Full Moon Fever

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“Time, Miss Weasley, that will suffice.” Ginny pulled the silver ingot from the wolfsbane
potion, laying it out of the way.
Professor Snape had allowed her to study the potion under his tutelage
for a combined DADA and Potions paper.

She had been quite surprised when Snape had readily
agreed to her proposal. Remus Lupin had
returned to Hogwarts to teach DADA in their sixth year, and while Snape still
possessed a vitriolic dislike of the man, he dutifully made the wolfsbane each
month. If Lupin transformed, there was
a danger to students and staff, and Snape professed this to be his reason for
teaching her to concoct the brew. Truth
be told, Ginny felt that Snape’s role as a spy for Dumbledore was taking its
toll on him, and he wanted another person in position to make the potion for
Lupin, at least for the time being.

Glancing out of the corner of her eye, Ginny studied
the tired face of the Potions master.
Before she could analyze anything she saw there, she was jolted from her

“If you are quite finished,” he said, “please take
the draught to Professor Lupin. Since
you have been learning to make the wolfsbane, it has taken longer than usual to
complete it.”

“Do not linger, as he may be very close to

Ginny nodded and carefully poured the mixture from
the cauldron to a goblet, charming the cup so it could not spill the contents.






Ginny made her way carefully toward the Ravenclaw
wing of the castle, where Professor Lupin’s rooms were located.

After several minutes of knocking, Ginny tried the
handle and found the door unlocked. She
stepped into the room with some trepidation; it wasn’t that she was scared of
Professor Lupin, quite the opposite. He
had stayed many times with her family at the Burrow and she knew him to be a
kind, gentle and generous person.

The room was sheathed in shadows, as it was twilight
and the curtains were closed against the eastern sky. A moment passed as Ginny’s eyes adjusted to the dimly lit

He was sprawled on his full-length sofa, arm thrown
over his head. From Ginny’s location
she could see he was asleep. Creeping
closer, she set the goblet on Lupin’s desk and approached him. The remaining light touched the gray and
gold hair at his temples and the curly mat on hisst ast and abdomen. In sleep, his weary face was softened into
an almost boyish countenance. Since his
employ at Hogwarts, he had gained weight to fill the hollows of his cheeks and
add bulk to his muscled forearms. He
was, in a word, gorgeous.

Ginny had always thought Professor Lupin
handsome. There was something about his
gray hair that made him look distinguished even though he was still young. He shifted suddenly and she jumped away from

She approached him again, as he didn’t awaken. Ginny knew he needed to take the Wolfsbane
potion before the moon reached its highest point in the night sky, which meant
he had less than 4 hours, and every extra minute he waited meant he would
suffer that much more during his confinement.

“Professor,” she whispered. “Professor Lupin – Remus.” He didn’t stir, but sighed and shifted his
body on the cushions.

Remus was in alpha sleep, dreaming. His dreams became increasingly vivid as the
moon approached the end of its cycle, and harder to rouse him from their hold
on him. At the moment, his dream was
rather sexual.

He had found himself wandering alone in the
Forbidden Forest, far from the familiar places he’d explored with his childhood
friends Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail.
Just as panic settled over him, he saw a familiar form ahead. He ran to catch up with her. She turned at his approach and smiled.

“What are you doing here?” he said inwardly, as if
she could read his thoughts.

“Well, I wanted us to be alone.” Her hands went to her cloak and it fell
away, revealing her naked form. His clothes
disappeared as if a dishabille charm had been cast, except neither of
them had spoken aloud.

Gods, he could smell her, her pheromones, her
fertile scent driving him wild. Since
the long-ago transformation, he’d had a keen sense of smell. It became canine-like around the time of the
full moon. He could not teach the day
before, as the scent of teenage hormones would likely drive him to madness.

Remus caught the beautiful nymph in his arms and
they sank to the forest floor. Their bodies
were strangely positioned, and he felt as if she were lying on top of him,
except she was under him. And she was
speaking, in a very different tone than he’d heard before.

“No! Wake
up, Professor! Remus, wake UP!”

His eyes flew open, the dream dissipating. A weight lay upon his chest; he was tightly
clasping a delicate wrist in each hand.
A student. A female student. Remus’ mind was still foggy from the dream,
and he struggled for full wakefulness.

“Be still!” he commanded hoarsely and the girl
looked up. It was Ginny Weasley. Remus took a deep breath to clear the
remaining cobwebs from his brain.

He smelled her.
It was the scent of his dream.
His body had not forgotten, nor was it heeding his mental command to
relax. He was painfully aroused, and in
the next breath, his animal persona claimed him.

Ginny wiggled, trying to get him to release her
wrists. He was staring at her with his
oddly colored amber eyes. She wasn’t
sure if she should speak; she knew she had been foolish to touch him in the
first place. Werewolves, even in human
form, should always be awakened carefully; Remus himself had been the person to
tell her that.

He took a deep breath through his nose, almost like
he was scenting her. She felt a spasm of fear in her belly. Ginny struggled against his grip, squirming
more insistently than ever. Trying to
get her legs to the floor, the notch of her thighs came into vibrant contact
with his midsection. He was
aroused. Very aroused.

She stilled.
Counter to the tense fear she was experiencing, a different sensation
was now pooling in the pit of her stomach.
Heat spread from that point of sexual contact, through her veins,
slowly, warmly tingling in her thighs and breasts. Ginny’s eyes shot to his.
There was the same odd look, cut through with something else. Was it apology or regret or lust?

“I’m sorry, Ginny.”
Ginny thought he would release her then, and he did release her wrists
from the manacles of his fingers. Just
as quickly he grabbed her arms and pulled her face up to his, kissing her
deeply. In the next instant, he rolled
her over, trapping her under his muscled frame.

Ginny was fighting a mix of terror and burgeoning
desire. She fought him in earnest,
pushing his shoulders, trying to force his withdrawal. He released her mouth momentarily to draw
breath, but before she could do or say anything, he captured her parted lips in
a sucking kiss.

“Professor – Remus – please stop,” she gasped when
he came up for air once more. He ripped
her shirt, buttons scattering.

“I can’t Ginny.
Your smell is so strong. I

She wanted to ask him what he meant. The will to fight him was leaving her as his
tongue plundered the depths of her mouth.
He was palming her breasts, scraping the nipples with his
fingernails. The sensation made her
involuntarily arch into him. Soon she
was clutching his shoulders, not to push him away, but to bring him closer.

Remus could barely think beyond the pulsing rush of
his blood. He hadn’t been in contact
with a female this close to his change for years. The lust he felt was so strong, he could barely control himself
from taking her immediately, violently, answering her scent with his. His balls were heavy with their life-forming
product, contributing to his state of arousal.

“Please don’t,” she whispered, hating how she
sounded – frightened, helpless – but unable to do anything about it. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“I have to.
I’ll try not to hurt you. It’s
okay.” His voice was soothing, and he
slid his hands beneath her, stroking her back, forcing her chest up, burying
his mouth in her neck, kissing and licking along the curve of it. The clasp of her brassiere flew open under
his deft fingers.

She could hear his breathing roughen in the dark,
heard a rip as her skirt was torn. Ginny
remembered where she was and pushed against him, bucking to throw him off. Her sudden reaction caught him off-guard and
they fell to the floor with a thud. He
pressed down on her, stilling her movements and bringing her again into contact
with his erection.

His hands on her bared flesh were gentle. They were everywhere, stroking her skin,
sliding across her limbs. Her nipples
were painfully hard and she cried out softly when he focused his mouth on
them. He rubbed his cheek across one
peak, his stubble rasping across the sensitive tip, and her hands automatically
went to his hair to clasp him to her.

He’d been clean-shaven just a few minutes ago.

She renewed her struggles in earnest. If he didn’t take the wolfsbane soon, he
might well transform inside the castle while she was still in the room. Ginny attacked him, raining blows on his
head and back, arching to slide away from him until he caught her wrists and
pinned them above her head with one hand.

“Enough,” he said, and she cringed, wondering if she
had evoked a violent response from him.
“I don’t blame you, Ginny, but that’s enough.”

He pinned her knees apart with his, kept her hands
out of the way above her head, and bent to kiss her. She lunged, intending to bite him, anything to get him off of her
so he could drink his potion and she could be away from the danger he
posed. His sharpened vision allowed him
to see her assault and he jerked up at the last moment.

His thumb was stroking the soft cotton of her
panties. Moving lower. Her breasts were pressed to his chest, her
knees flat on the carpeted floor. Two jerking motions of his hands and his cock
was freed from his trousers. Two more
and her underwear was at her knees.
Remus pressed his hand between her legs and grunted with satisfaction
when he found her wet and warm.

Large hands were beneath her buttocks, raising her
to him, and she could feel that long, hot, hard part of him nudging her
entrance. For an instant, reason pushed
into her thoughts. It wasn’t that she
feared for her virtue – Harry’d taken care of that before he’d left Hogwarts,
and her reputation too – but was she really going to do this? To allow an almost-changed werewolf to pin
her, take her?ile ile the thought would
have been vaguely exciting in a romance novel, the reality was more frightening
and more electrifying. Was she really
going to let him do this? She could be
cooperating in her own demise.

“Wait –“ she said in a high, thready voice, but he
drove forward, thrust into her with a searing heat. Her grip on reality left her; she threw back her head and
screamed as loud as she could, screamed at him to not stop, never stop and
still he thrust, that hot hard length filling her, and it should have hurt, it
should have, he was very large and she hadn’t had intercourse often, but he had
aroused her until her need matched his.
Instead of hurting, she wanted more.

Remus managed to stop himself and gathered her to
him. She could hear the thundering beat
of his heart. They were joined shoulder
to hip, and although he was heavy atop her, the weight was a reminder of who
was in control, however tenuous that restraint might be at the moment.

He was shaking with the need to possess her
completely, to pound at her until he was sated, but he stopped. When he spoke, she could barely understand


“No,” she gasped, wiggling against him, his
throbbing cock within her passage making her frantic for him. “No, no, please, please don’t stop, please
you can’t stop, please no-“

“Sure…can…take it?”

“you have to, please please don’t make me stop-“

“Don’t…are you - afraid? Tell…me – hurt…you –“

“I want it,” she cried breathlessly, frantically
sliding over his length.

He pulled away but before she could voice her
disappointment, he slammed forward. His
mouth covered hers, absorbing her frenzied cries, tongues entwining as he took
her again and again, pounding at her so hard the floorboards creaked. She heard muffled screams of rapture,
faintly recognizing they were hers.

Ginny’s orgasm slammed into her as he was, fierce
spasms so strong she could feel her womb contracting. He stiffened at the height of her climax, threw his head back,
and groaned loudly, releasing his seed into her.

She didn’t think she would ever be able to
move. She could smell the scent of sex
in the air, could hear his heavy breathing, her own. Under her, the floor was slippery with sweat and other things.

He pulled back and out, the movement drawing a small
moan from her. “Are you hurt?” he asked
huskily. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she said, lifting her arms to bring him down
on her. “I…don’t…”

“I'm sorry, so very sorry. I don’t blame you if you go straight to Dumbledore.”

“It’s okay.
I was as much at fault as you were.”
He flinched, which she could not see in the dark. She looked very young and helpless as she
gathered her torn clothes, trying to figure out which shreds were which.

Ginny was buzzing with aftershocks and a newly
revived fear.

Was she losing her mind? She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but Remus needed to
drink the wolfsbane as quickly as possible.
Sitting up quickly, she scrambled to stand in the dark room.

“Pro – Remus, you need to drink the wolfsbane. That’s why I came here,” she said
shakily. He was eerily quiet, and Ginny
couldn’t place his position in the room.

“Out,” he muttered.
“Need to get out, Ginny. You are
not safe.” Struggling to his feet, he
walked to the goblet and drank its contents in one long gulp.

“I may – change – in spite – of –“ Remus’ words were
nearly incomprehensible as his body began the terrible fight to maintain its
human shape. “Leave me.”

“No, you’re ill.”
She’d used a reparo charm to mend her clothes, and had crossed to
the far wall to light the sconces. Each
one that flared to life illuminated the room.

Remus had sunk to the carpet in front of the desk,
writhing in pain. Ginny’s heart was in
her throat, both in sympathy for his plight and the fear that he would
transform without warning. She
supported the majority of his weight as she led him to his chambers, realizing
his pain meant she was safe. After she
had seen to his immediate comfort – he would suffer his pain without relief –
she kissed his temple lightly, tamping down the shiver of reaction she felt as
she touched his skin.

“I’ll come back to check on you,” she whispered to
his prone figure. He didn’t answer, and
she slipped out, making sure that the door was tightly locked and warded behind

A small smile graced her lips as she went toward the
dungeons. She planned to bring his
wolfsbane every month for the rest of the term.


A/N: The dipping of the silver into the wolfsbane
is from Lady Godiva’s “The Serpent and the Wolf.”

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