Reviews for A Witch Scorned

BY : ProfessorQuill

  • From Jan on February 21, 2022

    Wow! So intense and not to mention HOT! I can't wait for chapter 3, I really want to see Bills reaction when she tells him.

    Question: Will any of these lovely girls be expecting Harry's baby? I really hope so 😁

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  • From Jeda26 on June 15, 2021

    Hot damn and god have mercy. That is a fantastically terrific, gorgeously glorious and alluring wanton hundinger of a story. 

    Suspect that Bill's misguided and idiotically assertion is really going to come back to bite in the ass with a vengeance. Particularly now that Harry has rocked, transformed and totally obliterated Fleur's sexual world and transformed her into the perfect slut and cocksleave. Who lives only to be his horny and debauched sexbomb of a lover and slave who hungers to be tucked and bred by his phalluc monster of a sword. 

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