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Disclaimer: The author does not own Harry Potter, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Gender-Bending Sex (Harry/hermaphrodite), Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Infidelity, Scat

Summary: I could see it was slick, bulging, and smelled musky. It was perfect, though it made me realize just how kinky he was. [Harry/Gabrielle]


Arse Lovers

My name is Gabrielle Delacour, but everyone in Magical Britain calls me Gabby. Like my sister, my mother, my grandmother and so on, I am Veela. Everyone knows that Veela are always born female, but no one except the human we choose for our mate knows why. Simply put, Veela are actually both genders – we can procreate with both human genders. It is trait our species developed long ago and has helped in our survival, since we do not have the population that humans do.

I am a girl by all accounts with large breasts and features, except that I am a fully functioning hermaphrodite and I have a decently long, thick penis while all my innards are still female, though I have a prostate and my testicles are inside too as they never descended, though they are not sterile like they would be for a human if that happened. I have a small hole below the base of my penis, where the testicle sack would usually go, which is my vagina and through which I get my period. I have the glands that produce the female ejaculate, as well as ovaries, so I can conceive as both male and female. Basically I get the benefit of easy masturbation, as well as the prolonged time to climax that a woman usually undertakes, coupled with multiple orgasms and a load of cum.

I am in love with Harry Potter. Yes, the Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the Man-Who-Conquered. I know, I know, there are thousands of witches across the world that claim to love him. He is a well-built man with messy hair and cute features. He’d famous, attractive, rich, brave, athletic, magically and politically powerful, and just a genuinely nice man. There’s no wonder on why he’s at least mentioned and usually pictured in every issue of Witch Weekly.

Unlike those other witches, I actually know Harry. I first met him when I was eight years old and he pulled me from a freezing lake during the TriWizard Tournament. That’s when my crush began as well, and it’s grown stronger since. When my sister married Bill Weasley, I was able to see him quite often from that point on, well once the war is over. I moved in with Fleur and Bill after I finished school and Harry was a frequent visitor. He has told me that I was the prime motivator for his wanting to visit. In fact, now that I’ve moved into my own flat, Harry’s visits have only increased, since he doesn’t have to make excuses to my sister and her husband.

He’s now married to a pretty witch named Ginny, who is Bill’s sister, but I don’t care, I want him anyway. He must not care either, because he flirts with me often, but he thinks I'm a woman. I wonder what he would think if he knew I had a cock.  I return his flirting and I think he's going to try something soon, as I know his wife is going out of town any day now. I so want him to suck me off or take me up his cute arse. I could be so dirty with him!

As luck would have it, the night after his wife left, Harry came round to my flat. We had a lovely dinner, flirted a lot, laughed and chatted. Then, after we had cleaned up from dinner, Harry burst out in a blunt way that was unusual for his normal reserved mannerisms.

"I really need to take a crap, Gabby! My arse is bulging!" He said as he entered my living room.

I laughed, and just told him to sit down. "I also need a large crap, ‘arry, but let’s ‘old it. Just chat!" I also had a large fart on board that I had in there all day, but I didn't want to embarrass myself.

So I sat down with him, and he said, "Okay but I have to let my crap loose soon!"

He was his usual complimentary self. He eventually ended up sitting next to me. He looked awkward and shy as if he wasn't sure what to do – I suspect he had never cheated on his wife before and it made him unsure of himself - so I helped him along. I took hold of his hand and rubbed my palm along his backhand.

He looked at me. "Gabby, I’ve never done this before. I’ve not been with any else since the day I started dating Ginny. I…" But he didn't finish. I leaned in and stuck my tongue in his mouth. We kissed solidly for five minutes, and then he began caressing my breasts. My breasts so sensitive to touch and my nipples quickly hardened…and so did my penis. Beneath my tight knickers my stiff cock stretched the fabric to a tight tent.

This was it. He would now find out my secret.

Harry’s eyes were closed as he kissed and caressed my tits. With one hand I undid my trousers and pulled down my knickers, my stiff knob popping out. He continued feeling me up and eventually his hand ventured downwards. He passed my bellybutton and suddenly his hand was on my stiff, rigid and hot cock. His eyes shot open as he stared at me.

"Surprise?" I said uncertainly.

He continued to stare, his hand hadn't moved though…

Slowly he began stroking my stiff member. I smiled and I knew, this one was a freak, and he would do anything to or for me.

I sat there for a while, while Harry stroked my stiff rod with his left hand. He stared intensely at it, though I could tell his eyes were shifting from the grasp he had on my cock – the first besides his own he’s ever held, most likely – and the glinting wedding ring on his finger. Yeah, cheating sex was hot all on its own.

He then suddenly leant down and swallowed my cock. He began blowing me and sucking me hard into his moist mouth. He sucked me for twenty minutes and soon I was nearing climax. Suddenly I came in his mouth! My thick spurt of white creamy cum began flowing into his mouth. Harry swallowed all of it! I was so impressed, because it was a lot. Maybe it’s not the first time he’s played with dick after all.

He looked up at me with my cum dripping all around his mouth and smiled. "Was it good for you?" He asked.

I looked down at my dick. I was still a woman mostly and as a result could do multiple sessions. My cock was still as hard as ever.

"It was good, but there's plenty more where zat came from. Zat was only small time."

Harry looked at my stiff cock and stroked it a couple of times. Then he got up and pulled down his triysers. He bent over and spread his arse cheeks, offering me his brown, dirty, puckered hole. I could see it was slick, bulging, and smelled musky. It was perfect, though it made me realize just how kinky he was. Maybe that’s the reason Harry decided to cheat on his wife – I couldn’t picture Conservative Ginevra Potter doing anything other than vanilla sex, let alone shagging her husband in his dirty arsehole.

I stood up and pointed my cock at Harry’s hole. He gasped as my large penis entered his shit filled anus. I felt his crap coat my slick cock. I slid out halfway and glanced at my penis. It had thick brown streaks of his poo all along the shaft. I slip it back in.


His sphincter tensed as I plunge in again. I could feel his bowels applying pressure to get the new intruder out. He was SO full even without my cock. His shit tried so hard to leave his anus, and squirmed out around the sides of my cock.

I begin to really fuck Harry’s filthy arsehole. With each new plunge I feel the shit squeeze out around my penis as his arse tried to get rid of it. I watch as small amounts of feces squeezed out and spread and squished over his arse and my pelvis. I sniffed the aroma deeply and increased my pace, fucking harder and faster. The sounds of his shit squishing out around my cock, and the smells emanating from his arse, sent me crazy with lust!

After twenty minutes, I was nearing orgasm again. But before I did, I wanted to taste his shit. I quickly pull out my shit covered cock and shoved my face into his feces-covered cheeks, putting my mouth over the wide anus. I could feel his bowels let the shit flow into my mouth and I swallowed the long log as it fills me as quickly as I can, but it's too much and spills out. I just sat there chewing as much of his shit as I could even as it comes from his dirty depths. The excess squirmed out over my face and tits and I rubbed it into my nipples. All I could smell was Harry's beautiful shit!

He finished and flopped to floor, filthy and grinning from the pleasure of the release and from having had my huge cock in his arse.

"Suck my filthy cock, ‘arry!"

"Yes Gabby! I'd love to!" He put his lips over my filthy dick and sucked all his shit off!

The room reeked of his faeces, and we're both basically standing (or kneeling) in a huge pile of Harry's crap. My tits and face are dark brown and the shit has dried a little over my body. I can still taste the poo, and bits are stuck in my teeth.

"HuH! Imm Gonna Cummm!!!!!!!!! Ouiiii!!!!"I reached my climax and held Harry's mouth onto my cock as I came into his mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! It was almost like I was a fire hose into his mouth.

But not a drop spilled - Harry eagerly downrd the gallons of thick white ejaculate spurting from my cock!

"Mmmmm! Harry!! Its soooo good!!!!!!!! K-Kee-ep m-e- s-ome -in you-r-- mouth!"

He moved up to my mouth with his mouth full with my cum. I opened wide and he spit half up into my mouth. I swirled my cum, tasting all my flavors, and then swallowed my ejaculate. We kissed with the remaining cum in his mouth, and swirled it around our mouths with our tongues.

Harry sat down and picked up some poo and rubbed it on my chest to keep it all moist. I was so aroused by the sight of Harry rubbing his poo on my breasts. My arousal was kicked up even higher when I saw that his once shiny wedding ring is filthy with his own shit, and I couldn’t help but smirk at what his wife would think if she could see her husband’s ring right at this moment. Talk about desecrating the marriage vows.

Then Harry said, "I want your arse, Gabby."

I looked at him and smiled, then sat back down and pull my arse cheeks apart at him to reveal an anus bulging just like his. He leaned in and sniffed deeply at my open hole.

"Breathe out as much air as you can. ‘arry, and zen put your nose over my bum-hole." He exhaled as much as he could and put his nose on my hole.

"Now breathe deeply through your nose!" As he breathed in, I let my day-long build-up of methane loose from my bowels.

As he breathed my bowel gas into his lungs, he smiled and looked dizzy. "Like perfume Gabby! But I want to fuck your arse now!"

"Okay but first let me empty myself in you first."

"Okay" He opened his mouth.

"No" I said. "I want to shit into your arse!"

He smiled and bent over. I conjured a long condom and snipped off the tip. The one half we slipped up his arse, the other I held over my hole. I've got SO much poo and I just let loose! We watched as the log slid across into Harry's arse.

"OOoooh Gabby it's so warm going in!" The more I pooped, the sloppier it got, because not all the minerals or liquids were absorbed yet. "I'm full, Gabby! How much shit do you have, you hot thing you!"

"A little more!" I strained as I spurted the last liquid shit into his arse. I removed the condom and squeezed the last poo into his full bum.

"I'm gonna keep this in for later Gabby... When I'm hungry!" He grinned at me, and I grinned back.

I spread my cheeks and splayed my arse to Harry and his hard nob! It was also long and thick, bigger than mine. He approached my filthy, gaping hole and popped his head into the slippery tunnel. He then sank it fully into my arse! Now it was my turn to gasp! It was big and felt hot in there! He began pounding furiously, digging deep into my hole, my shit coating his dick thickly and making a mess of my arse crack! I whimpered with each pound of his huge cock, shit leaking around his shaft and down my crack, dirtying my crotch too. 

"Turn around Gabby!" He grunted.

I slipped off his throbbing cock and put my mouth over his bulging, dirty head. With two powerful strokes he ejaculated in my mouth. River after river of his salty semen flooded my mouth! While he was still coming, I quickly moved and got his dickhead at the hole below my penis and pulled him in. He continued to cum in my vagina, flooding my womb with his fresh and virile semen. I wish I could feel the semen fertilize me - I would have his baby!

He finally stopped coming and looked us over. Both of covered in cum and a huge load of shit!

We hugged, enjoying the feeling of our cocks against one another. And I enjoyed the feel of his slippery poo all over me, especially my tits. He fell asleep on the sofa and I slipped my penis into his arse full of my shit, and slept with my cock lodged and stiff up his arse. I  spelled my camera to take a photo of us. Maybe I should send it to Ginny Potter…



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