Reviews for Other People's Choices

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Kain on May 27, 2018

    Chapter 53-

    Sucks that he is once again forced front and center for the worlds attention and has to deal with so many peope and their questions. From other students to invasive reporters with their borderline offensive questions the peace and quite he wants is a long way off. So sad that Cedric's open and honest kindness is met with suspicion. Understandable though as Harry has had to reevaluate his opinion on quite a few people and their motives already.

    "Even though he doesn't think Diggory would stand a chance against Voldemort"

    Oh you have no idea Harry.

    Damn Remus for a second their was showing a bit of spine before Albus turned the conversation around on him. Sirius staying the way he is would only make him more susceptible to Dumbledores influence and if his head got on straight he might start to ask questions and not be a decent pawn for Albus. That was a low but once again not purposely cruel tactic by Albus. Just falls into his 'greater good' category and how he is perfectly willing to use and sacrifice people and offer them the things they desire but it comes with a catch.

    Cute little moments between Harry and Snape and it will be interesting how Sirius fits into it and how whether nor not he and Severus will be able to be civil and not play anymore tug of war with Harry.

    Enter Rita Skeeter and right off the bat gets Harry to dislike her lol. Harry plays his cards right then he could have this little revelation in his back pocket in case Albus interferes too much and just reveal how it was him who left him with abusive muggle relatives.

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  • From moodysavage on May 08, 2018

    Yeah for a confounded Dumbledore... he deserves it for all his meddling. He is so confused by a Harry that finally asserts his wants and needs before the need for everyones approval. Course I hope he will stop doing dangerous things for Sirius' approval too. It was a really harsh lesson with getting burned.

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  • From Kain on May 08, 2018


    Madame Macmillan still remains one of the few people to really look at Harry and tell it like it is and treat him on an equal footing instead of putting her own ego or desires first like all the other adult's have been doing. That kid is just so tired and she's the only one to really get that. Snape cares too but he is also motivated by ego and pettiness. Sirius also cares but his head is still too muddled with the trauma from prison and his own personal bias's.

    Ouch you really pull no punches with Remus here lol. His own fault i suppose with his inability to resist people he feels indebted to. Even in canon he had a bad habit of disregarding the harm the marauders did in their school boy years. It's almost understandable considering his condition that he would be so loyal to the man who helped hide it and give him an education. Kind of want to know more of the history between him and Gwendolyn from the old days.

    Ooh Harry starting to ask questions about the sender of the letters. Wonder how long it will take him to discover Daphne's hand in things. It resulted in Harry finally getting an adult solely in his corner BUT it was also a massive breach of trust and privacy. Ouch at Harry telling it like it is to Remus. The kid is just so tired. Although, and not too shoot on Harry's heroics and how he seems to always be the one who has to act, he very much chose to do those things along with Ron and Hermione without getting pushed into it. He could have ignored the issue of the stone and he also could have hung back and hoped a teacher got lucky in saving Ginny. Granted Albus didn't try to persuade him not to do reckless things and even praised him for doing things no child had any business doing so blame falls on the headmaster as well.

    Sad that this is what is pushing him into accepting the role of leader but at least he is deciding what type of leader he wants to be if he must be one. All this just because people can't let him live normally.

    Severus seems to be counting his chickens a little early. It ain't a set deal until Harry is legally and fully with him and Sirius and their are still other parties just waiting to pounce. His past as a death eater could mess things up now that Albus might not vouch for his character any longer and Sirius's mental instability and recent actions could also throw a wrench into the plans.

    Yeah Albus definitely has a severe lack of self introspection in that he really thinks he knows best on all things and can never be wrong. He has no ill intentions and honestly is a kind man but he also sees nothing wrong with sacrificing others for what HE perceives as the greater good. That's a scary thing, someone who can be kind too and even love someone and be perfectly okay with sacrificing that same person. At least with Voldemort, you know where you stand in his eyes and all his faux affable characteristics don't take away from the fact that you know he is evil and that he can and will hurt you. Albus's affability is all genuine too the point where you would never expect the dagger in the back.

    I do pity Albus to an extent since his current standing with both Harry and Snape is due to his own making and had he just allowed Harry to stay with the Weasley's or even just stay at school for the summers none of this would be happening, even the Dursley's(not that anyone misses them) would be alive and Harry wouldn't be in anyone's debt or in his current condition. It's also sad since Severus was once a close confident and trusted right hand to Albus before all this.

    "And Albus thinks me invested in the hatreds between Houses."

    Too be fair, he kind of was not too long ago and still is to an extent lol. Severus can be a bit hypocritical and petty at times but he is getting better for Harry's sake. Will be interesting to see how he and Sirius manage being dual guardians. Both do have valid reasons to hate the other but putting Harry in the middle and trying to one-up the other is childish and unfar to Harry. I'm honestly surprised that Sirius only used the truth about the prophecy as a weapon totry and turn Harry from Snape and not go after the man personally like he tried with Peter given their already bad history and his current mental status.


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  • From moodysavage on May 04, 2018

    I'm really glad that Harry is going to live with Severus but I'm glad that he is buying his own place too. I think it's important that Harry feel a bit separate from Snape and Sirius. He is forced to make mature decisions and he feels hurt because of both of them. I don't think he wants to feel indebted either.

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  • From Kain on May 01, 2018

    Damn it is painful seeing Harry break apart piece by piece with each new disappointment sent his way via people he thought cared more about him than there own petty grudges and outside loyalties. Harry continues to make excuses for Sirius and while not completely unfounded perhaps being a little harder on the man will light a fire under his ass to get his head right. Sirius was handling it well up until the reveal that Snape was a candidate as a second guardian and then went and spill the big secret, but only to use as a weapon against Severus. Burned, tired and weak and now he has to deal with this revelation.

    "I suppose some people don’t get someone who loves them like that, Harry thinks wearily to himself. Sirius wants to hurt Snape, and Snape wants to hurt Sirius. I suppose—I’m just in the middle. That’s all."

    Tear my heart out why don't ya. The two present adult figures in his life who he has been growing closer too and he has to deal with being the prize in there eternal pissing contest and feeling he just "has to live with it". Honestly i know the Weasley's are off the table but at least Molly would shower him with love even if he had to share it with others and if he put his foot down she would possibly even go against Albus and still let him see both Sirius and Severus.

    Smart of Harry to use what love Sirius does have form, even if he shouldn't have too, to get him to accept finding another mind healer and then using Sirius's hatred of snape to maneuver him to play polite for a time. Harry really needs a good solid hug and a long crying session. Side note but ya know who gives good hugs? Molly Weasley!....ahem.

    Okay that talk went much smoother than i thought it would go, if only because Harry is just to emotionally drained to stay mad and no longer expecting  people who claim to care to be honest.He just seems so done with this shit and being lied too and jerked around. I do like the moments though when he brings up that Snape didn't care before he was a Slytherin. That's a pretty big thing since before that his treatment of Harry was beyond unfair and abysmal. The prophecy deal is a bit more mixed since he didn't know who it was referring too and acted when he did find out. Doesn't take away that he was still endangering someone but he at least tried to make amends for his colossal fuck up and went to Albus.

    “You cannot be surprised that I did not tell you of this before,” Severus snaps before he can stop himself"

    Wow right back to shooting yourself in the foot! After that display in the last chapter way to set yourself back a few steps. Although combined him and Sirius might make an effective pair. He is all responsibility and safety but with a severe lack of emotional expression while Sirius is all about the emotions, fun and open affection but with near none of the responsibility.

    “Black does not deserve the chance!”

    These are mighty bold words considering it was a 'second chance' that allowed Sev to avoid prison time and be where he is now. Hope that Sirius gets the help he needs and can be the Guardian Harry deserves and that he and Snape can get over themselves long enough to see what there feud is doing to Harry on an emotional level.

    Sucks that Harry feels he has to play the role of responsible adult since almost everyone else around him fitting that description can't seem to pull there heads out of their asses to do it themselves. One has to wonder how he's gonna react if one of his little study buddies schemes further complicate issues. Then there's still Mr. Nott and his contacts but at least Harry has Madam Macmillan in his corner, if she can be trusted.

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  • From Kain on April 24, 2018

    Injured and weak but still worried about Sirius more than his own condition. I love this kid. I like how he is more and more acknowledging that Sirius screwed up bad and is opening up to the idea of a second guardian to help keep him in check. Both heartwarming and heart rending that he was honestly considering Severus as a potential guardian before all this mess. He could always ask Ron for a bit of info on Cedrella Weasley before fully committing to the idea.

    Oh that is petty at how Snape is slightly smug when seeing the Aurors arrive to arrest Sirius. At least he owns that they probably view him in a similar light that they do Sirius due to his time in Azkaban for more actual reasons than Black. Speaking of his debt, would Albus be able to revoke his pardon if he made enough noise about it to the right people? Assuming he ever finds out that Snape is no longer on his side.

    Hermione fucking Granger ladies and gentlemen. She didn't waste any time and rounded up her posse of people loyal to Harry and just worked the system, it's thought that muggleborns are naive  and got snape to question every interaction he's ever had with her after seeing pulling this stunt. God help them had she been sorted into Slytherin lol. Mess with Harry in any capacity, you get mama bear Hermione. Severus was both pissed and impressed but had to stay mellow in front of the authorities even when the Auror throws a bard at Slytherin house.Those kids are already making small waves and even seasoned Aurors had to back down when the law was used against them.

    Harry putting his foot down and starting to think a little more politically and make all the right kinds of threats that he can back up. Props to Blaise and Theo for following Hermione's lead and having Harry's back and being willing to defy Snape and use their names to make sure Harry's demand is followed, even if it means he might stay with Sirius.

    “I don’t want that because I wish to be your first guardian!”

    And finally the Dam breaks and Severus lets the truth he couldn't fully say before rush out. To say it is one thing, to admit it in front of so many people is another. It would be quite interesting and entertaining as hell if Snape became Harry's first/second guardian and was forced to bury the hatchet with Sirius and be in close proximity to the other man. Harry would make them try to get along during visits and imagine the awkward meals lol. I doubt they will ever be chums but here's hoping that they can at least set there grudge aside for there mutual love of Harry.

    Now they need to find a proper mind healer and one that's not in Dumbledore's pocket.

    On a side note i noticed that neither Daphne or Draco were present when the group pulled off their plan and am curious just what happened when Hermione assembled there little band to tell them what was going on.

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  • From moodysavage on April 24, 2018

    I so liked this chapter!!! I still think Sirius is totally a danger to Harry but I really like how Severus sort of accidentally opened himself up in front of everyone lol. And if Harry chooses him (I hope he does... Severus and Sirius are always amusing) then Harry deserves someone that people won't think he's crazy for picking and who does care about him... which Severus just proved to everyone!

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  • From moodysavage on April 19, 2018

    Man I so dislike how irresponsible Sirius was with endangering Harry and how he does not take responsibility for what he did. He will be a horrible guardian but Harry is just too young to realize that Sirius just isn't a good guardian. I wish he could see things from Severus' point of view and realize that Snape is putting Harry's safety first even if Harry hates him for it and not just because he dislikes Sirius.

    I think Harry wouldn't be clinging so hard to the idea of living with Sirius if he were a bit older. Sirius really does need some serious consequences but in the wizarding world that just isn't dependable.

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  • From Kain on April 19, 2018

    Oh my heart. The first thing Harry's asks after waking up from a serious injury caused by sirius is whether Sirius is alright....... bless this poor child. It feels like equal parts Snape has genuine concern and wants to keep Harry safe while at the same time get one over on Sirius.Like he hates the man so much that his patience threshold goes from 0-100 at the drop of a dime when Sirius is involved. Granted this is as serious matter but i wonder how he would have handled it had it been literally anyone else involved.

    Yeah once you stop and think, the room of requirement could house quite a few dangerous items depending on the persons desires. Ooh another trial for Sirius is going to put Severus in even worse standing with Harry, if that's even possible at this point. Lol Hermione letting some of that inner rebel out and deciding anyway to contact the study group despite being told not to. Wonder if some of the reactions she gets will tip her off that some people are getting up to some meddling in her best friends affairs.

    I am liking this Madam Macmillan already. That's a good compromise that Snape didn't think of because he has too much hatred for sirius to budge even a little at the thought of Harry being around him. Good on Harry for at least admitting to himself that Sirius DID get him hurt. Smart of her to go about it this way. Harry gets what he wants in a way and there is someone of HIS choosing that can ensure that Sirius doesn't go to far and is getting the help he needs. The big take away from this is that someone is finally giving Harry the freedom of choice he has been being denied. Still wary on fully trusting her though even if she has offered Harry the best options as of now.

    I love how she almost talked to him like an equal. She listened to him, offered alternatives and didn't immediately shoot him down but instead listened to him.I wonder if this was the intended effect that Daphne hoped for with her letters or if she has something else planned. I doubt she wants Sirius anywhere near Harry. Perhaps she over-reached and over estimated her talents of maneuvering things. Trained or not she is still only a child.

    Harry, meanwhile, is staring at Snape and feeling as though someone’s snagged a fishhook in the back of his throat. “You told someone?” he whispers.

    Ouch and there comes what may be the final straw, the perceived betrayal and wow at the lady insulting Snape's mother like that. Rude but she has some massive stones. Severus did push too hard though and handled the whole situation badly. He doesn't have to do things like how a Gryffindor would but he really can't keep doing things like a Slytherin would.

    “Maybe you hate him more than you want to help me."
    This right here is a big thing that even i have thought about at times. Severus really kicked things into high gear the more Sirius got involved and while i fully believe he cares about Harry and wants whats best for him i also can't help but think he is also being motivated by his sheer hate and a bit of jealousy towards Black. Even if he doesn't realize it himself. He is so focused on Sirius that he has gotten tunnel vision and has no idea of the multitude of other schemes going on around him.

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  • From Lucimoon on April 17, 2018

    This a real story; so unique!  Can’t wait to read more!

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  • From silentxxdreamer on April 11, 2018

    It's becoming more and more apparent that you choose the perfect title <3

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  • From Kain on April 10, 2018

    * Edited for addition*

    Ooh so Daphne is calling in the big guns and wisely sticking primarily to light side affiliated families with some clout who people will be more willing to listen to than a family with a shady past and who can counter Albus better than most. The quiet unassuming one of the group making some pretty big waves. Hopefully all these people trying to run interference on the custody issue dont end up inadvertently pushing a desperate Harry towards Dumbldore.

    Aaaand this is where things go tits up. Sirius should have known better than to goad the kid. Harry is so desperate for Sirius's approval and after all the fun they have been having couldn't maintain his refusal, and it cost him. Wonder what would have happened had he just admitted he was scared and if Sirius would have backed off. For all his innate power, he is still just a child and ran against something he wasn't ready for. Although i wonder how long Snape was there before he decided to step in. Was he trying to see if Sirius would make the right call and immediately take Harry to the hospital wing or if Harry would put his foot down and not take such a risk?

    Half expected someone to throw a punch. Good on Snape for at least openly admitting he was a total shit to Harry but is at least trying, perhaps poorly mind you, trying to make up for it. Now Sirius has taken first place in shooting oneself in the foot. This gets out then his chances of getting custody of Harry, regardless of what either of them want will be near impossible.

    I am still holding out hope that this event and the oncoming shit storm opens up Siriu's eyes to the fact that he is simply not well enough to look after Harry, at least not until he gets his head right, grows up and takes responsibility beyond having a fun time. Both him and Harry are rushing into this for different reasons and while there is an obvious amount of genuine love there, they are not seeing the bigger picture beyond the warm feelings there time together brings them. Sirius needs an epiphany and hopefully this triggers his. No'one is saying(aside from the obvious few) that Harry can't EVER live with Sirius at some point in the future, but the cold hard fact is that until Sirus gets a legit clean bill of health, which will understandably take quiet a bit of time, he shouldn't be trying to take care of a child who will take risks for his approval.

    Now while Severus's rage towards black, both for present and past offenses is justifiable, quite a bit of this wouldn't have come to pass, thus necessitating the need to find a proper guardian for Harry or Sirius running off half cocked after Peter, had Severus not spilled the beans on what he heard.

    Well shit, first it was just business i guess but now after Harry has actually gotten hurt it is personal for Daphne lol. Never mess with the investment/leader/friend. Although i am still little worried about what Harry's reaction might be. She says she will accept the blame but that could very well mean the end of his association with her. He probably wont see that while she did have some ulterior motives she was ultimately trying to keep him safe.

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  • From Kain on April 03, 2018

    I suppose it would be hard for Harry to guess whether Snape is in fact giving him better marks due to him now being a Slytherin as he seems to believe or if he has simply improved to meet Snape's standards. Having seen first hand Severus play favorites with his house it would be understandable for Harry to assume that he is now getting the special treatment. Although it wouldn't hurt the kid to have little more faith in his own learning skills.

    Eh not the smartest play by Snape. Harry wants to be with someone who will not only put him first, but also love him and quite frankly a list of strangers with dubious intentions or people who due to their stations wouldn't be able to take him in anyway couldn't be expected to sway him away from Sirius. Even if Harry might be jumping the gun on his judgment of Snapes intentions, i enjoy that he is brave enough to be willing to call out Snape on his possible ulterior motives. Severus's limited emotional bandwidth and his way of stating what he believes to be truths really tend to bite him in the ass. While he wants whats best for Harry, his way of making his case against Harry staying with Sirius makes him instead come off as petty. Since going to Remus didn't work, if Snape is worried about Albus's influence on Sirius affecting Harry then perhaps he can try to convince Harry to get Sirius to see sense and not place so much faith/loyalty in the Headmaster.

    Harry very unintentionally just seems to fall into the leadership role without even realizing he's doing it. Teaching others, casual displays of advanced magic and that magnetic or at times scary smile of his. Wonder what scheme Daphne is cooking up and how it will confglict with the various other plots in the works regarding Harry's future.

    I'm starting to think that Severus takes classes on how to shoot oneself in the foot. Once again it kills me too see Harry's fantasies about the life he could have with Sirius and finally getting all that he as denied growing up because with all the plots surrounding him and the custody, it looks less and less likely to happen. Snape would be having a much easier time with this if he had only treated Harry like this from the beginning.

    “She sounds like the best option, if Sirius didn’t exist.”

    Now a new player in the bid for Harry's home life has possibly entered the field.

    "And he’ll do the same thing for Themis Yaxley, and Tarquinius Nott, and anyone else who thinks they have a right to interfere in his life."

    Oh then he is gonna be pissed when he finds out all the scheming going on around him from both adults and new friends. Some people are gonna be in hot water. Much as it sucks to think, at this point Ron and Hermione are almost the only two people close to him who don't have some side motive or plot in the works with regards to Harry. Once everything gets revealed when all the plans reach their inevitable collision course its only gonna give everyone who told Harry not to trust Slytherins more ammunition and a wealth of "I told ya so's". Plus its gonna hurt like hell for Harry since he has opened up to these people. At least Snape is being up front for the most part about trying to find who he thinks would be a suitable guardian for Harry without any of the cloak and dagger stuff.

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  • From Kain on March 27, 2018

    I really feel for Harry here lol. He's the kid holding the proverbial leash and keeping this little group from imploding by having to be the mature one. Harry continues to stun people with just how nonchalant he is about his own rather impressive magical prowess. 3rd year and already pulling off advanced 7th year skills and making it look easy. If his kindess and inherent leadership skills doesnt earn him peoples loyalty, its gonna be his magic potential that will unintentionally reel people in.

    I admit i laughed a little at Ron immediatlly saying "No" to accepting Draco's apology and the reaction it got and Daphne getting shut down by stern Harry. Its still a very believable reaction though from Ron. An apology isnt really an apology unless the other person actually means it, isnt being strong armed into it and not just giving lip service to appease someone else and not the  actual recipient of the apology. Props to Draco for giving it the old college try though. The Draco of old wouldnt have even considered giving an apology for his behaviour, even if he mostly did it for Harry's sake he still at least tried and is slowly learning.

    “Then leave.”

    Ooh that was cold but at least Ron didnt have a fit and storm off.

    Well gotta give Snape points for trying to appeal to Lupin before considering less savory choices. They both made some good points though.The adults are acrting more like children than the actual children. The kids have been able to bury any hatchets and work togethor but ego, bias and old grudges keep the halfway decent adults from working towards a solution that benefits Harry. Lupin does need to grow more of a spine though and actually take his friend to task about his reckless behaviour and get a proper mind healer that will tell Sirius what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. Although going by the memory and Lily's comments, Snape shares Lupins habit of turning a blind eye to his friends darker antics towards others, so a bit of 'pot/kettle' there. If Severus is pissed and desperate now, he is gonna be seething when Tarq hatches his plan.

    Much as I live for these moments of Harry and Sirius bonding and Harry being unquestionably happy to be around someone who loves him, it really highlights how Sirius pushes Harry's more reckless antics and is more focused on the fun rather than the safety. Harry is a damn good flier but accidents happen. Then theres Harry so focused on the warm feelings and the rush of the fun that he just goes along with it without really considering gthe possible consequences.

    The ever subtle and elusive enigma that is Daphne enters the stage. I am curious on what her gift  might be and what she will be able to do to prevent Harry from living with Sirius. She's the one you wont see coming due to ho un assuming and quite she is that you never know whats on her mind. All these players in the game trying to manuver Harry regardless of what he ultimately wants. He would be pretty pissed if he knew just how many people were trying to run interference on his dream of living with his god-father. A few are doing it because they think they know whats better for him while others are doing it for their own self interests. Given his repeated statements on how he hates people trying to get him to do what they want i am curious on what his reaction will be if/when he discovers all the parties involved that are trying to decide his future.

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  • From Kain on March 18, 2018

      I know i have jumped back and forth on my opinion in regards to Sirius's fitness to be the one to raise Harry but when you compare his right to practically everyone else who is vying for a chance to get Harry, he honestly IS the best choice, were he more stable. His competition as it were seems to be comprised of either (cough)"former" Death Eaters, people with dubious intentions willing to make deals with Death Eaters or his abusive cousin and aunt. That's something his Slytherin friends seem to miss, due to their upbringing mostly, which is that the elders in their side of the camp making a play for Harry are NOT in anyway good people and want too control Harry rather than give him the love he deserves. Say what you will of Sirius, but while he might not like Harry's house he wouldn't try and maneuver him for his own ends. It doesn't help that their opinion of Sirius, much like his opinion of them and everyone who wears there colors is riddled with personal bias. Severus could try and step up to try and take in Harry but on top of his work as a spy he could run into the problem of Albus running interference or Sirius revealing things he has yet to tell Harry.

    "Perhaps he isn’t welcoming his friends’ help for that reason, because he thinks that they’ll just make his decisions for him."
    Now to be fair they have been trying to set him on  a path THEY think would be beneficial to him and guide him towards a more Slytherin way of thinking despite his desire to simply be normal  or as close to it as possible.

    That's a rather impressive, albeit scary gift Blaise has there. Seems almost similar to imperius in a way. Kind of a dick move to take the girls quill though lol, but at least his little test didn't hurt anyone and she doesn't seem to be any worse for wear. It occurs to me that were Albus to find out about these gifts he could use the info to make a case to Harry that his Slytherin friends have been subtly manipulating him with their abilities to be their friend. With all these different abilities being shown i am curious if whether or not Hermione,Ron or maybe Luna have gifts as well?

    Clever of Harry to try and bend the uncomfortable conversation about abusive relatives and becoming a leader to Draco's eventual apology. God its been so long since i read the early books but aside from Ron's little chuckle at Draco's name, which Draco fired back with much more offense, practically everything else that happened to him happened after HE started some shit with one or more of the Trio. There was also the times when he was cracking jokes about which muggleborn would be the next one attacked. He still has a bit of growing up to do if he thinks them firing back at him for his bullying is anywhere near as bad as the things he said or did to them.

    Blaise, Theo and Draco starting to defy their parents and transferring that loyalty to Harry even if they don't fully understand it themselves. Harry doesn't want it, but that magnetism of his is making him a leader. Then theirs Daphne the ever present enigma off to the side being more subtle and honestly having an easier time of it molding herself into the group.

    Aww Snape letting a bit of that heart of his show a little. He wants to take care of Harry. True there is  also a bit of jealousy in regards to Sirius and how much Harry cares about him.

    “But they all just want to use me!”

    “But at least Sirius doesn’t, and he’s someone who could love me for me when he gets sane, and that’s what I want! Someone who’s just for me and not thinking about politics and other kids all the time!”

    You are really trying to go above and beyond to make this hurt, aren't you? Almost every other adult candidate in Harry's life wants to use him for something and the one person he WANTS to live with, someone who could love him and can tell him stories about his parents might not regain the full use of his sanity. If only Severus had gone for a hug instead of the hand too shoulder comfort.

    “Black does not love you. He only sees your father when he looks at you. He will encourage the Gryffindor in you and nothing else.” Wow 0-100. Not gonna end well.

     There's that personal bias with a bit of moral myopia/hypocrisy again. While it's true that Sirius sees too much of James in Harry, the same could honestly have been said for Snape before Harry was placed into his house. All he saw was James and treated Harry horribly for it. These two men are more alike than either would ever admit. They are still tied to the past and while its true that Sirius will very well encourage the Gryffindor aspect of Harry's personality, Snape tries to do the same in regards to his Slytherin side. They are also both immature just in different ways and towards different people. Had less than stellar childhoods, were both bullies and in many ways Snape still hasn't shaken that aspect although his interactions with Harry are helping. Who's to say that having Harry around wont also help Sirius improve as a person? They believe the other will never change.

    Honestly, Harry needs a nice quite year and a hug. Kid goes through too much and has to deal with far to many people trying to dictate what he should or should not do. Even if they care it's still stressful. Severus could have handled that with a Little more grace but at least he was able to get Harry to at least consider that Snape might actually want to take care of him even if he decided to put that particular though on the back burner and tries to paint it as something else.

    -Didn't want to include this part in the review since its more of a question-

    I know many things have shifted around in this verse as opposed to book 3rd year, but i am curious if the buckbeak incident will still occur and how that will effect Draco's place in the group due to Harry's fondness and loyalty to Hagrid?

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