Reviews for His Twenty-Eighth Life

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Anaelyssa on October 19, 2017

    Ch 11:

    Shows that there are different types of intelligence. Voldemort lacks the emotional intelligence to realise threatening Remus was not the way to go.

    Hahahahaha. Go Harry!

    Tense conversation there.

    Loved the part about the Elder wand. I wonder if we'll ge to see Dumbledore's point of view on this.


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  • From InvidiaRed on October 18, 2017

    There's something adorable about the elder wand nearly knocking out harry and acting like a puppy.

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  • From Jan on October 14, 2017

    I see now why Harry doesn't like to talk nor think about his nineteenth life😱 it explains a lot, please update chapter 11 soon.

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  • From Anaelyssa on October 12, 2017

    Ch 10:

    Oooooh. I thought werewolf or something, but yeah, he'd hate being a Dementor and killing people for no reason. Awesome.

    Stupid Voldy. Shouldn've left Harry's friends alone if he wanted to keep Harry.


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  • From BookDragon on October 07, 2017

    But I love your hints about life nineteen! I'm also looking forward to finding out more but I'm thinking he was Voldemort or Peter {shudder}

    I found your story late but am loving the whole idea. There are currently 9 chapters and I just finished chapter 3

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  • From Fenrirsboy on September 29, 2017

    I'm really loving this but I'm wondering about the physical health of Harry? It doesn't sound like he gets any sunlight (there was one mention of it, is there a window in his room?), or fresh air, or exercise. He mentioned he gets fed so I'm assuming whatever Voldemort is feeding him has enough vitamins? I'm just wondering...keeping anyone in a room in almost-seclusion wouldn't be healthy no matter how smart the person was... That would be an interesting chapter... Voldemort taking Harry to the park to play on the swings... haha! 

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  • From Anaelyssa on September 27, 2017

    Ch 9:

    Clever plan. I really hope Harry doesn't fall for it.

    I'm liking Dumbledore a little less. Jonathan seems adequate though.


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  • From SickPuppy on September 27, 2017

    Ch9 - Oh devious, devious Voldie! Now I understand why Harry had to write. And at least Jonathan is thinking about saving Harry, unlike fricking Dumbledore. And so pleased with your reply that we may get a rescue attempt, eventually. SP

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  • From InvidiaRed on September 27, 2017

    This Lord Voldermort

    is much more dangerous because he's sane.

    However, there's a fatal flaw in his logic. An immortal like this particular harry can afford to be infintely patient. Every day Harry grows stronger. Harry just has to wait for a perfect opportunity and with an inhuman amount of experiance, one will inevitably present itself. 

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  • From SickPuppy on September 21, 2017

    Hoping there might be some kinf of rescue for Harry, but I'm not holding my breath. Liking Death-to-Rabbits! SP

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  • From Anaelyssa on September 20, 2017


    Tom things way too highly of himself. I hope there comes a moment when Harry gets to beat the crap out of this Tom, just to knock him down a peg.

    Interesting encounter there...


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  • From Anaelyssa on September 13, 2017

    Ch 7. Oooh. Very interesting meeting there. Liked Severus's thoughts.


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  • From SickPuppy on September 13, 2017

    Ch7 - Poor Severus, I just feel his bafflement. And poor Harry too. Living so long, knwoing you have to do the same thing over and over ... geez. And life nineteen gets more and more mysterious. SP

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  • From Jan on September 06, 2017

    Voldemort definitely is acting strange compare with his other counterparts, pleas update chapter 7 soon.

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  • From SickPuppy on September 06, 2017

    Ch7 - Any chance of a glimpse into life 23 (yum!)? And Voldie is definitely behaving oddly. I like how you take canon events (e.g. the Longbottoms' torture) and reference it, but in a new way. SP

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