Reviews for Trifecta

BY : Sablesilverrain

  • From Jan on March 08, 2018

    Sorry for not reviewing, been really busy lately, and somehow I was logged off this site, and I couldn't remember what email I used, let alone which password out of the hundreds that I have had over the years, keep in mind that the last time I logged in was about... almost 6 years ago when I first got this tablet, and ever since it automatically logs me in.... so yeah, that was a fun adventure cause it wasn't letting me review without me signing in 😞

    Lol, I simply love your Harry, he's so spicy and witty in this story, it just has me laughing at unexpected times, like with this last chapter, the fact that Severus was able to see Harry wanking to Remus! Oh if only Remus knew 😂  that would historical! Please update chapter 9 soon.

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  • From Jan on February 23, 2018

    Happy to be back! 😊 what can I say, I'm addicted to your writing. I can't stop thinking if Silver is Draco, or if this story is gonna have a twist and silver turns out to be a completely different person, or even and new character! And if so will he also be Harry's mate?

    Hmm, wonder when Severus is going to start letting Harry get close to him, I like that he's using the occlumency lessons to get a little closer to him, in a discreetly fashion. Can't wait for chapter 6.


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  • From Jan on February 21, 2018

    Interesting start, can't wait to read more, please update chapter 5 soon.

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