Reviews for Other People's Choices

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on December 13, 2017

    Oh Ron might just have a near fit when he hears about Harry going to spend some time at Malfoy Manor instead of with him and his family, even if Snape does take the blame for it lol. Especially given what happened the previous year with Ginny and the diary. Once again Harry is playing hero to others, from stopping people from bullying Luna, to even being willing to go to Draco's home if it will prveent Lucius from possibably punishing him and Draco being floored at how Harry, who up until recently wasnt even his friend in the normal sense and was tolerating Draco, was so quick to try and protect him.

    I love that you have brought Luna into the fold since she is in my top 5 fav characters and how Harry just took her behavior in stride and didnt belittle her. I always loved how in canon these two just seemed to click when they interacted and I even shipped them at one point. Luna will probably be a breath of fresh air to Harry's entourage since she wont care what house he is, wont care about his status or what he could do with his name, she will take him as he is with none of the baggage others foist upon him. Is she friends with Ginny by this point? I loved how it was mentioned in the books that Ginny would look out for Luna and help her when she got bullied.

    Smart of Harry to go to Snape to get his input on what steps he should take instead of just rushing into it. Nice to hear that Sirius is at least taking the potion but i wonder how long Snape intends to hold Lupon as well. Even if its to stop him from running to Albus, there could be ramifications unless Remus lets it slide. Clever of Snape to take the precautiuon of getting Draco to swear too secrecy.Now that Draco is, or at least closer to being a legitement friend for Harry it will be interesting to see how he interacts with Ron and Hermione. It was easier for Blaise and Theo since they werent pricks to the duo and didnt have any fueds with Ron's family nor oenly call Hermione a mudblood, so it will be interesting when they are put in regular close quarters.

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  • From Kain on November 28, 2017

    Loved the talk and how Severus knows when to back off and when to press the issue. I liked how Harry called Snape on his behavior in how he treats students outside his house and it took Harry being sorted into Slytherin to get hgim to regard Harry fairly and not make assumptions how Harry had every reason to believe that he wouldnt lift a finger to help him had he approached him. And while its true that Albus never actively 'pushed' Harry into dangerous situations, he also didnt try all that much to prevent Harry's more reckless heroics.

    “You shouldn’t do it to please me.” Harry makes it sound as if that’s the worst possible motivation someone could ever have. “You should do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

    You can take the boy out of Grffindor but you cant completely take the Gryffindor out of the boy. Given how smart a guy Sev is he coyuld easily have found a way to explain a more benign behavior were he to show it towards to non Slytherins to his former allies so this kind of feels like him trying to make an excuse. Neville in particular is terrified of the man to the poiint where his Bogart reflects that and he might even do much better in his class were Snape to ease up on him. Now the other thing is going to be much harder since despite the fact that its not ALL of Slytherin house that takes part in it, its still a rather large and vocal portian that fully beleive in blood supremacy and look down on half bloods and Muggleborns and have asperations to follow their parents into being Death Eaters. Its gonna be much harder to change peoples perception even with Harry as an advocate since some racist idiots will probably try to destroy his efforts. No one is gonna sympathise with a bigot so if the ones open to change want change and to be treated with regard by the rest of the school they themselves are gonna have to police their own.

    Yeah that was a pretty dick move by Albus to wait until Slythyerin house had for all intents and purposes won only to snatch the victory away. No malicious intent but people were hurt all the same.

    I enjoy when Harry gets bold and speaks whats on his mind because Severus needs to hear it and i like that Snape apologized.

    I honestly dont think Snape was too yeilding to Harry but that you instead hit a perfect balance with how far he was willing to push and when he knew was time to takle a step back.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 28, 2017

    Wow, Severus apologised?! I love this Snape you've got here, still Snape, but a decent human being rather than the simply evil one that he is presented as in the first few books. And I completely agree about Dumbledore being a a-hole at the end of first year. What the hell had all those poor Slytherins done to deserve losing the House Cup right when they thought it was in the bag? SP

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  • From Kain on November 21, 2017

    Well that could have gone better. Hopefully Sirius can get his head straight long enough to put his distrust towards Severus aside and take the damn potion,especially if he wants to even have a chance of raising Harry butgranted the sheer magnitude of the grudge between him and Snape and the years he spent in Azkaban further worsening his darker habits and views, things look pretty grim.

    It's probably for the best that they lied about Albus being the one to make the potion since if he did there is a high possibility that he would tweak it enough to mess up Sirius's chances of being given custody. Honestly surprised that Sirius still has that level of trust in Albus although when the alternative is Snape, in his eyes its a no brainer on who he would want to administer the potion. Hopefully these two can bury the hatchet and curb the snide remarks long enough to ensure Harry's future but hot damn the genuine hate between them is something else. They are both people who have done some bad things in both past and present and view the other as the absolute worst.

    This is what Harry needs, someone to calmly sit his ass down and get him to discuss his many many many issues and allow him to vent and see that he was a victim and that none of it was his fault. Others have tried but backed down when Harry wanted them to drop the issue but Snape is using his authority as a teacher to use detentions to keep the kid in one spot long enough to talk.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 21, 2017

    Ch35 - Well done for actually acknowledging that Harry's upbringing would've left scars (mental, if not physical). JKR never once seemed to address that Harry was actually abused by the Dursleys, and to a lesser extent, by Dumbledore, who left him there (and when Arabella Figg says she had watched Harry and did NOTHING - well, words fail). And yay for Snape being the one to sort Harry out!

    I can see Sirius having a tough time getting guardianship of Harry, if only because he's still such a raving nut job! SP

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  • From Kain on November 07, 2017

    Wow Albus is REALLY determined to get Harry to stay with Dudley in some capacity, even trying to rope Remus into things thinking that will sway Harry. It never sat well with me in canon when Severus revealed Lupins condition to the school but here, if it prevented Harry from being forced to live with someone who abused him for years, i would actually kind of not be so pressed about it. At this poiint Snape should just whip out some adoption forms since he is the only adult fully commited to Harry;s wellbeing since Sirius might not be quite stable enough to suddenly look after a child after years in a place like Azkaban.

    Feel its gonna take more than a simple apology from Albus to even start to make up for leaving someone who fought alongside him in the war in a hellhole like Azkaban. If nothing else you have to be amazed at Dumbldores persistance and trying to move things into his favor and only hearing what he wants to hear despite everything. Wonder if Snape can remain unbiased during his evaluation of Sirius, if only for Harry's sake. Poor Ron finding out the truth about his Rat. That is super skeevy and terrifying to have someone like Wormtail in such close proximity over the years.

    "Blaise realizes, startled, that he would fight for a lot to keep Harry that happy." Blaise getting those warm fuzzie feelings again.

    Question, IF things go to plan and Sirius is exonerated and given custody of Harry, how much inlfuence/sway would Sev really have? Legally he would only have a bit of control while Harry is at school since he doesnt have custody in any real capacity of him. I could see him skirting the more legal methods of course.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 07, 2017

    Ch34: F*cking Dudley - seriously, torturing Harry?! And Dumbles STILL wants Harry to live with him?! *mutters dark curses under her breath* but yay for Severus! SP

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  • From SickPuppy on October 24, 2017

    Loved the line "Simple as Dudley"! And I grinned when Severus took care of Remus. So much plotting going on, and good for Harry to think of getting Fudge to help. SP

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  • From Kain on October 24, 2017

    Oh Snape what are you planning to do.

    Aw Harry wants this so badly that he is afraid that he might be dreaming. Okay that "simple as dudley" line got a chuckle out of me, wont lie. Omg all these people now vying for Harry's attention and him forgetting that his social circle ha snow widened and Theo and Blaise expect to be given at least some of the insight he chooses to give Hermione and Ron to what he does.

    Ah poor Harry, the curse of being a magnetic figure to others. He just draws people in and doesnt even know it. Although eventually he is gonna have to sit his Slytherin freinds down and really hammer home that he is not one lick interested in any sort of fame or prestige and doesnt want to be this great magnetic leader of the people. Boy just wants to get through a year with his freinds safely and go live with someone who will have the capacity to actually love him and keep him safe.

    I keep having to remind myself that a bit of the PoV's for this are from  Snape's/ various Slytherin/Harry's perspectives so there is going to be some unkind bias, especially from Severus for obvious reasons due to his past with some of the characters and general surly outlook on life. He has ever reason to hate Remus and Sirius so his thoughts and perceptions of them are going to be colored by that.

    But i certainly hope he doesnt torpedo Harry's plans on living with Sirius. Harry wants this so badly that it hurst to see him so hopeful. Even if Severus feels he will be acting in the boys best interest. He might hate Sirius and not think him a worthy guardian but Sirius still has his inheritence to Grimmauld Place right? Plus i cant help but pick up on the jealousy he feels towards the other man with how quickly Harry's has come to care for him which could be fueling whatever he might be planning. Although quite a bit still hinges on whether the letter plan works out.


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  • From Kain on October 17, 2017

    Poor Harry being in the middle of their little feud and having to verbally smack there heads together. Lol Harry getting real bold there mouthing off to Snape. Loved seeing him call the two supposed adults out on how he is puttung aside old grudges and being able to maintain friendships with both Slytherin and Gryffindors. In Sirius defense on choosing to get revenge rather than track down Harry, he really couldnt have known just how bad his life with his relatives was even if Lily told him about Petunia or the current circumstances  and 12 years in Azkaban with nothing but vengeance on the brain can mess someone up.

    Im starting to lose track of all the times Harry can break my heart in this freaking story. Kid cant catch a break and even thinks his godfather would hate him just because he is a Slytherin. Aw and Snape still wanting to be apart of Harry's life even if Sirius did suceed in adopting him and even getting jealous. Maybe they could share custody.....if they could last 5 min without sniping at eachother that is.


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  • From Kain on October 10, 2017

    Severus showing some admirable restraint when finally face to face with the man who helped get his best and perhaps only true friend murdered and having to listen to his piss poor excuses for the betrayal. At least he got to have some fun scaring the other man. Wonder what they will do with the info that Peter presumably knows where Voldemorts wand is.

    Snape has a full time job on his hands just trying to drill into Harry's head that he doesnt have to be the big hero all the time or at all. I take it that small flash of thought about the Dursley's was Harry thinking he was evil for being okay with them being murdered? After what they put him through he should be praised for not throwing a parade. Plus he never asked Tarq to actually do anything to them so he is guiltless there.

    Hah Severus making his apology and using the moment to stun Sirius, if only yo get the man off him.

    Cant wait to see what comes next.

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  • From BookDragon on October 06, 2017

    sometimes the needs of the one out weigh the needs of the many

    I really liked Harry's no's.


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  • From Kain on October 03, 2017

    lol and now Draco just takes a note out of Daphne's book and just folds himself into the group without bothering to ask or explain himself to hear Harry's story. While its understandable to a point that Hsrry would divulge this info to Theo and Blaise given how close they have become, i am surprised that he was willing to share the story with newcomers like Daphne and Draco. Quite a bit of trust being put there.

    Loved Blaise's reaction to the revelation about Quirrell. Interesting reveal about the gifts. Harry's about had it up to here with people trying to make him into something he doest want to be. To be fair they dont know about the horocrux and Harry literally having a piece of Voldemort soul inside him to explain the parseltounge ability so there belief that what Harry was told is a lie isnt without reason.

    "Or he was trying not to scare you with the truth.” Perhaps less about scaring Harry with the truth and more about not revealing pertinent and possibably game changing info before the proper moment.

    Well Draco did manage to be of help and get a bit of a zinger at Theo even if it got a bit derailed by Theo reminding him that he only has one parent.

    Wandless, irresistible Imperius Curse.....well thats just down right terrifying and a bit OP lol. Especially if Lucius does in fact have the gift. Would help explain how he has been able to easily worm his way out of trouble and manipulate people in power. At least Draco doesnt want to use it. Although if Lucius ever gives Harry problems in the future, this is some juicy info to have. He took the reveal quite well though, more nthan i thought he would eb able too.

    Nice little friendship moment at the end. Hermione and Ron make the choice to follow Harry into danger and risk the same things as him to protect him, why shouldnt his Slytherin crew be afforded the same choice. Speaking of the two, now that Peter has been caught and Sirius confirmed to not be a threat to Harry, will Snape be lifting the ban on Harry being allowed to hang out with them without limit?


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  • From SickPuppy on October 03, 2017

    Ch30 - Oh the Slytherins are too clever! I lke that they don't automatically just believe everything that spews from Dumbledore's mouth, unlike most Gryffindors, and they are clearly edging close to the whole 'Harry is a Horcrux' thing. Draco's Gift was perfect, as was his reaction to it!

    And thanks for answering my question about what Mcgonagall did - hilarious! Sp

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  • From SickPuppy on September 26, 2017

    Ch29 - Loved Draco being told to stop being stupid, and now I'm curious at exactly what McGonagall's revenge was that led to Severus stopping transformations in his room!

    And it was perfect that Severus' worst outcome was the fact that he'd have to apologise to Sirius - perfect! SP

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