Death Eater Takes a Holiday

BY : LeeLeePotter
Category: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Snape
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

 Death Eater takes a Holiday  


Author: Lee Lee Potter


Category: Romance, Action, a little Humor and Angst
tossed in for flavor.


Pairing: Harry/Severus with references to


to NC-17, varies by chapter. To be safe, regard as NC-17


Summary: Albus spells a few Order members back to
their seventh year age, and sends them to spend time at Hogwarts for a holiday.
The Headmaster's intent is for them to learn that Harry is indeed mature for
his age, so that he will be accepted as a full member. What will happen when
Severus returns from his time as a teen, to find he has spent the better part
of the week entwined with a certain Gryffindor? And, how do their lives change


Warnings: This is SLASH! Male x Male relationship & sex. Language, Also, not too
graphic, but occasional: Disturbing Situations, Child Abuse,Torture, Rape and
brief molestation scenes in later chapters. That's not really at all the focus,
but they are there, albeit brief. They are pertinent to the story, not
gratuitous. If you can't handle it,
skip the story.

Feedback: While not necessary, it is greatly appreciated.
Greatly. Well, ok it's necessary.


I don't own the Harry Potter characters. I make no money. I'll give them back
when I'm done.

Special Thanks to my Beta: Xikum


Chapter 1


The staff meeting was over; several teachers stayed behind
at the Headmaster’s request. Albus slowly walked around the staff room
observing the other occupants before he spoke. The tension in the room was
thick enough to cut with a knife. The meeting had been heated with the issue of
house rivalries, but that was only part of the problem. The staff had been
under a lot of stress all year. The previous summer had brought unbearable heat
and a Death Eater attack that was the biggest in years. All those now in the
staff room were also members of the Order and had played key roles in the
summer events. They’d had little or no break before the school year began. With
many Death Eater children nearing the age of receiving their mark, altercations
between students were worse than they'd been in years.


Albus surveyed the room. Madam Hooch was tapping her foot;
Minerva had been stirring her tea for what seemed like forever. Severus Snape
was expressionless, well no change there. Most the others just looked tired.


"I would like to start out by thanking you for signing
up to stay during the Easter break." Severus mumbled something that
sounded a lot like 'babysitting'.


"I agree Severus," said Dumbledore smiling at the
younger wizard, a smile the Potions Master was weary of. "We know that
many of the Death Eaters that were captured have trials coming up. Voldemort is
in a regrouping stage and the holiday promises to be very quiet." Albus
paused and the tinkling sound of Minerva's teaspoon stopped. "I think you
all need a well deserved holiday." Before Snape could respond with the
obvious, that they were in fact there because they had given up leaving the
castle to stay during the holiday, Dumbledore continued. He explained that they
would be given a potion that would return them to their former selves as
children, thus giving them a break from the stress and problems they were
dealing with all year. The expected uproar came all at once.


"Who's going to watch the students?"


"What if there is an attack leaving them


"It was a disaster the last time it was tried."


"What if your childhood wasn’t better than what you had



The last comment, while almost inaudible, silenced the room.
Dumbledore, who hadn't stopped smiling, answered all their concerns.

"I know some of you were here when this was tried
before, but having experienced it first hand, I've made the appropriate
changes. First of all you will all have the counter potion on you, if there was
an emergency, you could simply take the potion and return to your normal age. I
will have you each write a small note to your younger selves, and I will
explain to you after the potions have been taken what the rules are. There are
very few students staying and the few that are here can easily be handled by
Hagrid, Poppy, and myself." Albus paused and looked into the dark eyes,
"I know there is no sense in taking you from adult problems to childhood
problems, so I will be casting a charm that will soften the edges a bit."


"Could you explain what that means exactly,
Albus?" asked Minerva. Snape was glad she voiced the question he wanted
answered, not liking the idea at all.


"You will have a clouded memory. Hogwarts will be a familiar place, but you
will all be strangers to one another. I believe this will start you all on a
clean slate, to help you get in touch with yourself as a child again, without
the stresses of adult life." McGonagall almost snorted. Almost.


"What age were you thinking of, Albus? What about what
happened when Head Master Dippet tried this?" McGonagall was pleased when
she saw a small tinge of pink on the old wizard’s cheeks from her words.


"I will have you young enough to be students, but old
enough to be very comfortable here at Hogwarts." Albus then looked
straight at Minerva "We will take all meals together, but for all other
activities we will separate the boys from the girls."


Severus made a mental note to find out what had happened the
last time; it was sure to prove interesting. Snape suddenly noticed Hooch about
to speak. She would have to open her big mouth. If she includes me in her
next comment I'll kill her with her own broom.


"Does separating the girls from the boys solve all your
problems?" She said it, the bitch. Don't dare look in my direction.


"As there are only two gay teachers staying and they
are not of the same sex, I don't feel it is an issue." Albus didn't
mention the students, knowing they would be introduwithwith their real names at
dinner. No problem.

 they're making us all bunk in the same house, boys in Gryffindor and girls in
Ravenclaw towers. Were the only boys in seventh year, so we'll have the dorm to
ourselves." Harry nodded to his friend. He sat in the chair across from
Ron in the common room, watching the boys from other houses bringing their
things up the stairs. A first year Hufflepuff looked around in awe and froze
when he spotted Harry watching him. Harry looked back to Ron.


"Some of these kids don't even look familiar."
Harry was thinking it would stink if he had to spend the week with first years
underfoot staring at his scar all week. They both played chess for the third
time, Ron defeating him every time. Just as Ron called "Checkmate"
the portrait hole opened and two very different boys entered the common room.
The first was very small, with short, light brown hair. Ron thought it was
Professor Flitwick at first, but realized the wizard had no facial hair and was
very close to his own age.


Ron nudged his foot at Harry's but he felt nothing. He was
too busy gawking. Walking directly behind the diminutive wizard was the direct
opposite, tall, dark and sexy. He had four inches over Harry even with the few
decent growth spurts he’d had. His dark hair was pulled loosely into a
ponytail. Harry's mouth hung slightly open. Ron nu Har Harry when he saw the
two were walking over to them.


"You’re going to drool on your robes, Harry," Ron
whispered to him. Harry quickly shut his gaping mouth, licking his now dry
lips. "Are you students staying here?" Ron directed the question to
the smaller of the two, since Ron was sitting down on the floor.


"We're here for the week for vacation. Oh, chess,"
he said spotting the game in play. "I love chess, maybe we could get in a
game this week." Ron smiled at the thought of someone totally new to play
against; Harry was very predictable in his game.


"That would be great. I'm Ron Weasley by the way,"
he said politely holding his hand out to the young Flitwick.


"Nice to meet you," he said taking the proffered
hand but not giving his name in return. "I'm afraid Prof. Dumbledore told
us we should wait to be introduced at dinner, sorry"


Harry, who had not taken his eyes off of tall, dark and
sexy, smiled when he saw him rolling his eyes and holds a hand out to Harry.






Ron laughed inwardly at his best friend’s glazed-over

"Boys’ dorms are up those steps. We're in the room
marked seventh year. I think the third and fifth year dorms are opened up for
you and the others joining us this week," Ron said, pointing to the stairs
leading to the boys’ dorm. Sev smiled and nodded his thanks to Ron before
heading up to unpack.

When the odd pair were out of sight Harry turned to Ron


"He is so_." Harry paused letting out a low

f !sf !supportEmptyParas]> 

"Fresh meat?" Ron teased, earning him a playful
punch in the arm. "You freak me out, you know that, right?"


Harry pouted at this friend. Ron had taken the news of
Harry's sexuality fairly well. He laughed it off whenever he witnessed Harry
checking someone out, but was adamant about the 'no details' rule. Harry could
not speak of any personal details from dates, and there was no snogging in the
dorm room, where Ron may walk in on him.

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