Reviews for Other People's Choices

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on October 17, 2017

    Poor Harry being in the middle of their little feud and having to verbally smack there heads together. Lol Harry getting real bold there mouthing off to Snape. Loved seeing him call the two supposed adults out on how he is puttung aside old grudges and being able to maintain friendships with both Slytherin and Gryffindors. In Sirius defense on choosing to get revenge rather than track down Harry, he really couldnt have known just how bad his life with his relatives was even if Lily told him about Petunia or the current circumstances  and 12 years in Azkaban with nothing but vengeance on the brain can mess someone up.

    Im starting to lose track of all the times Harry can break my heart in this freaking story. Kid cant catch a break and even thinks his godfather would hate him just because he is a Slytherin. Aw and Snape still wanting to be apart of Harry's life even if Sirius did suceed in adopting him and even getting jealous. Maybe they could share custody.....if they could last 5 min without sniping at eachother that is.


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  • From Kain on October 10, 2017

    Severus showing some admirable restraint when finally face to face with the man who helped get his best and perhaps only true friend murdered and having to listen to his piss poor excuses for the betrayal. At least he got to have some fun scaring the other man. Wonder what they will do with the info that Peter presumably knows where Voldemorts wand is.

    Snape has a full time job on his hands just trying to drill into Harry's head that he doesnt have to be the big hero all the time or at all. I take it that small flash of thought about the Dursley's was Harry thinking he was evil for being okay with them being murdered? After what they put him through he should be praised for not throwing a parade. Plus he never asked Tarq to actually do anything to them so he is guiltless there.

    Hah Severus making his apology and using the moment to stun Sirius, if only yo get the man off him.

    Cant wait to see what comes next.

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  • From BookDragon on October 06, 2017

    sometimes the needs of the one out weigh the needs of the many

    I really liked Harry's no's.


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  • From Kain on October 03, 2017

    lol and now Draco just takes a note out of Daphne's book and just folds himself into the group without bothering to ask or explain himself to hear Harry's story. While its understandable to a point that Hsrry would divulge this info to Theo and Blaise given how close they have become, i am surprised that he was willing to share the story with newcomers like Daphne and Draco. Quite a bit of trust being put there.

    Loved Blaise's reaction to the revelation about Quirrell. Interesting reveal about the gifts. Harry's about had it up to here with people trying to make him into something he doest want to be. To be fair they dont know about the horocrux and Harry literally having a piece of Voldemort soul inside him to explain the parseltounge ability so there belief that what Harry was told is a lie isnt without reason.

    "Or he was trying not to scare you with the truth.” Perhaps less about scaring Harry with the truth and more about not revealing pertinent and possibably game changing info before the proper moment.

    Well Draco did manage to be of help and get a bit of a zinger at Theo even if it got a bit derailed by Theo reminding him that he only has one parent.

    Wandless, irresistible Imperius Curse.....well thats just down right terrifying and a bit OP lol. Especially if Lucius does in fact have the gift. Would help explain how he has been able to easily worm his way out of trouble and manipulate people in power. At least Draco doesnt want to use it. Although if Lucius ever gives Harry problems in the future, this is some juicy info to have. He took the reveal quite well though, more nthan i thought he would eb able too.

    Nice little friendship moment at the end. Hermione and Ron make the choice to follow Harry into danger and risk the same things as him to protect him, why shouldnt his Slytherin crew be afforded the same choice. Speaking of the two, now that Peter has been caught and Sirius confirmed to not be a threat to Harry, will Snape be lifting the ban on Harry being allowed to hang out with them without limit?


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  • From SickPuppy on October 03, 2017

    Ch30 - Oh the Slytherins are too clever! I lke that they don't automatically just believe everything that spews from Dumbledore's mouth, unlike most Gryffindors, and they are clearly edging close to the whole 'Harry is a Horcrux' thing. Draco's Gift was perfect, as was his reaction to it!

    And thanks for answering my question about what Mcgonagall did - hilarious! Sp

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  • From SickPuppy on September 26, 2017

    Ch29 - Loved Draco being told to stop being stupid, and now I'm curious at exactly what McGonagall's revenge was that led to Severus stopping transformations in his room!

    And it was perfect that Severus' worst outcome was the fact that he'd have to apologise to Sirius - perfect! SP

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  • From Kain on September 26, 2017

    Lol Blaise taking taking up Hermiones usual role of admonishing Harry when he does something particularly reckless without telling anyone. Kudos to Blaise for getting Harry to remember the promise he made to him. Harry cant exactly get him out of an abusive household if he gets himself killed by rushing into possible danger. Well ouch, Draco cant even make one, not even mean, comment without either Theo or Blaise taking the wind out of his sails. How the mighty have fallen.

    Harry with his own little slytherin entourage + Draco escorting him to breakfast. I love how Greengrass just kind up pops up and folds herself into the group even if she is not fully Harry's friend and even keeping him company.

    Well Peter's capture went much easier and quicker than i thought it would and Snape was much more composed than i figured he would be considering how he was ready to either outright  murder or hand Sirius over to the Dementors for the kiss when he thought the man was the one who betrayed the Potters location and got Lily killed. Sev might have loaded the gun by revealing the prophecy to Tom but Peter selling out his friends is what pulled the trigger.

    Oh apologizing to Sirius is gonna be like chewing nails for Snape lol. Kind of want to see if Sirius will be willing to apologize to back for what he did when they were in school. Curious on whether things will go to plan and hopefully Peter doesnt escape before they do. Wonder how Albus will take the new info and just how he might try to cock it up despite having 'good' intentions.

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  • From Kain on September 19, 2017

    That blowup was needed, Snape needed to here Harry air his greivences and see where he was going wrong in his handling of the young man and just how unhappy he was. Poor kid is stuck between two worlds and being torn apart, cant go back to Gryffindor, cant fully become what a Slytherin is, or what some think a Slytherin is supposed to be and is feeling stifled by everyone who thinks they know whats best for him.

    Hm well its one thing if Albus could cause problems for Tarquinius since the man is a 'suspected' Death Eater, wouldnt it be a wholly different manner if Sirius was given custody, especially if the Ministry wants to put the ugly business of putting him away for so long behind them and save face by not stopping him from taking in his legal godson? I would still expect Albus to try and interfere in some way but it feels like it would be much harder to do so if Harry was living with Sirius.

    While Harry has indeed survived things that most adults wouldnt have a prayer, he needs to realize that he is still a child despite his accomplishments and maturing attitude. If you have to yell and pout and tell people that you're not a child thats more evidence that your ARE one. Actions speak louder.

    They both made some good points and hopefully are both better from this event and hopefully Severus can help clear Blacks name and sucessfully capture Peter. Which will then possibably put the kabosh on Voldemorts ressurection plan.

    Sweet ending with Sev hearing that "thank you" from Harry. He is getting better as a person and trying to listen to his better angels more. Heres hoping things dont go tits up and Sirius can be free. A little worried about what Tarquinius might do if he catches wind that Harry could possibably be taken out of his reach and whoever he has conspired with to take Harry during the summers. That man is everything people fear Sirius to be and has little reservations about doing dark deeds. Although if he interfered openly it would only serve to push Harry away.

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  • From SickPuppy on September 19, 2017

    Ch28 - Well that blow up was needed. I felt sorry for Severus, trying to help Harry and realising his mistakes, and felt sorry for Harry too, feeling trapped. Hopefully Pettigrew will get found and Harry can go home to Sirius (why am I doubting it?!) SP

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  • From SickPuppy on September 12, 2017

    Ch27 - Oh shit... Severus is not happy! As for the rest of the chapter, I really felt Harry's sense of claustrophobia. Nicely done! SP

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  • From Kain on September 12, 2017

    Oooh Snape. Is. PISSED lol.

    I am SO happy at how off the mark i was on how the Sirius/Harry meeting might have gone. Harry was so much calmer and composed than i thought he would be, given how his emotions have been building up. Guess that little tower excursion really helped relieve some of the pressure. Harry took a gamble that Sirius wasnt going to hurt him and it payed off and now he knows the truth.

    I really do hope that Draco gets to the point where he can call Harry 'friend'. He's working his way there by being polite and not stirring the pot with Harry's friends. But i like this slow progression he is making and getting better and trying to earn the other boys friendship, very believable. Luiked Harry gently letting him down about taking up Quidditch again and even encouraging him.

    I don’t understand. We’re not friends. What kind of person compliments someone they’re not friends with and even refuses to take favors from them? Okay this line actually made me kind of sad. Kid cant comprehend people just being nice for the sake of it.

    Wow Theo and Blaise are gonna be in some shit for letting Harry give them the slip twice now. Nice seeing Harry manage to talk Sirius down and even bring up how the other man could take him in and they could live togethor. Broke my heart when Harry was a little hurt that Sirius broke out for a chance at revenge, not too see Harry, but then it broke even further when Sirius spun him around and got a laugh out of Harry. Heres hoping that everything could go to plan and Harry would get to live with Sirius. Doubtful things will work in there favor though  since the universe likes jerking Harry around though.

    Sirius is a deeply flawed man with a outdated and narrow minded black and white view of things but he cares about Harry so maybe Harry actually being a Slytherin will force him to reevaluate his outlook and not judge all Slytherins due to his hangups with his admittedly screwed up family and his experiences during the war.

    "He doesn’t need to say anything else. Harry knows what deep shit he’s in." Hopefully he can get Sanpe to calm down enough to explain what he found out in regards to Peter. Things could turn out differently than from canon with some more helpful, if reluctant allies.

    Honestly i have always felt that Sirius's whole imprisonment was riddled with plot holes. I mean he never tried to get the truth to the Order? Albus or Remus never went to the prison to here why he did what he did? I swear the biggest flaw in the HP world is that people dont communicate when they damn sure ought to. Would prevent so much grief.

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  • From SickPuppy on September 05, 2017

    Ch26 - Nice to see Harry relax, and still work to bring down House barriers in his own way. It's about time someone did! SP

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  • From Kain on September 05, 2017

    Props to Hermione for at least honestly trying to get Harry to open up about his many, MANY issues even if it didnt work and Ron swooping in to give Harry some much needed light hearted Gryfindorr fun in the tower. And props too Harry for calling attention to that as he himself is now a Slytherin and is getting allowed into the tower then their other Slytherin friends should be allowed as well.

    Harry has finally had his first encounter with Sirius but even though he chose to play it off and not alert anyone to the mans prescence, as far as he currently knows it Sirius is still a wanted fugitive and on school grounds so even if he didn not attack Harry it woulodnt be outside the realm of probability that he might attack someone else.

    “He’s here because this is his home,” ......I love the twins and am happy that most of Gryffindor still holds Harry in high regard even if they hold a far colder view of Theo and Blaise which to a point, given the history between the houses and possible rumors about the Zabini's and Notts, is understandable. Cormac is such an ass, all bark and no bite.

    Nice little inter house unity with even people who didnt want Blaise and Theo in the room sitting in ti watch the game. They all needed this, not just Harry it seems. Loved Daphne's entrance and her line of “No one didn’t invite me, either". I am so gonna use that when i show up to a party uninvited lol. Enjoyed her one on one with Hermione, best way to up end Voldemorts next rise is to effect potential followers while they are students and sway them to your side.

    loving this more and more and loving how the two houses are slowly growing closer o at the very least deswtroying the stereotypes each has of the other.


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  • From Kain on September 02, 2017

    Snape is gonna have to try a different tact if he wants Harry to open up to him about whats effecting him. Sad to see Harry missing the warmth and humor that came with being able to go to gryffindor tower, given all that has been recently revealed to him and what has already happened he could really use some of that levity right about now. At least Blaise and Thoe are trying, in their own way to get Harry to spill on whats getting him down and are ecen willing to channel the Weasley twins to get a smile out of Harry lol.

    Wonder what Blaise's secret talent is and how it will be of help to Harry and what plans he's cooking up.

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  • From SickPuppy on August 29, 2017

    Ch25 - I could just feel Harry's exhaustion coming off him in waves in this chapter - good writing! And I loved Blaise and Theo trying to emulate the twins. Some lovely turns of phrase in this, especially the section about looking in a dictionary and not coming up with the definition. Lovely. SP

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