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BY : KHarmon0516
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So, I’m looking for a fic I read a few years ago it starts with Severus getting ready to go back to Hogwarts and think about how difficult his life is now that he’s about 3 months pregnant.

Later is revealed that he found a strange room hidden in Hogwarts and Sirius stumbles in drunk and rapes him. Or it might have been that he took a potion and he had a weird reaction to it. I remember him talking to Remus about a book with a love potion or something. At first, he deals with this on his own, but later a house elf at Hogwarts helps him out. He ends up having to move in that room just because he needs to hide so no one realizes he’s pregnant. Sirius see him though and realizes what he did, and they agree to raise the baby together. Severus gives birth to a baby boy, and he and Sirius move into together and start a relationship. Peter is evil still and tells Voldemort who decides he wants a child. He kidnaps Severus and rapes him. When James and Sirius rescue him, they find out he’s pregnant again. In the epilogue he and Sirius are still together raising both kids, they both love each kid even if they know there’s a chance the youngest might not be Sirius’s child.


Other thing about it I remember.

  • Regulus like Severus and is jealous because he thinks Sirius is taking him away from him. Also, after Severus is kidnapped its Regulus who is able to get the child away from Voldemort and takes him to the Potters house where Sirius is.
  • Lily starts dating James but breaks up with him when she realizes she loves Severus. She sees James and Sirius going into the secret room when Severus is and tells him of her feeling, but he rejects her.
  • Severus is attacked by a snake and sends a Patronus to the school for hep
  • After graduation they move into a apartment together
  • Sirius is talking to Remus about a spell/potion he took the night he raped Severus that made him go crazy I think
  • Sirius is laying in bed thinking about how amazing it was to feel his baby kick from within.

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