Reviews for Torment

BY : SnapeLove

  • From Demonchik83 on August 05, 2018

    I'm loving this story! Please, please do not give up on it!! 

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  • From Abecker18314 on June 22, 2018

    I picked this story because it had so many chapters. I usually don't like to read WIP works because, well I like reading and I hate waiting to find out. This story had me captivated, I was reading it at every chance I had. As I neared the end, I realized this wasn't finished. I'm not giving up, I want to know what happens. I have this story bookmarked and will check periodically for updates. I completely understand the complicated thing called life, but don't leave us fans hanging! lol

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  • From BlackRose on February 23, 2018

    I don’t know if I should feel bad for Severus or not. He is at peace and he seems to see some good qualities in Hermione.

    Draco is right. It will take a lot for Severus to admit feeling ANYTHING good for Hermione, much less actually act on it. 

    And what is Lucius planning? Mystery woman? 

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  • From BlackRose on February 11, 2018

    Haha 🤣 Poor Draco doesn’t know how to handle a weeping woman! Typical man! 

    First step towards healing for Severus. 

    “Believe me or not, but ladies from that list are very carefully selected, to match his… preferences.” - what does this mean? Sexual? Young? Slytherins? And Parkinson...really?  Is it another of Lucius’ manipulation?

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  • From BlackRose on February 09, 2018

    WTF😲 Yes Hermione, that was RAPE! She tied him down and raped him! If she doesn’t believe that then she still has some serious issues. What the hell was she thinking? 

    Severus...😞... so much pain. I really can’t blame him for being suicidal. 


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  • From BlackRose on February 07, 2018

    Haven’t seen a post from you in a while. Hope everything is well. 

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  • From BlackRose on February 01, 2018

    I’m glad that Hermione got in the way of all these plans." - are you sure? Tell me that after this chapter   - I see what you mean. But I still don’t feel bad about it. Slytherins should know not to get caught, but if they do then they should suffer the consequences. That is what all this is about. All the people in this house are suffering consequences for their actions, including Hermione. Of course, I understand the need for Lucius to make things better for his family. It just didn’t work out right this time. 😂

    Severus..... he just doesn’t know what a “better life” means. Rights now, I bet he is bored out of his mind and suffering as much, if not more, than Hermione. He just won’t admit it. 

    Draco 🤔 his growing on me. 

    Poor Hermione, can’t do anything right. 

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  • From BlackRose on January 27, 2018

    75: Slytherins are more complicated than chemistry. 🐍 🤦🏻‍♀️

     I’m glad that Hermione got in the way of all these plans. It’s too funny that Lucius’ plans didn’t work but he underestimated Hermione’s need to defend people. 😂

    Now what the hell is he planning now? More mysteries...😕

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  • From BlackRose on January 27, 2018

    Ungrateful bastards! 😡 And what is this nonsense about Muggle women being more timid! 

     We can’t blame her for what she never learned. - Cissa is the only one that makes sense. 

    If Lucius is planning something, then he should be careful. Hermione is turning into her old self, and her old self was no pushover.

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  • From BlackRose on January 25, 2018

    Peacocks from Muggles! 😂 Wasn’t expecting that! Had to laugh at the situation. 

    Well, at least Hermione got some show of gratitude from Lucius with the use of his library.

    I wonder how Severus is going to act after Hermione stood up for Lucius. After all, even Lilly would never had done that since she never approved of his friends. 

    Why did Lucius get irritated that Potter showed his trial verdict to Hermione? Was he embarrassed or just felt it was an invasion of privacy?

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  • From BlackRose on January 24, 2018

    I love Poppy! She know Severus too well. 😂

    Is Lucius really ill or is he manipulating Severus? Either way, it give Severus a reason to live. Also, I bet Lucius knew Hermione would listen in on them. 

    Poor Hermione. 😣 she doesn’t know that Severus has seen one of her most embarrassing moments. 

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  • From BlackRose on January 23, 2018

    Playing with Slytherins is tricky. 😈 Poor Severus, he can’t seem to comprehend that someone (Hermione) might actually care for him. I’m curious why Draco was there too! 

    Mystery girl = denial 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Severus’ mind just can’t seem to grasp that he might be really attracted to her. 

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  • From BlackRose on January 22, 2018

    Bargaining chip? Hermione is about to make a deal with the devil.😈 What is Severus planning? I bet he hated it when she compared him and Lucius to Ron. 😂 

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  • From BlackRose on January 13, 2018

    Ron needs a smack on the head. He may be grieving but he needs to keep himself in check.

    Harry can’t seem to handle the truth just yet. 

    Hermione is getting better.

    Severus and Lucius are just Slytherins. Lucius goes through all the trouble of spying and talking to Severus instead of just saying, “ hey Severus, that girl might not be a bad choice for you. Draco and I won’t get in the way.” 😏 I goes he knows Severus needs proof that Hermione is over Ron.

    And Severus 🤦🏻‍♀️ he doesn’t want to be alone with his thoughts but he does everything to keep her away. Human are so complicated. 

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  • From BlackRose on January 12, 2018

    That block of wood was completely undeserving of a woman Hermione Granger will be one day. -was that Lucius thinking? 

    Yeah, I have never liked Ron . 🤮 

    😊 seems like Severus is showing a bit of feelings for her. If nothing else he seems to respect her enough to know that she is better than Ron. 😂 Even Lucius doesn’t like him enough to invite him into the house. 


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