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BY : Marionne25

  • From ilinaresv on May 30, 2017

    Chapter 38

     Oh, Marionne dear, I’m doing my best to contain my heart from exploding after this chapter. I keep telling myself that I must be patient, but I can prevent from imagining what was going to happen.

    I hope you are enjoying your free time, is wonderful to know that you have so many projects going on and it is so exciting to know we are going to know how this wonderful story is going to end.

     OMG, the first part of the chapter was so, so creepy and horrible. The way Snape raped her was so cruel, and Hermione’s suffering was so agonizingly sad. I think that, in a way, we can understand a lot of things from that scene:

    1.       Snape’s darkness is something that he doesn’t want to control around Hermione. Even when he keeps saying that he loves her and repeatedly says that he won’t harm her, he enjoys the way he can make her suffer. More than once we have been witnesses of the way he enjoyed her tears, how her desperation, her fear, her guilt, her shame makes him feel power, in control. He likes to know that he owns her life, he decides what she can or can’t thought, what she can feel, what she can know, what she can do and even what she can dream. And since he owned her, he used her for his sexual gratification whenever he wanted, even with great violence and against Hermione’s will. But something that calls my attention is that sometimes, Snape seems to be resentful of Hermione, as if he blames her for the situation in what both of them are placed. He knows that is not Hermione’s fault, but some of his thoughts shows that he hates being in a situation in where he had to “resign” to his future to take care of her, a situation where he have to suffer from excruciating pain to keep her alive, and that in “retribution” he always thinks that the least that she can do was surrender to him, let him take what he wants from her.

    2.       This scene also shows how deep the psychological damage that Hermione has suffered in those ten years is. In these scene she refused to hear what Snape has to say after he raped her, he tried to be “sweet” to her, but she didn’t accept his words and gestures of “comfort”, she fights him. In this chapter when he calls her “Sweetheart” (that was really creepy, it gave me chills), didn’t affects her and she keeps struggling against him, trying to evade his touch, but we had seen that years later, after he has been violent with her, he calls her that word again and she reacts and is enough for her to forgive him. So I can only conclude that after years, he had her conditioned to accept his violence as acts of love, he made her think that a lot of things were her fault, and that she have to accept his torture because that was her punishment for asking about the outside world, for wanting to know about her loved ones, for thinking about Harry, for being opinionated. We had seen how time and again she keeps repeating that she owes him her life, that she had food, shelter and clothing because of him (that’s her mantra in the cottage and later in London) and I suppose that in time, she came to believe that since she owes him, she have to accept everything that he did to her, and her mind translated that sense of debt in something she called love, because how else was she going to accept and cope with all those horrible things he did to her?

    And what a great surprise!!! Draco’s uncle is the Head of the Wizangamot!!! And what a beautiful conversation they have, it was honest and full of compassion for the people involved in the trial, but none of them tried to be blind of the facts or talked about twisting the Justice. I loved the way the old man recognized Draco’s hard wok (maybe worried that the loss of the case can cause him a disappoint too great) and how Draco answered saying that he’s aware of the small chances but what he wants is Justice and not revenge as Harry wants. Draco recognized that Snape is not an innocent, even if he had good intentions in the beginning, this shows how mature Draco is. And how relevant is that the old man says that the court have to judge based in what happened in the whole ten years and not only in the intentions that Snape had when he took Hermione after the attack.

    Oh, oh, and you hinted that Hermione is going to Azkaban to see Snape? Oh, I want so much to see what would happen there!! Would Hermione have closure? Now that she was going to see and talk to Snape, would she recognize that she can be grateful to Snape for saving her life, but that she didn’t have to condone and justify all the violence that she suffered at his hands? Would she be able to see the things that happened to her for what they really were? Or would she cry and repeat that he’s innocent and that she loved him? (If she in fact ended crying and still believing in Snape’s innocence, I think that she would be a very bitter person for the rest of her life, because she would think forever that Snape was victim of an injustice). I think that she’s a logical and kind person, and perhaps she would accept that she was a victim and that what she was feeling for him maybe wasn’t love, but at the same time, she would forgive Snape for the good things that he did for her, but this time, in her own terms and not imposed by the circumstances. That way she could accept what the Justice would determine for him.

    And what about Snape? Would he be honest with Hermione? Would he tell her his real intentions? Would he recognize to her that he hated her sometimes? That he enjoyed her suffering? That he lusted after her since school, and that he fantasied on taking her from Harry since before the attack?

     OMG!!! I can’t wait, that would be the greatest chapter ever!!!! Finally they are going to be face to face and there would not be only memories but a real interaction. An interaction that would found them in circumstances that are far from the last one where they both were: Now Hermione is the free one (free to move, free to think, free to act, free to see from afar what happened to her) and Snape is the trapped one.

     Please, take pity of my heart, and don’t make us wait too long before the next update, or I would became crazy from the anxiety!!!!

     Lots of love!!!


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  • From Chaymae on May 29, 2017

    Hii I was soo disgusted reading the fisrt part he raped her and she's still protectig him.

    Why oh why 

    Why did you make Hermione like this 

    This is soo saad 

    Draco is going to time travel isn't he !! 

    But why did he time travel the first time ?? 

    Any way I'll just crawl back to my bed holding all the sadness that you've caused me inside hahahahha 

    Have a good day

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  • From ilinaresv on May 27, 2017

    Chapter 37

    Dear Marionne,

    Oh!!! Wow!!! What a shocking chapter, this time you make the pace go very fast, putting in my head a lot of facts and thoughts and trying to process them, what a good change of rhythm!!  

    Lupin testifying for Snape, that was surprise. I thought that Draco would take the chance to ask about Harry’s issues with Snape and the way he was treating Hermione so the Wizangamot will not grant Harry’s wish to condemn Snape, but then, Draco is Snape’s lawyer so I don’t know why surprise me that the questions were so Snape centered.

    It seems that Lupin tried to answer Draco’s questions in a really objective way but I think that there are big faults in his answers due his perceptions of things:

    1. Lupin knows that Harry just wants revenge, not Justice, and he tried to balance the weight of Harry’s hate, with opinions that weren’t entirely the truth: after all, when Snape was replacing Lupin in a class that was too close after the full moon, he gave the students enough clues to know that Lupin was a werewolf (that wasn’t a very professional attitude) and I would like to know what Neville Longbottom thinks about Snape being a good teacher (I don’t think that Neville would agree that bullying a student is a great way to enlightening them in the right ways and paths), and we can't forgot how Snape was obssesed with Hermioine before the attack, how he was lusting after her (although this last fact wasn't known for anybody)
    2. Lupin thinks of himself as a good teacher, someone that in his own words is a person that “guide and protect his students and their minds from what is wrong or corrupt and secure them and their minds to what is right and good”, but he failed Harry in that. He let Harry’s obsession grow and he choose to be blind to that, because he wanted to be Harry’s favorite person.

    In the end, I think that Lupin was comparing himself with Snape, he wanted to think that both of them did what they thought was right for their charges, that they were protecting Hermione and Harry in their own ways, trying to do what was best in their situations (Snape trying to “protect” Hermione by keeping her and he ignoring Harry’s problems) and that was the “truth” to him, so he didn’t lie in the court room. I wonder if Lupin would think so “high” of Snape if he knew the way Snape treated Hermione in the cottage, would he said that Snape was kind (in any standard of the word) if he knew how violent Snape was? Would he said that Snape was trying to guide and protect Hermione’s mind if he knew that Snape raped, humiliated and tortured her? Would he implied Snape’s innocence if he knew that Snape tried to save Hermione but also choose to kept her for his own cause and purposes?

    It’s also very interesting to know that Hermione thinks that the sexual relationship between her and Snape was her “fault”. It’s very cunning that Snape didn’t told her that they have to have sex in order to save her life, she was the one to kiss him first, but Snape knew that they have to continue to have sex to combat the Urduja Curse. He didn’t said anything to her about it, and he let her suffer from the guilt and shame, while he made sure he looked innocent about how that part of their relationship started.

    It’s also very interesting how Hermione was suffering at the beginning without knowing about her loved ones, how she didn’t want Harry to forget her, how she was praying to him to know that she was still alive. I want to know: in all those years, did she thought about Harry again? What was she feeling about the people that were her family in the Wizarding World? We know that she tried to keep her thoughts about them to herself so she wouldn’t upset Snape, but what were her feelings and thoughts about them when she was alone? It still shock me that she put so little thought and showed so little pain over Ron’s death (especially since he was her best friend and he died trying to “rescue” her).

    Oh! Poor Draco, he was never going to accomplish what he said to Lupin in the witness room: he can’t give Justice to Harry or Snape, because they weren’t the victims, and that was the error in Draco’s views. Harry and Snape may be the Fate’s victims, but they weren’t victims of the injustice or the crimes, they both were criminals, they both broke the law, they both made others victims of their power, of their greediness, and Hermione may be the greatest victim, but she wasn’t the only one (at least not the only Snape’s victim).

    And the trial was so rough for Hermione, and Kain was right in her review when she said that until Hermione can shake this hold that Snape has on her and get her head on straight, almost anything she says in defense of him is going be put to question. And this is another example about how perception affects the way Hermione sees the truth: she knows that “somebody” (Narcissa) tempered her memory, she was so aware of that fact that she told Draco what she suspected, but in the trial she was so focused in saving Snape that she conveniently “forgot” that, and kept denying that she was enchanted.


    And now, we just have to wait to what the Wizangamot have to say!!!!!! This is going to be the end of me… what would happen? What? What? It’s too much for my poor nerves!!!!

    As always, I would be waiting for the next update

    Hugs and lots of love


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  • From ilinaresv on May 26, 2017

    Chapter 36


    Dear Marionne,


    LOL!! You almost gave me a heart attack!!! I posted the review and went offline, and then today I opened the Internet and found that you posted TWICE in one day!!! I can’t believe that I missed you posting chapter 36!!!


    This is another great chapter. I like the fact that this chapter goes to a more relaxed pace, I mean we have the chance to see more details about what had happened and the role some characters have in the story.


    I love Draco’s role in this story, he’s acting as an eye opener for many characters, and I think that’s because he can see the big picture from a safe distance, he’s not too emotionally involved in what happened, and because of that, he can be more objective about the facts. He made Lupin and the Weasley aware about Harry’s craziness, he made Hermione face some facts that she didn’t want to think about and now I think that, thanks to the Opus Contrarium, he’s going to make the whole Wizarding World know about Harry’s condition and how his psychological problem is influencing his actions in Snape´s trial (and endangering Hermione’s safety). I think that he acts like a person with a cold head and his feet on the ground, something that is much needed in this situation.


    I especially liked the dialogue between Draco and Hermione. He don´t treat her as if she was made of glass, of course he worried about her, but that doesn’t mean that he lied to her, he does not try to appease her by saying that everything will work out well in Snape's trial, he speak clearly to her saying the truth, that what Snape did wasn’t right, and he’s treating her as an adult, something that was lacking in her life since before her abduction. And even if he’s not exactly sure about what to say to Hermione about why he’s helping Snape, I think that he’s doing it because he too thinks that Justice must be served, and while Snape deserves a sentence, this sentence must be accord to the laws, and not accord to the will of one individual (in this case Harry’s will).


    I think is good for Hermione to have someone to talk more openly and not in the confrontational way that most of her encounters with other people have been so far. She can’t talk in riddles with Draco, this wasn’t her “he’s innocent because I say so, and you just don’t listen to me” speech, because Draco knows what really happened, and while he can agree that Snape saved her life, he also acknowledge that Snape did a lot of things that weren’t right. Is good for her that someone was making her question what she feels, what did she thinks her future is, what her role in this really is.


    Something that called my attention is that both Hermione and Draco think the same about why they are helping Snape in his trial: Snape saved their lives. I think that both of them are trying to do the same: save his life to repaid their debt to Snape, the difference is that while Draco is trying to save Snape’s life, he’s not blind about the other crimes that the Potion’s Master committed, and I think that he’s prepared to accept that Snape could end in Azkaban (but alive).


    Hermione’s reaction is different: she wants to save Snape’s life but she associate the concept of him alive with the concept of him out of Azkaban, and that’s why she can’t think about what Snape deserves for his other crimes. I think that Hermione needs to believe that Snape is an innocent man because that way she can explain to herself why she “loved” him. If she accepts the crimes that Snape committed against her, against others, she would crumble, she would have to accept that she was a victim and I think that her psyque has made an image for Snape in order to protect herself from all the pain she suffered during her abduction.


    This is a great chapter, you let us know more about what is inside the minds of the characters, let us know them more deeply, especially Hermione, and I loved it. I would really like to know if Draco would have a similar conversation with Snape, it would be great to witness that conversation.

    I would be awaiting for the next update, I’m anxious to know what Lupin would be saying, and to know more about Hermione’s thoughts…



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  • From Chaymae on May 24, 2017


    I get so happy when I read your comments about how life has become surrel for you after all your hard work hhhhhh

    For the story I think you should chose the second one to change a little bit.

    Although seeing the Wizarding world in the hands of voldemort would be funny to read hhhh

    ( side note : I  read all harry potter books in French so i got used to reading voldemort without pronouncing the t in the end of the word but after I've watched the movies in english I can’t help but pronounce the t, its funny because the right way is reading it in French ( I gess you already know that but just in case I'm going to say it voldemort = vol + de + mort wich means in French theft of death ) ) 

    I would still love to see the pictures but if you don't feel comfortable with that I totally understand.

    Its a little bit sad to head to the end of the story but I gues its about time.

    Could you post all the remaining chapter really really fast hhhhhh 😜😜

    Have a very great day and congratulations again one can never be congratulated enough. 😉😉

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  • From ilinaresv on May 23, 2017

    Chapter 35


    My dear Marionne,


    Relax and enjoy this so much deserved free time, you worked so hard and now it’s time to write, write and write… hahaha!!!


    I have to tell you, I have tried to make a timeline for the story, but the first memory kind of confused me: Snape said it´s been six years since Hermione’s abduction but Narcissa is still alive? I thought that she died not long (just a few years) after Harry won the war.

    I would like to know did Hermione thought again about Harry? It would be nice to know what was she thinking all those years, it seems that a great part of the time she was thinking about her relationship with Snape, but what was she thinking when he wasn’t around? Did she kept her diary? Did she imagined what would be her life after her abduction?


    One of the things that make me like this story so much, and keep analyzing it like a little crazy person, it´s the amazing way in what you can write.  Your wonderful way to write makes me forget that this is a fanfiction and not something that really happened to someone. I think that we, the fans of the Harry Potter’s universe, feel the characters as friends, as people that we know, that we like or dislike, and sometimes, when we are lucky and found a story like this, wonderfully written, with a great plot and a better characters’ development, we become deeply involved.


    This chapter 35 it’s a fine example of the characters’ complexity, of how their perceptions of themselves colored their actions and gave them the value of right and wrong.

    When I can leave aside my analytic tendencies, it’s fascinating to read how Snape saw himself in this story: he’s keeping Hermione alive and he thinks that he’s doing the right thing treating her the way he’s treating her. He’s aware that he’s a murderer, a rapist, a Death Eater and while he knows that those things are bad things, he brings this darkness into his relationship with Hermione as something normal, and don’t feels remorse when he’s violent with her because he thinks that it´s the right way to keep her submissive.


    But you not only paint a complexity in his behavior, you made a very crude and real portrait about the relationship between a victim and her abuser, in the fourth memory Hermione use oral sex because it’s the best time to ask him about things she wants, and then Snape turns the act in something that she didn’t enjoy because he likes to be in control, he likes to take his pleasure from her and didn´t care about her feelings in the act. And after the act, when he see her crying after hurting her, he tries to be tender, he spoke softly to her, and she surrenders again. You have described the actual interaction between victim and abuser in a way very real.


    I’m deeply grateful to have the chance to read your work, I think that you would do great things, and I’m so glad to be part of this.


    Lots of love Marionne



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  • From Nightstar on May 21, 2017

    Oooohhhh whats goiing to happen, harrys probably going to snap and go all crazy!!!. Still here and still loving!

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  • From Kain on May 21, 2017

    Well ilinaresv pretty much stated everything that i thought of saying lol. While Harry has definently gone off the deep end and needs to be stopped, Severus is also faaaaar from innocent regardless of what Hermione chooses to believe. Stockholm syndrome is a hell of a thing and until she can shake this hold that Snape has on her and get her head on straight, almost anything she says in defense of him is gonna be put to question. So much pain would have been avoided if Snape had not been so controlling of her for 10 years and at least dropped some info to the Order on what was really going on without having to risk endagering anyone.

    Lovin this.

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  • From ilinaresv on May 18, 2017

    Chapter 34


    Congratulations, I´m so proud of you!! I missed you, but it´s good to know that everything went great with your recital and now it’s time for your graduation!!! It´s such an exciting time for you and your family!!! Congratulations!!!

     It’s so exciting to know that we are near the final!!! This is a great story and I really want to know what would happen and how is everything going to end, since I really want a happy ending for Hermione.

     Now that I see Narcissa’s actions with other eyes, I swear that she´s a really scary woman, I wonder what kind of power she had over Snape, the way she ordered him to stay to eat dinner with her, the way she made Hermione take the unbreakable vow, the way she oblivieted Hermione without Snape protesting, the way she moved the pieces in the board, shows that she had a great power and control about the things that were happening around her. What were her intentions? That was the great question, right? I would love to know her hidden agenda.

     OMG!!! And now we know why Harry was so desperate to find Hermione!!! I imagine that he must be feeling really guilty since he was the one with Hermione in the broom the night she went missing… That explain his obsession, his rejection all those years to acknowledge that Hermione could be dead and his crazy behavior since her return, how he didn´t want to let her alone and now want her to be his wife… he want to have what he would have had if he didn´t let her slip away the night of the transfer… No wonder he’s crazy, he blame himself for everything that happened to Hermione.

     I have to tell you that it surprised me Lupin’s reaction to Draco´s explanations, and in not a good way… is he playing stupid on purpose, because he too blame himself for what happened? I mean, come on, this isn’t a sudden behavior for Harry:

    1)       For years Harry was a violent drunk, he constantly was having fights and more than once Lupin had to save him.

    2)       For years Harry talked about Hermione as if she was alive, even when Lupin and all the others thought that she was dead (that behavior alone was yelling “obsessed man here”).

    3)       Lupin saw how Harry was treating Hermione, he saw how afraid Hermione was of Harry, he helped Hermione to talk to Draco in a restaurant’s bathroom (!!)

    And NOW he talks as if Harry just begun to be obsessive, violent and temperamental? Now he asked himself how he “overlooked all the dangerous changes”? Really? And what was funny was Draco telling Snape that the Order would “help Harry out of his demented situation”. So, Lupin and the Order needed someone else point to them that Harry was crazy? I can’t help to think that saying that Harry’s craziness it’s sudden it was a convenient way to clean their consciences. And what amazed me more was that Snape understand that Harry would never stop to hate him, would never stop obsessing about what happened to Hermione on those ten years if he can´t understand why everything happened, and I’m not sure if even knowing why Hermione was kidnapped would stop him from hating Snape (and I´m sure that if Harry knew how Snape really treated Hermione nothing would stop him from killing the Potion’s Master).

     I´m happy that finally Hermione is receiving help, but I´m a little frustrated that again she´s proclaiming that Snape is innocent and now we are back to the beginning where she seemed to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome . After her confrontation with Harry, I thought that she was going to face realistically what those ten years meant for her.

    I agree that Snape wasn´t responsible about the consequences of the Urduja Curse, I agree that he kept her alive, but I can’t agree that he did what was right: he was violent, he tortured her, and that was his fault. He could have made an unbreakable vow with Lupin and told him that Hermione was alive and what happened to her; Snape didn´t made the unbreakable vow as Hermione did it, so he could have told someone about Hermione’s fate and whereabouts, not telling anyone was his decision. So, no, I don´t think that he’s completely innocent, and I think that Justice must be served. But beyond that, what drives me crazy is Hermione seeing what happened to her with rose glasses, idealizing Snape as her Knight in shining armor; what confuse me is how even Draco can acknowledge that she has suffered for ten years but even after all these months without Snape, Hermione continued to think that she was living in a paradise with the man of her dreams. Didn´t she remember how much she suffered? One thing is having an unbreakable vow that stops her to talk with others about what happened in the cottage (the good and the bad things that happened there), and another entirely different thing is believe in her mind that everything that happened in the cottage was good and Snape is an innocent soul. Something is missing there.

     And now Harry is pressuring the Wizangamot to end Snape´s trial so we are now closer to the end!!! There are still a lot of things that we need to know and I promise to be patient because I need to know!!!

    I will be waiting for updates and I would love to hear more about your recital and coming graduation.

    Lots of love my friend, and hope to see you soon!!!



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  • From Chaymae on May 18, 2017


    Congratulations ! !! So happy for youu 

    I jope you'll become a great artist/writer 

    I would love you see the pictures if you want to you can add me on facebook here's mine 

    Tell your parnets I'm congratulating them for you success 


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  • From ilinaresv on May 04, 2017


    I´m so happy for you! I was so sure that you were going to be great in your audition, and I’m so proud of you! And to celebrate your success you gave us another chapter! You are the best!

    I’m sorry about the confusion with the phrase “pathetic longing” in the previous review. You must remember that I don’t speak English and sometimes my thoughts are lost in translation… hahaha, I’m feeling like Bill Murray! I suppose that what I wanted to say is that he was acting melancholic, I guess.

    This chapter really is a gift! Again, you are pulling and pushing my emotions in so many directions, and is wonderful of you to share your talent as a writer. I have so many thoughts about this chapter that this is going to be a long review… sorry about that…

    The scene between Harry and Hermione is so sweet. They were so in love and there was an aura of innocence around them, even in those dark times, there was something so pure and young… It is beautiful to know how much they loved each other and at the same time is so sad to know that they would be separated for the rest of their lives. You wrote it in a way that uncovers the truth about this story: is a tragedy, a terrible tragedy. This is the story about two people who loved one another, but that were separated and destroyed by the people around them. Bellatrix’s curse separated Harry and Hermione, but Lupin, the Weasley, the Order, Narcissa and Snape destroyed them. And knowing that this is the last scene before their separation made me so sad. Nothing would be the same after that and the next time they would see each other, they would be totally different persons: one stuck in the past and the other having lost herself.

    And the plot thickens!!!

    It was truly, really awesome the plot behind Narcissa. I would confess that so far she was like this character lurking in the shadows, never important enough to pay her too much attention. I made the mistake to look at her as the poor and weak, sick woman whose presence was necessary to save Hermione and later to provide food and clothes.

    In this chapter, Narcissa’s actions show her as a cold and very calculating woman. We can see many sides of her personality, through the eyes and memories of different people: she acted kind and sisterly to Snape (although, she has her interests at heart in that relationship: Snape’s promise to save Draco and help her with her illness), she acted cold and contemptuously to Hermione (she knows that Hermione is a toll to hold Snape in her hands, because she’s the only one that knows about Hermione’s abduction and the only one that can help them in that island) and we know that she hid many things from Draco.

    You have painted a very complex Narcissa, she’s not the flat character that we saw superficially, she’s a very dark woman and I think that so far we just saw glimpses of her agenda:

    ·         We know that she was deadly sick and she received help from Snape, but she didn’t want her family to know about her illness. At the beginning I thought that she was being considerate, but in the light of her actions in this chapter I think that she used her illness to move various pieces in her chessboard: she chained Snape to her will (if they were friends, how he could leave her or don’t listen to her if she was dying?), she had Draco in the palm of her hand (always worried about her health) but she really didn’t wanted him to know about her illness because she didn’t wanted him knowing about Snape's help (that would make Draco ask about Snape's whereabouts), and she played that card with Lucius and Bellatrix too, the strong but sick woman (so they overlooked what she was doing with Snape)

    ·         She helped Hermione but she didn’t care for her: she told Snape that Hermione must live because she’s innocent, clever, pure… but I think that she did that to convince Snape to do what she wanted him to do (if Snape was with Hermione he would need Narcissa's help and she can control him in some way) and when she was in the cottage she treated Hermione horrible, even making Hermione think that she was enjoying her stressful situation.

    ·         And I think that she “sacrificed” herself (she was as good as dead anyway) to save Hermione because that was her most powerful weapon: Hermione would be in debt with her and Snape would believe in anything that Narcissa says, but when Snape told her his plan about his horrible treatment of Hermione (making him a rapist and abuser), she came with the idea of the Unbreakable Vow, so nobody would know that she knew about Hermione’s fate. She would have loved to know that the world would saw her as a savior but she couldn’t let the world know that she was an accomplice of Snape if he was a villain. And that’s the reason why she obliviated Hermione too, because she knows that Hermione couldn’t protect her mind if someone used Legitimens on her, and they would know Narcissa’s part in her abduction, she didn’t try that with Snape because he was, after all, a master in Occlumency.

    As I said, you are a wonderful writer and you have made Narcissa a complex and dark character without putting her in the limelight. I wonder what else she have in her pocket to surprises us. What else did she erased from Hermione’s mind? Is that why Hermione can’t see what happened to her for what it was? The plot thickens!!

    Oh! I’m trying, I swear that I’m trying to be more sympathetic with Snape, I just can’t yet. Maybe is because the road to hell is full of good intentions, and from my perspective he had made a solid road to burn in hell. Yes, he’s human, and that can explain a lot of things (the change in his feelings and intentions, his selfishness and his desire to have Hermione to be happy) but that doesn’t explain why he have to treat Hermione the way he treated her, not good intention can explain the violence that a person in a position of power inflicts in another human being (less the kind of violence he inflicted in her). And this chapter show us that when Snape have to choose between Narcissa and Hermione, the last one lost: Narcissa attacked Hermione in this chapter, and it was worse than a Semtusempra, because Narcissa attacked something that Hermione value above any limb in her body: she attacked her brain and Snape didn’t do anything, he didn’t defended her, he didn’t avenged her, he didn’t even asked what Narcissa did, what she erased, he just let her go.

    And didn’t Hermione learned his lessons? She used sex to convince him to let her stay. She used the one weapon that she had at her disposition to get what she wanted, just as she used it with Harry to distract him so she can escape. It was irrational and cruel to pretend that she can go alone to face people that thought that she was dead, people that she hasn’t see in seven years, people that can accuse her of running away in the middle of the war, and what was she going to say if she can’t talk about the curse? “Hey people, be happy, I’m alive and kicking, and guess what? While you were fighting and your loved ones were dying, I was having sex with your worst enemy… Yes! The one and only… Snape!” Sorry for the sarcasm, but that made me think that the supposed return was a test to see if she would have the courage to go to the world alone. But she couldn’t, of course that she couldn’t, Snape has been her entire world for seven years, she hasn’t had any contact with another human being (she didn’t remember Narcissa in the cottage and I suppose that it only occurred once) and she was afraid, so she chose to stay because it was safer that way.

    OMG!!! What a long review, so sorry, it was as I told you, a lot of things to think and I can ramble and ramble about a lot of more things, but I would cut it here before you kick me and told me that I’m crazy… lol

    I can wait to see the end of this road, even if that would make me sad. This is my first Snape/Hermione story, and it probably would be the last, but I want to say that you have made a wonderful adventure for me to read something out of my comfort zone. You can’t know how grateful I’m about being part of this.

    Lots of love my friend, and hopeful, I would see you soon!!!



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  • From Chaymae on May 03, 2017


    So happy for you 

    You should be really really proud of yourself

    Tell your family that I 'm congratulating them for your success  ( it a custom in my country to congratulate the parents for their childrens succes, I guess it's the same in yours but I just wanted to clarify in case it seemed strange to you ) 

    I don't like guessing what's going to happen in the story, or at least share my guessing with you because you'll give me hints and I wont be surprised a lot when I 'll read them hhhhhh, but I think that after the 7 years he realized that the curse was still effective. 

    And I don't really get all the secrecy, yep they made the unbreakable vow so she can't tell stuff  but still it doesn't explain everything fully, fisrt we need to know exactly what they swore because it's not enough to understand their ( Hermione and snape) actions.

    I guess it's enough sharing my thoughts about the story for now if have any new idea I'll let you know.

    For now congratulations, keep believing in you. I'm praying for you  ( making douaa) and hope you'll make it through.

    Hope we'll get to read the ending soon 

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  • From Chaymae on May 02, 2017


    This is just a supportive message, although I like how you ended the chapter making it more than a sexual relationship.

    Soo whenever I remember you I say a prayer (douaa). So girl make us proud, clearly you're a hard worker but don't be too hard on yourself because you have our support.

    Good luck and keep the positivity going in your days of practice.

    Don't worry be happy cause everything's gonna be Chopin ( I just googled the most famous pianist because my piano culture is very little ( shame on me hahahhaha)))

    Have a good daay !!!

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  • From ilinaresv on May 01, 2017

    Hello Marionne!!!

    We had a long weekend too and I was out of town since Friday morning. It was so good to return and find TWO new chapters!! You made my day =)

    You are very clever my friend, trying to humanize Snape and the things that he did to Hermione as something that needed to be done to save her life.

    And I know, I just know that there is a hint of something in the first memory in chapter 31, the question about the deeply embedded curses and the possible relation and distance or length of time, hahaha, is there the hint for the three extra years? I’m dying here my friend, just dying from curiosity.

    After reading this two chapters, I wish I could tell you that I´m more sympathetic with Snape’s circumstances, but I really, really can’t. His thoughts were so twisted and dark, he thought that making Hermione fear him and coercing her to sleep with him was a good way to save her from stress and pain? I can tell you that there are few things worse than the pain and stress of a rape victim. The feeling of being used, the self-loathing, the constant fear of it happening again… not wonder that Hermione’s brain choose to transform her horrible life with Snape in a fairy tale where she was in love with him, and he was her shinning prince.

    I think that Harry was right when he told Hermione about how Snape wanted to save her in the beginning, but choose to keep her for his own desires. It’s clear that Snape enjoyed having a submissive Hermione at his side. And it’s good that Hermione finally heard those things, because so far she didn’t want to think about what happened to her and how her friends saw this things. She was so afraid to face the past ten years with clarity that every time somebody talked to her about her life with Snape, she changed the conversation or simply started a fight. And the way she reacted to Harry’s words and her own words makes me think that there were memories that she supressed or that Snape changed, maybe that was the reason she was so complaint? Snape playing with her brain to modified her memories?

    I really don’t think that the way Snape choose to treat Hermione was good, not even remotely, I think that Hermione deserved the truth from the beginning, I mean, she understood why she had to live far away from Harry and maybe she would have understood why Snape have to sleep with her. I don’t say that she would have accepted happily to sleep with Snape, it wouldn’t have been an easy decision to make, but it would have been HER decision, and I think that she would have thought about it and maybe found a way to make things work (at least it wouldn’t be a rape). But I think that Snape didn’t want to give her a choice, he wanted her, even before the curse, he wanted her for himself, and the curse gave him a reason to have her completely (just as Harry said). I still think that she would try to give Snape justice (now I wonder what would entail that justice? He isn’t an innocent man after all but at least he wouldn’t be receiving the Kiss, I think).

    On that note, I’m deeply disappointed with Draco… even if I’m happy that he finally helped Hermione to escape Harry and now is protecting her. Draco saw Hermione’s memories, didn’t he saw how Snape treated her? Or maybe she only gave him memories where she was “happy”? On one hand I understand that he is trying to save his godfather, the man that helped his mother, but in the other hand I wish that he can be the friend that Hermione needs to start healing. So far NOBODY is standing for Hermione, not even her, not really.

    But beyond my hard feelings for Snape, you have a clever way to try to make him more human, first his surprise and “reluctant” acceptance about sleeping with Hermione, then that scene with him buying the traveling bag (it was almost pathetic in his longing) and then showing us that he suffered every time he had sex with her (punishment for the pleasure he was taking and the suffering he was inflicting). Very clever indeed.

    I wish you the best of luck in your audition and your recital, I would be praying for you, I send you lots of love and good vibes, and I will be here waiting for you and the news of your success



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  • From ilinaresv on April 26, 2017

    Chapter 30

    OMG Marionne!!!!

    That was unbelievable, incredible, amazing…  Two out of three comments answered in less than 24 hours!!! We are so in tune my friend!!! I´m so happy that you updated and glad with the answers to my questions, even if the answers made me so sad.


    This chapter broke my heart, but in a good way, I suppose. You are so good with words… I have to tell you, I felt so many things; it’s one of those occasions where I found myself unable to express in words all my thoughts. Brilliant work.

    The first scene was the “worst” for me: I mean, I felt Hermione’s anguish, how desperate she was, and I couldn’t stop feeling compassion for her. She was terribly lost and confused, feeling shame and guilt about what happened with Snape, thinking that she’s “betraying” Harry. It was worse knowing how much Snape and Harry hate each other and her own hate for the potion’s master made everything so difficult for her. Her desperation was so great that she was doubting her sanity and hurting herself without realizing it. It was so sad when she was calling Harry for help… I should have known right there that this chapter was going to be one of the heavy and difficult ones.

    And Snape thoughts at the end of the scene scared me… a lot. His thoughts shows how obsessed he was about her, he was lamenting that she had force to fight still, because he wanted her to surrender to him, to follow his rules, be whatever he wanted her to be (that was the scariest) and we can see how he never planned in giving her back (when he thought about how she never was going to give up forcing him to bring her back). Those dark thoughts… they were hard to read, they made me afraid for Hermione, I wonder if Snape cast a spell on her, or if he put a potion or something on her food (in most of the scenes, he’s the one cooking), how far did he go to not to lose to another Potter?


    Oh! And the scene with Harry and McGonagall! That was so touching! That’s how I expected Lupin to act! Firm but kind, telling Harry that he was not allowed to act without thinking, it was something that Harry clearly lacked in his life post Hermione, someone that loves him but firm enough to not let him throw his life away. Is a shame that McGonagall acted that way in that moment, when was too late to put a stop to Harry auto destructive tendencies. But it was also exciting to know that we are near the point where past and present come together!!!


    The last scene nearly made me cry, oh! Poor Draco!! Taking decisions in such a hard moment, and despites his pain and fear for his mother, doing the right thing and letting the Aurors inside his house to take Lucius. It was so sad to know that he was doing what was right in the hardest moment of his life, and he was alone, and the only person that he loves was dying and he couldn’t do anything to help her. So sad!!!


    This chapter was a wonderful rollercoaster, is one of the darkest chapters in all this story, but at the same time, was an amazing way to know more about the feelings of the characters.

    I have to confess that I’m dreading what Harry would find in the island, but at the same time I can’t wait to see that first encounter between Harry and Hermione!

    I want and don’t want to know what happened in those three lost years, even if I know that you are going to make me cry, I know it, I know it!

    Can’t wait to see Hermione having the courage to think about what really happened to her in Snape’s hands, think about what is happening now in Harry’s hands, and her Griffindor side taking over and leaving behind the shell that she was now to be again Hermione Granger.


    I love you my friend (because after all this long adventure, I would like to think that we are some kind of friends). I’m sure that you are going to have an excellent recital and an even better audition. Best of lucks, I would be here waiting for you.





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