Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, harem

Tops/semes - Harry & Naruto

Bottoms/ukes - Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki / Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

“We’ll see about that. This situation should change completely right before my son goes to school.” Narcissa said with a smug smile. She decided that she had enough and rudely left the wizarding bank and went to the Black family home unaware of a ninja and his clones being there too ...


“Ok … so how do we do this?” One Naruto clone asked while looking at the Black family tapestry. “Hiding Harry’s name in the Black records was easy, one seal replaced the words, but now we have enchanted lines and moving pictures to mimic. If we link the new information incorrectly we will have a problem.”

A second clone hummed in thought as it finished applying a seal to the floor, “Narcissa isn’t the smartest witch so maybe we can get away with it … the boss is coming.” The clone said as he stepped back from the seal just as Naruto appeared on said seal.

Naruto quickly scanned the tapestry, “I don’t see anything like a transfer to a non blood relative … generations of way too much ‘keeping it in the family’ for my taste.” He couldn’t stop the disturbed shiver that went up his spine at the thought. “So many years of incest might to our advantage. After all, if there hasn’t been an heir from outside the family then maybe no one will know what the tapestry will show. Just cover Harry with a seal and use the same henge I used when we went to Gringotts as the picture. We used the matching name anyway. It might start a goose chase.” He cocked an eyebrow when he heard mumbling and muffled complaints. When he looked out into the hall he saw a lot of portraits that were covered with black curtains. “Who covered the portraits?” He pondered as he went back to his clones knowing they weren’t responsible.

The clone that was now carefully removing the part of the tapestry that marked Harry as the heir with a seal just nodded, “According to the dust they were covered for a long time  … no surprise really considering the bitching from them. They can’t even hear us with the whining from that loud witch’s portrait.” He said as he completed replacing Harry and right on cue the volume suddenly went up as one very angry portrait shrieked.

Naruto winced, “Brings back memories.” He grumbled, very unhappy about being reminded of Sakura and Ino. “Did you guys search the place?” Naruto asked his clones softly despite the risk of being heard being so small.

“Not really. We only had the chance to examine the tapestry.” One clone answered before curiously following his original.

With the clones right behind him, Naruto went over to the kitchen. It was as if something was guiding him and in a way something was. However, it was the feeling of something frighteningly familiar that attracted the ninja’s attention. The journey ended at a rattling drawer.

“I sense something … it’s right in here-ow!” Naruto had opened the drawer and stiuck his hand in, which he instantly regretted. He yanked his hand back to find a fork actually biting, or pinching depending on how you look at it, his hand.

“Got it!” The clone that captured the vicious utensil, but it didn’t stop there. Several other bloodthirsty utensils sprang up and ferociously attacked the ninja and his clones. 

“Throw them at me!” One clone, who was armed with a scroll it took from the original’s belt, exclaimed. One by one each nasty utensil disappeared into the scroll.

Naruto rubbed the little red bite marks on his hand, “Damn … they must be guarding it.”

The clone with the scroll raised an eyebrow, “Guarding what, boss?”

“Something,” Naruto trailed off as he hesitantly looked inside the drawer that held the nasty silverware. “Something like this. It feels like that soul fragment that came out of Harry.” He said as he pulled out a pretty antique locket and inspected it. 

“What are you doing with master’s locket?” All the blonde’s froze in shock and turned to see a creepy house elf glaring at them. “Kreacher won’t let you have master’s locket.”

“I’m only curious about the thing inside it! I’ll give the locket back if you let me take the dark energy out of it.” Naruto said quickly knowing that a pissed off house elf was not something he needed right now. 

The house elf glared, “Kreacher has tried to remove it. It can’t be done.”

“I did! See!” Naruto nearly yelped as he removed the soul chunk and put it in the scroll faster than he ever did before. “I’ll find a way to actually destroy it, but your locket is clean. Here.” He said and gave the elf the locket. The creature named Kreacher just took the locket quietly and disappeared.

Just as the blonde and his clones thought they could calm down someone flooed into the living room, which was just one room over. They bolted up to the ceiling and stayed hidden as they watched the person. The new arrival turned out to be Narcissa and she was pissed.

“Kreacher!” She screamed furiously and the hidden clones stiffened as the same ratty house elf they just met reappeared. “Has anyone stopped by? I sent a letter while those slow goblins dragged their bloody feet at every turn and the person should have received it.” She muttered as she strode through the house.

“No, Mistress Malfoy. No one has been here in years.” The house elf answered much to the ninja’s relief.

Narcissa went rigid and slowly turned to glare at the elf, “It’s Black now.” She growled before storming up to the room where the Black tapestry was. “You really are a fool, Sirius. Who the bloody hell even is David Hausoda?!”

Kreacher poked his head in and shrugged, “He’s the new Black Lord, Mistress Black.” He answered in an uncaring drawl making the hidden blondes smirk. It was clear, and very lucky, that this elf didn’t like the members of the Black family.

“Shut up, you useless-“ Narcissa stopped her rant and smiled when she heard someone floo into the house. “My clothes and a few other things should arrive soon. Put them away and be quiet about it!” She ordered sharply and rushed back down to the floo. “Jack! Thank Merlin it’s you! I’ve had the worst day!”

Naruto dropped down next to the elf and decided to test something, “When her clothes come would you allow me to have a look at them first?” The elf simply gave an uncaring shrug, which definitely wasn’t a no so Naruto took a chance.

Dobby dumped all of Narcissa’s things on the floor of the living room and Kreacher didn’t do anything to stop Naruto from applying seals to the clothes. Of course, neither had to worry about Narcissa. She was too busy playing in her room with Jack Bonnet. During the steamy rendezvous the ninja noticed something and decided to take advantage of it to get what Severus needed.


Severus came out of the potion lab at the Malfoy manor and went over to Lucius who was watching Draco and Harry talk, “I need a couple things for the potion, but if Blue returns with certain parts we won’t need to rush.”

“Will this suffice?” The wizards should’ve guessed that the ninja would’ve, yet again, appear without any warning, but they both focused on the pieces in the ninja’s hand.

“Indeed.” Severus took the pieces of flesh, but glanced at Harry and Draco. 

Blue reached into his coat and pulled out a scroll, “I have an interesting mystery you two can think about. Tell me your best guesses on why this room and it’s occupants would be kept under the perch Dumbledore’s Phoenix sits on.”

Lucius and Severus were aware that the ninja wanted to distract the kids. Unfortunately, the little mystery also made them very curious. It took the two older wizards a second to pull themselves away so they could talk in private.

“How did you get into Dumbledore’s office with the portraits hanging in there? You know they’re able to see you, right?” Severus asked as Lucius shut the door. “You maybe have an odd, and rather horrifying, skill set, but you’re not invisible.” The potion master's eyes narrowed when he put the two fleshy chunks on the counter. “And how the bloody hell did you get two toes?”

Blue shrugged as Severus started setting up a potion, “A sharp weapon and some healing skills … and they were out cold after 10 minutes of sex, which is small amount, but it helped.” Blue sighed. “Sad thing is I doubt they’ll notice. You guys realize spelling your clothes on and off means you don’t really examine your bodies.”

Lucius scoffed, “I’m sure we’d notice a toe missing.”

“You two never noticed me write my name on you.” Blue said bluntly leaving Lucius absolutely stunned. “I painted Jack Bonnet’s toenail pink so you can tell them apart.”

Severus shook himself out of his thoughts on where Blue drew on him and nodded, “Thank you.”

The ninja nodded, “As for your first question, the paintings in his office are set on a loop. They aren’t real living portraits.” Blue couldn’t help but laugh at the clearly shocked looks on the two wizards’ faces. “Yep! All I had to do was avoid the other portraits throughout the castle and that was easy.”

Severus huffed as he started brewing something in a large iron cauldron, “You couldn’t possibly do that unless you went through a window.”

“An easy climb.” Blue said too casually.

“Right.” Severus muttered as the full realization of Blue’s strength started sinking in. “I want to know two things before I tell you to get out. One, how long has Harry been able to read minds?”

Blue sighed, “He’s been able to do that since I met him. It was so strong he never realized I only spoke Japanese until I pointed out my lip movements didn’t match what he heard. I think it was a skill he developed to survive his first guardians.”

Severus frowned as he quietly wrote down a list of things, “I want more details later. The other thing I want is all of these items. If you have them leave them here. If you don’t then go get them.” He said and the sharp black eyes watched the ninja unseal many shelves and located most of the inns he wanted.

“I’ll have to get two of the items.” Blue said as he double checked the list.

“Then go.” Severus snapped while watching the potion bubble as he added something. The second Blue left in a puff of smoke Severus made sure the door was locked and began stripping. “Get undressed.”

Lucius looked horrified, “I refuse-“

“I want to know if he’s serious or not … shit.” Severus cursed as he started undoing all the buttons on his robes. This was why he spelled his clothes on and off.

The Malfoy lord scowled, “Fine- … Severus, your hip.” 

“What?” Severus moved his shirt completely off and his eyes widened as they locked on a set squiggles in black ink just poking out from under his hem. He pulled his pants down completely to see an entire set of markings on his hip and almost on his right butt cheek. “That settles that. I’ll strip you then.”

“I can do-“ Lucius gasped as his half naked friend just spelled his clothes off and began checking. “Stop that!!”

Severus rolled his eyes as he looked at Lucius’ chest and back, “You do remember that I was the one who helped you through that sex crazed mental breakdown you had when you learned you were going to be forced to marry Narcissa-“

“Don’t talk about that-“ Lucius yelped and nearly fell over as Severus pulled his leg up. “Is that …” The Malfoy Lord’s eyes widened. There written on his left inner thigh very close to his balls was the same marking Severus had.

“Indeed. It’s actually kind of hot.” Severus reluctantly admitted as he quietly spelled their clothes back on so he could tend to the potion. “I’m not surprised you seem attracted to him.”

A cringe came to Lucius’ face, “He’s a muggle. Incredibly strong and uses ropes, but still a muggle. Only a fool would find that attractive.” Lucius shivered as Severus looked right at him. “What?”

“Ropes?” Severus saw Lucius shift slightly. “He tied you up. That explains why you’ve been unsettled around him. He accidentally hit your fetish-“

“I don’t have a fetish!” Lucius snapped and his glare intensified when he saw several open his mouth. “Don’t bring that up! Why don’t we discuss what you saw in Blue’s mind or, perhaps, how to save my son!”

“The potion I’m working on now will preserve the flesh of the anchor … once I figure which one it is. When we know I can make a talisman for Draco and he’ll be alright until we break the curse.” Severus explained as he checked the potion and began cutting the toes into slices. 

Lucius just waited in silence as Severus took a slice from each toe and put each on a slice of mandrake root, “and?” He asked, urging the potion master to answer.

Still Severus remained silent and watched the fleshy chunks turn grey and purple, “Ok … both Narcissa and Bonnet are anchors so, sadly, neither can die. If we try the regular means of removing the curse it might backfire, but the talisman will still work … I’ll need fresh samples once this potion is done, but we need to figure out a way to keep Bonnet from tracking Draco down through his own toe.” Severus looked at the scrolls the ninja summoned the shelves from. “I wonder if these can go on skin.” He pondered the possible solution.

“Severus.” Lucius said almost pleadingly.

Severus went back to his potion and tended to it in silence for a few moments before finally taking a deep breath, “I saw a young Blue, maybe 5 years old, being tortured by an angry mob. They beat him, stabbed him and left him on the road choking on his own blood.”

“They thought I was a demon. Still do actually.” Blue’s voice came from in the room making both wizards jump slightly. They didn’t realize keeping the door shut and locked wouldn’t be enough to stop him. Assuming that he actually left in the first place. “I got the things you wanted.”

“Good. This potion will be done tomorrow.” Severus commented as he checked the potion. “When it’s done I’ll need samples from each again. For now I want to know if your …”

“Seals?” Naruto offered.

Severus nodded, “Can you put them on Draco?”

“Easily. I can do that now.” Blue paused for a moment and looked up. “Do you have a cursed object up there? Possibly something from Tom Riddle?” He asked. He didn’t notice before, but after finding yet another chunk of soul in a locket protected by violent utensils and an elf he started looking more closely. 

Lucius flinched as he recalled the real name for Voldemort, “Yes, a book.”

“I’ve been finding multiple chunks of his soul. I assume it’s his because it would explain why Harry had one in his scar.” Blue shook his head the second he saw panic in Severus’ eyes. “I removed it. It’s easy to do with seals. These things are probably what’s keeping him alive.”

“Then I want it gone.” Lucius growled and the ninja nodded.

“I’ll take care of it.” Blue said, but stood there for a moment, “... umm, I apparently haven’t made it clear yet, but I send my doubles to do a lot of tasks or even take my place … i never left the room.” He commented and somehow opened the door that was supposed to be locked and went to complete his new tasks.

The two wizards blushed. For a moment they considered whipping the muggle’s memory, but they realized they probably wouldn’t be able to catch him. Eventually they decided to pretend that embarrassing moment didn’t happen and went to check on Draco and Harry. That turned out to be another shock. 

Draco, who was holding still so Blue could place a seal on his shoulder, looked up, “Father, is it possible the Phoenix, Fawkes, isn’t a real Phoenix?” He asked as Harry showed the older wizards the photos of the hidden chicken room.

Lucius sighed, “Why not? At least, Dumbledore lying makes sense.” He said as Blue left. After a second the ninja returned and was clearly pulling something out of the book and sealing it in a scroll. The scroll disappeared leaving only the book. “Burn that.” 

Somehow he still managed to be surprised when the book burst into flames in Blue’s hand. However, if they heard the mental conversation they might be even more concerned or very amused  …

(Naruto, have you seen Kurama?) Harry asked through the mental link.

(Nope and I’m going to enjoy that peace and quiet.) Naruto responded through the mental link not caring where the fox demon went …


Dumbledore walked into his office at Hogwarts, “Only a couple days until school starts. Harry Potter will finally be- … what is this?” The old wizards looked at the strange orange dust coating his desk. “Cheese dust?” He shrugged it off thinking a ghost was playing around and spelled it away.

Every now and then he swore he heard paws running along the floor in odd places including the ceiling, but he never saw anything even though the cheese smell kept mysteriously returning ...

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