A New Family

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Tina Potter was sitting on her bed at number 4 Privet Drive. She lived there with her horrible Aunt, Uncle and cousin Dudley for as long as she could remember. Her older brother Harry was adopted by his friend Ron Weasley's family when he was twelve. Tina is a year younger than Harry. Tina looks more like Lily than Harry does.

She has Lily's red hair, and green eyes, but everything else was James's. Just then an injured owl flew into the window. "Oh you poor thing let me help you!" She exclaimed walking over to it. The owl hooted weakly at her. Tina took out an old shirt that she didn't wear anymore and made a splint for the owl.

"There you go." She said. The owl nudged her with her beak as a thank you. "Who do you belong to?" Tina asked. She noticed the letter tied to the owl's leg and gently untied the string to get it off. Tina read the name on the letter it was from her mother Lily. "How is this possible if  my parents are dead?" She thought. Tina opened the letter and started to read it. 

My Sweet baby girl Tina, 

If you're reading this letter you must think both your father and I are dead. Far from the truth Actually. You see sweetie James did die, but he wasn't your father or the nice guy you thought he was. Your father is the Dark Lord but you know him as Voldemort. Sweetheart the only person your father killed was James because he was the one who tried to kill you that night. The other Lily was a Muggle I had glamoured  to look like me. I have not seen your father since the night James was killed and you and Harry were taken to Petunia's. Tina my love your aunt is under a spell, she loves you very much. I named her your godmother. The Headmaster placed a mind spell on your aunt to make her hate you. There is a spell to break it all you have to do is show my sister this letter and she'll be back to normal. Right now I am posing as your friend Summer's mother.  I saw you that day when you were Eleven. Summer tells me you are a Slytherin. You definitely are your father's child. I love you very much my sweet baby girl, We'll see each other very soon I promise

Love Always,

Lily (Mum)

P.S The Owl is yours I bought it for you at the Magical Menagerie shop in Diagon Alley She doesn't have a name so you can name her whatever you want.

P.S.S Do not trust Albus Dumbledore

"So Mum's alive huh?" Tina thought to herself. Tina knew what she had to do. She got out a piece of Parchment and a quill and wrote a letter to her best friend Draco Malfoy. When she finished the letter, she tied it to her owl's leg. "I'm going to name you Roxi okay?" She asked.

Roxi hooted in delight. "Are you okay to fly?" Tina asked. Roxi hooted yes, and took off through the window. While Roxi was gone, Tina headed downstairs with the letter from Lily. "Aunt Petunia?" Tina asked. Petunia was busy making dinner for her family.

"What do you want freak?" She asked. "I think you should read this." Tina said. Petunia looked at the letter and blinked a few times. "Oh Tina honey ";m so sorry, I don't know what happened to me." She said. "It's okay Aunt Petunia but we need to get out of here before Dudley and Vernon get home, I already wrote a letter to my friend asking him if we could stay with his family for the Summer." Tina said.

Petunia nodded. I'll wait until my owl gets back with his response, in the meantime we should pack just in case." She said. Tina took her aunt upstairs and packed all of her clothes.

Meanwhile at the Malfoy's: Draco was just getting ready to sit down to dinner, when owl flew into the dining room window. He took the letter attached to it. He scanned it to see who the sender was. "It's from Tina dad." Draco said. He watched his father's reaction.

Draco's father Lucius has had a huge crush on Tina since, he met her last year. "Read it Draco!" He exclaimed. Draco smirked at him before he started reading. 


I hope this letter finds you well. You'll never believe it, but I'm not a Potter! I got a letter from my mother who is not dead if you can believe that. My father is actually Voldemort. I must have a glamour spell on me to make me look like James. I was wondering could my Aunt Petunia and I stay with you for the summer? The headmaster got to her too. Reply by tonight if we can because I'm staying in Diagon Alley with Petunia tonight at the Leaky Cauldron, meet me there in the morning about nine, thanks and give my love to your father.


"Can they stay dad?" Draco asked. "Of course they can, but I need to know Tina's favorite colors for her bedroom." Lucius said. "Tina's favorite colors are Dark purple, Aqua Blue, and Silver." Draco said. Lucius nodded and went upstairs. Draco got out a piece of parchment and quill and decided to write Tina back. 

Meanwhile back at the Dursley's: Tina and Petunia were just finishing up the packing, when Roxi came back with a reply. "Thanks girl." Tina said. "Aren't you a beauty." Petunia said petting her gently. "Mum bought her for me at the Wizard animal shop, her name is Roxi." Tina said. She took Draco's letter and read it.


Father said you both can stay for the summer, we'll meet you at nine at the Leaky Cauldron. 


P.S. You should have seen father's face when I got your letter, he's totally in love with you, and your in love with him. You can't deny that. You're almost sixteen you need to tell dad how you feel and soon.

"Yes!" Tina yelled. "Good news?" Petunia asked. "Very good news." Tina said. She took out another  piece of parchment and quill, and wrote a short letter to Lily. "Take this to mum girl, we're staying at the Leaky Cauldron tonight." Tina said.

Roxi hooted and flew out Petunia's window. "Okay Aunt Petunia let's go." Tina said.

Meanwhile at Lily's: Lily's so called husband and daughter Summer were already in bed when Roxi flew into the window. Lily had told Summer the truth, but not her father. Summer loves Lily even though she's not her mother. Lily grabbed the letter from Roxi and read it.


If you're reading this Roxi has found you. She was injured when she found me, but I patched her up. First I have to say wow! Lily laughed. Petunia is back to normal now, and we're staying at the Leaky Cauldron tonight. We're going to stay with Draco for the summer. Hopefully I'll be able to see you. I love you mum. 


Lily smiled knowing part one of getting her family back together again was complete. "Now for part two." She chuckled and went upstairs to her room to bed. 


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