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Reviews for Magical Erotica Ltd

By : ODB
  • From ginnyfan0310 on June 28, 2022

    Just created an account to let you know I'm a big fan - only erotic fanfic that I really enjoy! Was hoping to see some Arthur/Ginny - thought it was coming in the last chapter of You Rang (thought she was going to run into Arthur during the party!), and then thought it was coming in this story as well haha

    Anyways - hope you're back very soon!! Any updates on when you plan to post next? Thanks!

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  • From LenaL on June 27, 2022

    amazing final chapter! xoxo

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  • From LenaL on June 20, 2022

    omg loved the red riding hood haha

    and bill and fleur are so hot xoxo

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  • From LenaL on June 09, 2022

    i loved ginny's birthday present, it reminded me of sporting the consequences my favorite

    so sad to see blaise go :'(

    can't wait for their french adventure x

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  • From LenaL on June 07, 2022

    another great chapter! i really liked how forward Hannah was. can't wait to see what else Ginny gets up to

    i really hope you are considering AO3, I would even move your other work from FF to AO3, I used to be on but the Hinny and Jily fandom is dying out, I cannot recommend AO3 enough. you get used to the filters pretty quick. i just really think you deserve the bigger audience and i like that i can subscribe to stories (and not have to keep going back to this page to refresh) ;)

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  • From Menasker on May 29, 2022

    It was really good to see Ginny showing more enthusiasm this time, it made the scene hotter. Is there any other site to contact you, I got a few ideas which involved pay me nt 

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  • From Voilon on May 28, 2022

    I agree with the previous reviewer.  Your work get more views and comments on Archiveofourown, being a larger site than this, Hentai-foundry as well.  Gain enough of a following and you could even run a patreon like some others do.  Some of them earn a fair fortune writing smut.

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  • From LenaL on May 27, 2022

    oH nO i would not want to be the reason ginny is unhappy and knickered up

    sorry u don't get more reviews, ever considered ao3, u can post anon there

    loved this and the previous chapter, the ministry job was awesome, but i loved the dp even more !

    can't wait to see what else is in store for her x

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  • From Styx45 on May 25, 2022

    Can't have Ginny keeping her knickers on in the next chapter that would be disastrous.

    Loving the new story, can't wait to see what else Ginny gets up to

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  • From LenaL on May 16, 2022

    love ginny's job its fireee

    can't believe percy did that omg

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  • From LenaL on May 09, 2022

    yesss i'm loving this

    thank merlin for Daphne, she definitely knows how push Ginny's buttons and I can't wait for Ginny to use her new knowledge and experience at work

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  • From LenaL on May 01, 2022

    yay youre back !

    i am very excited about this story 

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