Magic Behind the Kunai

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top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

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There in front of him was a man with a long brown coat, heavy boots a pointed hat and the most terrifying mask he ever saw ...


Lucius didn’t let himself lose focus. Yes, his hands were bound behind his back in a way where he couldn’t move a finger let alone use a spell and the gag prevented him from using verbalized magic, but he still had eyes. He focused on the intruder and conjured fire. A rush of flames consumed the intruder and Lucius allowed himself a moment to relax thinking his ordeal was over, but a popping sound told him otherwise. He looked up from the floor where he laid his head to relax and saw that the intruder was completely gone! There should be a body a least! Lucius soon got his answer courtesy of a hand grabbing the back of his neck …

“That was quite rude.” The intruder’s voice came from behind him and Lucius struggled violently as he was easily lifted completely off floor by the powerful person. It became clear that this person not only could kill him with only physical strength, but he knew the layout of his house! This person knew exactly where a full sized portrait of his family was on a completely different floor!

“Stop struggling or,”he lifted Lucius higher indicating it was those in the family portrait at risk. “Before you get any ideas I know that you and your wife sleep in sides of the house so no I’m not threatening her. Just so you know, the Zabini mansion has even weaker security. Don’t worry though. My boss won’t hurt him if you do exactly as told

Lucius’s blood turned to ice in horror. This intruder has been here enough times to know about the sleeping arrangements and knew where his son was playing. He had no choice but to relax and listen to his demands.

“Good choice.” This intruder carried Lucius casually back towards the office they were at. “Thank you for having a terrible relationship with your house elf, Dobby. If you had even a remotely decent bond he’d know and I’d be dead.” The man chuckled knowing even if the Malfoy believed him, which he didn’t, there was no time to fix it. “As for what my boss wants from you it’s really simple. to Gringotts,” Lucius relaxed a little. If this was about money this will be over soon. “You are to look up the information in the letter the owl is holding. You must read all the information and return here in one hour for a quiz and your son.”

Lucius felt the man drop him and he hit the floor hard. Before he could start panicking about getting his restraints off he realized that the ropes and gag were gone! He glared at the bruised skin on his wrists, but quickly forgot about it to grab the letter from the owl. To his surprise they were file numbers in the Gringotts sections that only someone with his level of authority. This could only mean that someone dangerous had Draco. His worry increased ten fold and he apparated to a Diagon Alley right in front of Gringotts to get this done quickly.

Anyone else might’ve tried to contact the Ministry for help, but he knew someone in there is responsible for this in the first place. He couldn’t trust any of them. The thought of lowering himself to asking the goblins for help disgusted him, but for his son he truly didn’t care. That idea was shot down the second he saw the very same intruder already in the bank and standing behind the counter no less!

“How can we help you today, Lord Malfoy?” A goblin sneered completely unaware of the person behind him.

Lucius glanced at the goblin to take the dagger and give blood to confirm his identity like always, “I need to look up some information.” He said noticing that the intruder was gone. Not wasting time on why no one else seemed to see the man he strode quickly to the library.

With a look at the note he proceeded up to the restricted section containing all past known magical people in Britain. It was a section only a Ministry worker or a member of the Board of Education could access. Of course, since Lucius was both he had no problem getting in and locating two old files. However, what he found was nothing short of earth shattering…

“This … what?” Lucius skimmed the summary of the first file over and over, but it didn’t change…

The summary, which was for basic information on the top of every more detailed file, read:

Merlin (last name unknown)

No magical parents.

One of the first Slytherin students to pass Hogwarts.

Speaks parseltongue.

Helped advance potions and spell casting.

Assisted with the creation of the wand.

Dead. Has no blood descendants to take control of the Merlin estate.

“No descendants? A Slytherin? Spoke parseltongue?... A MUGGLEBORN?” Lucius thought for a moment that this was a file for a different Merlin and wasn’t for the power wizard hailed to be the first wizard, but his belief was crushed like a bug the second he found the address for the Merlin estate.

Every pure blood family prayed to meet the heir of the great Merlin and, of course, there was one because Merlin started it all. Even Lucius considering marrying into the family, but no one ever meet the elusive heir. There were rumors and many claims, but according to this they were all false. Merlin couldn’t have even been the first wizard if Hogwarts came first!

The Malfoy actually wanted to start hyperventilating, but clink brought him out of his mental spiral. He looked over and saw a picture of Draco chatting happily with an unknown man. What horrified Lucius was that the intruder was standing right behind the couch his clueless son was sitting on and was holding a strange looking knife at Draco’s neck.

“Don’t hurt him!” Lucius snapped and whirled around, but no one was there. Only a second passed, but the man was gone. Only a second passed and Lucius found a freshly written message on the picture…

45 minutes left …

“How is this possible?” Lucius could tell that no magic was being used and his mind felt stable so how could this bastard be messing with him? He mentally pondered as quickly moved to the next file. “You must be kidding ...“

The summary read:

Tom Marvolo Riddle

Muggle father. Heir of Slytherin and Gaunt families.

Slytherin student.

Speaks Parseltongue.

The file seemed innocent, but it shocked Lucius on many levels. By far the biggest shock of all was the picture. The picture of the young man was enough to identify the boy as another person entirely. A person Lucius’ father knew personally. A person they both followed and killed for …

“Voldemort.” Lucius gasped in disbelief. All this time he was fighting on the side of pure blood dominance under the lead of a half blood?! “I’ll have a mental break down later!” He said and left the files on the table to get the last two items in the letter.

To his surprise, one of the last items was an actual library book and the other was a number leading to the research section. With the desire to save time in mind he went to the goblin sitting and asked it to send the book up to the research section. By the time he got there the book was waiting and, to his horror, another picture of Draco. This time both the intruder and the unknown man Lucius believed to be the intruder’s boss were standing behind Draco who was munching on something happily. The intruder was holding up an hourglass.

The message was simple. Time is running out.

Faster than he ever ran before he grabbed the constantly magically updating file that had the matching number in the letter and sat at the table with the book on it. First, he skimmed the book and was disturbed by the contents. It was a subject on soul splitting and horcruxes. Considering the file on Tom Riddle had no death label he knew what these people were hinting at and he’s not sure what scared him more. These people threatening him now or that monster.

For now he focused on finishing his tasking. With the way things are going he almost dreaded reading the final file, which kept up to date on muggles. Despite his reservations on the subject he opened the file.

“Billions!” It stunned Lucius to see that muggles out numbered them by such a huge amount! The following statistics on muggle technology was far from comforting. Apparently, the goblins have been running their own tests to save their own skins if something happened. They proved that the myth about muggle technology not working in the magical realms was false. In fact, muggle cameras can see through illusions!  As he went through the list of weapons and read the descriptions he starting wondering why Voldemort ever thought they could completely crush them. The final blow came when saw a picture of the strange knife the intruder held up to Draco’s neck.

“A kunai? Used by ninjas. For more information on ninjas see page 683.” Lucius quickly flipped to that page. What he read wasn’t comforting. Not only did muggles greatly outnumber them, but there was a subcategory of muggles that had very unique powers that resemble magic and intense physical strength.

“Enjoying your reading?”

Lucius stiffened at the sound of the intruder’s voice and subconsciously let his fingertips graze the slowly purpling bruises on his neck. He quickly stood up a quickly walked out of Gringotts not even bothering to put the files and book back on the shelves. With his heart pounding he apparated back home.

“You must be stupid. Muggles are weak compared to us!”  Lucius’ breath hitched at Draco’s words. There in his living room was a strange teenager with black hair and black eyes sitting with his son just like in the pictures. To make it worse the dangerous muggle ninja intruder his son just insulted was right behind the couch.

The unknown man smiled, “Since your father is here, let's ask him. What’s your opinion, Lucius?”

“Muggles not only have great numbers, but many non magical machines that can match or even outperform the best recorded enchanted items we have. Where we exceed in some areas they exceed in others … especially ninjas.” Lucius said cautiously while watching the masked intruder’s motions.

“But father you said-“

“This is not the time, Draco!” Lucius snapped only to pale when the intruder stepped forward and patted a pouting Draco’s head.

“Don’t take it personally, Draco. Your father is just flustered because I threatened to slit your throat.” The masked man said not being as comforting as his tone suggested. In fact, Draco just looked terrified.

The young man burst out laughing, “Calm down. He wouldn’t hurt anyone who wasn’t trying to kill me.” He smiled at Lucius. “As you know you weren’t alone on the trip to Gringotts. I’m well aware that you did as asked, but do you understand why we asked you to look up that information?” He asked as he gently nudged Draco allowing the boy to go over to his father.

“I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise.” Lucius said while pulling Draco against him. “Am I right in assuming that you want to know my side in all this?”

“Correct.” The young man nodded. “A mad dark lord or Dumbledore. Which would you choose this time around?” It wasn’t hard to see that Lucius would pick whatever side would protect his son and he that didn’t trust either option. “Then I have a thought. I was speaking to Draco and it you both have high opinions of Harry Potter. If he had a side would you take it? Would you help him get around his magical guardian, Albus Dumbledore?”

Lucius sneered and looked down at his own son for a few seconds before looking up at the two people in his home, “It’d be the only side that could be safe if-“

“He’s aware of your Death Eater past and doesn’t care if you assist him.” The masked ninja said bluntly.

Draco frowned and pointed at the young man accusingly, “When you came to pick me up-“

“You went with them without knowing who they were?!” Lucius gasped not believing that his son would be so stupid.

“He got through the runes so why shouldn’t I have believed he wasn’t a friend?” Draco countered and making a good point. He was raised to believe in runes so it was a little unfair for Lucius to scold him now. “He said he knew Harry Potter!” Draco exclaimed quickly finishing his comment from before.

“I do.” The intruder placed his hand on the young man’s head and the man pooped into smoke leaving a smirking 11 year old boy with green eyes and a distinctive lightning bolt scar. “As you can see I know him well.”

Lucius gaped, “Harry? I heard you were being raised by muggle relatives so how … I doubt you were the original guardian if Dumbledore is involved.” Lucius pointed out as he looked at the ninja.

“You’re right. Harry’s relatives were … inadequate. I took over two years ago. Unfortunately, with both of us being unaware of the ins and outs of this world we nearly ran into trouble. In return for helping us I was instructed to help you and protect you if needed.” The ninja said and a clone appeared as Harry stood up startling the Malfoys.

Harry smiled, “I have something to do, but I’ll return soon so we can talk about this.”

“Wait.” Harry and the now double ninjas stopped to look at Lucius. “I need to check, but depending on when you got your letter and who is sent you may already be in trouble.”

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