Reviews for Other People's Choices

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on August 15, 2017

    lol More wishful thinking from Severus that Harry will heed his word and stay away from Remus. On the fence on him immedietly outing Remus as a werewolf although its understandable to a point given there history and Severus himself getting a up close and personal view of a transformed Remus. Harry is long past being controlled and if he wants to hang with an old friend of his parents then thats what he is gonna do.

    At least people are telling Harry things that they kept from him in the books so now he is better prepared to deal with things as they come and wont be caught off guard and make stupid descisions. So much could have been avoided if people were honest with him from the get go. Loved how Harry instantly grew to like Remus and doesant take his afflicting as a bad thing.  And having Remus here will be a good thing since he is someone who wont try and manipulate Harry and has no bias to cloud his judgment and perception of people like Albus or Severus do. A nice middle ground, which Harry could really use and for someone to tell him that its okay to be a Slytherin.

    Well snape certainly rooted out the culprit quickly enough and i wonder just how severe the punishment will be. I honestly laughed at the end where Albus was conveniently absent when Snape found out that he would be breweing for Lupin. First smart move Albus has made in a while.

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  • From SickPuppy on August 15, 2017

    Ch23 - Glad Severus has worked out who made the potion. And it's nice that Harry is actually in the loop on some things, instead of being left to blunder about and cock things up because no-one ever tells him things that would make him more likely to behave. I can see, however, Severus being, shall we say, unimpressed, when he finds out Harry has been seeing Remus. SP

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  • From Kain on August 09, 2017

    It's been a while since i have read the 3rd book so i just might not be remembering correctly, but was Sirius being Harry's godfather a known and widespread thing? I could have sworn only a handful of people knew that part of his relation to Harry while here they seem to know evrything, or at least what they think is the truth down to the letter but i could be wrong.

    Hah funny how Snape seems to think Gryffindor types will be the ones to get Harry into danger when more often or not its Hermione and Ron being the ones who have to try and talk him out of doing some reckless shit lol. Wishful thinking on everyones parts that Harry will be able to stay out of trouble. The kid has a dark cloud of mistfortune following him wherever he goes. Also i love it whenever Harry thinks something disrespectful about snape, not so much for the disrespect but that Severus can read his thoughts.

    Blaise still not getting that Harry has no ulterior motive for the way he acts and the friendship and protection he offers comes without price or hidden ambitions. he defies all expectations and preconcieved notions. Flint just digging himself into a deeper hole by not only jepordizing his place at the school with his immaturity but also risks losing even more face in slytherin by attacking the guy more and more of his housemates are seeing the benefit of an alliance/friendship with.

    ""We already have a reputation as Death Eaters in the making."

    Okay now to be fair, there are more than a few slytherins in the house at that very moment who's families have Death Eater aspirations for them and since Sanpe himself was a Death Eater for a time, its not exactly an unfounded reputation.

    Snape being quite lenient with Flint since this is the second time he has attacked Harry with intent to harm.Honestly surprised Albus hasnt gotten involved, if only to work the situation to his atvantage and get Harry back on his side.

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  • From SickPuppy on August 09, 2017

    CH22 "A heroic, self-sacrificing Slytherin," I did smile at that line. Er, Severus, you do know you're describing you, right? Enjoyed Severus refusing to let Harry ust be 'guarded' by Gryffindors who would encourage reckless behaviour. Smart, and very true! SP

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  • From Kain on August 08, 2017

    Geez an overenthusiastic fanboy, a confusing(to him) slytherin girl, trying to keep the peace between his circle of friends and now he might have to worry about Rita in the future. At least what was written in it was nothing seemingly bad, or if it is, and people who are against inter house unity might start to come after Harry.

    Trust Snape to sour the mood with his need to insult Minerva when she was only congratualting Harry and not get why Harry might be displeased with him. I laughed at everyone being shocked silent at Draco's admittance that Harry should have the spot on the team. He's learning, slowly but surely to show a little humility, now he needs to work on that temper cause that comment was a bit below the belt even if Daphne provoked him a little. Girls sees an oppurtunity and tries to fit herself into Harry's growing circle. Not her best approach but it might be a good idea for Harry to have some Slytherin 'allies' who's parents have no affiliations with the Dark Lord or have murder rumors floating about them. Harry still not noticing just how much influence he already has.

    Given that Mr Nott is not exactly anywhere near a decent person, helping Harry aside which had less altruistic motivations behind it, a part of me kind of hopes that Harry;s tendency to disrupt the plans of others takes effect and throws a wrench in whatever higher goal Tarquinius is planning, if at least to prevent him from gaining more favors from Harry. Wonder who he is contacting that doesnt have to fear reprisal from the Ministry Dumbldore or the Wizangamot and can take Harry in.


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  • From SickPuppy on August 02, 2017

    CH21: My heart dropped when I read Colin had been in contact with Skeeter, but so far things are okay. I'm still expecting her to revert to being her old vile self. Lucius' confusion is great. And poor Draco - admitting Harry is better and having it basically ignored. So much politicking; it's great! SP

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  • From Kain on July 30, 2017

    Well thats certainly a dramatic yet effective way for Harry to get the message across to his housemates to not start shit with him lol. Perhaps not exactly the way Snape would have wanted him to handle it, but it got results.I swear these children talking about building up power bases and politics.

    Well at least they didnt try and hex eachother so its a start. Might be good for them all to interact, could help to clear up any misconceptions they have of each other and maybe working with Hermione and Ron will get Theo and Blaise to rethink some of the more unsavory things they have heard from there parents about muggleborns and 'blood traitors'.and Hermione and Ron could see that not all Slytherins are as bad as they might think when given a chance.

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  • From SickPuppy on July 25, 2017

    Yay, update! Liking Harry gently bringing the houses together (and scaring Flint shitless too!). Dumbles needs to jump off the Astronomy Tower and let Harry be. SP

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  • From SickPuppy on July 18, 2017

    Great, now someone's slipping Harry potions? This can only end well! SP

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  • From Kain on July 18, 2017

    Wow first day back and already someone takes a shot at him, just because he wont do what they want. Like damn Flint, all this over a game. Answering a jinx with a reducto.......'might' be a little overkill but at least it is certainyl one way to get a message across lol. At least Flint will now be less likely to throw threats and ultimatums at or around Harry.

    Jeez even Theo thinks Harry could have dialed it back a notch lol. Or at the very least waited for someone on his side to back him up, or just report Flint to Snape. Harry calling him out on whether if Theo were in a similar posistion, if he would respond the same way were it a gryffindor cornering him. This event isnt going to make Harry popular in some Slytherin circles but perhaps in others it will have earned him some respect if not a little bit of fear.

    Aww poor Neville worrying that Harry wont want to be friends with him or might start hexing people after hearing what he heard. Rumors are a real bitch eh? At least Hermione and Ron are there to set him straight and ease his fears, even if they have different eways of wording it lol. Heart goes out to Harry, the universe wont cut him some slack and it would make things so much simpler for him if he had a house all his own, no labels or expectation, just his friends. *Whsitle* Harry's snapping at everyone and its still only morning.

    Ah well that explains Harry's short fuse this chapter. Wonder who slipped him that potion. Harry not planning on being anyones puppet is certainly going to throw a wrench in quite a few peoples plans. Poor Snape is gonna have grey hairs before the end of term.

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  • From SickPuppy on July 11, 2017

    I'd got half way through chapter 18 and thought to myself, "This should have been called "No"" (and then I remembered that it was!). I have never wanted to punch Dumbledore more in my life! Loving nice(ish) Severus. And someone needs to smack Flint into the middle of next week! SP

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  • From Kain on July 11, 2017

    Damn, cant even get through a full meal before Albus has to pull him away to try a new manipulation. At least Severus is sticking to his vow of looking after Harry and went with them to make sure albus didnt overstep and to catch any of the verbal traps the headmaster might set. So albus at least suspects that Harry was staying with Tarq but couldnt make a move and even if he did Nott could just have Harry moved before he got there.

    Albus really isnt used to being told no is he? He is so used to people just believing his words and going along with his plans but Harry is putting his foot down and all Albus is doing is pushing the boy farther away. The Weasleys already have there fair share of enemies and no strangers to danger so i doubt they wouldnt mind taking Harry in since Molly already all but considers Harry a son if they were aksed. Pretty low of Albus to use Harry's concern for his loved ones totry and move him away from the suggestion of placing him with the Weasley's.

    I am enjoying this new attitude of Harry's, at least in regards to how he is becoming less and less concerned with any labels people want to give him. Although it really isnt healthy too keep all those pent up feelings regarding his abuse inside. Eventually someone is gonna step on that perverbial landmine subject and he is gonna react 'poorly'.

    Pretty big of Draco to admit, at least to himself that Harry is the better seeker. Harry s gonna have his work cut out for him between managing his circle of friends and having to deal with people getting pissy over him breaking there expectations of how they think he should be.

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  • From SickPuppy on July 04, 2017

    Just picked this up and read all 17 chapters. Liking the way you're building that everyone wants a piece of Harry; I'm wondering how he'll cope with being pulled in several different directions. Your Dumbledore is quite the asshole (yay!). And I'm loving confused Severus. SP

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  • From Kain on July 04, 2017

    Snape is starting to realize that Harry works aastonishingly well when not under constant pressure from overly stern teachers or students who want to sabotage hm. Liking Harry's attitude of 'dealing with it as it comes' in regards to future school problems. Him being who he is, he is gonna have a lot of problems in the near future lol. So Harry has changed his stance on whether or not he will persue Quiditch on the Slytherin team and is actually considering it.

    So Tarq has a year to get his affairs in order before Harry has to find a place to live. At first i thought he would try to get Harry the inheritance to Grimmauld Place or maybe his parents old home if he was unable to reacuire possession of the boy. Now i'm thinking his legal procedings have more to do with having his "alleged"(hah) past as a 'former'(double hah) Death Eater completely expunged so he can formerly adopt Harry. Or maybe he intends to somehow use Harry, the revelation of his Parselmouth status and the favor he owes him for something.

    Wow these kids have some pretty card carrying bad people as parents. Blaise is already being somewhat influenced by Harry that he is starting to chafe and shift away from his mothers warped interests and world view, and she seems to be close to catching on to that. Someone at his age shouldnt have to experience that kind of stuff or have to put on a poker face and play junior politics with his parent.

    Given that he is from an abusive household its only natural that Harry would be so protective of Blaise. And its sweet that he doesnt seem to think any ess of him for his mothers crimes and is even willing to mount a rescue in the future if necasarry. You can take the boy out of grffyndor, but ya cant always take the Grffyndor out of the boy. If you manage to become his friend you have ine hell of a loyal protector.Theos gonna be in for a ride once he sees just how reckless Harry can be when he gets it in his head to save someone lol.

    "Theo spends a moment pondering why he feels better when Harry’s smiling than when he’s not. He shrugs and follows him up the stairs in the end without an answer, though. He doesn’t understand enough of the changes that are happening in him, in Harry, and all around them to say anything about that yet."

     The reactions of some Slytherins is both cute and sad in how they dont exactly know how to respond to some of Harry's actions. True friendship without strings attached friendship is so foreign to them that they keep getting surprised when Harry does things outside of what they have come to expect.

    Harry starting to make small steps in bridging the divide, at least between his Slytherin and Gryffindor friends. And then making the ultimate sacrifice.....talking schoolwork with Hermione lol.

    Show time indeed. Wonder what kind of reception Harry will get now that the whole wchool will see him in slytherin for the whole year and how his old friends in gryffindor react. And also wonder how Harry will react to certain antics and politics in Slytherin that he doesnt agree with  and how well behaved Blaise, Theo and Draco will be around Harry's friends besides Hermione and Ron. Then theres albus to worry about and Sirius Black soon.

    Also wonder what secret trick Tarquinias has that has kept free.

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  • From Kain on June 19, 2017

    -Happy to see that the trio will be reuniting  and oh yes, Ron's parents probably wouldnt be too happy that he was going to the house of a 'suspected' Death Eater. Hell they probably would have either ran off to what they assumed would be to save Harry or alerted the Order and mobalized lol.

    -My god these Slytherins and there theatrical entrances and need to impress lol. At least Theo now gets too see what a real uncompromising frienship looks like curtousy of Harry and his friends. Be a good learning experience and help give him better insight as how to endear himself to Harry further. I love seeing Harry so happy and wanting everyone to get along.

    -Love Harry not really caring for labels and sticking to his guns and not other peoples perception. Dumbledore may have screwed up in regards to his treatment of Harry but the one truth he told him is that its the choices people make in life that define them, not there house colors. Kid just weants to have a normal life with normal kid problems but the world just wont let him. He doesnt care for politics or being some great hero or villain, he just wants blissful normalcy.

    -Gotta give points to Theor for trying to play nice even after that dig from Ron and the lack of any real apology. Although its understandable to see where Ron's coming from. Harry's gonna probably have to play mediator between his Gryffindor friends and his slowly growing circle of Slytherins friends for some time. Harry is already a positive influence on Theo, getting him to mind his words.

    -Wow the stones on Hermione. Walking right up to who she knows full well is a death eater with an ideology that views her as dirt and has probaby killed/tortured his fair share of people like her and questioning him. Granted Tarq wouldnt try anything with Harry nearby but guts alone should earn her some of his respect. Wonder what 'legal arrangements' he is in the process of doing and even though he still inwardly calls her a mudblood it at least seems like she left a decent impression.

    -Amazing that Harry takes in stride what other peope would be freaking out about in regards to living with a death eater. I'll chalk it up to his age and that he still knows very little about the group other than what he has been told. Yep Albus should really have just let him stay with the Weasleys, Harry  would have been with a family that cares for him, that is loyal to the Order and he might still have had the boys loyalty.

    -Hermione spotting the thread and addressing the Elephant in the room that is the durlseys murder. Everyones making decent and understandable points, murder IS wrong, but it is also wrong to expect an abused child to go back to his abusers and its not like Harry asked Tarq to kill them. Poor kid about to have an anxiety attack at the thought of losing his two closest friends over this.

    “No,” Hermione finally says, reluctantly. “I—there are some things I thought were true about Dumbledore, and now Mr. Nott says they’re not. I’ll have to look them up and see if they are, but I think it’s important to support you.” She sighs. “I’ll leave it alone and do what I can to support you, okay?”

    -I said it once and i will say it again, Ride.Or.Die. these two rwally have Harry's back through thick and thin and if knowing that Harry is living with a killer and is okay with that doesnt turn them away, nothing will. Wonder whether or not Tarquinius will be okay with them knowing though. He has a fairly beneficial deal with Harry but aside from there loyalty to Harry he has nothing to hold Hermione and Ron to secrecy and with Dumbldore being able to read minds, it would be very problematic for him if they unkowingly let some secrets slip. But he cant really do anything drastic or blackmail them without alienating Harry in the process.



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