Harry Dayne:The Son of a War Hero

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It was a horror to find out what Balon Greyjoy had done to restore the old ways of Iron borns while the Greyjoy Rebellion was on its start. He had allied himself with the Slaver's Bay. While almost the entirety of the Westeros' might was in the west, the ships of the cities of the Slaver's Bay have combined together and a fleet of some seventy ships was ready to sail in two weeks. On one of the ships was a Monster no one in Westeros had ever seen, a creature of arrogance and cruelty, Mazhaz, a Wyvern of Sothoryos.

It was a shadow-wing wyvern a nocturnal breed, with black scales and wings that make it invisible in the dark, and therefore is the most feared of the monsters.

One of the Slave Masters had tamed it; the creature was vicious and temperamental, yet acted almost docile under him; this was the Monster that was feared in all of Essos.

It was without warning in the middle of the night. The host of the Good Master of Astapor attacked the shore of King's Landing. His army of slave's and unsullied attacked them to the red Keep wanting to kidnap the Royal Family as leverage against King Robert and Tywin Lannister. While they were defending their castle and people with archers and scorpions. The Good Master sent his pet Mazhaz against the Wall of King's Landing; the nocturnal predator attacked the Scorpion's on the command of his Master. Trying to Destroy the Gates and make use of the information he received from King Balon's prisoners. Knowing if he takes the one protected in the Red Keep they could force the king to stasis and take easier new slaves if they are not stopped.

With a skillful throw of the javelin, the visiting James Dayne, third son of Lord Dayne and brother of the famous Arthur Dayne killed the Master of the Beast and choose to fight it hold it off for the Goldcloaks to shoot the Slavers with their Arrows and Scorpions and not allow them to take any Westorsy as a Slave.

James always believed that single combat and honor in battle were the only true measures of greatness.

James drew his sword and dared to approach the Beast.

The Human and the Wyvern threw themselves at each other. The monster's foul breath bathed James in poison, but his armored body did not char. James showed his impressive skill by dodging the surprisingly agile monster while attacking whenever he got an opening. His hits were small, compared to the large monster, but consistent. Sometimes the monster managed to land a hit on James, but it was mostly scratches due to James immense skills. Its claws and fangs tore rents in his shield and armor, while James's sword cleaved gashes in the thick hide of the beast. If it were not for the valyrian sword, he wouldn't have been able to penetrate the monster's hide. They battled for better part of two hours, and the City Doors echoed with the fierceness of the clash. Just before daybreak, the ancestral Sword Dawn found the Wyvern's heart and he dealt it a final, fatal blow.

Tired and spent from the battle, the dying James saw the Ghiscari and enslaved army stare at him, with awe and shock at his victory. His Sword now slipped from his grasp, and with no other weapon at hand, James could not defend himself. But then freed of the beast, the host turned in on itself as Armies fought each other over old slights and unpaid revenge for the tyranny they had to endure, while others simply left and went home.

This battle started a new legend of hero in Westeros, James the Great, the Wyvern Slayer, the Scourge of the Ghiscari and the Blade Immortal.

Harry Dayne was content with his life. He was the son of a war hero. And that came with all its benefits and responsibilities. Though the benefits outweighed the responsibilities for him. After his father James had dies protecting King's Landing, he and his older brother Gerold were taken in by the Dayne family of Starfall. Harry was polite to everyone around him. Unlike Gerold, who grew up to be arrogant due to being a son of war hero, Harry was friendly with everyone, and was liked by them. Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand were frequent visitors of Starfall during Harry's childhood years. Harry was very strongly influenced by Harry. Arianne Martell would often accompany them to visit Harry,as would the sand snakes. Gerold had crush on Arianne, but Arianne was put off by his arrogant attitude, and spent most of her time with Harry. Gerold was very jealous of Harry for this and tried to bully Harry, though not successfully.

While in a different time and world, Harry Potter might have wanted a sibling, here and now, Harry Dayne couldn't stand his brother. They were as different as could be. One was polite and humble, other was arrogant and insulting. Both brothers were skilled, but their styles were completely different. Gerold relied more on his brute strength, while Harry relied more on speed and agility.

Another constant presence in his childhood was of Ashara Dayne. She made it a point to spend some time with Harry everyday. She had tried to form the bond with Gerold, but his arrogance saw that it didn't happen. Ashara was handmaiden to Elia Martell, so she was very knowledgeable in court politics and etiquette. Harry learned these with her, and she was also friendly with Oberyn, who was Elia's brother. His first seven were spent with Daynes, and they were very happy years, if you removed his brother from the story.

When he was seven, Oberyn agreed to take Harry with him on his travels. Harry learned great things from those experiences. He had already started training, and Oberyn would help when he came over, but during his travels, Oberyn was completely in charge of his training. And no doubts about it, Oberyn was a task master. He constantly challenged Harry to give his best, and at the end of his training session, he would be completely exhausted. But Oberyn was skillful, and that passed down to Harry. Oberyn would always encourage Harry to think out of the box, and think quickly on his feet. But out of the training session, Oberyn encouraged and taught Harry to live his life to the fullest. Harry had often seen Oberyn expressing his love to Ellaria many times, sometimes even with another lover. Oberyn had introduced him to variety of wine. But Harry was also taught self control, so Harry lived life to his fullest, but never succumbed to the pleasures and waste himself. So, yes. Harry Dayne was very much content with his life.


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