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BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on April 25, 2017

    "But instead, Harry looks up and says, “Good.” *Imperial March plays in the background*

    But in all seriousness i am stoked to see Harry's inner thoughts of when this bombshell is dropped on him.Wonder how or if this will effect his willingness to learn anything from Mr Nott or if he will just be more on guard now knowing a little of what the man is capable of. So since the Dursely's are dead, there really isnt any reason for Harry to stay with the Notts no? He was pretty hyped earlier at the thought of living with the Weasley's and now with no abusive relatives hanging over his head that Dumbedore could send him too, would that be back on the table? His big fear is gone and what else can Albus do since the people he wanted to send Harry to are now gone. Although I dont see Nott relinquishing his hold over Harry so easily.

    Interesting look at Harry's magical potential and at least Harry has the sense of mind to still be weary of Tarquinius despite his help even before the big reveal.

    Well at least this is something both Severus and Harry can use if necasarry to keep Tarquinius from overstepping his bounds.

    "Harry goes on, and faces Severus as if he has forgotten that such a person as Tarquinius Nott exists. Severus finds that satisfying for a number of reasons. He doesn’t try to untangle all of them now." Face it Snape, the kid has latched on to the small warmth lingering in that old heart.

    Easy to see how Theo came to be the kind of person he is.

    I wonder how Tarquinius would take Harry wanting to either visit or be visited by Hermione and Ron. A Muggleborn and a Blood Traitor. He couldnt really deny the boy especially if he wants to gain an alliance with him. Would be interesting to see how he handles being around Hermione in particular, given his world view and the group he ran with.


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  • From Dedicated_Reader on April 25, 2017

    Haha! I love it! Harry seems to be waking a fine line between evil and dark, I wonder if he'll manage to not fall. This is a very intriguing story, I can't wait for more

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  • From InvidiaRed on April 18, 2017

    Is it stares? or starts? That word breaks the otherwise wonderful flow. in the latest chapter.

    I'm assuming its stares based on context since that's not something he's going to use often.

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  • From Kain on April 18, 2017

    Hah at Severus actually having to take a few moments to find his zen before thinking of his next move lol. Welp Albus has no one to blame but himself, now that Snape wont even go to him unless it is absolutely necasarry since he will probably cause more harm than help. Wonder how Severus will be able to salvage this clusterfuck of a situation.

    “Severus. To what do I owe the interference?” Wow charming right off the bat there eh mister Nott? And that name,Tarquinius, as in one of the legendary kings of Rome? Clever and very pure blood sounding.

    Hopefully Severus will go through with just grabbing Harry and making a break for it when he gets the chance during the visit. Leaving the boy with someone who actually went to school with Tom Riddle and was one of his earliest followers cant exactly be justified no matter how he spins it. I take it leaving him with ron and his family is a no go? One would think that after this Albus wouldnt be able to deny the boy anything he wants so long as he doesnt go running off with bad people. I wonder how Hermione in particular will take Harry being indebted to a man with the belief that people like her are better off dead or gone from the wizarding world. I mean sure she loves Harry like a brother and is loyal to him but would this put a strain on there bond?

    And i know i have said it before but I love it when Snape gets all protective and very subtly lets it be known that he will END you if you hurt someone under his protection. Pity it took Harry being forced into his house to spur this kind of protectiveness. Had he always treated Harry like this, he might have gotten the boy to be more loyal to him than he is to Dumbledore.

    Hmm, ya know if Harry wants a little extra leverage in whatever deal Mr. Nott tries to make with him, he could mentally file away that the man essentially admitted or implied to having served Voldemort previously of his own will and maybe pass that particular confession via pensieve on to Snape when he sees him as a backup blackmail that he could send to the Ministry in case the man crosses a line or tries to betray him.

    "But things are looking better now. And he doesn’t think he’s going to regret this."

    *Scene transition*

    “The Dursleys, Number Four Privet Drive,” he says. “Kill them.”

    Well.....that escalated. Harry hates them and they deserve punishment, and i would be down for them getting painfully 86'd by some vengful magical creature, but will Harry? Wouldnt take long for him to put two and two togethor and realize that the Dursleys death couldnt be a coincidence. I suppose on the bright side if they are dead then there is nothing preventing Albus from stopping the Weaselys from adopting Harry sin ce the blood protection excuse will be void.


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  • From phoenix-rob on April 18, 2017

    Loved Harry's questions about food, cupboards and punishments and how despite not really knowing whatelse might happen with Theo's dad that Harry is already better off.

    Do wonder what Harry will do or say in regards to the snake given that he can understand what it is saying.

    Can't wait for Dumbledore's actions and what ever Severus plans on doing.

    Update again soon please

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  • From Kain on April 15, 2017

    Oh Snape is gonna lose his shit when he finds out and probably gonna give the biggest non verbal 'i told you so' to Albus if he decides to tell him about what happened. Hopefully he will be able to get to Harry in time before the desperate boy makes deals with the wrong sort of people. Curious on how Blaise's mom still canonicaly being a murderess might effect Harry's perception of him in the future, if at all. Granted it was mostly rumor in the books and not really touched upon and Harry never really interected with Blaise in that verse. Wonder how Harry will handle meeting the Nott family and whether he will regret accepting there help.

    Gotta admit though i was not expecting Theos dad to use something like that thing to spirit Harry away, would have thought he would have gone for the more subtle approach. Cause even if it seems to people who witnessed it that Harry left of his own free will with the creature, he is too high profile for it not to become big news.

    Loved how Hermione and Ron instantly figured that some Slytherins more than likely had a hand in what happened and rolled up into their section of the train ready to throw the fuck down with the whole compartement to get answers about there friend, heartwarming and awesome. Smart of Theo to get Hermione and Ron to question just why Harry would be so desperate to not go back to his relatives, takes the heat off of him a bit. And wow, no one expected Draco of all people to offer a possible solution to locating Harry, even if it was offered in typical Malfoy fashion but I wonder how this will effect the the Nott's plans.

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  • From phoenix-rob on April 13, 2017

    Wow! What an impressive form of magic the red mist is.

    Dumbledore really doesn't have a clue.

    Hope Theo's father is true to his word and doesn't hurt or use Harry. Severus will no doubt try to protect him when he catches up to wherever Harry is going.

    Great story so far.

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  • From Kain on April 05, 2017

    Smart way for Blaise to try and bond with Harry, shared circumstance. Not entirely similar but Blaise can at least relate to being neglected. Is Blaise;s mother still rumored to kill the her husbands in this version? At least Harry is starting to get comfortable with Blaise and not outright dismissing him. Interesting talk with Malfoy, Harry might have overshared but at least by the end it seems like Malfoy has nothing to say and just might get that Harry doesnt want to take anything from him and doesnt want to be there.

    See severus, this is why you and Albus shoulnd thave your little tiffs out in the open where anyone in the school could breeze on by and hear you. Now Snapes secret is going to be known the Theo's father and the fact that Snape is trying to sop there plans if only to ensure Harry doesnt wind up indebted to them. Albus has made things far more difficult than they needed to be and his dogmatic asurence that Harry will be better off with his relatives has now ensured that the boys enemies will know where he has been and could be moved. Wonder what distraction Theo's dad has planned and how it will effect things.

    Did NOT expect Severus to spill the beans on his relationship with Lily, but i suppose desperate times call for desperate measures and Harry is starved for information on his parents. Surprised that Harry seemed to so readily believe him that he was his mothers best friend for a time. Although i wonder how he will take finding out about the 'mudblood incident' between them. And of course Albus steps in just as Snape might have been able to sway Harry and proceeds to further push the boy away.

    "Harry’s fists tremble at his sides. Severus sees it and leans forwards to clasp them." Awwww, careful snape, your heart is showing.

    Well now Snape is gonna do this his own way regardless of what Albus wants. He'l have to hustle if he wants to beat Theo's dad to it though.

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  • From Kain on March 29, 2017

    Hooo boy, what Snape wouldnt give to be able to smack a student lol. Harry's sass is going to get him in some serious shit one of these days if his naivite doesnt get him there first. Harry's feelings and distrust are very understandable but he is not thinking long term and on what owing a favor to someone like Theo's dad entails. Snapes years of being  cruel to Harry and his friends are coming back to bite him on the ass since if he had treated the boy half way decently from the get go, he wouldnt be having this headache now. Now he has to pull some doube time on making sure Harry doesnt end up indebted to man he really ought not to.

    Although, I do enjoy seeing Severus take a different tact in regards to Harry and steadily becoming more understanding and patient by honestly listening to his complaints and realizing that he has to change if he wants the kid to respect him and aloter his perception of Slytherin. Protective Snape is best Snape.

    Theo is a bit creepy and intense as Harry said, especially with this line:

    "Theo smiles. “There are so many better things to do with them than torture them.” And Harry gives him a look like he’s not quite sure Theo is joking or not, and that makes the morning all the better."

    Like him being the age he is and the implication of the line make me wonder just what the hell his father has taught him and just what he has seen. Harry is so desperate too never go back to the Dursley's that he seems to be willing to put aside/overlook, at least to a point, that people like Theo's dad. Blaise seems much more adjusted but that might have more to do with having a vastly  different relationship with his parent than Theo has with his dad and while being raised with thr basic pure blood ideology his family were never a part of the Death Eaters, unless im mistaken.

    So since Blaise, even if he hasnt admitted it to himself, wants to be genuine friends with Harry, will we be seeing him perhaps get a little jealous of the attention Harry pays to Ron and Hermione but not to him?

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  • From Kain on March 24, 2017

    Introduction to Slytherin 101, courtesy of Blaise and Theo lol. 

    Blaise is slowly finding some cracks in Harry's stone wall, all he has to do is approach him with a bit of honesty and kindness instead of the usual Slytherin tact, even managed to get a bit of a smile out of him. Sometimes the simplest method is the right method. although for people who are used to double speak and politics it can be a trip to have to go at things with little bit more honesty than they are used too both giving and recieving. Smart play using Draco's ego to get them out of their hair while they talk with Harry.

    "That sounds nicer than saying “you were raised by Muggles.” Blaise congratulates himself. See, he can do nice."

    Hah, points for effort Blaise.

     You could chalk it up to him being so young and idolizing his father but Theo is in for a rude awakening if he thinks there is anything impressive or exciting about being a Death Eater. Draco found out the hard way in canon that it is no place to be especially if you dont have it in you to be a killer. He doesnt understand the full implications and what would be expected of someone who joins that group.

    Harry is still very young and doesnt desire power or prestige but being at the top in Slytherin could net him some potential allies down the line when Voldemort returns. Creating a bond or having some authority with his new housemates could perhaps maybe effect the choices of some of the parent Death Eaters who take  notice of there childrens allegiance to Harry and see the befits of siding with the chosen one, even if he doesnt particularly like them due to there involement with the Dark Lord in the past.

    Honestly Dumbledore has no one to blame but himself now that there is a very real possibabilty that a "former" Death Eater will know where Harry has lived and where he might be moved too if Theo broaches the subject with him. If he had just not meddled and let Harry be moved to a proper home then Harry wouldnt be in a state where he would pass this kind of info along to the other kids. Snape is gonna have a fit when he catches wind that the very thing he and Albus didnt want to happen could very well happen lol. And this works out just fine for Theo's father if he discovers Harry's location away from school, if Voldy doesnt retrun, then he is owed a favor from the Chosen One, if he DOES return then he will have something to offer to his master.

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  • From Kain on March 11, 2017

    Aw even Harry had some doubts about whether his friends would stick by him. And Ron counting his chickens before they hatch and Hermione providing some logical input, typical golden trio stuff.

    “Home with us, Headmaster Dumbledore,” says Ron stoutly, and ignores the twins for a second to thrust himself up beside Harry. Harry’s not even sure he notices when Fred cancels George’s spell. “And he doesn’t have to pack that much, you know? Mum’s just going to smother him with more food and clothes when he gets home.”

    Harry feels that he’s the one with his face stretched by the smile, this time. God, he’s so glad Ron is his friend."

    Okay this part hit me right in the gut, in a good way. Ron looking forward to Harry living with them and Harry being so touched by it all. Trust Dumbledore to rain on that parade even if he has no malicous  intent.

    Ya know Albus is certainly lucky that Harry didnt become an Obscurial due to his treatment growing up. The man thinks he knows whats best for everyone and that any measure of pain one might suffer is worth it for 'the greater good'. At least Snape is one of the few people who doesnt by into it and is trying to look out for Harry's best interest. Like he said there are plenty of other options for Harry rather than placing him back with his relatives and even if by that slim chance the Death Eaters caught wind of his new location, Snape would more than likely be the first to hear about it and be able to get a warning out.

    Severus feeling more and more guilt about how he treated the boy now that he sees the similar circumstances that Harry has endured that mirror his own experiences.

    Poor Harry, few worse feelings than having people talk about you and deciding your fate like your not there. At least he seems to be starting to trust that Snape just might be trying to look out for him.

    Ya know honestly since it was brought up, Minerva would be quite the caretaker for Harry during the Summer. Powerful, fair, a former member of  the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and genuinely cares about Harry's wellbeing.

    Well Snapes on the warpath now.

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  • From Kain on March 04, 2017

    I keep forgetting how young Harry is at this point  with him automatically assuming that of all the things 2 heads of houses would want to talk to him privately about is Quidditch, also kind of tragic that he thinks its that and not them checking up on his health after what he has been through. A bit sad but also justified that Severus  has to really work to get Harry to open up to him, even with Minerva present due to the way has acted in the 2 years of Harry knowing him and that he has pushed the boy to the point of always assuming the worst about him. He wants the boy to respect him but has made it near impossible for Harry to even reagard with anything other than loathing all because of his hangups with the James and making assumptions.

    Yeah if there is anyone who can understand where Harry is coming from it would ironicaly be Snape of all people given there similar backgrounds of growing up in an abusive household. Bet Sev is feeling like an ass right about now. That whole scene was handled very well and realistically especiually with Harry's reluctance to open up ot even consider the hope of having better options and ready to bolt out of the room at the drop of a hat.

    Well another posistive thing about Harry being put into Slytherin is that it is making Severus rethink his methods and how he treats other students as opposed to his own.

    Oh well if there is one family that would accept Harry unconditionally and show him with the affection he has been denied all his life by his relatives, then it is definitely the Weasleys. Molly already practically considers him a son. And omg at Harry forgetting just how rich he is that looking after him wouldnt inconvenience the Weaselys as he can provide for himself in terms of basic necassities.

    Broke my heart at the end with Harry almsot crying and Snape noticing. Yeah this might be good for everyone since now Harry has a way out of the Dursleys house thanks to Snapes suggestion and Harry wont be cowed by him and get him to see that his way of doing things just doesnt work and shouldnt.

    So Blaise still has one ace up his sleaves to get Harry to accept him, cant wait to see what it is.

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  • From Kain on February 21, 2017

    Yeah Draco has really made Blaise's and any other Slytherin who might want to befriend Harry job a lot harder than what it needs to be. Kid has set such a bad example for his house and helped perpetuate the stereotype surrounding Slytherins  being bad news that even when Blaise is being nice, people are wary of his intentions. And ah yes, the bane of all Slytherins, being forced to be 'honest' and speak straight to someone without any double meaning ot ultior motive lol.

    Harry needs to understand that just because he is in another house that his friends would never abondon him, even if he started supporting said house. By this point in their lives both Ron and Hermione have shown that they are ride or die when it comes to Harry and if they havnt left him at this point after all the crazy adventures, then they aint going anywhere. It's the choice people make in life that define them, not house colors, as Harry will discover during 3rd year with Peter who was a Gryffindor but went dark. At the moment he has a black and white view of things because of the little experinece he has with Slytherin not painting the best picture.

    I actually felt a little sorry for Blaise when Harry shut him down quite coldly. Getting lumped in with Draco and the darker aspects of his house cant be any fun.But at least Harry is explaining why he has such a problem with the house. Although not denying Harry's claim of thinking he is better than muggleborns and 'blood traitors' probably didnt help his case. But lonliness is a powerful thing and Hermione and Ron wont always be there to keep him company at all times like when he was in Gryffindor so maybe it wouldnt hurt to give Blaise a trial run so at least he has some form of human contact while in that house.

    Gotta give Blaise points for perseverience alone and wonder what he will try next to cozy up to Harry with only a few days left in the school year.

    Ooh a unified front of Minerva and Severus to confront Harry on his homelife. This coud either go very good or horrendously bad depending on how Harry takes it.

    Laughed at Minerva opening up with the assumption that Snape contacted her to try and get the House Cup back.

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  • From Kain on February 16, 2017

    I am enjoying Harry's reactions to Snape suddenly showing concern for his wellbeing only now that he is in his house and how ludicrous it is that Harry would think that Snape would do anything about the bullying since he hasnt in the past. Nice that Snape seems to actually be effected by Harry's words and might change how he overly favors his own house students while turning a blind eye to others. Loving seeing Harry sass Severus. Severus is gonna have to put in some work if he wants to earn the boys trust and respect.

    “You know that I will not allow you to do anything like that again?” Severus says casually, when a minute has passed in silence.

    Potter says nothing, but once again, his mind is more eloquent than his face. I wasn’t planning on asking permission.

    Nice of Snape to try to put his foot down on Harry's reckless level of chronic hero syndrome but Harry thinking that in response was funny.

    “Forgive me for not thinking it’s a great standard that you only care if it’s someone in your House, sir,” he says. “Which I’m not. Which I never will be.”

    And that ladies and gents, is a mic drop.

    Hmm so there a chance that Snape willl do a little digging into the Durselys treatment of Harry?

    Blaise is all of 12/13 years old and already thinking about politics outside his schools house lol. Interesting how most of Slytherin just seems to tolerate Draco's whining and attitutde do to his families standing and wealth when Theo could take the mantle of top dog if he was so inclined. Wonder how Harry will take Theo trying to ally himslef with him given that his father was a death eater who avoided jail time. Harry is still at the stage and age where all he might see is the son of a man who served a guy who killed his parents.

    And of course Harry walks in just as they are talking about him. Probabaly not gonna do the ones who want to befriend him any favors if he hears them talk of how 'useful' he can be to them. They got an uphill battle so long as Draco keeps messing with Harry over imagined slights.

    Wonder how the library ambush will go, especially if Harry is surrounded by his freinds. Easier way to get to Harry would be to endear yourself to those he already cares for.

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  • From Kain on February 07, 2017

    Nice!, Happy to see that you are continuing.

    Hah of course Draco would be up at the ass crack of dawn just to catch Harry waking up simply to tell him how he wont be a real Slytherin lol. That is pettiness to the extreme.

    Now Harry having to deal with the master of mixed signals Snape and his skewed bias views on Harry's old house. I love how Harry is fresh out of fucks to give and not pulling any punches even with a professor who up until recently trested him like gargage.

    At least Blaise is making the effort to offer an olive branch too Harry despite the other boys reluctance.This will hopefully allow him to see a different side to Slytherin that interacting with Malfoy and the more openly bigoted members has obscured.

    lol poor Oliver about to cry over losing one of his newest and best players. Warms the heart a bit to see that some of his old Housemates still see him as one of them and even still want him on there quiditch team.

    Yep that nickname is definetly going to get some milage with Draco. Good on Harry for putting his foot down and just wanting to have a meal and not everyone gawking at him. Enjoyed Harry pointing out all the reasons he is NOT okay with his current predicement to Zabini but it will be interesting too see how intereacting with the less jerkish members of his new house will change his opinion on becoming a true member of Slytherin and maybe even help take off the stigma associated with the house

    Again, got too give Zabini and Nott points for at least making the effort that they are to be friendly with Harry.

    Happy to hear that the trio will remain intact and am curious on how things will change in Slytherin with Harry now amongst them.

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