Leaving Behind

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Leaving Behind

Disclaimer: Don’t own any not getting paid. Just for.

Pairing: Harry/Severus

Rating: Strong R/NC-17

Beta: Thanks to my lovely beta Erica Malfoy. You are great.

Spoilers: All Books if you have not read all of the books don’t read this.

Warning: Cussing, Slight Beatings, SLASH!, Lemon later on.

Summary: Harry goes back to the Dursleys after 5th year. He learns some new things and runs away from the Dursleys. When goes back to school only to push the only friends he has ever known way. Can Severus being back the Harry they all once knew or is he lost forever.

A/N: This is my first time writing a Harry Potter fan fic. I am sorry if I get things wrong or make the characters OOC. I am really sorry if this sounds like anyone else story. I have read so may great Harry and Severus Fics that in the end they all just blend into one big one. So I am sorry for not really being original. I am still working on that...
hehe Enjoy. Questions and comments are welcome.



The summer started out horrible for one Harry Potter. His friends thought it a good idea to threaten his Uncle at the train station before they went home. It was fine when he was still in front of his friends but the blow up that fallowed was the worst he had ever seen.

“You Stupid Boy!” his Uncle yelled, purple in the face and shaking with rage. “You and your freak friends! You will write them every three days. You will tell them that you are fine and doing well. If you don’t, not even your freaky friends will be able to stop what I will do! Do you understand?”

“Yes Uncle Vernon,” Harry said sheepishly.

“Marge will be here for the whole summer.” Harry winced at the thought of having to deal with Aunt Marge all summer. “Don’t do anything freaky around her, or so help me!”

“Yes Uncle Vernon.”

“, ge, get in the house. If you do anything, I mean anything that’s not normal you will spend the rest of the summer in that room of yours. You’ll have no food and I don’t care if you do starve to death! I’d kill that ruddy owl of yours if I could, but you have to write to those freaks or they are going to barge in here. I won’t have that happen. Now you get! You will be given a list of chores to do every day and you will have them done or there will be consequences.”

“Yes Uncle Vernon.” Harry did not put up any argument. He did not feel like being around people much anymore. Ron and Hermione had tried in vain to get him to talk to them on the train ride home. He just felt like he wanted to disappear and never come back. ‘That would show them… some hero I am. I can’t even save my own godfather and they want me to kill the most evil of dark wizards out there. Bloody nutters they are! I kill everything that gets close to me. I don’t care what happens to me. I’ll write them but I was not planning on writing much. At least I get to keep my stuff with me this year so while I am locked up in my room I can do my summer homework. I must remember to stay out of Uncle Vernon’s way.’

By that time Harry had dragged his stuff upstairs. He lay on his bed just staring at nothing, hoping that if he stayed there long enough he could just disappear. With a sigh he got back up and started letters to Remus, Ron and Hermione. He wrote late into the afternoon and by the time he was done he had a small group for each. He’d just send them off one by one unless they wrote something back and he had to answer any questions or what not.

“Boy, get down here!!” Harry got up with a sigh and started to go downstairs. Walking to the bottom of the stairs Harry looked around for where is Uncle was. Uncle Vernon was sitting on the couch with Harry’s whale of a cousin and his horse faced Aunt who was craning her neck to see what the next-door neighbor was doing. She looked over as he walked into the room and scrunched her nose as if she smelled something vile.

“Yes Uncle Vernon. You wanted me?” Harry asked in the nicest voice he could muster.

“Don’t talk to me like that, boy. Do I need to remind you of your place is in this house?”

“No Uncle Vernon. You don’t.”

“Good. Now your aunt and I were talking and we feel it would be best to feed you every other day. As you just came home from school you won’t be getting food until the house is cleaned up. We made up a list of things for you to do.” His Uncle handed him the list and he looked down at it. There had to be at least 60 things he had to do.

1. Cook dinner…don’t eat anything.
2. Wash dishes…don’t eat anything.
3. Mop floors

The list went on and on, telling him dos and don’ts. His list went all the way from cleaning out the gutters around the house to washing Vernon’s company car (AND DON’T SCRATCH THE PAINT!!). He sighed knowing it was going to take him weeks to finish all this and he was just going to get into more trouble for taking longer on it. He started on the top of the list cooking dinner. He walked into the kitchen and started to chop and cook dinner for his ‘family.’ Aunt Marge would be getting there later that night and she would be bringing her dog with her for the summer. Harry so just wanted to blow the thing up. He would have a great laugh at that site. About an hour later he had food set on the table and went to tell them that dinner was done.

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