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Disclaimer: The author does not own Harry Potter, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Homosexual Sex, Underage Sex (minor(5)/Adult), Child Abuse/Rape, Scat

Summary: I love you, Teddy. And this is what lovers do. [Harry/Teddy]


What Lovers Do


Harry Potter was 23 years old, single, never married, and a pedophile. He’s a little bisexual. That is, he loved having sex with women, and an occasional man. When it came to kids, though, his preferences for little boys far outweighed his desire to molest a little girl. He had never had the guts or the opportunity to molest a child. It had been mainly wanking to pictures of good looking kids. Family pictures, or naturalist pictures or an occasional child porn movie clip he came across. But no real kids. He had resolved himself to the fact that he would never have sex with an underage boy or girl. That was that. But sometimes, things just happen. Opportunities fall into your lap for no apparent reason, and you have a choice to either take it, or regret it forever.

That is a good way to describe what happened on Saturday. His godson, Teddy Lupin, was adorable little 5 year old boy. A precocious little cherub that he loved tremendously, probably too much. Harry was generally more into older kids, prepubescent boys around 10 or 11 turned him on the most, which had helped keep him from giving into his urges with his godson. But for some reason, that day he fell in love with this boy. He was just so beautiful, gorgeous, adorable. When he said he fell in love with him, he guess he mean he fell in lust with him.

Harry needed to be close to his godson, and he would forever dream of getting him naked and just ravishing him. He was trying to get to know Teddy’s grandmother, Andromeda, a little at a time; didn't want to seem too eager. But he was getting some good opportunities for a feel here and there with little Teddy. But on Saturday, she flooed to Grimmauld Place and asked Harry if he could watch Teddy for the weekend while she went to her witches retreat in Switzerland, having changed her mind about bringing the boy along. Of course he said yes.

Oh, Harry was shaking as soon as Andromeda left, because he saw the perfect opportunity to molest a child. Not just any child, but his godson, and he would say Teddy was one of the cutest little boys he had ever seen in his life. And the kid was beginning to like him. He could tell.

He sat down with Teddy on his lap and he kissed his mouth. He had pecked the boy before, on his cheek and forehead. But this was a full, on-the-mouth kiss that lingered. Teddy seemed lost, looking around for his grandmother, even though he knew she just left. Harry let him know that men do kiss boys like that, only certain men. He convinced him that it's ok to kiss him back. He'll adapt he thought.

Harry was having his way with him, when he began to hold Teddy’s lips to his without struggle. He could feel his little boy breath from his nose, he could taste his lips. Their lips seemed to fit so perfectly together. More perfectly than any woman he ever kissed. Harry parted his lips with his tongue, licked them, taught him to love a special man's kiss, while his hands explored all over his young innocent body.

He could tell Teddy was looking for more kisses, as they played games with their tongues. He sucked on his tongue like a warm wet little cock, and he moaned audibly so he could hear it. Harry had him on his lap, his hands fully explored his cute little bum and moved under his shirt... Feeling his smooth bare skin while they kissed. Teddy was so tender.... Not the calloused young man you might expect from a rough and tumble little boy. And such a good lover... He kissed divinely. His grandmother would be proud of him. Harry held him... shifting him in his lap. He wanted Teddy to feel how large a bulge he'd given him, so he placed his hand on his hard cock. Holding Teddy’s wrist and rub...and rub....and rub.... Moaning and kissing him, pulling his shirt over his head.

Teddy’s bare chest was now exposed, he had the tiniest little nipples and his body gave off so much heat now that he had no shirt to contain it. He lay his shirt on the lounge beside him and moved him back against him, but as his fingers encircled one of his little nips, he felt it get taut and elevated. He even stopped their kiss... To suckle. Harry’s fingers slipped under Teddy’s shorts at the thigh, feeling, touching. His fingers crept up inside the leg of his shorts, feeling... He felt the bottoms of the boy’s underpants. He pushed further, then went back to kissing his mouth. Teddy felt uncomfortable for a moment, but he soon enjoyed the kissing. He's a wonderful kisser. It would be the first thing he do with him hereafter, and the last thing he do when they say good night when he and he crawl into bed together, his lover and he.

Harry opened Teddy’s shorts, his heart racing. He did not want him to know how excited he was, he did not want to scare him. But the little boy was a little scared anyway as the man tugged his shorts down. A boing... As Harry lifted the shorts over Teddy’s hard little cock... Sitting in his pants... Looking around for grandmother, but she's not around... Just man and boy.

He opened the buttons on his oxford shirt. “It’s what men and their boy lovers do, Teddy,” Harry assured him. Then he opened his own trousers.... “This is also natural, Teddy, just as this is....” As he took the little boy’s fingers and curled them around his cock. They didn't reach. He didn't expect them too, but they felt good, and he stroked him up and down. Getting him in rhythm.

Mmmmmmmmm. He's such a good boy, he listens so well... Harry kissed his mouth again, and Teddy kissed him back. As he saw his lips approach, he parted his lips and accepted his tongue willingly. His heart raced and his cock swelled with the child’s fingers up and down it...

He broke the kiss and pushed Teddy’s face down into his lap. Believe it or not, he was close to cumming already. He took his hair and pushed his face to his cock...

"Open your mouth, Teddy," he told him in a firm but gentle voice. He obeyed... "Now kiss the head Teddy, like you kissed my lips." Teddy kissed the head of Harry’s cock and when he did, it was like electricity shot through the man’s body. It was so exciting seeing the child’s small face, his cute little lips touch his adult erect cock.

He held his hair tighter. "Open up," he said. Harry was holding his cock in one hand, trying to put it in his mouth. Not only was his mouth was not open far enough, but Teddy’s little hands kept trying to push him away. Harry rubbed the precum covered cockhead against Teddy’s lips.

"C'mon honey, open up for me." Harry thought he could have cum just rubbing the head against his lips, but Teddy suddenly opened his mouth and he shoved his cock in.

It easily hit the back of his throat, and Teddy gagged. Harry released a little....... he's just a little boy.

"Catch your breath son," Harry told him, kissing him and holding him. Holding him like an adopted step dad parent-lover would. "It's ok," he told him and he settled down... He stroked his head and his arms.... And his back...holding him lovingly.

"Ok now Teddy, gonna try again, more gently this time. I’m gonna push the head into your mouth. Make a circle and let me in."

Teddy’s eyes are puffy and red but he's a good boy, and he's gonna listen. He formed the circle just as Harry asked. Then he looked up to him. As he pushed his still rigid oozing cock into the opening a bit more slowly.... He stroked the back of his neck...

He was gently fucking his mouth, his trousers were down around his ankles and his pants at knee height. Teddy’s mouth was accommodating the head as Harry eased it in and out. He was sitting on the edge of the lounge and leaning over between his legs. He was holding him down some but not much. He had his fingers between his legs from the backside, parting the boy’s legs and rubbing his balls, and playing with his tiny penis. Rolling it between his fingers. Teddy’s penis was about 2 inches long and skinny, but it felt so good between Harry’s fingers and it was so nicely rigid. He decided to lift him so he could take that cocklet into his mouth.

Harry lifted the small child high off the ground. Teddy had slobber all over his mouth and he wiped his lips on the back of his little hand. His feet touch Harry’s thighs and instinctively he put his feet down to stand on his legs. It hurt a little, but Harry didn't let it phase him as he opened his mouth and sucked Teddy in. His tiny, tiny penis. Teddy reached out and touched Harry’s shoulders to support himself.

It was like a piece of candy in his mouth, his little belly against the top of his head.... So tiny... Sucking Teddy’s little balls into his mouth too.

Harry’s fingers were roaming close to Teddy’s bum hole. He sucked him in, released him, sucked, released. He couldn't wait until the day the boy had something to release into his mouth. But he felt so good... His pinky finger found the little pucker of his backside. Touching it, wriggling it around, pressing...

Teddy got nervous and said, “I gotta pee, Uncle Harry." Harry knew it was an orgasm in the making. He sucked harder... His pinky tip began to part his tight backhole.

Teddy was oblivious to his probing as he came. Harry was sucking on the tiny penis and balls, and Teddy’s little knees gave out...... But he was holding him up.

Teddy tried to push his head away; he was spent and his little dicky was sensitive. Harry only sucked harder, not letting go. Teddy clenched his teeth, and he started to pee…he couldn't help it. Harry could feel his little penis shrinking in his mouth as he did so.

"Let me go," the boy said. Harry kept holding him tightly, the pee hitting the back of his mouth, not swallowing... Not spitting, just letting it run out and down Teddy’s hairless balls and into his crack.

"Let me goooooooooooooooo," Teddy said louder, and he squirmed quite a bit, almost pulling out of his mouth. But Harry didn't want to let him go until he settled down. He held tighter, biting down....

"Ow, you're hurting me"....... Harder... "Owwwwwwww stop". Harry shoved his finger in Teddy’s arse deeper to hold on. He could feel the tightness in his arse, and the child started to cry. Harry let go with his mouth, pee dripping off his chin.

He took hold of Teddy’s crying body and held him......... Stroking his hair... Holding him gently.

"You hurted me," he said as he sobbed.

Harry was nuzzling... Kissing him.... Holding him... Humming lightly... Teddy’s nose was running, Harry wiped his nose with his fingers... He was stroking his cock and he wiped Teddy’s snot on his cock. It was pretty slippery at first, but it dried quickly to a dull stickiness.

Teddy sniffled, "Can I go now?"

"No," Harry said quickly but softly and with conviction.

"How come I can't?..... I wanna go pway."

"Because you haven't helped me yet."

Harry brought Teddy down onto his lap... Facing away from him. His tiny little bum between Harry’s legs. He had his legs parted, on either side of Harry’s, hanging over his thighs. And his arm wrapped around the boy’s chest. Harry’s cock was still upright... Between the boy’s cheeks. The child fought him mildly to get down from his lap, but Harry held him in place. He was rubbing his godson’s soft bum against his cock and Teddy wasn't even aware.

He lifted his hips a little bit and pressed his hardness up against Teddy’s cheeks. Precum oozed from the head of Harry’s cock onto the child’s behind. He would definitely have to lube him a little, just the head inside, he’s telling himself, Teddy surely can't take more than that, just a little.

As Harry pushed upward, Teddy tried to wriggle away. The man’s cockhead is close to the his godson’s little anus. Harry thought to himself, he'll never handle this, but Harry didn't care. He put a hand under Teddy’s arse cheeks and pulled them to the sides, parting his cheeks. He spit into his hand and rubbed his saliva on his cock, then spit again and rubbed saliva in Teddy’s arse crack.

He paused....... He was sure it was gonna hurt, but he didn't care. He pushed harder. The tip of Harry’s cock lined up with the little boy’s anus. He rubbed the head around his godson’s hole a little, getting the two things accustomed to being paired. He pushed harder, he was so hard for Teddy, he pulled his cheeks apart further which caused the boy to put his little hands down to stop him and he started to cry a little. Harry thought...... There is no way it will fit.

He didn't care. He had to try. Harry pushed harder... He knew it was going to really hurt. He remembered the feeling when your anus is stretched really wide. It feels like it is tearing, but it isn't. Harry pulled Teddy down on his rigid cock.

Teddy was whimpering...then yelling. "It hurts..... Stop".

Harry ignored his young godson's cries for relief, his cries for his grandmother. Mmmmmmmm fuck yessssssssssss... He loved the feeling as he felt Teddy’s sphincter give way to the hard invading fleshy object at its door. Harry’s cock began to slip inside the child..... Oh Merlin yessssssssss. Harry loved it, he needed it, he needed him, his godson, Teddy.

The head had penetrated the boy’s anus. Harry had no choice, he looked between the little legs and saw the head of his cock had disappeared. Oh Merlin yes, he needed him. His lover Teddy. The head is in. The child was squirming and yelling. Harry held him. “There we go,” he said with a little grunt. He moved Teddy’s little body around, only the head inside. But it was so good. Harry began pumping up into Teddy, pushing always pushing deeper. As he looked down, there appeared to be a bit of chocolate on his cock...

Oh Merlin, he probably held his bowels too long. Boys do that. Harry didn't care. He could feel his cockhead fighting for space in Teddy’s rectum. He pushed him down further on him, almost an inch of his shaft was inside him. An inch below the head. He could pull and push now. He was sure his cum was going to end up in the little boy’s arse, and it was close. Harry was fucking Teddy’s little arse as far as he could. Only about an inch and a half, but it was enough, all that he needed.

Harry was rocking in the tiniest of movements... Teddy’s poop filled arse... Overcrowded with cockhead and little boy feces. Harry was not usually into scat, but this was really turning him on. His arousal got the better of him... He wanted to cum in Teddy’s loving mouth but now......... He needed this.. Harry turned Teddy’s face and kissed him again as he pushed his cock in and out of his anus. Mmmmm.... He was groaning aloud...... His tiny lover... His five year godson. He was about to feel his seed in his bowels.

Harry pushed deeper into his arse than imaginable. He unleashed deep in Teddy’s arse, rope after rope of cum... Worked up from deep in his balls, gushing into him, oozing out and around his cock... Along with more of the remnants of poop. He was spent. Harry held his cock head in that tight little boy arse, and held Teddy tightly. Then he pulled the cock head out ... It gave a bit of a pop.

He pushed Teddy’s face down. "Lick it," Harry told him softly but firmly. He shoved his face closer.... "Lick it," he said softly but through clenched teeth. He needed this too.

Teddy poked out his tongue, but decided he didn't like the taste. So Harry cracked the boy’s already sore arse with his open hand.... And again... Until Teddy opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out again. He licked, tentatively. Harry grabbed him hard and told him “More.” Teddy licked a bit faster and harder. Harry grabbed him and kissed him again.. Open mouth...his tongue touching his...... He could taste the cum-poop combo on his breath and mouth. It was so fucking erotic.

Harry was totally spent... Happy, satisfied. He begin to help Teddy by putting his clothes back on his used little body. He kissed his little head and said, "I love you, Teddy. And this is what lovers do." Then he lifted his wand.




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