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Reviews for Spy vs. Spy

By : Sakuracelt
  • From Lockababy on July 26, 2023

    What an incredible read. You are a truly wonderful writer and story teller. I love have you have chosen to follow the timeline while adding this new level of depth of Severus Snape. I created a profile on this website, just to write this review. I could not stop reading it, it was so good. Please please please continue! 

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  • From Amphion on June 16, 2020

    Just finished my second re-reading of this story and I'm still just as - if not even more - enchanted by it as the first time around. It is one of the greatest fanfictions I've ever read, and I can't express strongly enough how much I adore this story and the fascination and pleasure with which I've read it twice now.

    Given that it's been 2 years since the last update, I have little hope that you, dear author, will see this message, but on the off chance that it does - please continue this!

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  • From LadyParr on January 20, 2020

    This has been a wonderful read. Your writing is a treat.  I wish you had continued it,  but I'm sure that by now it's been so many years you won't even read this comment! 

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  • From lorelei22 on April 01, 2019

    What a shame there have been no new chapters lately. I have been coming to check for updates :( Longstanding fan here :) In the past, I have skipped several chapters that were too dark for my liking so I am thoroughly enjoying Freya being back at Hogwarts. 

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  • From FrancineHibiscus on February 23, 2018

    I'm so glad I saw this update!  I am loving this story!  I wish I could figure out how to bookmark and get notices on here... but I will keep on checking!  Freya is such an interesting character.

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  • From FrancineHibiscus on February 20, 2018

    I am so enjoying this story, Freya is such an interesting character!!  I only wish I knew how to flipping bookmark stuff on this site.

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  • From _Annora_ on February 15, 2018

    Thanks for the new chapter!

    What came out instead was, “I want to fuck you.”

     It's amazing! I simply love it...

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  • From _Annora_ on January 26, 2018

    Oh Yes...... Thank you for uploading the next chapter! I love it! My heart is aching because of Severus' emotional reactions.

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  • From _Annora_ on January 20, 2018


    I honestly love your story! I'm impatiently looking forward to the next chapter for months!

    Pleaaaseeee go on. I hope this won't be the end. 




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  • From BlackCrow on August 26, 2017

    It's taken me three days to read this, and I really want to know what happens next! It's such a brilliant story and I'm hooked! 

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  • From PennyTrationDrags on August 11, 2017

    Well damn Snape. Didn't know you had it in you.

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  • From aurealis on February 23, 2017

    OH thank goodness you're back at it! This story is delicious.

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  • From aurealis on January 09, 2017

    I am hooked on this story. It reads fluidly and is compelling. Eagerly awaiting updates.

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  • From Kvarta on October 29, 2016

    I just read all 16 chapters and all I can say is - can't wait for next chapter! 

    The story is interesting, thrilling and your writing style is really good. I'm waiting for new chapter with anticipation :)

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  • From ANON - lorelei on September 21, 2016

    I *HEART* chapter 13. Developing plot beatifully and I  must say you do have a gift to create and build up atmosphere - especially in the end when they use 'legillimens' the tension just  flows and I felt I can't read the words fast enough to get to the end :)  


    And btw. I really enjoy the fact that they are actually married and noonne else knows. I always have to smile when they come with the little cheeky ways of calling each other wife and husband. I imagine a possible moment in the future when they come out as Mr. and Mrs Snape and everyone drops their jaw to the floor in utter disbelief. That brings me to my childish idea that I hope the story will finish as ,more or less, 'happilly ever after' I hope you are not planning to kill Freya or Snape off. (Having said that I hope you are going to write many more chapters before geting anywhere near such questions :) 

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