Harry Won't Take No

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Harry Potter, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Infidelity, Dubious Consent/Rape

Summary: I didn't know how she managed to do it, but her pie was always piping hot and melted in my mouth like butter. I always made sure to thank her for the pie, secretly loving the way she would blush under my praise.[Harry/Gabrielle]


Apple Pie


I never understood Arthur's need to retell the legends of wizarding society over and over again in the course of a year. It seemed like every month he and Molly called everyone together for a bonfire at the Burrow, a retelling of the tales of old. I loved the legends as much as the next wizard, but Arthur was obsessed with them. It was getting to be a bit ridiculous.

The only good thing about the bonfires was the fact that young Gabrielle Delacour had begun attending with her sister’s family. It had been many years since I ‘rescued’ the then five year old French girl during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and she had definitely grown up very nicely. I always took any chance to check out her divine body I could, careful to not be noticed by my wife, Ginny, or any other member of the Weasley brood.

She always brought apple pie with her, too. I didn't know how she managed to do it, but her pie was always piping hot and melted in my mouth like butter. The sweet, stickiness never ceased to send my taste buds on a trip to paradise. I always made sure to thank her for the pie, secretly loving the way she would blush under my praise.

Tonight was no different. After the legend of the Three Brothers was told, I walked over to where Gabrielle was sitting alone, waiting for Victoire to return from the buffet table.

"You're apple pie was delicious, as always," I commented, sitting beside her.

"Thank you, Mr. Potter," Gabrielle blushed.

"Gabrielle. How many times have I told you? Call me Harry," I insisted, watching as the blush spread further across her face.

"Sorry. Habit," Gabrielle mumbled, ducking her head.

I glanced across the fire to make sure Ginny or the kids weren't watching before I reached forward to tuck her hair behind her ear. She looked up at me, her big blue eyes mesmerizing in their innocence.

"You're too beautiful to hide your face," I murmured, my fingers lingering on her skin.

That bottom lip went between her teeth and I had to choke down a groan. She truly had no idea just how sexy she was.

There was no denying that I had a wandering eye – my wife just didn’t do it for me. Not since she’d gained all that weight from the pregnancies and resembled her mother more and more every day. Unless I used magic, Ginny had to work to get me up if she wanted a good shagging. One look from Gabrielle, though, and my dick stood at attention, no magic needed.

I knew it was wrong. She was Fleur’s sister and I was married with three children. Not only that, but she was way too young for me and had a young wizard who was completely smitten with her.

That didn't stop me from wanting her, from aching for her.

I realized my fingers were still stroking along her face and quickly dropped my hand, coughing to hide the fact that I had been lost in thought.

"Listen, Gabrielle. We're having a get together this Saturday, all the old DA members. Would you mind bringing one of your pies for us to have for desert? I'd be willing to compensate you for it," I offered.

"Oh, sure. It's no problem," Gabrielle assured me, those big blue eyes blinking up at me.

"Well, thank you. Could you bring it by around noon?" I asked, knowing Ginny would be busy shopping for the dinner and the kids would be busy with Teddy.

"Sure thing," Gabrielle agreed easily.

"Thank you, Gabrielle. I know we'll all enjoy your treat," I grinned, standing up as I noticed Victoire returning.

"See you Saturday."


I watched through the front window, eagerly anticipating Gabrielle's arrival. Ginny had left just a half hour before and likely wouldn't be back for several hours. She would go shopping for the food and then take it to Hogwarts, where the DA would be meeting. She wouldn't even return to the house until after the festivities were over. As for the kids, they would go straight to the dinner with my godson, Teddy. I would have as long as I wanted with the girl.

The tell-tale pop of apparation alerted me to her presence and I hurried away from the window, unwilling to be caught watching for her. I groaned softly as I felt my dick harden, already anticipating the feel of her sweet pussy clenching around me.

Today was the day I would finally know if Gabrielle Delacour tasted as good as her pies.

Anticipation thrummed through me as I listened for her soft knock, nearly jumping out of my skin when it finally sounded.

"Come on in," I called from the kitchen, positioned perfectly to watch her enter.

She hesitantly opened the door, peeking her head in first. I watched as she looked around the drawing room before her eyes found me. Her teeth caught her bottom lip and I knew she was nervous.

If only she knew.

"Come on in, Gabrielle," I repeated, taking a few steps towards her.

"I know I'm a little bit late, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect," Gabrielle explained, coming inside.

"I'm sure it'll be wonderful. You've never disappointed before," I smiled, taking the pie from her.

"The house is quiet. Where is everybody?" Gabrielle asked, following me further into the kitchen.

"The kids are with Teddy and Ginny is at the grocers. She has a lot of food to get for tonight," I answered, setting the pie on the counter.

"Oh. Will the pie be enough?" Gabrielle asked, frowning slightly.

"It'll be plenty," I assured her, moving closer to her. “We also have some pastries and cakes. No worries.”

My eyes watched as she swallowed, her brown eyes widening as I slowly stalked closer. Her breathing increased and I knew she was nervous. It was dawning on her that she was alone in a house with a man.

"I, uh… I should probably go. Fleur will be expecting me," Gabrielle stuttered, backing away slowly.

"Gabrielle. We both know Fleur is working at Gringotts today," I tisked, following her.

"Oh, um…" Gabrielle trailed off, looking for an escape.

The back of her legs hit the kitchen table and I watched the realization flare up in her eyes. She knew she was caught.

"You knew this was going to happen, Gabrielle. Don't try to tell me you didn't. Why else would you show up to my house looking like this?" I asked, my hands reaching out to caress her hips as I took in her outfit.

The shirt was relatively loose, but the cut was low enough to show off the swell of her breasts. From my position, I could even see her powder blue bra. She's worn my favorite pair of trousers, the ones that cupped her arse so perfectly it was like they were designed with her in mind. A pair of peep-toe flats completely the look, showcasing her pink toe nails.

"Admit it, Gabrielle. You want this to happen," I whispered in her ear.

"I-" Gabrielle started.

I cut her off before she could finished, my lips slanting across hers. I groaned as I forced my tongue into her mouth, finally tasting the sweetness of her kiss. Her hands went to my arms, as if to push me away. I nipped at her bottom lip, a silent warning to let me do as I pleased. She whimpered beneath me, the sound going straight to my aching cock.

"Oh, Merlin, Gabrielle. You were made to fuck," I moaned, my hands roaming her body.

Her breasts filled them, so soft and perky, nothing like Ginny's already sagging tits that could only be contained with a good supportive bra. She hadn't worn sexy underwear since before Albus was born.

Gabrielle, though, oh Gabrielle was all sexy appeal. I quickly stripped the shirt from her, my breathing heavy as I took in the way her bra cupped her breast, pushing them up for my approval. I jerked the cups down, ignoring her slight cry of pain. Leaning down, I wrapped my lips around one perky nipple, sucking the sweet berry until she cried out.

"Mmm… I knew you'd taste good," I hummed, licking at the areola.

"Please, Harry. Don't," Gabrielle begged.

"Shh, shh, shh. It's alright, Gabrielle. I'll be gentle," I promised, kissing the valley between her breasts.

Her entire body trembled as I helped her out of her pants, groaning as the sight of her beautiful pussy. A mass of curls hid most of it from sight, but I know it was virginal, and that was all that mattered.

"Are you wet for me, Gabrielle?" I asked, slipping a finger between her legs.

"N-n-no," Gabrielle stuttered.

"It's just because you're nervous. Don't worry, love. It'll be good," I murmured, kissing her sweetly.

Her body continued to shake as I lay her down on the kitchen table, the perfect height for us. Eventually, I wanted to force her on her knees so she could suck me off, but first… I wanted to taste her.

I dropped to my knees, bringing me right in line with her pussy lips. They were pouting for me, crying out for my lips and tongue. I answered their call, moaning at the taste of her. So much better than an apple pie.

At first, she squirmed beneath me as if unsure of whether or not she was enjoying the sensation. When I moved up to tongue her clit, she cried out, her hands moving to tangle in my hair.

"No, no, no," Gabrielle chanted, her hands pushing against me.

"Stop it, Gabrielle," I snapped, gently biting her labia.

She whimpered again, but her hands stopped pushing against me. I went back to my work, glorifying as her pussy began to weep for me, her sweet juices beginning to flow.

"Oh, Gabrielle," I sighed, tonguing at her opening.

Her juices continued to flow and my thumb worked her clit, moving the tiny bud around and around. Her legs began to tense and I knew, despite her reluctance, she was about to cum.

"Not yet, love," I murmured, standing up slowly.

Her body was flushed laid out before me, her nipples tightened and pointing to the ceiling. She was trembling as I looked down at her, her eyes bright as she looked anywhere but at me.

"I'll be gentle," I repeated, removing my pants.

She swallowed, the only response I received as I moved over her. I settled myself between her legs, my dick instantly seeking out her warm, wet heat. I gritted my teeth as I slowly pressed forward, the outer ring of her hymen trying to keep me from what was mine.

"Let me in, Gabrielle," I growled, pushing.

"It hurts. Oh, Merlin, please, stop. It hurts," Gabrielle sobbed, tears running down her face.

"I know it does, love. Just hold on a little longer," I gritted, thrusting forward another inch.

She continued to cry as I worked my way inside, inch by sweet inch. Her pussy was so hot and warm around me, I never wanted to leave.

And then I was in.

"Oh, fuck, Gabrielle. You're so tight," I groaned, just enjoying the feel.

The only answer I got was a sob, her head thrashing back and forth on the table. I hushed her gently, my hips already starting to move against hers.

"I'll make it feel good, love," I promised.

I hooked her knees around my arms, allowing me to penetrate her deeper with each thrust. I tried to go slow, but the feel of her and the fact that I was finally inside of her had me feeling impatient. I couldn't wait. I started pounding inside of her, ignoring her screams as she begged me to stop. I couldn't stop. Not then, not ever. She was too good, too hot, too wet. I never wanted to stop.

Her titties danced for me as I shagged her, cheering me on as I raced towards completion. My hands reached forward, grasping them tight until she began scratching at my arms. I hissed as she drew blood, but didn't stop.

The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the kitchen, echoing off the tiled floor. I knew I wouldn't be able to last long and as her screams finally started to quiet down, I felt my climax take over.

"Shit, GABBY!" I roared as I exploded inside her tight cunt.

My entire body tensed as I shot my cum inside her, filling her pussy until if overflowed, running down my legs and onto the table. When I had given her all I had, I fell forward, my head cradled between her breasts.

My breathing came in gasping pants, but I kissed the tit in front of me softly. Gabrielle lay still beneath me, her breath lifting her in jerking bursts and I knew she'd felt it too.

"Oh, love, I know. That was brilliant," I murmured, leaning up to kiss her.

I wiped away her tears, understanding they were tears of joy at finally connecting with someone on such a deep level. I mourned her sweet heat as my dick slid from her, sending more of our mixed fluids onto the kitchen table, but I knew it would be back inside of her again soon.

"Thank you for the apple pie, Gabrielle, but I think I've found something sweeter for my desert," I smirked, bringing her with me as I stood up.

Her blue, watery eyes blinked up at me and I knew I would have to have her again. It might take a while, but I would get my cock back up and fuck her one last time before I sent her home. This time, though, I wanted it to be right. I wanted it to be in my bed, where I could treat her as the proper lady she was.

"Come on, love. I need you one more time before we leave," I said, lifting her into my arms.

"Please, Harry. I just want to go home," Gabrielle pleaded.

"You are home, love. You are home."



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