Reviews for Forbidden Rapture

BY : Marionne25

  • From KagomeLove2 on December 31, 2018

    I read this story. I did find it confusing at some points. Nice story but it looked like a Draco story to my. He is so much the knight in shiny armour that I was expecting  him to save spineless Hermione  from marrying Potter. It was difficult to determine who she loved. If she loved Potter, Severus or Draco.

    ho Draco has take Severus identity to face death. I would have loved that you explained how he did such a brigh thing. He is a great wizard with extra skills or did he use polyjuice. How did he do it?   If it isn't polyjuice them Severus is not off the hock so to speak since he will have to take over Draco life and the juice for all his life.  Why would Severus want to be Draco?   I tried de to see where the story is going since whe are near the end but I just cannot. 


    Hermione  is really getting on my nerve. If she does not want to be with Potter why not say so? Is he going to kill her? What ever decision she makes, Severus is to be executed, so what has she got to lose? She will still be happy that he is dead. Why is she acting like a mat and is waiting for Draco to come and save her? This is so annoying. 


    Harry Potter is controlling the justice system? This is something that was too hard to accept regardless of who he is and how much money he has. Harry decides who and when the person dies. Really? 


    All my hopes of Draco Taking him down is been destroyed by him taking Severus place. 

    I really think it would have been better if this was a Draco Hermione because if Severus end up staying in Draco body , this will just be that.  Any way I look forwards to see how it will end. For Severus and Draco. Take Care

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  • From Baconwrappedpizza on July 19, 2018

    You changed the story of how Hermione got hit with the spell, originally, it was a spell reflected back at her  and the chapter 11 it became belatrix chasing harry and Hermione and hittin Hermione with the spell???!!!😐😐😐😕😕😕

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  • From Snapeswhore on April 22, 2018

    I am so confused. I get Hernione has stockholm syndrome but did it also turn her into an idiot? First when escaping Harry she was confused how to get around him...uh...ur a witch with his wand and she suddenly forgot petrificus totalis she used on Neville and bombardo to get out the windows. She forgot she has a patronus, she can't get draco to get her a new wand? I know it's not ideal but throughout Harry Potter they pick up and make use of various other wands. Also, Wth if draco is so rich. Get a frigging minister in to marry Hermione and snape, stat. Sh*t draco could disapparate with her to Germany and marry her himself even, I mean are these ppl wizards or not. Harry is not that fricking bright in the books so I highly doubt he suddenly shot up 50 IQ points. 

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  • From Snapeswhore on April 14, 2018

    Anyone reading this who thinks Snape deserves Azkaban while Harry doesn't is nuts in the head. Harry is absolutely repulsive and so are the rest of the Weasels. No wonder they are poor, as they are so stupid.  Hermione isn't married to Harry, he has absolutely NO SAY in what she has to do. She needs to take her d*mn things and go to Draco and ditch literally everyone she used to know.

    BTW..... what the heck happened to Lupin. He was supposed to meet her and we don't know what happened. This happens a lot at the end of your chapter... it's like cliffhanger and next chaptet completly something else. It's really jarring. Also, what about Luna? I feel like Lupin and Luna would be able to see Harry for the scum he is and help Hermione

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  • From Harry-Potter-Nerd on January 30, 2018

    This is my first review on this site. I hope all is well. This is one of my favorite stories. I hope you update soon so we can find out what Harry is going to do. 

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  • From Poppie-Peanut on August 11, 2017

    Good morning. Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for not reviewing your story sooner. I've been following with bated breath since the start and I adore it. What a complex and tangled web you have woven! Your Narcissa was glorious, your Hermione is believable (poor girl!) And your Snape... My heart breaks for him. I'm Loving your demented tormented Harry. I hope things have improved for you in real life, sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way.... I've been missing your story and have been checking every day for an update (eagerly, not impatiently!) I just wanted you to know that you still have readers and we wish you all the best XX

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  • From sandlapper on July 12, 2017

    I have to say, I didn't think I could dislike Harry any more than I already did.  Honestly, he reminds me more and more of Tom Riddle.  Of course, I always wondered how he was never affected by the Horcrux that was part of him for so long.  I mean, he had it's powers, why not it's hate?  My only problem with the scene between Harry and Kingsley, is that I don't believe that Kingsley would let his guard down at all, and aren't Aurors trained to counter attacks like that?  Interesting.  

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  • From sandlapper on June 24, 2017

    I am looking forward to the moment Harry Potter is beaten.  And I hope Draco is the one to smack him down.  I am definitely Team Snape - always have been.  Another good chapter, and more 'yep, this is why I have always disliked Harry'!  Well done.  

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  • From Kain on June 23, 2017

    Eh honestly, neither of these guys deserve Hermione or her efforts to save them. Snape did what he did to save her,Harry and everyone from the curse but its the methods he used and how he controlled every facet of her life for almost 10 years and wore her down until she could only think of and rely on him and how he would hurt her unnecessarily and pretty much screwed her head up that rile me up. Harry who, while he has indeed suffered greatly mentailly, it still doesnt excuse what he is now putting her through or his abuse of power ansd threatening his own friends and psuedo- family. At this point it feels like only a time turner will be able to fix the mess they are all in. No matter what happens Hermione is going to lose someone who means something to her, but who doesnt deserve her.

    Quite a bit of pain could also have been avoided had Snape at least tried to leave clues and info to the Order that couldnt be traced back to his location that Hermione was alive but not safe to approach. He also could have tried a different approach on to how he treated Hermione  when not  purging the curse, although he could have been much more gentle in that as well, instead of acting like the suffering victim and routinely guilt tripping her.

    Their friends also have a bit of blame in all this since they seem to have a bad case of bystander syndrome and seemingly refuse to take any real action to either stop Harry and his obvious madness or help Hermione by getting her the hell away from him. Draco is at least trying to be there for her while still doing his job, even if that job entails that Severus rightfully got to prison. He is the one person in this story with his head on straight and not letting his emotions and personal feelings trip him up.

    Hyped to see what happens next


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  • From sandlapper on June 23, 2017

    I don't review on here very often, but I have to tell you that your story has compelled me to.  I have always disliked Harry as a character from the beginning.  And this story has just reenforced every reason I dislike him!  You have engendered a truly visceral reaction to your characters, and that makes me happy.  I don't how you will do it, but I hope, really hope that they finally figure out the key, and Harry is exposed for the corrupt, down right evil person he is.  Severus may have been under-handed in things he did, but he was forced into the position he endured, and endure it he did.  It is so easy for those who sit in the comfort of their bubbles, because of the things people like he did to keep everyone safe.  It is time for him to enjoy a freedom he had never known before!    

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  • From Nightstar on June 13, 2017

    Nooooo shes going to be forced to marry that douche!!! Noooooooooo make it not sooo. Still her enjoying your  work. 

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  • From BlackMaiden on June 04, 2017

    I have enjoyed your story, thus far. I find your notes to be most entertaining; i can relate to college life.

    I saw you were asking on song suggestions for this story. Im not sure your preferences but i was listening to a song called 'Sunday' by Lo Pro. I found it fitting.

    Looking forward to the follow up.


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  • From Nightstar on June 04, 2017

    Still here for you!!!, loving the wind down hope all is revealed soon amd harry goes and sucks a big one!!

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  • From Chaymae on June 04, 2017

    Oh and by the way congratulations on you graduation  

    Master has given Dolby a diploma Dolby is a free elf hahahhahaha 

    So what's the next step a Phd in music ??? Or you want to be a celebrity ? ? 


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  • From Chaymae on June 04, 2017


    A wedding really  a wedding  hahahhaha 

    I wasn't expecting that let me guess this is when the Aurors came or the is the reason why the Aurors knew where they were hahahhahaha

    I like how you turn events in a second hahaha

    Nice job 

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