Reviews for A Secondary Education

BY : Thunderbird

  • From Shaymarsh640 on February 16, 2019

    I have been sitting on this review for about a week now because everything that I thought and felt about this chapter was very personal and deeply emotional - I'm not exactly sure how much I want to disclose, really. But let me say this... Wow. 

    I ponder this story during my quiet alone times and I'm often left feeling a great sense of longing. Your story shows us their strengthening connection to each other over and over again, and it's like a fairy tale that doesn't feel like a fairy tale - it feels possible (if that makes any sense). And the smut isn't just smut for the sake of smut - it keeps evolving and getting more intimate, and you can see the connections there, too. 

    I don't know - you continue to touch me with your words. For some reason, I connect to this story very deeply, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you for giving me that gift. I look forward to your next post. 

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  • From Callidus-Anguis on February 13, 2019

    Another great chapter! I like that you gave Draco the chance to help Harry through something difficult, since before it was always Harry helping him. And Draco handled it really well, even though he probably wanted to throttle Harry’s aunt at times. It also seems to have brought them closer, like they are totally open to each other. I think without Draco to support him Harry would have had a really hard time with his uncle’s death, not to mention a lot of guilt and confused feelings.


    I loved what you did with Snape! It was classic with him in all his snarky glory. I can imagine the sneers and glares. It was a nice touch to have Snape panic when Draco mentioned Lilly, like he thought Harry told Draco that he was in love with her. Do you think Harry will tell him? Snape is one of my favorite characters, so thanks for writing that scene! While Snape may hate Draco and Harry being together I bet portrait Dumbledore’s eyes are twinkling like mad :-) 


    I’m really looking forward to seeing how Draco will interact with Ron and Hermione. There is just so much baggage between them. Though if Harry can forgive Draco his past, then surly Ron and Hermione can as well. I hope Ron will be mature about it and not let his temper or his Slytherin prejudice get the best of him. Not all Slytherin’s are bad! I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore thank you very much. Do you think Draco will just come right out with it and apologize to both of them? Especially to Hermione for calling her a mudblood all those years. I think she will appreciate that one of Draco’s favorite students is a muggleborn Gryffindor that reminds him of her. Ron would probably get a kick out of how horrified Snape is about Draco being in love with Harry. Come to think of it so would Harry and Hermione. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Pansy as well. I think she and Harry will actually get along really well. They both seem the outgoing friendly sort. I was also wondering if we might see Neville again.  


    I’m so sad this story is coming to a close, but I can’t wait for the next chapter! I hope we get at least one more smut scene!      

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  • From goddess-of_dragons on February 09, 2019

    Yay!!! Smut!!! Lol at least a little bit. I cant wait for hermione and rons chapter and say in this relationship. In all honesty i thought it would be narcissa that had passed or was about to. I really like how you wrote all of the dursleys portion though. It really fit. Will we get to see a responce from narcissa?

    Yay! Ive been thinking about unstoppable for a while now and how you might write some of the chapters but then again i think its going to go one way and it goes a totally different way that is so much better then i expected. Cant wait for your review!

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  • From Teddy-Potter95 on February 04, 2019

    Sorry I haven’t reviewed in a while - life has been super busy but I’ve been reading and absolutely LOVING it! The way he asked out Harry was perfect and the date was out of this world - I love that Draco met Teddy and how they are both sharing their feelings and communicating now. Super sad that you’re nearly finished with this one because, honestly, it’s been brilliant. Thank you for keeping up with the story, I eagerly await your next instalment :) 

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  • From Jan on February 04, 2019

    Please update chapter 19 soon.

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  • From Shaymarsh640 on January 28, 2019

    I really admire writers. My kids will occasionally ask me to make up stories for them at bedtime, and I cringe because it's hard for me to pull a story out of thin air. But you - you're able to imagine these beautiful things and then find the words to describe them so I can see them in my own imagination, and it's nothing sort of miraculous to this analytical brain of mine. I admire you in the same way I admire JKR in all honesty - you both bring to life stories that I want to step into and live in. 

    So that's my way of saying that I loved the date, I loved Draco's heart in a box, and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the emotions that you gave them in this chapter. I can't understand where those ideas come from, but man did I just adore them. I love that you're taking their reconnection slowly, and savoring the small moments that they might have missed the first time around, but we could tell were really there. 

    I am sad that this story is coming to an end, but I will definitely be going back to this story over and over again. I have tried to read other fanfics while waiting for you to release more chapters here, but they are just not as well-written as yours - you take your time to tell the whole story - you don't just rush to an end point and I REALLY appreciate that. You definitely have a special talent, and I can't wait to read more from you - free or paid, because you have shown through this story and your others that it's worth my time and money. 

    I don't know what else you have in store for us with this story - I'm learning that it's better to let you paint me the picture than to try to imagine it myself - but I can't wait to read it. I've said it before and I'll say it over and over again - thank you. 

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  • From Callidus-Anguis on January 26, 2019

    Another fantastic chapter! I’m so happy those two idiots got over themselves and just said exactly what they feel. Their date was really good idea. Very original, and romantic, and meaningful. And I really like the way you introduced Teddy. I think it lets Draco know that Harry does want a family someday, which is a great relief for him. And let’s talk about their gifts to each other!!! So sweet! When Harry mentioned not knowing Draco’s patronus, I’m surprised he didn’t have a response. In all likelihood Draco never learned that spell, since its so difficult, and I can’t imagine he had anyone in his life able to teach him. Perhaps Harry could teach him the spell. Lucius’s response to Draco’s letter was expected, though I do hope his mother will be a bit more reasonable. But I am very happy that his father’s disapproval does not affect Draco’s decision, and doesn’t come between him and Harry. I’m excited to see where you take things next. Maybe a get together with Ron and Hermione, or even Pansy and Theo. And I can’t help but say again how much I want to see portrait Snape’s reaction to their relationship. I think you would be able to write it really well, and make it quite funny. Keep up the great work!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!      

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  • From Sevenleaves on January 22, 2019

    A warm hello from a new reader :) Emotions first, ideas later.


    I fell so much in love with your story, your Harry, your Draco and I got totally consumed by it. In fact I neglected RL (and sleep) quite a bit, I couldn't stop reading! When they broke up I cried so much I had to pretend to my family I'm sick to go to bed for a few hours. So glad I found the story now when there's the happy Drarry ending already, otherwise I'd be devastated! All that is meant as a compliment, such an experience was it for me to read it. Wonderfully done!

    You're very good with dialogues. They flow so naturally while they "provide" the story information. They really sound like just heard!

    And you're excellent in writing smut. I couldn't have enough of it. I love you seduce the reader the same way your Harry does - gently, sensitively and bit by bit. I love the focus on desire and craving and waiting for action when the reader (or Draco!) is ready. Same thing with the romance - suddenly we realize it's actually there and that it's wonderful.

    Please don't wrap it up yet. I loved the way you described their intimate way to each other and with the new beginning I think it'll be different between them so much it has a lot of potential for a similar, but new intimate journey. Worth a few chapters! You wrote this is your favourite Harry, let's not leave him yet :)

    I would absolutely love to read Draco confessing to Harry about spying on him and the Ravenclaw date. Now there's enough trust between them it could be both hillarious and smut-starting:-)

    You make us beg for more just like Harry (hope that doesn't sound too creepy :-D )

    Thank you!

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  • From justheretosayhi on January 21, 2019

    This was absolutely adorable and beautiful and oh my god I needed this fluffy Drarry stuff in my life. The interaction between Draco and Harry and Teddy is so cute and ahhh I can't... anyhow, thank you so much so continuing this fic because I love it so much, and I'll be sitting here happily counting down the days until the next chapter!


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  • From goddess-of_dragons on January 21, 2019

    How very romantic! I loved it. And Draco getting to meet Teddy! That made me smile. I can tell the Teddy already knows that Draco is going to be in his life a lot more now to. I'm interested to see how the Weasleys and everyone else is going to take this news because of course Lucius would send a Howler. But I really like how it didn't faze Draco one bit. He's happy and he has every right to be so Lucius can just go bugger off. lol. 

    With this story being almost complete, does that mean that you are going to try to start working on Unstoppable again? 

    Awesome! I just posted another chapter about 15 minutes before you. I'm really interested to hear what you think about these last two chapters. Yes, my sister in law inspires me to keep writing (since she proofs them before I post them) but you are still my true inspiration and I absoluetely love read your work. I think about all your stories often :)

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  • From Shaymarsh640 on January 09, 2019

    There was once again, so much to love about this chapter, and I continue to be so grateful that you're writing this story. I laughed out loud more than once, and I appreciated the humor that you inserted throughout. His last attempted letter to Harry in particular still cracks me up, no matter how many times I read it. I would love it somewhere down the line Harry stumbled across them because it would be fucking adorable to see both of their reactions (or at least the reaction that they have in my own head).

    I love Pansy’s reaction to all of it, and how she talked Draco down from going into reconnecting with Harry with a laundry list of decisions that he was going to ask Harry to make about their future. It didn’t even occur to me that he was putting too many conditions on a relationship that didn’t even exist yet until Pansy pointed them out. But ultimately, I enjoyed seeing Draco and Pansy were able to reconnect and become better friends again after all of the turmoil and introspection that Draco went through before that point.

    “It felt like Harry was waiting for him.” Goosebumps - I loved it! I can’t wait to read about their date! I cannot explain why, but I am mildly disappointed that there were no actual tears shed with all of the feels swirling around in this chapter. But perhaps it’s just me - I did appreciate the throat bob, and if that’s as close as either of them will get, I’ll take it.

    Oh man - you’re letting me chime in on what I want to get a further glimpse of for special chapters?? Yippee!! Now, I realize that there may not be much story in some of the things I’m mentioning, so don’t worry about ticking anything off this list at all. I totally trust that you will share pieces that you think are the important bits that contribute to the story. Here are times that I’ve been really curious about what’s happened from Harry’s perspective:

    • I’d love to know what was going through Harry’s head when Draco first joined the staff. When he first reached out to Draco in the beginning to get a drink with him, but also when Draco asked him to take him out to meet men, his thoughts in the bar when Draco when off with Rick the Prick and the subsequent kiss they shared, and any other details leading up to their first lesson, really.

    • In Chapter 9, I was always really curious what Harry stopped himself from asking:
      “How is Pansy?”
      “Very well. She still wants to know the identity of my mystery lover, but I’ve given nothing away.”
      “Ah,” said Harry. “Of course not. She probably assumes it’s a woman.”
      “Yes, of course. I’ve given her no indication otherwise.”
      Harry didn’t say anything a moment, glancing down the hall as if waiting for Kreacher to reappear.
      The brunet turned back to him. “Have you ever…” he began.
      Draco blinked at him, waiting for him to go on. But Harry just shook his head.
      “Never mind.” He leaned in for another kiss, and Draco obliged.

    • Pretty much the entirety of Chapter 13 - Harry’s thoughts when he asked Draco to the party, if there was more conversation between Harry and Francesca after Draco left to meet Raisie (I wouldn’t expect there is anything overly revealing since Francesca seemed rather in the dark about everything when she confronted Draco after the split, but I’m curious nonetheless), his thoughts about the hand-holding/kissing in the shadows, how he introduced Draco to his friends, watching Draco with his friends, and of course, his thoughts about finally fucking Draco (he didn’t really think it was just fucking in the end either, did he? and just how long “thinking about it forever” really was).

    • I’d also like to know if there were discussions between Ron and Hermione about the split, perhaps even some of the Muggle friends we met, or if he internalized everything.

    • What happened at Dudley’s wedding?? Or perhaps we’ll hear about that when Harry and Draco catch up on what they missed while they were apart (Draco with Astoria’s confrontation and Harry with Uncle Vernon)?  

    • When did it all shift for Harry? We got glimpses and hints, but was Pansy right about Christmas when it became “more” for both of them? Again, this might be answered via upcoming chapters…

    You mentioned that writing so your readers really think about the story and characters is a writer’s main goal. Well, I really am invested in this story - perhaps to a point of being too invested, but so long as you don’t think me unhinged or stalker-y, I don’t care. I suspect that for as therapeutic as you say it is for you to write this fiction, it’s every bit as true for me to say the same about my reading it. The idea of Drarry makes my heart feel warm and full, and right now I need that in my life. I look forward to your next chapter. ~Shannon

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  • From Callidus-Anguis on January 07, 2019

    This is actually the first review I have posted on this site, as I normally do not feel the need to. But this story is so good, and since reviews keep you going I thought I should tell you how much I enjoy it. I have actually read all 3 of your Harry Potter stories and they are all fantastic, though this one has become my favorite. Your writing is very good, and you develop the characters so well. Your story lines are always clear as well. So all in all your stories are a joy to read. And the smut. The wonderful, wonderful smut, while good in all your stories has been taken to an art form in this one. I do hope we get more Draco/Harry smut soon. I'm not sure how far you plan to take this story, but I hope we get to see Ron and Hermione's reaction to Harry being in love with Draco. I'd like to see Draco's parents reactions as well. It would also be interesting to see how their relationship works when they get back to Hogwarts, so I hope you don’t stop the story at the end of summer. But the one thing I would really love to see in this story is portrait Snapes reaction. I think it would be hilarious! Can portraits faint? I do hope you keep this story going for a while yet. I have grown very attached the Draco and Harry characters in this story. I wonder if you have given thought to them having conversations about the war. Like Harry talking about hunting down horcruxes, and the fact that he was one. Or Draco talking about not identifying Harry at Malfoy manor, or what it was like basically living with old Voldie. It seems like the war would have to come up at some point, it was such a big part of both their lives. Anyway, sorry this review is so long. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!      

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  • From merryweather on January 07, 2019

    I've never written a review for anything before but I just had to say this story is AMAZING. I love your writing style and the way the story and charaters develops naturally, nothing seems forced. Loved that you keeped the characters true to the original, but you also gave them your own twist. Love that the  plot has a slow burn and is romantic and sexy, I wasn't expecting the romance but it's got me hooked. The love scenes are a great balance between sweet and eroctic. Can not wait for more chapters and to read what you have instore for Draco and Harry.

    P.S. I don't want it to end. Please write more stories, you have a great talent.

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  • From goddess-of_dragons on January 07, 2019

    I loved this chapter. It had a lot of insight as to how Draco works things out (more so in this chapter then before). Plus it's great to see how he is finally going to Pansy for help. She has always been close to him and he should have trusted her sooner lol. better late than never right? I can't wait to see where they go out to eat, and eventually how Draco's parents respond to him coming out to them. 

    Thank you for the encouragement to write and post my own story, too. I still love seeing when your new chapters pop up by the way.

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  • From Shaymarsh640 on December 29, 2018

    Quick revision to my last note because I know it's not quite right and it's bothering me... About it not occurring to Draco that he's not forming a real,  true connection with Kyle by withholding details of his past - he does acknowledge that he's doing it, but I think what bothers me about both of them is that they're both so quick to let go of convictions that they hold strongly in order to make their relationship progress. Draco was really adamant about this very thing with Harry, but he's ignoring it with Kyle. And Kyle was going to have sex with Draco that first night despite saying he doesn't ever do that. Anyway, I'm going to stop analyzing now, and patiently await the next installment. Happy new year. 

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