Reviews for Sense and Insensibility *Complete*

BY : Desert_Sea

  • From Silent_Pluto on November 09, 2017

    (Sniff) this story was so beautiful 

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  • From LadyRaven on September 07, 2017

    *sobs* You're evil, I was fine up until the end of the last chapter, but that bit got me right in the feels! But what an excellent story it was, I'm glad Sophia still existed. My question is did Severus' own senses improve after the piece of Voldemort's soul left him in the same way Hermione's went back to normal? 

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  • From Coingurl on June 21, 2017

    I love Sophia, she truly is the bravest. I love your version of what happened and what could have happened. As I found this after it had been completed I didn't review every chapter. I have found that you respond to every comment in the beginning of the next, so I didn't think that a later review would be polite. I didn't want you to revisit every chapter to see them or to respond. The comments to the reviews were as wonderful as the chapters. 

    So thank you again for a great story. 

    Samantha. Aka Coingurl

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  • From Rosario on May 25, 2017


    I have LOVED this story! Very well written. Amazing plot, well executed. Fantastic character portrayal. Kept me reading until the very last word.

    I do wish that there had been more to the climax and end of the story, it seemed to build the tension and then it was over. 

    BUT, having said that it is still one of my fave HP fanfics at the moment.

    I will definitely be reading more of your stuff, I like your style.

    Thank you 😊

    Rosario xx

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  • From ~*LissaDream on May 24, 2017

    So beautiful done, my dear DS. Cannot wait to see what you bring to us next! Lots of love!

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on May 21, 2017

    I fell off the face of the world, and when I come back, you've finished the story! This was surprising and intriguing and phenomenal! Before I disappeared, we still didn't know who Sophia was nor what was going on with Hermione. Then, BAM! Just, wow. I can't wait to read any other stories you have! Thank you for such a wonderful story

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  • From HarryGinny4eva on May 21, 2017

    Brava, my dear!!! Another job very well done! I am really sorry you needed to use this as therapy, but I am glad it could help. I hope you are healing and geeling better every day!!

    As for the story, the arc Severus went through was amazing! I loved the way you wrote the tale, but also how it very much started as an Hermione story, but ended a strong Severus one. The fact that they could all feel such love and happiness after all they'd been through was lovely. And, I LOVED that Sophia not only survived, but thrived. Severus' choked up admission in the end was perfect. Thank you one last time. HG4eva

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  • From Norla on May 21, 2017

    Another awesome ending! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your talent with us all. I look forward to whatever you chose to write about next. 

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  • From OracleObscured on May 21, 2017

    Yaaaaaaay! I'm so glad everyone got their happily ever after. And I'm even more glad that Sophia got to exist. Plot-wise, I think this might be one of my favorites of yours. (But I'm still going to go with ITH as my absolute favorite.) The story idea was great, and you sucked me into their fucked up world from the very first chapter. (But then again, you always do that.) The slow reveal of what was really going on was great (very Moriarty-ish), and I loved the shift in both characters as the story progressed. They're both extremely cut off from the world at the start, but at the end (after the Voldy vaccine) they're engaged with not only each other but the people around them. The subtle shift throughout the whole story, as they learned to trust each other and themselves, was masterfully done.

    Fav bits:

    It’s a bit annoying because Hermione feels herself succumbing to a decidedly drab greyness that makes her look like she’s been left out in the sun too long.--Great description.

    Stouches--word notebook 

    I loved the whole bit with the watch and Severus's obsession with time.

    "That’s all we need,” Severus responds. His hand is instantly on Hermione’s knee. Hermione looks at him and can’t help grinning as he sexily nudges up one eyebrow.--Mmmm, sexy feels. Perfect. :)

    The ending section with Sophia was excellent. So sweet. Great ending (and an excellent juxtaposition to the bleakness of the start).

    As always, I'm looking forward to whatever you have in store for us next. (((((End of story hugs)))))

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  • From HarryGinny4eva on May 19, 2017

    That was tragically beautiful! I am so glad he reconciled with that poor girl before she returned to her fate. They both needed it. It also helped him accept reality and face his fears. I hate that he was so ready to Romeo and Juliet it, but it was lovely that he felt their love so deeply. This story has been fantastic. Thank you!! Looking forward to the end, happy as it will be. :-D lol HG4eva

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  • From mumoftrips on May 19, 2017

    Oh, what a cliff hanger..  Still loving this story xxx

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  • From OracleObscured on May 18, 2017

    Mmmmmm, tasty tasty cliffy.

    I loved the raw emotion of this chapter. Between the goodbye and the sex and the bathtub love and the moment of truth you've shown us the best of Severus; he's come so far since the start of the story.

    I also loved the building climax throughout the chapter (non-sexual climax.) (Although, I loved the orgasms too.) Everything is swirling to a pinnacle of resolution.

    Fav bits:

    unprecedented display of affection.--Excellent description.

    He looks relieved . . . and contrite . . . and . . . boyishly sexy.--Boyishly sexy is so perfect here.

    Hermione’s head lolls to the side like a marionette with her strings cut--Wonderful visual.

    she feels the velvety warmth of his shaft skim her inner thigh--Unh! Hells yeah!

    pulling her into his hungry lips as his hips flex backwards before plunging into her again.--Fuuuuuuck, yes!

    His cry is both mournful and longing as he drives into her--I can totally hear this. Perfect.

    risotto-lanche--Hahahaha! You wouldn't have any real-world experience with this, would you? :)

    They are all part of him . . . the him that is hers. --The him that is hers. Yeeeeees! Love this.

    I'm dying to know what happens next. (Oh, and I loved the digital balloons and confetti. I won't even need a vacuum to get it out of the carpet. Handy :))

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  • From HarryGinny4eva on May 13, 2017

    He actually took that MUCH better than I thought he would. I can't imagine how torn he must be, but I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. I also wonder what will happen to that little girl if they are successful. Will she just cease to be? :-( I ache for that poor little girl. I also wonder if Hermione is going to reconnect with her friends now that they have a better idea of what's happening. Thanks again! HG4eva

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  • From OracleObscured on May 13, 2017

    Well congratulations to me for thinking I posted this the other day when really it was just sitting in my notes gathering technological dust. (Brilliant, I know.)

    Must Severus be so infernally stubborn? The denial is strong with this one.

    I love how everything's coming together, and Minerva's background info was great. The integration of the letter with everything that has happened puts things in a new light. I wonder how things would have progressed without the letter's influence.

    "I haven’t.” Hermione looks at him intently, with a fierce devotion that she feels to her core. “I have put my trust in you.”--Gah! Right in the Snapey feels.

    Is Severus taking the potion for diagnostic testing? He'd better hurry up and see the light so Hermione can un-Voldify her fetus. The countdown clock could start ticking at any moment.

    (Also, I believe this is the 100th review. I expect a shower of balloons and confetti when I hit "post review.")

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  • From SnapeLove on May 11, 2017

    I finally finished with my project yesterday, so I'll  have  few free days before the next one starts. And, even if I planned to finish my story in that time frame, now I wonder if I'll manage - long delayed spring cleaning is staring at me, more so because we decided to buy dishwasher, which demands rearranging of entire kitchen area :/ At least I'll have proper time to deal with everything instead pushing it under the rug. But on a plus side, you can finally expect picture from Japan to start appearing on my FB page ;)

    he’d already said about as much to her earlier but not as explicitly. He’d also admitted internally that life would be pointless without her. / only two chapters to go after this one - I know, but somehow I did expect for this story to go on a bit longer, maybe  that's why I said it :D


    ensconced within the protective curve of his body - I love this bit, so simple and endearing

    He is standing beside the bed, hands on hips, muscles clenched in consternation. - well his reaction was to be expected as she, all of us, did

    Part with Minerva was a surprise, though it shouldn't be when I think  about it. And, It might be that this story and I are not on the same wavelength (maybe because of everything that was happening around me) so I  can properly respond only to sex parts. In  that light, I'll refrain from further guessing and just wait to see with what you'll come up next ;D

    In any case, I'm glad that Minerva stayed the "motherly type" , just  the way  I see her :)

    It’ll consume all three souls . . . Voldemort, the baby and . . . yours. This will kill all three of you. / A simple termination potion would suffice. - Yeah, eternal friction in similar situations. He would rather keep her safe and she is willing to risk her own life to save the baby. 

    I can't wait for the next chapter :*
    Take care and do not overwork yourself <3

    Love&Kisses&Hugs xxoxx

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