Reviews for The Happiest Day of His Life

BY : Wimp36

  • From Jeda26 on July 17, 2022

    Hot damn and god have mercy. Have absolutely enjoyed reading every kinky wonderful, smokingly hot, smuttily awesome minute and word of it from start to finish. As you have certainly and magnificently raised the bar in terms of knikily debauched and alluringly wanton, laviciously lewd depravety when it comes to the potters wedding night and honeymoona nd how fae one can go to enjoying oneself and esmculating ones husband in some many debased lecherous detail.

    Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you have this fanastically marvellous and licentiously beguiling erotically exotic gwem of a story goes to next, before the endo  fthe honeymoon. As given the overall tone and preceeding events of the already majestic posted chapters. Think it would be so hot if that Harry and Ginny still having a loving marriage, yet Harry is still a siisfied caged cuckold, whom when they arrive at private greek island dudley further cements his positon as the alpha male in their relationship and impregnates Ginny while Harry watches and gets himself updue to being pleasured and fucked like a sissy. Before Harry gets to fuck her as sloppy seconds lead to her giving birth to triplets nine months later, one dudley's, one harry's and other's up to you Having been further manipulated and persuaded into accepting said agreement and position due to ginny's wicked ways and proving that she loves in and will look after his needs as well as seeing to her needs in context and devolping nature of their sexual martial relationship.

    Plus maybe by the end, Harry is in permamenet chastity and sexy feminine clothing forced to accept his wife'scheating and affair with dudley going forward and having to degrade and drbsdr himelf at times. which he acceptsall on the knowledge and faith of knowing that despite her sexual needs for dudley to fuck and bred her like any alpha can, she still choses to be and stay with him, happy ever after in their own twisted unique and kinky way.


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  • From SparklySprinkles on July 06, 2022

    Love it, love everything about it. lol, poor Harry.

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  • From pettrum on June 26, 2022

    So fucking hot - I'd love to see dudley fuck her ass, maybe making her clean off his cock while Harry has to lick her ass clean of his cum.

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