The Impossible

BY : Carpe Noctem
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Title: The Impossible

Warnings: abuse, non-consensual situations, slash if any of this offends you I’m sorry. Now all you have to do is hit the back button and I will bother you no more (Slash won't be for a while cause I have a plot that I must develope first have no fear it will be here... eventually)

Disclaimer: take one look at my house and you will see that I am not the one who came up with the Harry Potter series
Harry raced through the corridors, a stitch slowly forming in his side. Leave it to his roommates to conveniently forget to wake him up he thought. In all fairness Ron had probably tried to wake him up but during the first couple weeks back at Hogwarts Harry always slept like the dead. Nothing could wake him up some mornings.

This morning seemed to be one of those and so with an empty stomach Harry was racing off to Potions. A glance at his watch told him he had one minute left to get to the dungeons or he would suffer the wrath of Snape.

He hurdled down the halls in record time dodging any students were will lazily walking through the halls. He slid through the door just a moment before Snape. One look at the man’s face told Harry that it would be wise to sit down and shut up. Thus without delay Harry dropped his bag in the first empty seat and plopped down trying to steady his breathing.

Blaise Zabini sat next to him idly flipping through his potions book looking for the potion they would be brewing today. It looked fairly complicated but what else could be expected from a 6th year potions class. Blaise was chatting with Draco Malfoy over some new broom that was due to come out around Christmas time. Harry listened semi interested in the broom that was said to be better than his beloved Firebolt.

Draco seeing Harry listening sneered at him. “Didn’t your mother teach you it isn’t polite to listen to others conversations Potter? Oh that’s right you haven’t got a mother” Draco added just to needle the boy. Harry spared the Slytherin a glare then reached for his book which was hidden somewhere in his bag.

His sleeve rose a little and two light bruises could be seen. One was on the inside of his wrist and the other slightly higher. He yanked his sleeve down quickly looking up to see if anyone had seen. Malfoy was back to talking to Zabini and the rest of the class was busy doing there own tasks. He continued his search for his book.

“Mr. Potter, it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop fidgeting about in your bag and possibly pay attention. I don‘t feel like having to scrape off what is left of you when you ruin this potion” Harry immediately stopped sifting through his bag and settled for glaring at the board while Snape gave them the lecture over the days potion.

“The Joven Potion will take half an hour brew and we will spend the last fifteen minutes testing each of your attempts. Be sure to only add three bat eyes for we are only trying to concoct a mild form of the potion” Harry looked around blankly having not heard what the potion they were making was supposed to do.

“Potter make yourself useful and go get the ingredients,” Zabini sneered at him. Willing to do anything to get away from the sarcastic Slytherin Harry left to the front table where others were getting each ingredient.

“I was wonderin if you were ever gonna wake up,” Ron said grabbing some cricket legs. “You wouldn’t budge this morning!”

“I’ve been tiredly lately.”

“Havin’ dreams again,” Ron looked shaky.

“Nah just reading that knew quidditch book you gave me. Can’t wait to try some of those moves !” Quidditch season would be starting within the week and Harry could hardly wait to get up in the air after having been unable to compete for two years now.

“Dumbledore going to let you back on the team?” Harry hadn’t even thought about that. He had naturally assumed that with Umbridge gone he would no longer be banned from the team. He just gave Ron a smile while he gave in to his own internal debate.

Dumbledore would have to let him fly. It was one of the few things that he had in his life that still made him happy and gave him a thrill. Of course Dumbledore would place him back on the time. He was crazy to think he wouldn’t.

Harry made his way back to the table carefully balancing all ten ingredients. After carefully placing them on the desk him and Blaise began to work. Neither said a word coming to an unspoken truce for their grades sake. Gryffindor-Slytherin battles were set aside in Snape’s class as all were desperate to get a passing grade.

Harry was mildly surprised by his new interest in potions. While he still couldn’t stand Snape or any of the Slytherins for that matter he did enjoy how one’s mind could go blank and all that needed attention were the individual steps needed to brew each potion.

The thirty minutes flew by quickly and soon they were adding the bat eyes which would be the final step. Behind his table Harry heard a clatter. He turned to see Pansy flaying about as if she were having a seizure of some sort. His confusion ended when he saw Seamus stifling laughter. It appeared that Seamus had flicked a bat eye into Pansy’s hair and she was now flinging about trying to get the slimy ball out of her hair. She tripped on Neville’s book bag and fell against her desk.

The already aged desk toppled over easily and before Harry could even blink her medium sized cauldron spilled ever so nicely all over the front of him splattering everything from his nose to his toes. Like watching a movie rewind memories of his past began to surface from waking up this morning to this summer to fifth year to the grave yard to his letter to his cupboard to…unknown faces.


The class watched in amazement and Severus in horror as the Boy-Who-Lived began to shrink. His features became softer and his eyes brighter. It was like watching a movie in rewind. They could see the years slipping away from him. And then it stopped and a small boy stood there staring wide eyed at the faces around him.

It was easy to tell the boy was skinny but with Harry’s robes draped over his body the boy looked like a stick. Blaise, whom was closest to the boy and had narrowly missed being doused by the potion stood in shock much like the rest of his peers. There was no doubt in any one’s mind that the boy in front of them was the young Harry Potter.

The question that hung in everyone’s mind was where would such a small child get such a large bruise on their face?

P.S.: I have a plot but the question is should I continue or should I attempt another story. I await your verdict but please be kind.

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