Reviews for Say My Name

BY : Thunderbird

  • From A.R. Fleets on April 30, 2017

    This story is so wonderful


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  • From goddess-of_dragons on April 28, 2017

    I can't wait for easter break with them. So out of curiosity, about Ron...are you going to have Gryffindor win the house cup this year and is Ron a head boy since he was a prefect?

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  • From smn on April 26, 2017

    So good, that final statement from Draco made me do happy! Am I the only one who still really wants Ron and Hermione to stay together? Well anyway, thank you for yet another thrilling chapter, it was thoroughly enjoyed fot the 14th time ;D

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on April 23, 2017

    Damn, I suppose I have to forgive you now. *sigh* the things I do for my favorite authors, lol. This chapter was fantastic! I had to giggle at Winky helping Harry, but it was perfect. And it made me smile seeing Harry and Draco exploring their own dominance and submission. As I have a similar relationship with my husband, I have a fondness for D/s in my stories! I know I would love to see more of that, but I'm also perfectly content to read your story if it remains vanilla for the duration. Either way, I can't wait to see if Draco's words do the good he intended (towards Hermione and Ron). Until next time! 

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  • From Book_addict_89 on April 22, 2017

    I love drunk Draco!

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  • From djaddict on April 22, 2017

    I love the whole reverse psychology thing that Draco did with Hermione, but I think my general dislike for Ron is making me wish that she didn't come up with so many good reasons.  Lol

    Love Winky's advice and their makeup. Both the conversation and the sex!

    Nice chapter. 

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  • From goddess-of_dragons on April 21, 2017

    Yay!!!!! Harry and draco are better now!!!!!! What is Harry going to do about his apprenticeship? Thursday's can't come soon enough. I'm glad my reviews help, this is honestly my favorite story by far!!!

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on April 18, 2017

    Damn you, you daughter of a bitch! How dare you make me enjoy that chapter. I typically don't read angsty things unless I'm in a certain kind of mood, and I was not when I started read. However, it felt so real that I can't be properly mad at you. So, I shall applaude your ability to make your magical romance realistic (why does that sound so oxymoronic?), while also grumbling about you slipping angst into my story. I look forward to see what happens next!

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  • From smn on April 16, 2017

    Wow, I have both love and hate for this chapter. I love your writing technique and talent, I just hate seeing Harry and Draco fight! :'( Like always I am thoroughly looking forward to the next chapter!

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  • From discord_the_lunatic on April 14, 2017

    Re: Chapter 13

    First fight. Knew it was coming, but it was a doozy.^_^

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  • From djaddict on April 14, 2017

    Ah, but, ack!!!!   Nooooooooooooooo 

    Still don't trust Kemp.  Harry's kinda tunnel-visioned isn't he?

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  • From goddess-of_dragons on April 13, 2017

    Omg I seriously can't wait!!!!!!! It's amazing!! Will Harry and draco stay together? What about ginny? Why is she so happy now? I can't wait!!!!!

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  • From Green-Extreme-Ninjetti13 on April 13, 2017

    Who do you think is gonna be Ginny's new boyfriend, Dean, Neville, or Blaise?

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  • From smn on April 07, 2017

    A great chapter yet again! I hope Vesper knows that Harry is already taken... or am I just being paranoid? :D I'm already looking forward to the next chapter, keep 'em coming! (I loved the reference to Fantastic Beasts by the way ;D) 

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on April 07, 2017

    Oh, you sneaky son of a bitch! Blaise and Hermione, I'd love It! But how will you make it work? I'm glad my reviews make you happy! I need you happy so you'll keep writing this story! I can't wait to read more about Harry's adventures into his new apprenticeship

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