Reviews for Other People's Choices

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on March 11, 2018

    Harry is getting better at reading people and maneuvering the conversations he has to his favor, even if Draco caught on pretty quickly. Surprised Harry went with the comparison of how the Malfoy's treat house-elves and how similar it was to how he was treated by his relatives. Going for the throat with that one. Of course the Malfoy's would invent a spell specifically for summoning shit to break when they  are mad. That's one way to vent i suppose. Draco really isnt looking forward to having to apologize to Ron and Hermione, something made harder due to his father almost getting Ginny and several other students killed and Draco himself going above and beyond to be horrid to both of them. It's sad at how desensitized Harry is to his own abuse and while everyone he tells, even hardened death eaters, reacts with horror, he just doesnt want to talk about it and or broach the subject in any capacity.

    All these adults deciding that Harry has some grand destiny and profitable political future and are taking it upon themselves to be the ones to guide it without his consent thinking they know best or just don't care about his feelings while all he wants is something as simple as living with Sirius and finally having a home-life with someone who  actually loves him. Wonder how Severus will react if or when he catches wind of the arrangement Tarquinius  has made with these Speakers and whether Harry will even consent to being placed with them if things go the way Mr Nott is planning.

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  • From Kain on March 03, 2018

    Honestly forget magical prowess, faked or real that smile of his is quite the effective weapon for Harry. From Albus too his Slytherin friends it can disarm and get them to back off of a subject, even if momentarily and give him some time to plan. While its good that Theo and Blaise are concerned for Harry's wellbeing and dont like being kept in the dark, sometimes people need time or simply dont want to reveal something and sometimes its best to let it go till the person is ready to spill.

    It's sad that Harry feels like wanting someone all to himself is a selfish and stupid thing to feel. So starved for love and affection but feels like he doesnt deserve it.

    Jeez Theo can be one scary kid when you hit his beserk button. Flint just doesnt learn not too mess with people. I mean hot damn carrying a blade with you in your own common room? Dorm inspections would be a ride.

    Wonder how Draco is gonna take it when Harry reveals the extent to which the Dursley's treated him and whether Harry omits certain things.


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  • From Kain on February 14, 2018

    *slight editing.....again*

    Omg at Harry not wanting to wear the gift because it seems 'girly' lol. I swear Harry is getting absolutely loaded with all these magical protections he is eventually going to be near indestructible. One wonders though why more people dont invest in all these high level magical protection artifacts. Maybe if the Order had be armed with trinkets like these they wouldnt have lost so many during the war, or for that matter if Voldemorts Death Eaters had been outfitted with these things then the war might have gone a different way.  Although they must be quite costly and thus the reason there isnt any mass production.

    Yeah, eventually getting to the point where he will have to get Draco to honestly apologize for how he has treated Hermione and Ron could either go very well or catastrophic. Blaise, Theo and even Daphne are one thing, Draco on the other hand has done all he can to antagonize the Golden Trio and while Harry is warming up to him, Hermione and Ron, more-so Ron, might be a bit of an uphill battle. It's not even  just about a simple apology, he will have to consistently be on decent behavior and keep his attitude in check lest things fall back to basics. Also gotta be willing to think outside the box of what he has been taught by his parents in regards to blood status.

    Blaise is so smug in wanting to one-up Daphne lol. All these Slytherins getting close to Harry thinking that if they stay in his orbit they can benefit from it someday but instead genuinely coming to care for Harry and the bonds they are forming with him despite what they claim otherwise. Making extravagant displays, giving him priceless gifts and trying to coach him on Slytherin politics when all they really got to do is not be cruel and see him just for who he is and just be a friend. They are changing bit by bit.

    It hurts just how much Harry wants to go live with Sirius, to live with someone who showers him near unconditional love and affection and praise and how either Albus intereference or Tarqs plan might shatter those dreams. Being stuck in prison for all those years really did a number on Sirius. Left only to his thoughts of revenge and hatred for all things he perceives as bad, something of which he considers Slytherins. He wasn't able to grow from the young man who fought a war and now that he is out he is still stuck in that mindset. Not surprising considering many of his enemies on the other side were Slytherins he knew but it is heartbreaking that he cant fully look past where Harry is now sorted and despite loving the boy, unintentionally hurts him with his words.

    Cute of Harry to think that Snape and Sirius will ever come to an accord or at least get along. there is alot of bad blood, stemming all the way back from their school years.

    Bit of a dick thing to say about how James and Lily would feel about Harry's new house. James even after growing up might have had a bit of an issue but probably wouldnt have made Harry uncomfortable about it and Lily was friends with a Slytherin and ended the friendship NOT because he was a Slytherin, but because he called her a slur and was falling in with a bad crowd and changing for the worse. He also needs to stop encouraging dangerous moves like that. Snape would have had a fit if he had seen the move Sirius goaded Harry into trying.

    Much as in the past i have advocated Sirius managing to get custody of Harry, its moments like these that show he has a way's to go before he should be given charge of a child. He is still in the old reckless mindset of his younger years and sees too much of James in Harry and is a friend when he should act like a parent.  Harry is also so desperate for affection, like a cat he will go the the most gentle hand for a pet, and right now Sirius is that hand in that he is giving Harry all of what he was deprived of by the Dursleys, and giving it easily. He is the guardian Harry wants but probaby not the one he needs.(still cant get "free spirited reckless dad Sirius and mother hen strict Snape out of my head"

    Oh Albus is going to unintentionally screw things up isnt he? As has been pointed out before, he is not an evil man, but will do dubious and manipulative things and justify it with it being for "the greater good". What he wants trumps what others want and only hears what he wants to hear.

    "Severus and Sirius are also going to be so unhappy with each other next chapter." Oooh. fight fight fight.

    I might need to go back and re-read to see if i missed it or just plain forgot, but has Harry been told about the stunt Sirius pulled that almost got Snape bitten or nearly killed by Remus? Or Snape's part in the prophecy revealing? If one reveals the others dark secrets then the other might try to one up them. Or maybe albus reveals both to try and snatch Harry back over to his side.

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  • From moodysavage on February 07, 2018

    So glad Dobby is free... but you didn't share Draco's questions!!! Meanie.

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  • From Kain on February 05, 2018

    At least Theo was able to get Draco to realize how a bit insensitive his gift to Harry seemed. It wans t meant as an insult but Draco still has a ways to go before he gets when he is, even unintentially, being a jerk. Good thing Harry has patient people willing to guide him through the confusing landmine field that is pureblood/Slytherin etiquette and politics.

    Lol, the fact that Harry asked for freedom for Dobby threw both boys for a loop. He is good at that, doing and requesting the unexpected and tripping people up. Yeah the similarities to how some people like the Malfoys treat their elf is scarily similar to how Harry was made to practically serve the Dursley's. This whole dinner just feels tense even if Harry wasnt planning what he is planning. All eyes are on him.

    "A debate about the Ministry’s likely next move to outlaw werewolf employment started during the last half of dinner,"

    Ooh, that doesnt bode will for Remus, especially if something happens and Snape outs him like he did in the books.

    Smart of Harry to go this route rather than risk a direct confrontation with Lucius and possibably get a curse for his troubles. Aw Draco got a hug out of his good deed and actually seemed bothered by the fact that Dobby didnt think he was a good person before. Too be fair Dobby would be right, Draco was a little shit but is progressivly getting better by having Harry around and getting his world views challenged. He's even gonna miss Dobby a bit. This might even help get him in better standing with Hermione. Although god help him if she misunderstands and tries to bring him into one of her S.P.E,W  rants lol.

    "None of them smile like Harry, like suddenly you’re the center of his whole world and he’s happy you are."

    Okay this was precious.

    Nervous Snape is adorable and going from thinking that Harry hates the gift to realizing that he simply doesnt know what it is. Wow Harry is just getting loaded with all sorts of protection gifts. Kid is a walking armory at this point.

    That was a sweet secondary gift. A bit more of his mother, from happier times, to keep with him. Snape even got a hug for it. Snape is certainly going that extra mile to redeem himself to Harry and the promise he made in honor of Lily to protect the boy.

    *in regards to the review response*

    Yeah no surprise that Sirius would definitely have a biiiig issue with Harry being in such close proximity and maybe even in some cases forming bonds with people(plus their children) he views as enemies and once went to war with. Understandable since he saw these peope at their worst and in many cases, truest state.

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  • From moodysavage on January 25, 2018

    I liked the presents and reactions! Too bad so sad Lucius. It was funny that Harry was observed ignoring their veiled insults. 

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  • From Kain on January 24, 2018

    *Edited to correct errors*

    The things Harry is willing to put up with for people he decides to look out for and strike  friendships with. Having to deal with the snobby openly racist attitude of Draco's parents. He's not gonna forget that it was Lucius fault for all of the danger of Harry's second year with the diary fiasco and ya know technically it is also his fault that Harry has now been placed into Slytherin since he kicked off things with what he did resulting in Harry going into the chamber to save Ginny and the results of what came after.

    Smart of Harry to stay on his toes and not forget just who these guys are even with Snape there to make sure neither Lucius or Tarq try anything. Good of him also to play nice with them, at least for Theo and Draco's sake. These two are gonna appreciate how far Harry is willing to go for them considering the friendship, or amicable acquaintance in Draco's case is still new.

    I admit i totally forgot about Dobby and how with the changes to the end of Harry's previous year, he never had that confrontation with Lucius so he wasnt able to trick him into freeing Dobby. Wonder how/if will pull it off now. Harry cant help himself when he sees wrongdoing and will ultimately try to help regardless of the consequences that might fall on him, especially when the  sad circumstances mirror his own previous ones so closely. Maybe he should ask Severus for a more subtle method of getting Dobby released that keeps him in the clear.

    lol poor Draco getting kisses from mommy in front of his housemates.

    Tarquinius playing the smart game and not actively trying to alienate Harry further like the Malfoy's are. He's a bad guy but at least he is smart enough to know when to keep some shit to himself at the right time. Even tries to further endear himself to the kid with a gift even if Harry is still wary of him, and for good reason. That is certainly an impressive gift though, although i couldn't imagine it being school appropriate lol. Harry is getting pretty spendy with what he gets for his friends. Go big or go home they say. Draco still has a bit to learn about Harry and what interests him and what he cares to learn but its the thought that counts i suppose....even if it is in a indirect insult kind of way lol. At least Harry didn't react poorly.

    Wonder if Seveus will catch on to whatever Tarquinius has planned and how he will react to it when it occurs. For that matter i am worried about how Sirius will react if he is unable to adopt Harry do to what Tarq has set in motion, especially given his current mental state.

    Aw that was actually a very sweet gift from Harry to Severus. A promise. Something so simple yet for Severus so profound. He probably couldn't have asked for a better gift, that the kid he wants to protect, simply try and keep himself safe and listen to him every now and then . Now I'm very curious as to what he got for Harry in return.


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  • From Kain on January 16, 2018


    Aww at sirius calling Harry 'pup'. Severus is getting all jealous and overprotective lol. At least he is able to admit he is jealous of Sirius and keep the worst of his opinions regarding the other man to himself.

    I swear if this was a pairing fic Snape would be the responsible if not a little controlling parent, Sirius would be the more reckless free spirited one who spoils Harry and a stressed Remus would be that happy little middle ground trying to balance things out and stop Black and Snape from fighting in front of Harry.

    Although eventually if might be best to just let Sirius and Snape have at eachother, non lethaly of course, because the eternal pissing match between them is gonna run Harry ragged trying to curb.

    Gasp! Snape actually kind of relaxing and socializing with people, and Gryffindor Weasleys at that. Molly is the ultimate mom and its a pity that Harry wont be able to get adopted by them. No hidden motives or schemes, just warmth and a clear desire to look after Harry. Sirius isnt a bad choice and honestly the best one really when compared to some of the other canidates like whoever Tarq is conspiring with and Severus who while getting Harry to open up and obviously caring for the kid has a very limited emotional bandwidth and being a spy would be quite a bit harder if he had Harry with him but Sirius has a bit to go before he should be trusted to suddenyl look after a kid after what he has been through. I wonder what gift Harry got for Snape.

    That is quite the impressive gift Harry got for Theo, especially if its effective against an unforgivable and it seems things are getting tense between father and son over the latters growing genuine loyalty to Harry. And then the enigma that is Daphne and her small steps in getting closer to Harry. Girl just breezed into the group and has managed to get close enough to exchange gifts with hardly any effort. Helps that she has never bullied or caused issues for Harry like some of her fellow housemates.

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  • From Darkenedrose291988 on January 05, 2018

    Awww... it's a good fic. I was confused for the first half of it... but I liked it and would like to read more.

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  • From Kain on January 02, 2018

    *Edited to include a question*

    Good on Cho I suppose for at least being able to work up the guts to approach Harry to apologize for her behaviour, even if the apology should have gone to Luna first. Will be interesting if she actually becomes a part of the group, but if Draco can fold himself into Harry's growing circle then she might have a chance. Speaking of, will Draco have to personally apologize to Hermione and Ron before Harry fully brings him into the growing group and lets him into close quarters with them, similar to the issue with Cho in regards to Luna? Omg at Harry acting threatning and Theo being proud lol. Nice touch that he doesn't want Harry to become like him but would prefer it over him getting killed.

    Ooh Snape accompanying Harry to the Burrow for Christmas will be a treat. That man better prepare to get fed. Hermione picking up that there is something more to Harry staying at the school than Sirius. Yeah it can be hard when your social circle grows and its easy to feel like you are taking a backseat to a newcomer when you've been through so much more. Easy to see where Ron's head is even if a bit of it has to do with distrust of said newcomers along with jealousy at his best bud splitting up his time for other people. He got used to it being just the "Golden Trio".

    Ah man , Harry telling people one thing ....and them deciding to work behind the scenes anyway if they feel it will help him. Both a blessing and a curse really lol. I actually love the scenes where he defies peoples expectations of him and what they believe he wants or what his motives are. Just a kid who wants to be a normal wizard, protect those that matter to him and occasionally defend people who need help.

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  • From moodysavage on December 18, 2017

    Converting Draco to be a true friend... without even trying. Good job Harry :)

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  • From Kain on December 13, 2017

    Oh Ron might just have a near fit when he hears about Harry going to spend some time at Malfoy Manor instead of with him and his family, even if Snape does take the blame for it lol. Especially given what happened the previous year with Ginny and the diary. Once again Harry is playing hero to others, from stopping people from bullying Luna, to even being willing to go to Draco's home if it will prveent Lucius from possibably punishing him and Draco being floored at how Harry, who up until recently wasnt even his friend in the normal sense and was tolerating Draco, was so quick to try and protect him.

    I love that you have brought Luna into the fold since she is in my top 5 fav characters and how Harry just took her behavior in stride and didnt belittle her. I always loved how in canon these two just seemed to click when they interacted and I even shipped them at one point. Luna will probably be a breath of fresh air to Harry's entourage since she wont care what house he is, wont care about his status or what he could do with his name, she will take him as he is with none of the baggage others foist upon him. Is she friends with Ginny by this point? I loved how it was mentioned in the books that Ginny would look out for Luna and help her when she got bullied.

    Smart of Harry to go to Snape to get his input on what steps he should take instead of just rushing into it. Nice to hear that Sirius is at least taking the potion but i wonder how long Snape intends to hold Lupon as well. Even if its to stop him from running to Albus, there could be ramifications unless Remus lets it slide. Clever of Snape to take the precautiuon of getting Draco to swear too secrecy.Now that Draco is, or at least closer to being a legitement friend for Harry it will be interesting to see how he interacts with Ron and Hermione. It was easier for Blaise and Theo since they werent pricks to the duo and didnt have any fueds with Ron's family nor oenly call Hermione a mudblood, so it will be interesting when they are put in regular close quarters.

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  • From Kain on November 28, 2017

    Loved the talk and how Severus knows when to back off and when to press the issue. I liked how Harry called Snape on his behavior in how he treats students outside his house and it took Harry being sorted into Slytherin to get hgim to regard Harry fairly and not make assumptions how Harry had every reason to believe that he wouldnt lift a finger to help him had he approached him. And while its true that Albus never actively 'pushed' Harry into dangerous situations, he also didnt try all that much to prevent Harry's more reckless heroics.

    “You shouldn’t do it to please me.” Harry makes it sound as if that’s the worst possible motivation someone could ever have. “You should do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

    You can take the boy out of Grffindor but you cant completely take the Gryffindor out of the boy. Given how smart a guy Sev is he coyuld easily have found a way to explain a more benign behavior were he to show it towards to non Slytherins to his former allies so this kind of feels like him trying to make an excuse. Neville in particular is terrified of the man to the poiint where his Bogart reflects that and he might even do much better in his class were Snape to ease up on him. Now the other thing is going to be much harder since despite the fact that its not ALL of Slytherin house that takes part in it, its still a rather large and vocal portian that fully beleive in blood supremacy and look down on half bloods and Muggleborns and have asperations to follow their parents into being Death Eaters. Its gonna be much harder to change peoples perception even with Harry as an advocate since some racist idiots will probably try to destroy his efforts. No one is gonna sympathise with a bigot so if the ones open to change want change and to be treated with regard by the rest of the school they themselves are gonna have to police their own.

    Yeah that was a pretty dick move by Albus to wait until Slythyerin house had for all intents and purposes won only to snatch the victory away. No malicious intent but people were hurt all the same.

    I enjoy when Harry gets bold and speaks whats on his mind because Severus needs to hear it and i like that Snape apologized.

    I honestly dont think Snape was too yeilding to Harry but that you instead hit a perfect balance with how far he was willing to push and when he knew was time to takle a step back.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 28, 2017

    Wow, Severus apologised?! I love this Snape you've got here, still Snape, but a decent human being rather than the simply evil one that he is presented as in the first few books. And I completely agree about Dumbledore being a a-hole at the end of first year. What the hell had all those poor Slytherins done to deserve losing the House Cup right when they thought it was in the bag? SP

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  • From Kain on November 21, 2017

    Well that could have gone better. Hopefully Sirius can get his head straight long enough to put his distrust towards Severus aside and take the damn potion,especially if he wants to even have a chance of raising Harry butgranted the sheer magnitude of the grudge between him and Snape and the years he spent in Azkaban further worsening his darker habits and views, things look pretty grim.

    It's probably for the best that they lied about Albus being the one to make the potion since if he did there is a high possibility that he would tweak it enough to mess up Sirius's chances of being given custody. Honestly surprised that Sirius still has that level of trust in Albus although when the alternative is Snape, in his eyes its a no brainer on who he would want to administer the potion. Hopefully these two can bury the hatchet and curb the snide remarks long enough to ensure Harry's future but hot damn the genuine hate between them is something else. They are both people who have done some bad things in both past and present and view the other as the absolute worst.

    This is what Harry needs, someone to calmly sit his ass down and get him to discuss his many many many issues and allow him to vent and see that he was a victim and that none of it was his fault. Others have tried but backed down when Harry wanted them to drop the issue but Snape is using his authority as a teacher to use detentions to keep the kid in one spot long enough to talk.

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