Ginny Weasley and the Holyhead Harpies

BY : Styx45
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A/N Hey everyone apologies for how long this took to update but I thought I had lost the file but it turned up. I present an updated first chapter as well as the second please enjoy!


In her last year of Hogwarts Ginny had put a great deal of effort into becoming one of the best Chasers that Hogwarts had ever seen, she had broken almost every Chaser record at the school. Now it was paying off as it was the July after she had graduated and she found herself sitting in front of Gwenog Jones', Coach of the Holyhead Harpies, desk.


"Well Weasley, I must say I was certainly impressed with your last couple of games at Hogwarts." Gwenog said.


Ginny felt her face flush at the praise.


"So we would like for you to join the team as the third Chaser for the next season."


Ginny almost squealed in joy, she had been working towards this since she had learnt to fly at the age of 6.


"Thank you Gwenog, I won't make you regret this." Ginny responded.


"Great, I know you won't. Now let's go and meet the rest of the team."


With that Gwenog stood and led Ginny down to the Harpies Locker room, "They should just be returning from the afternoon practice." 


Entering the locker room Ginny noticed it was quite a large area with lockers along one side with wooden benches placed in front and on the other side was the showers where a couple Harpies were showering. 


"Ladies if I could have your attention please." Gwenog barked out.


Once the six other Harpies had stopped what they were doing and turned she continued, "I would like to introduce the newest Harpy, fresh from Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley."


The Harpies all moved towards Ginny to introduce themselves, as they did so Ginny noticed that they had not covered themselves and all were naked. The Harpies were obviously proud of being fit, their bodies were toned to perfection. The one thing that Ginny did notice, as she looked up and down their naked bodies, was that each of them had the HH of the Harpies logo trimmed out of their pubic hair.


Ginny blushed as soon as she saw the logo shaved out of each ladies' pubes, did they expect her to do the exact same thing?


By the time that thought had crossed her head the six other Harpies had reached her and began to introduce themselves to her.


"Marnie Graves, Keeper." A tall, lanky blonde woman introduced herself.


Ginny shook her hand and noticed that her eyes locked on to Marnie's breasts, I wonder what it would feel like to play with them? she thought.


Ginny’s face flushed, where had that come from? She couldn't think like that, what would Harry say?


She didn’t have time to contemplate that as the next two Harpies stepped forward to introduce themselves.


"Georgia and Gwen Redmond, Beaters." Two short, black haired women, about the same height as Ginny but we're stockier, introduced themselves in a way that reminded Ginny of Fred and George.


"Ferne Greenwood, Seeker." The next Harpy, a small, wiry, strawberry blonde woman, introduced herself.


"And we are your Chaser mates, Jenny Gill and Gia Wilde, welcome to the team." Jenny, a blonde, and Gia, a dark skinned woman, introduced themselves.


After being introduced to each of the Harpies Ginny was feeling quite self-conscious and guilty, every time she looked at one of the naked women she had a thought about what it would feel like to suck on or play with their breasts or have one of them go down on her, but every one of these thoughts were matched with what would Harry think? 


"Alright ladies, now that you have met the newest Harpy I think we should get her a matching logo, what do you think?" Gwenog said.


This was met by a cheer from the other Harpies who formed a circle around Ginny. Ginny swallowed nervously at the thought of having to get naked in front of all these women. 


Marnie, the tall blonde, stepped forward and tilted Ginny’s eyes up to meet hers, "Don't worry too much, we'll look after you real good." she said before leaning her head down and kissing Ginny.


Ginny surprised herself by kissing back as Marnie's hands moved down to the bottom of Ginny’s shirt before stepping back to allow Ginny to remove it. After she threw her shirt away Ginny covered her bra covered breasts with her hands before they were gently removed by Marnie as she continued to kiss her.


After a minute or so of kissing Marnie stepped back into the circle, where Ferne then took her place. Ferne moved her hands and began to unbutton Ginny’s denim shorts, these Ginny protested a bit at but eventually allowed Ferne to remove them.


Ferne stepped back and Ginny realised that she was almost completely naked, only her underwear were protecting her modesty, she flushed in slight embarrassment. She then realised that the looks she was receiving from the Harpies were turning her on.


The twins, Georgia and Gwen, stepped forward next. One made short work of Ginny’s bra while the other lowered Ginny’s knickers to the floor exposing her most hidden place to the whole team.


As soon as she had started growing pubic hair, Ginny had decided to keep it relatively hairy but tidied and trimmed it into a triangle.


"Damn Weasley, glad to know you're a real ginger." Gwenog said with a chuckle from outside the circle, "Alright ladies get on with it." 


At that Jenny and Gia stepped forward with what looked like a muggle hair trimmer. "Alright Ginny just relax and we'll get you set to join the Harpies." Jenny said as her and Gia dropped to their knees in front of Ginny.


Ginny swallowed, the only person who had been this close to her pussy was Harry and she hoped that everything was alright down there. Suddenly she felt something cool being massaged into her bush and she looked down to see Gia rubbing what looked like shaving foam into it. Ginny felt her pussy throb with anticipation at how close Gia was getting to it. Jenny on the other side had switched on the trimmer and began to slowly shave away at Ginny’s ginger bush. 


The way that Jenny was shaving her bush, slow and methodical, was causing Ginny to become more and more turned on, her clit throbbed in response and she could feel her pussy become wetter and wetter.


Five or so minutes of excruciating and tantalisingly close shaving, Jenny switched off the trimmer while someone hand Gia a towel that she used to wipe away the leftover shaving foam again causing Ginny to almost groan in frustration as Gia rubbed so close to her clit but not quite there. However, Gia seemed to know what she was doing and gave Ginny a quick smile and a wink before she and Jenny backed up into the circle again.


Gwenog made her way into the centre of the circle and appraised Ginny, "Hmm, well ladies I think that she certainly got the look of a Harpy but does she behave like one?"


At that Marnie, Georgia, and Gwen stepped forward, making their way to stand in front of Ginny. As they got there Marnie again bent her head down and captured Ginny’s lips but this time the twins managed to get their heads in a position so that they could suck on Ginny’s nipples which sent waves of pleasure downwards to her pussy. 


This continued, Marnie kissing her along with Georgia and Gwen licking and sucking on her nipples, for another five minutes as Ginny began to squirm as the pleasure built between her legs. The three Harpies stopped their ministrations which brought a groan displeasure from Ginny which caused the Harpies surrounding her to chuckle.


Gia and Jenny stepped forward and led Ginny over to one of the benches that lined the room. Motioning for Ginny to lay down on the bench the two Chasers knelt down, one near Ginny’s head and the other down near her pussy. When they were appropriately positioned Jenny leant forward and passionately kissed Ginny, slipping her tongue into her mouth causing Ginny to reciprocate the kiss. Gia on the other hand had begun to kiss her way up Ginny’s thighs torturously slow as Ginny broke the kiss with Jenny to moan loudly. Gia slowly made her way to Ginny’s pussy where she began to slowly lick up it until she reached the clit where she began to lightly suck on it sending thrills of pleasure through Ginny. 


Jenny had realised that she couldn't continue to kiss Ginny as she was moaning and panting heavily so Jenny settled on gently tweaking Ginny’s nipples. Gia had slid two fingers into Ginny’s pussy and was working them in and out. All the stimulation that Ginny was experiencing was getting to be too much and suddenly she felt her pussy contract and an orgasm ripped through her as she let out a squeal, clutching her legs around Gia's head.


As Ginny recovered from her orgasm Gia and Jenny had stood up and rejoined the other Harpies. 


"Well ladies, what do you say, think she's good enough to be a Harpy now?" Gwenog asked the rest of the team.


A resounding cheer of agreement went up, echoing through the locker room. Ginny just sat up and grinned tiredly, that induction had really taken it out of her.


"Alright then, everyone get home and rest up we will be having a big day tomorrow." Gwenog barked. 


With that the Harpies made their way to their lockers to get dressed while Ginny was shown her locker and handed her clothes. 


"Ohh, also ladies we will be doing team bonding after the days practice." Gwenog said with a slight smile.

This got a cheer from the team and Ginny just thought If it's anything like today then we can do as much team bonding as we like. With that she headed to the apparition point to head home to the flat she and Harry shared where she would probably just collapse on the bed and go to sleep.

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