with the muggles, but he was actually going to see hismistress of three years, a young, hot muggle woman whose car loan he had been paying.

Harry now kept his money in his vault since no longer paying Amanda to be there for him sexually. The horses and his wife were all he needed. If he could buy his horses dresses and shoes, he would. They had the best pussy he’s ever fucked in his life and they were always ready. Years later, when he purchased a pony for his daughter, Lily, he was delighted to discover the joys of fucking the new addition to their barn as well. She was the perfect height for fucking and he loved the pony’s tight pussy around his dick even more than the larger mares. His only troubles lay in keeping his excited daughter away from her beloved pony enough for him to get at those black pussies as often as he wished, but it was a small price to pay for the benefits.



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