Reviews for Secret Lessons

BY : ProfessorQuill

  • From Jeda26 on August 09, 2022

    Well, well that was another fantastically awesome, gorgeously glorious and sumptuously superb gem of a new chapter.

    Hermione needs to be careful what she wishes and asks of Harry as under the imperious curse she has set herself on a similar path to Fleur of becoming a cock slut and broodmare for Harry's cock as he turns them into the perfect sex slaves to serve and sate his sexual desires.

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  • From ninesenshi on August 07, 2022

    Sexy story, hope to read more.  Play up the dominance and control.  Fleur clearly loves it.  She wants to be Aary's Veela love-slave.

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  • From Jeda26 on August 02, 2022

    Hot damn and god have mercy. That was a fantastically terrific, stunningly sublime and gorgeously glorious, smokingly hot, sultry humdinger of a new chapter. 

    Utterly loved the brilliant wanton abd ored intriguing weaving together of mind control and free Will elements as Fleur's request to learn to resist the imperious curse rushes in her and Harry's rejstiibship in unexpected direction things to a friends with benefits.


    Eagerly looking forward to reading what happens next and hopefully seeing Fleur become Harry's willing sex slave and broodmare giving herself willing to him in return for him saving her and her sisters life in third and second tasks respectively. 

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  • From Alastar on January 01, 2022

    Nice, very nice. Will there be any more? I really hope so.

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  • From Croenkh on August 23, 2021

    Great start to a story.

    At least I hope it's a start, and not just a one off?

    It's really enjoyable, and quite well written, I'd love to read more.

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