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Harry Potter yawned as he woke up in his Play House. He rubbed his eyes and crawled to the window at the bottom of his bed and pushed it opened. Across the room he could see his brother Jamie's castle playhouse. Harry had chosen a hut playhouse and he loved it. He was hungry he wanted some food and his morning bottle but he couldn't see his mummy or his daddy. He frowned they were normally up and had his breakfast for him. Where were they?

A woman he didn't know came into the room and glared at him. He cocked his head to the side. Did he know her? He didn't think so. His brother opened his window and looked around expecting his breakfast as well. He gurggled at the woman demanding his breakfast Harry almost joined him but the woman slapped Jamie and Harry decied not to talk. She changed them and shoved bottles in their mouths then returned them to their play houses and left. 

Harry sat on his bed and sucked on his bottle it wasn't long before Jamie came to him. Harry touched his brother's cheek. They talked to each and agreed that they didn't like this woman at all. 

3 years later 

Harry opened his window and looked out at the yard. Shortly after arriving at the man who called himself their uncle Vernon had moved their playhouses into the yard and they had lived out here since. Harry looked over to see Jamie leaving his playhouse and was quick to join him. They held hands both of them covered in bruises. The people in this house who called themselves their family were really mean and seemed to hate them and they couldn't figure out why.


Lily Potter lay in St. Mungos recovering from coming back from the dead. In the bed next to her lay her husband. They'd been here for over a week now and she was finally being released. Lily didn't care what Dumbledore said to her she was going to find her sons. She looked at her husband how she hated him. She couldn't remember why she had married him at all. She quickly signed herself out and set out.

Back at the Dursleys

Harry and Jamie were set to do yard work something Harry really liked and Jaime hated but did his best for his brother. 

"Jamie? Harry?" 

Both boys looked up to see a red haired woman rushing toward them with tears in her eyes.

"YOU!" They looked to see their aunt Petunia had come out of the house. "I thought you were dead!" 

"I was." Lily told her sister. "Oh, Tuny." Petunia was shocked when her younger sister hugged her. "I'm taking the boys away their father may come by at some point you just tell him that I came and took them and to get out before you call the Police." 

"I didn't hurt them." Petunia found herself confessing. "THey are already doing that and Vernon was not happy. I tried to explain that they don't know how not to do that but he wouldn't listen. What's worse......I think Dudley has that as well. If Vernon finds out..."

Lily was shocked to say the least. 

"Well I have magic so it doesn't seem a long shot that your son might have magic too." She picked up Harry and cuddled him then while still holding Harry picked up Jamie. "Mommy's here now, boys. " she kissed both of them on the heads. "Mommy loves you both so much." 

Mommy? Harry blinked at the woman who had red hair just like him and green eyes just like him and Jamie she did look familiar but if this was their mommy where had she been? He stared at her for a long time before looking at Jamie. They shared a silent conversation as Harry didn't talk anymore. He hadn't since they came here and he'd first seen Jamie get hurt for talking and making noise. 

"You no mommy." Jamie said. "Mommy go bye bye and leave us wif mean man. Harry say we not trust you." 

Lily's eyes filled with tears and Petunia felt her heart clench. 

"I'm so sorry." Lily sobbed to her sons. "I'm so sorry. You're too little to understand right now but one day you will." 

Petunia didn't know why she'd agreed to this but here she was in the Magical Bank alongside her sister and three boys. Dudley was crying as a few drops of blood hit a parchment he calmed when Lily healed his finger. She watched the blood sink into the parchement and writing begin to appear. 

"It would only do that if he was magical." Lily said, confirming Petunia's worse fear. "It's being bound." 


"Restricted, sealed off." Lily rattled. "It's very dangerous and might contribute to his weight problem. It's also illeagel except in extreme circemstances." 

"Like?" Petunia wondered thinking hard about that bouts of magic that often plauged her home. 

"Like if the child is starting fires." 

"Harry does that almost every day." Petunia deadpanned. 

As if to prove her point Harry blinked at the trash can and fire erupted in it. 

"Harry, no no." Lily said, quickly and put it out. "Oh, how I had hoped you would out grow that." She sighed and picked him up putting him in her lap. "How many times must I tell you "we do not start fires just because you like the colors." ?" 

Harry blinked at her and cocked his head to the side. 

"I kinna member someone sayin that." Jamie said, from where he was now leaning on Lily's leg looking at his brother. 

Harry shrugged it sounded like something he'd heard before. 

"Why not bind his magic?" Petunia asked. "As you saw a great deal of Jamie's magic was bound but none of Harry's." 

"I don't know why the blocks were on Jamie." Petunia frowned. "I never agreed to them and permission must be given by both parents or it's a jail sentance. Harry has always used more advanced magic then Harry." 

Jamie frowned up at his brother as he heard him speak though Harry never said anything out loud. 

"That not mean you better." Jamie snapped at Harry. 

Harry shook his head that hadn't been what he was trying to say but he guessed Jamie just didn't understand.

Lily smiled at her boys but then looked worried again. It was troubling that Jamie's magic had been bound and Harry's hadn't . He mind went to Dumbledore adn she made her choice right then and there. She quickly went about transferring the entire Potter fortune except a small amount into her old school vault . James had stupidly let her handle all the finances in their marriage so she had the athourity to do this. She then paid for full checks on all three children. Jamie and Dudley got their magic unbound and a Horocrux was found in Harry's forehead. Lily paid to have it removed. 

The Goblins put Harry in a death like state and moved the Horocrux from the boy's head into something else. They then slowly woke the child up. 

Lily was very pleased with the end resualt. Next stop buying the boys clothes, then the Ministry she had to get this all of the way before James got released from the hospital

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