Reviews for His Twenty-Eighth Life

BY : Lomonaaeren

  • From Anaelyssa on December 15, 2017

    Ch 16:

    Damn it Dumbledore, you're not an expert in divination. And you're way too biased. I personally saw it as Harry having a tame and peaceful Dark Lord, not two Dark Lords taking over the world.

    Voldy's good. I hope he continues on the road to enlightenment.

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  • From InvidiaRed on December 14, 2017


    "How can I ensure that he’s not a danger before I go to my reach?"

    You meant rest right?

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  • From InvidiaRed on December 14, 2017

    Dumbledore fell into the very thing the pheonix tried to show him not to.

    Its masterfully written where a dark lord talks himself into it.


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  • From SickPuppy on November 29, 2017

    Ch15 - Yes, Voldie is still in character and Jonny is just lovely, but Harry is right that his brother needs to develop his own self-reliance. I get he's afraid he might lose Harry again, but he needs to move past that, and start doubting Dumbledore.

    Writing wise, I loved the structure of this chapter, with the repeated lines (and then the call back in 'So Voldemort meditated.'). I think life 28 is going to be incredibly complex! SP

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  • From InvidiaRed on November 29, 2017

    Fear has always made people do the most terrible things. The greatest fear of all is the fear of the unknown.

    Fear protects but it also blinds.

    This particular voldermort is he capable of love or is he geuninely like canon incapable of it?

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  • From Anaelyssa on November 29, 2017

    Ch 15:

    Minor spelling mistake: " doesn’t know how to wants to defeat " should be "he"

    Good chapter. Voldemort has gotten more reasonable, good for him. Dumbledore makes me cautious on the other hand. I'm half-afraid he'll use the information that Harry's been giving them and start commiting atrocities to get rid of all the Death Eaters.

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  • From Anaelyssa on November 22, 2017

    Ch 14: Chapter full of magic and power. Nice to see Voldemort being bullied for once. Jonathan's awesome. Dumbledore's a prick (though not evil). As a war leader, I suppose he has to be.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 22, 2017

    Ch14 - Wow, Harry is scary powerful in this! And it was brilliant that he threatened Voldie with the one thing he couldn't bear - being forgotten and ignored. It was also completely in character for Voldie to now be thinking about how he could use Harry's power and try and gain that strength for himself.

    And how adorable was Jonathan?! SP

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  • From InvidiaRed on November 08, 2017

    One tiny little nitpick.

    You can argue sucessfully that Voldermort broke the argeement firmly first not Harry based on the fact Voldermort made assumption the bargain ment his immediate family. 28 lives means there's alot of room to work with the definition of family especially to someone with multiple lives.

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  • From SickPuppy on November 08, 2017

    Ch13 - I liked Harry explaining bitterness doesn't last - it made sense. And it can't be good that Voldie is still refusing to give up (not that I expected him to, but still, one can hope). And yay for Jonathan just accepting Harry! I think the adults, Sirius in particular, is going to struggle with Harry being what he is. SP

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  • From Jan on November 08, 2017

    Wow, Voldy really doesn't gives up, does he? But I like that there's son many new things happening, it's refreshing, please update chapter 14 soon.

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  • From Anaelyssa on November 08, 2017

    Ch 13:

    Interesting conversation with his family. Albus is a bit of a bastard. Looking forward to the outcome of that battle.


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  • From Anaelyssa on October 26, 2017

    Ch 12:

    Great chapter. Weeeee. Jonathan is nice.

    Clever Severus.


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  • From Jan on October 26, 2017

    Johnathan is such a good big brother, but I hope he's ready to keep that silent promise against his own parents if they decided not to accept Harry. Please update chapter 13 soon

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  • From SickPuppy on October 25, 2017

    Missed a few chapters so a bumper update for me! And, wow, life nineteen! Very clever how he defeated Voldemort in that life. Poor, poor Harry! SP

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