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Title: Haunted
Author: Ritsko-chan
Contact: YaoiAnim3Frk@hotmail.com
Style: Yaoi – Angst
Lemon or Lime?: Lemon
Story Length: Chapters
Author’s Note: Scattered throughout the story are the lyrics to “Haunted” by Evanescence. This is my first angsty - yaoi - Harry Potter story… so I beg your forgiveness if it is crap. I must warn you now, there will be some dark and twisted events in this story – so for those who are not comfortable with tormenting and vile thoughts/events, I ask that you stop reading now.

Thanks and many huggles and kisses to Kitty-chan (who has her own story posted – “Bondage Draco”.) and my girlfriend for their enthusiasm on the story. I love you guys! ~_^ *blows a kiss*

Well, kudos everyone! ^_^ ~Ritsko-chan


Chapter One
“Harry…Harry..? Harry!” Ron prodded his best friend in the back. Harry rolled over with a groan and threw the covers over his head. Another prod. “C’mon Harry! You’re going to be late for Potions!”

Harry’s brilliant green eyes shot wide open as he leapt from his four poster bed, searching frantically for his clean robes. Tossing aside some dirty clothes Harry yelled to Ron (who was amusing himself with a piece of lint), “Have you seen my clean robes?”

No answer.

“Well have you?!”

“Huh? Have I what?” Ron seemed to be so confused it was really quite funny.

“Ugh. Nevermind! I’ll find it myself.” Harry finished as he grabbed a hold of his trunk. ‘Sheesh…I’m seventeen years old and I still need someone to help me look for my clothes… Bloody hell I’m pathetic.’ Harry thought. After rummaging for another three minutes, Harry finally found his only clean robe. He pulled it out, along with a clean pair of black boxers, and rushed off into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Harry felt something damp on his boxers. He gulped as he looked down to see a large wet stain on his crotch. ‘Shit.’ He thought. He knew exactly why he was wet. He dreamt of fringes of blonde hair, the twinkling of grey eyes, a devious smile, and 9 ½ inches of a manhood. Harry blushed a brilliant shade of crimson even as he thought of his lover – his enemy – lying there naked, looking at him seductively. ‘Shit! I got to stop thinking about him or I’m never going to be able to walk around school. Bloody freakin’ hell.’

Harry exited the bathroom after changing his clothes and washing his face. “Ready, Ron?” Harry stared at his best friends back, who didn’t respond. “Ron? Ron? RON?!” Harry grabbed Ron by the shoulder and pushed him down.

“Huh? Oh… uh…yeah…?” he quickly shoved something into his robe pocket and regained his goofy smile and posture. “Lets go!” Ron made a bee-line for the staird std straight out of the common room into the slowly emptying corridor.

Harry arched an eyebrow and slowly followed suit after Ron.


Harry wheeled around quickly and before he could say anything he was shoved into a dark closet and was being kissed by Draco. Harry pushed him away reluctantly. “Are you all right? Why did you just suddenly decide to push me into a sodding closet?! Of all days, Draco! Why the one when I’m running late?!”

Draco leaned closer to Harry and whispered, “Because I love and missed you…”


Harry was shocked. Sure he had heard that before but it had always shocked him. For some reason there was always a lingering thought of Draco messing around on him. Harry shook the thoughts from his head and pushed Draco off of him just as the bell had rung.

“Fuck! I’ll see you later, love,” a quick kiss. “During lunch meet me at the lake…” with that Harry was out the door and down the corridor.

Draco cocked his head. ‘I have a very strange boyfriend…’ Draco left the closet slowly and sighed. ‘I’m never going to get my fuck, am I Potter?’ Draco walked down into the dungeons, flustered and horny.

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