Reviews for Forbidden Rapture

BY : Marionne25

  • From Poppie-Peanut on August 11, 2017

    Good morning. Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for not reviewing your story sooner. I've been following with bated breath since the start and I adore it. What a complex and tangled web you have woven! Your Narcissa was glorious, your Hermione is believable (poor girl!) And your Snape... My heart breaks for him. I'm Loving your demented tormented Harry. I hope things have improved for you in real life, sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way.... I've been missing your story and have been checking every day for an update (eagerly, not impatiently!) I just wanted you to know that you still have readers and we wish you all the best XX

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  • From sandlapper on July 12, 2017

    I have to say, I didn't think I could dislike Harry any more than I already did.  Honestly, he reminds me more and more of Tom Riddle.  Of course, I always wondered how he was never affected by the Horcrux that was part of him for so long.  I mean, he had it's powers, why not it's hate?  My only problem with the scene between Harry and Kingsley, is that I don't believe that Kingsley would let his guard down at all, and aren't Aurors trained to counter attacks like that?  Interesting.  

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  • From sandlapper on June 24, 2017

    I am looking forward to the moment Harry Potter is beaten.  And I hope Draco is the one to smack him down.  I am definitely Team Snape - always have been.  Another good chapter, and more 'yep, this is why I have always disliked Harry'!  Well done.  

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  • From Kain on June 23, 2017

    Eh honestly, neither of these guys deserve Hermione or her efforts to save them. Snape did what he did to save her,Harry and everyone from the curse but its the methods he used and how he controlled every facet of her life for almost 10 years and wore her down until she could only think of and rely on him and how he would hurt her unnecessarily and pretty much screwed her head up that rile me up. Harry who, while he has indeed suffered greatly mentailly, it still doesnt excuse what he is now putting her through or his abuse of power ansd threatening his own friends and psuedo- family. At this point it feels like only a time turner will be able to fix the mess they are all in. No matter what happens Hermione is going to lose someone who means something to her, but who doesnt deserve her.

    Quite a bit of pain could also have been avoided had Snape at least tried to leave clues and info to the Order that couldnt be traced back to his location that Hermione was alive but not safe to approach. He also could have tried a different approach on to how he treated Hermione  when not  purging the curse, although he could have been much more gentle in that as well, instead of acting like the suffering victim and routinely guilt tripping her.

    Their friends also have a bit of blame in all this since they seem to have a bad case of bystander syndrome and seemingly refuse to take any real action to either stop Harry and his obvious madness or help Hermione by getting her the hell away from him. Draco is at least trying to be there for her while still doing his job, even if that job entails that Severus rightfully got to prison. He is the one person in this story with his head on straight and not letting his emotions and personal feelings trip him up.

    Hyped to see what happens next


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  • From sandlapper on June 23, 2017

    I don't review on here very often, but I have to tell you that your story has compelled me to.  I have always disliked Harry as a character from the beginning.  And this story has just reenforced every reason I dislike him!  You have engendered a truly visceral reaction to your characters, and that makes me happy.  I don't how you will do it, but I hope, really hope that they finally figure out the key, and Harry is exposed for the corrupt, down right evil person he is.  Severus may have been under-handed in things he did, but he was forced into the position he endured, and endure it he did.  It is so easy for those who sit in the comfort of their bubbles, because of the things people like he did to keep everyone safe.  It is time for him to enjoy a freedom he had never known before!    

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  • From Nightstar on June 13, 2017

    Nooooo shes going to be forced to marry that douche!!! Noooooooooo make it not sooo. Still her enjoying your  work. 

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  • From BlackMaiden on June 04, 2017

    I have enjoyed your story, thus far. I find your notes to be most entertaining; i can relate to college life.

    I saw you were asking on song suggestions for this story. Im not sure your preferences but i was listening to a song called 'Sunday' by Lo Pro. I found it fitting.

    Looking forward to the follow up.


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  • From Nightstar on June 04, 2017

    Still here for you!!!, loving the wind down hope all is revealed soon amd harry goes and sucks a big one!!

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  • From Chaymae on June 04, 2017

    Oh and by the way congratulations on you graduation  

    Master has given Dolby a diploma Dolby is a free elf hahahhahaha 

    So what's the next step a Phd in music ??? Or you want to be a celebrity ? ? 


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  • From Chaymae on June 04, 2017


    A wedding really  a wedding  hahahhaha 

    I wasn't expecting that let me guess this is when the Aurors came or the is the reason why the Aurors knew where they were hahahhahaha

    I like how you turn events in a second hahaha

    Nice job 

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  • From Nightstar on June 01, 2017

    Yes good chapter!!!!!, loving the back story fill in even had a little dry cry near the end there. Draco best tighten up not long left best be finding where the  key goes. Maybe the vault at the cottage???

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  • From Nightstar on May 30, 2017

    Ahhh what the hell!! Twist or what. Skeleton key im guessing, lets sneak severus away and hide him. Nnoo harry cant win, Hermione needs to be with snape!!!

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  • From ilinaresv on May 30, 2017

    Chapter 38

     Oh, Marionne dear, I’m doing my best to contain my heart from exploding after this chapter. I keep telling myself that I must be patient, but I can prevent from imagining what was going to happen.

    I hope you are enjoying your free time, is wonderful to know that you have so many projects going on and it is so exciting to know we are going to know how this wonderful story is going to end.

     OMG, the first part of the chapter was so, so creepy and horrible. The way Snape raped her was so cruel, and Hermione’s suffering was so agonizingly sad. I think that, in a way, we can understand a lot of things from that scene:

    1.       Snape’s darkness is something that he doesn’t want to control around Hermione. Even when he keeps saying that he loves her and repeatedly says that he won’t harm her, he enjoys the way he can make her suffer. More than once we have been witnesses of the way he enjoyed her tears, how her desperation, her fear, her guilt, her shame makes him feel power, in control. He likes to know that he owns her life, he decides what she can or can’t thought, what she can feel, what she can know, what she can do and even what she can dream. And since he owned her, he used her for his sexual gratification whenever he wanted, even with great violence and against Hermione’s will. But something that calls my attention is that sometimes, Snape seems to be resentful of Hermione, as if he blames her for the situation in what both of them are placed. He knows that is not Hermione’s fault, but some of his thoughts shows that he hates being in a situation in where he had to “resign” to his future to take care of her, a situation where he have to suffer from excruciating pain to keep her alive, and that in “retribution” he always thinks that the least that she can do was surrender to him, let him take what he wants from her.

    2.       This scene also shows how deep the psychological damage that Hermione has suffered in those ten years is. In these scene she refused to hear what Snape has to say after he raped her, he tried to be “sweet” to her, but she didn’t accept his words and gestures of “comfort”, she fights him. In this chapter when he calls her “Sweetheart” (that was really creepy, it gave me chills), didn’t affects her and she keeps struggling against him, trying to evade his touch, but we had seen that years later, after he has been violent with her, he calls her that word again and she reacts and is enough for her to forgive him. So I can only conclude that after years, he had her conditioned to accept his violence as acts of love, he made her think that a lot of things were her fault, and that she have to accept his torture because that was her punishment for asking about the outside world, for wanting to know about her loved ones, for thinking about Harry, for being opinionated. We had seen how time and again she keeps repeating that she owes him her life, that she had food, shelter and clothing because of him (that’s her mantra in the cottage and later in London) and I suppose that in time, she came to believe that since she owes him, she have to accept everything that he did to her, and her mind translated that sense of debt in something she called love, because how else was she going to accept and cope with all those horrible things he did to her?

    And what a great surprise!!! Draco’s uncle is the Head of the Wizangamot!!! And what a beautiful conversation they have, it was honest and full of compassion for the people involved in the trial, but none of them tried to be blind of the facts or talked about twisting the Justice. I loved the way the old man recognized Draco’s hard wok (maybe worried that the loss of the case can cause him a disappoint too great) and how Draco answered saying that he’s aware of the small chances but what he wants is Justice and not revenge as Harry wants. Draco recognized that Snape is not an innocent, even if he had good intentions in the beginning, this shows how mature Draco is. And how relevant is that the old man says that the court have to judge based in what happened in the whole ten years and not only in the intentions that Snape had when he took Hermione after the attack.

    Oh, oh, and you hinted that Hermione is going to Azkaban to see Snape? Oh, I want so much to see what would happen there!! Would Hermione have closure? Now that she was going to see and talk to Snape, would she recognize that she can be grateful to Snape for saving her life, but that she didn’t have to condone and justify all the violence that she suffered at his hands? Would she be able to see the things that happened to her for what they really were? Or would she cry and repeat that he’s innocent and that she loved him? (If she in fact ended crying and still believing in Snape’s innocence, I think that she would be a very bitter person for the rest of her life, because she would think forever that Snape was victim of an injustice). I think that she’s a logical and kind person, and perhaps she would accept that she was a victim and that what she was feeling for him maybe wasn’t love, but at the same time, she would forgive Snape for the good things that he did for her, but this time, in her own terms and not imposed by the circumstances. That way she could accept what the Justice would determine for him.

    And what about Snape? Would he be honest with Hermione? Would he tell her his real intentions? Would he recognize to her that he hated her sometimes? That he enjoyed her suffering? That he lusted after her since school, and that he fantasied on taking her from Harry since before the attack?

     OMG!!! I can’t wait, that would be the greatest chapter ever!!!! Finally they are going to be face to face and there would not be only memories but a real interaction. An interaction that would found them in circumstances that are far from the last one where they both were: Now Hermione is the free one (free to move, free to think, free to act, free to see from afar what happened to her) and Snape is the trapped one.

     Please, take pity of my heart, and don’t make us wait too long before the next update, or I would became crazy from the anxiety!!!!

     Lots of love!!!


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  • From Chaymae on May 29, 2017

    Hii I was soo disgusted reading the fisrt part he raped her and she's still protectig him.

    Why oh why 

    Why did you make Hermione like this 

    This is soo saad 

    Draco is going to time travel isn't he !! 

    But why did he time travel the first time ?? 

    Any way I'll just crawl back to my bed holding all the sadness that you've caused me inside hahahahha 

    Have a good day

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  • From ilinaresv on May 27, 2017

    Chapter 37

    Dear Marionne,

    Oh!!! Wow!!! What a shocking chapter, this time you make the pace go very fast, putting in my head a lot of facts and thoughts and trying to process them, what a good change of rhythm!!  

    Lupin testifying for Snape, that was surprise. I thought that Draco would take the chance to ask about Harry’s issues with Snape and the way he was treating Hermione so the Wizangamot will not grant Harry’s wish to condemn Snape, but then, Draco is Snape’s lawyer so I don’t know why surprise me that the questions were so Snape centered.

    It seems that Lupin tried to answer Draco’s questions in a really objective way but I think that there are big faults in his answers due his perceptions of things:

    1. Lupin knows that Harry just wants revenge, not Justice, and he tried to balance the weight of Harry’s hate, with opinions that weren’t entirely the truth: after all, when Snape was replacing Lupin in a class that was too close after the full moon, he gave the students enough clues to know that Lupin was a werewolf (that wasn’t a very professional attitude) and I would like to know what Neville Longbottom thinks about Snape being a good teacher (I don’t think that Neville would agree that bullying a student is a great way to enlightening them in the right ways and paths), and we can't forgot how Snape was obssesed with Hermioine before the attack, how he was lusting after her (although this last fact wasn't known for anybody)
    2. Lupin thinks of himself as a good teacher, someone that in his own words is a person that “guide and protect his students and their minds from what is wrong or corrupt and secure them and their minds to what is right and good”, but he failed Harry in that. He let Harry’s obsession grow and he choose to be blind to that, because he wanted to be Harry’s favorite person.

    In the end, I think that Lupin was comparing himself with Snape, he wanted to think that both of them did what they thought was right for their charges, that they were protecting Hermione and Harry in their own ways, trying to do what was best in their situations (Snape trying to “protect” Hermione by keeping her and he ignoring Harry’s problems) and that was the “truth” to him, so he didn’t lie in the court room. I wonder if Lupin would think so “high” of Snape if he knew the way Snape treated Hermione in the cottage, would he said that Snape was kind (in any standard of the word) if he knew how violent Snape was? Would he said that Snape was trying to guide and protect Hermione’s mind if he knew that Snape raped, humiliated and tortured her? Would he implied Snape’s innocence if he knew that Snape tried to save Hermione but also choose to kept her for his own cause and purposes?

    It’s also very interesting to know that Hermione thinks that the sexual relationship between her and Snape was her “fault”. It’s very cunning that Snape didn’t told her that they have to have sex in order to save her life, she was the one to kiss him first, but Snape knew that they have to continue to have sex to combat the Urduja Curse. He didn’t said anything to her about it, and he let her suffer from the guilt and shame, while he made sure he looked innocent about how that part of their relationship started.

    It’s also very interesting how Hermione was suffering at the beginning without knowing about her loved ones, how she didn’t want Harry to forget her, how she was praying to him to know that she was still alive. I want to know: in all those years, did she thought about Harry again? What was she feeling about the people that were her family in the Wizarding World? We know that she tried to keep her thoughts about them to herself so she wouldn’t upset Snape, but what were her feelings and thoughts about them when she was alone? It still shock me that she put so little thought and showed so little pain over Ron’s death (especially since he was her best friend and he died trying to “rescue” her).

    Oh! Poor Draco, he was never going to accomplish what he said to Lupin in the witness room: he can’t give Justice to Harry or Snape, because they weren’t the victims, and that was the error in Draco’s views. Harry and Snape may be the Fate’s victims, but they weren’t victims of the injustice or the crimes, they both were criminals, they both broke the law, they both made others victims of their power, of their greediness, and Hermione may be the greatest victim, but she wasn’t the only one (at least not the only Snape’s victim).

    And the trial was so rough for Hermione, and Kain was right in her review when she said that until Hermione can shake this hold that Snape has on her and get her head on straight, almost anything she says in defense of him is going be put to question. And this is another example about how perception affects the way Hermione sees the truth: she knows that “somebody” (Narcissa) tempered her memory, she was so aware of that fact that she told Draco what she suspected, but in the trial she was so focused in saving Snape that she conveniently “forgot” that, and kept denying that she was enchanted.


    And now, we just have to wait to what the Wizangamot have to say!!!!!! This is going to be the end of me… what would happen? What? What? It’s too much for my poor nerves!!!!

    As always, I would be waiting for the next update

    Hugs and lots of love


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